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The Most Tulan [Annoyed] Moment Of 2008

Ahaha, there! I kept my promise that I have promised all of you in this post here back in 2009 about the most tulan [annoyed] moment of 2008! I will definitely tell you the full story but I will not mention the particular person name who annoyed me back then, so don’t bother asking me because I willΒ  not tell you who it is and if you know who it is already, then good for you!

P/S: There won’t be any pictures because annoying people don’t deserve pictures eh =P.


Case 1: I Know Laaaaaaaaaar

Case number 1 goes to a classmate of mine back in Lower 6BF. This guy, we shall call him Gerard [Not his real name of course]. Initially I thought that he was rather nice and friendly but…

Gerard: You are staying at _______ right?

Me: *Shocks* Yes! How did you know?

Gerard: I know la.

Me: -_-… Uhh… Okay, so where do you stay? πŸ˜€ *Trying to be friendly*

Gerard: Why should I tell you?

Me: -_________________-…

Okay fine… I was already having negative vibes towards Gerard and he must annoy me further with this conversation:

Gerard: What result did you get for the experiment earlier on?

Me: *Refers to my report* Oh I got _____!

Gerard: Huh? Your answer is so far from the range!

Me: Really? How did you know about the range? πŸ˜€

Gerard: I know la.

Me: … Uhh… Okay, so what result did you get from the experiment? *Still trying to be friendly*

Gerard: Don’t know.*Act cool*

Me:Β  !!!

Have you met any guys like that? If you want to talk like that, then don’t talk to me because that is NOT even a conversation! After that, I have learn my lesson to not give him direct answers and here goes…

Gerard: Hey, have you finish writing your report?

Me: Don’t know.

Gerard: *Raises his eyebrow* How can you not know?

Me: And why should you know?

Gerard: I’m just asking.

Me: Oh… Why should I tell you?

And then, I don’t know if he pretentious or a hypocrite or whatever, he gave me a very, very puzzled look and after 30 minutes…

Gerard: Are you okay?

Me: Why do you want to know?

Gerard: You seems strange today… Your answers I mean.


And then he gave me a puzzled look again, as if he don’t understand what am I talking about. Ever since then, we never talked at all anymore unless it is absolutely necessary because I find it very pointless to talk to people like that.

After some final exam, I heard a conversation that made me chuckled quietly and I cheered so hard in my mind that I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore and went to the nearest toilet and laugh. Here goes:

Gerard: Hey Chui San, what result did you get for Chemistry?

Chui San: Why should I tell you?!

Gerard: Huh?? Why do you ask so?

Chui San: I don’t want to tell you lo! Tell you already ah, later when I ask for your result, you are going to ask me why should you tell me or why do I want to know! So I am not telling you my result now!

Gerard: Got meh? I got answer like that one meh?

Huiyo, Alzheimer’s disease or pretentious? But anyway, CHUI SAN ROCKS!!! *Throws confetti*



This also happens between a classmate of mine back in Lower 6BF but this time, she is a girl and no la, she is NOT Chui San. This girl, we shall call her Melissa since most Melissa-s that I know are super annoying and no, this is NOT a generalization but it is through my own experience so if you want to feel offended or what, sorry la, I am NOT sorry for what I have typed on my blog.

Melissa is a girl in class who is very bossy but nice to you only if she wants to ask something from you [This only applies in the year 2008, she repented in 2009]. I don’t really like her but try my best to not offend anyone in class as I am new.

So one day, I lent a book entitled Honk If You Are A Malaysian by Lydia Teh to Ee Hahn [Yes Ee Hahn, I remember, TWIN PEAKS! =P ]. When Ee Hahn returned it to me, Melissa saw the book and asked if she could borrow the book just to read it in school and I said yes.

After school, I forgot about the book and I went home. At night, I suddenly remembered about the book and I quickly SMS-ed Melissa:

Me: Hey, did you took my storybook home? Please return it to me tomorrow ya. [Because school will close in a week time]

Melissa: I returned your book to you already. Did you check your bag or under your desk before leaving the class today?

Me: Yes I did! I checked my bag and I remembered very clearly that it is not under my desk because it is my habit to check under my desk before leaving the class every single day.


I was angry, because EVERYONE who knows me well enough knows that I ALWAYS, ALWAYS check under my desk before leaving the class when school ends or even when when I take a sit at any bench, before leaving, I’ll always look back to check to ensure that I do not drop anything.

I got soooooooooooooooooo angry with Melissa that I started complaining about her to my best friends and I was so worried that the book will be missing because that book is very, very important to me and I hate it when people are trying to push their responsibility away.

The very next morning, Ee Hahn accompanied me to the class [Hello, the building is an isolated building, anytime can kena rape or rompak or culik one] and we found the book UNDER Melissa’s DESK. When everyone is in class…

Melissa: Samantha, have you found the book?

Me: Yea, under your desk.

Melissa: Oh…

The whole day, Melissa was trying to talk to me but I just pushed her away because I don’t like talking to people who are irresponsible and ya, Melissa and I have never talked to each other anymore until somewhere in Upper 6AF where we had to talk and yeaps, she changed a lot in Upper 6AF for the good.

To think about it, I wouldn’t be THAT angry with her if she didn’t use caps for her SMS to reply me [It gives me the impression and vibes that she is shouting] and if only she said we’ll go to class and search for it together, yea, then I’m very, very sure that I wouldn’t be so angry with her. I just cannot stand people who have already done something wrong and still don’t want to admit it or even to say sorry. Oh by the way, she didn’t apologize at all so no wonder I was even angrier.

But anyway, what I am happy about this is that at least Melissa and I are still friends till today :).


P/S: This is the best story ever! Don’t ever, ever skip this one!

Case 3: HIGH 5!!

This is the most annoying case of the year 2008 and this goes to a guy who is in the class of 6BE after I switched class to 6BE. So anyway, this guy, we shall call him Chafe because chafe [Pronounced as cheyf] means annoyance and HE IS MEMANG THE GREATEST ANNOYANCE TO ME IN KHS!!!

When I was first transferred out of 6BF to 6BE and read all about it here, Chafe told me that he likes me and it is one of the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard off.

I know the way I put it into words is very mean and bad of me, but just trust me, there isΒ  NO OTHER WAY TO DESCRIBE it anymore and you wouldn’t want to see his wallpaper going this like this with my name replaced with yours:

*Animated hearts floating* with wordings on it written *Chafe Love Samantha*

*Shivers* Really, really menjatuhkan my maruah T.T !! [Nano can vouch for this statement!!!] So okay, I know you like me and kindly do not do anything stupid because you are only embarrassing yourself. I am not telling you how he told me that he likes me and what reasons did he give me ’cause if you wanna know, ask me personally because I scare later you all laugh until your tears flooded your whole room la .

One day in the class of 6BE…

Kamal: SAMMIE!!! JOM HIGH 5!!!!!!!!!!! [This is one of our daily habit in class]

Me: *High 5 with Kamal*

Chafe: *Runs to the back of the class* SAMANTHA! DON’T HIGH 5 WITH KAMAL!

Me: WHY?!

Chafe: Because I like you so you cannot high 5 with Kamal.

Me: I high 5 with whoever I like la .


Kamal: Oh… Dah couple ke?

Chafe: Kamal I am warning you to not go near Samantha or even to talk to her anymore. She is MY GIRL now, you stay away.


EXCUSE ME! I NEVER AGREE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND IN THE VERY FIRST PLACE AND I BELIEVE I HAVE REJECTED YOU A LOT OF TIMES!! And then he goes around telling the whole school that I am his girlfriend.

So then, I have been rejecting him nicely and telling him to stop sending me SMS-es that updates at least 7 times for every 2-3 hours reminding me on how much he loves me and wants me and wish that I am his girlfriend [Menjijikkan!], and he emo-ed non-stop in school and SMS when I rejected him nicely and emo-ed again and again when I told him to stop telling everyone that I am his girlfriend ’cause I’m not.

Until one day where I cannot stand him anymore and uhh, please prepare some tissue to wipe your tears from laughter:

a) I told him that I don’t like him and I have no feelings for him, he exploded pulak and tell me angrily that I am gonna regret for the rest of my life for not accepting him and he said that he will make me crawl back begging for him until I cry every single day.

b) He told me that I purposely want to jual mahal because that is what most girls always do and I asked him if he wanted my honest answer and he said yes so here goes my honest answer:

I don’t jual mahal to people who don’t even meet 0.000000000000001% of my expectation and I don’t lower my standard for people like you no matter how ugly I am.

Then he gets very angry with me. Haiya, you want me to be honest then you still want to be angry with me? Then I might as well not say anything at all?

Also, once we had a conversation:

Chafe: Sam, can we talk? *Very serious voice*

Me: Eh? Sure!

Chafe: Sam, please, please, please don’t talk to other guys.

Me: …? You want to talk about this?!?! [Walao, I somemore thought want to talk about what serious stuffs!]

Chafe: Please promise me that you won’t talk to anyone else.

Me: Why should I?

Chafe: Because I am in love with you so you cannot talk to other guys. I am telling you now, you don’t talk to other guys. You got anything, you tell me and only me; not even Wei Qi or any of your girl friends. Please stop talking to all of them and only talk to me, only me okay?

Me: I must be very crazy if I listen to you and I find myself crazy even by listening to what you have to say now . And by the way, I am NOT your girlfriend so I don’t have to listen to you okay?

Chafe: NO! Don’t you understand?! I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much so please don’t talk anyone else. Okay, okay, you can only talk to Wei Qi and NO ONE ELSE okay!

Me: If you love me sooooooooooooooooooooo much, then you should just leave me alone and not bug my life and I talk to whoever I like and I don’t need your permission to do anything else *Annoyed*

Chafe: I bug your life?! *Mula nak emo* I care about you and you bla bla bla. Bla bla bla… You don’t feel my love? Bla bla bla… *Emo, emo, emo*

Me: … *Malas nak layan*

Every single time, after I told him that I don’t have feelings for him and will never consider him bla bla bla, he WILL definitely tunjuk muka emo in class and will definitely do something stupid later on. To add on, when I reach home, I will receive a SMS that goes like this:

Sarah, after you return your book to mum can you call me? I feel very sad and heartbroken now.

He DID it on PURPOSE and obviously I didn’t layan la. Don’t expect me to phone back or even to SMS just to ask oh how are you, are you okay, and let me tell you this, send this kind of SMS to emo to me; it will definitely allow me to forward it or show it to my girl friends so that we can laugh together [Only applies to people like Chafe].

Then after that SMS, after 1-2 hours…

Jessica… Can you call me now? I need to talk. Very heartbroken and sad. Call me k?

Heh? If you think this is the end of it, he will continue sending a few more until the very next day in school where he will tunjuk the muka emo which makes me want to laugh every single time because he looks like as if he wanted me to ask him but the truth is, I don’t care and will not care at all.

Ohhh, have I told you how Chafe pointed his finger at Kean Jie and Wong Weng Keong? Oh haven’t tell you yet right, never mind I tell you now and ya, prepare tissue to laugh until your tears come out or prepare to go WT* non-stop:

Chafe: Sam, can we talk? *Very serious tone*

Me: About what? *Malas nak layan ’cause I know confirm it’s something dumb*

Chafe: I have something to tell you.

Me: Uhh okay . [I said okay out of courtesy]

Chafe: I saw you talking to Kean Jie just now.

Me: Uh huh?


Me: Because we want to talk! *Annoyed* I think I have told you many times that it is my own freedom to talk to anyone whom I like .

Chafe: I don’t care what did Kean Jie tell you or what you tell Kean Jie but I hope this is the last time I see you talking to him.

Heh? He’s giving me a warning?! And by the way, that is the FIRST time I talked to Kean Jie in school and kesian Kean Jie, terus kena salah faham by Chafe that he wants to pikat me ahahahahahahahahaha!! The conversation continues:

Chafe: And why you come to school with that boy? What’s his name?

Me: Wong Weng Keong ah?


Me: Hello! We came together by the same bus and is that even against the law! [Actually I feel like telling him- You are a pest]

Chafe: You may not know what is his intention bla bla bla…


Chafe: You change school bus, don’t come to school with him anymore. You don’t walk with him into the school, you let him walk in front of you or you walk in front of him bla bla bla.

Hish, kesian his future girlfriend/wife, confirm kena stay at home every single day without a phone, TV and Internet. Confirm his wife is nuts for willing to marry him unless he change his attitude.

In conclusion, there are just too many stupid and dumb so called can we please talk in a very serious tone conversation which I cannot stand it anymore because every single time, it is the SAME THING over and over again. You beh sien, I sien okay.

After the final time of rejecting him harshly which includes shouting at him [I don’t shout unless I cannot stand it anymore], he finally stopped disturbing me and didn’t even want to friend me anymore ahahahaha! I tell you what, to me, he is nothing more than a 5 year old kid and I think a 5 year old kid behaves better than him.

So what I wanna say is… ALL THE BEST to the next batch of people who is gonna meet and get to know Chafe!

Now all of you can thank God that you all don’t know anyone else like him. But now to think about it, he is the main gossip topic [The common thing that everyone can kutuk about] in KHS because of his very nonsensical attitude and quote Sage:

Oh God, we thank You for allowing us to know someone like Chafe does exist because with his existence, we know how grateful we are that we are just not like him. God, I thank You for this.


P/S: There are more annoying stories about Chafe actually but it will definitely be too long to be typed out =P.


The Last Day Of STPM

The last day of STPM [For the Science stream] falls on the 10th December 2009. It is definitely one of the day that I’ve waited for a very, very long time but then… it happens too, to be the day I dread the most. Because it simply means that we are saying goodbye and gosh, how I hate saying goodbye.

When I was in the exam hall, I kept on reminding myself, 45 more minutes to freedom is the final 45 minutes I’m seeing all this people in the hall and after that, we’ll just see each other online or on Facebook.


You don’t bother me, I don’t bother you.

Most of us were strangers to each other in KHS. Initially, quote Kean Jie:

Initially no one gives a f**k about each other. And after some time, everyone gives a f**k about each other.

It is true and that applies to me as well.

Now, I love you, you love me.

Who would have thought that everyone of us could be friends? Things always turned up unexpectedly and for the good. And another lesson here is, NEVER bloody SAY NEVER.

Let me tell you why [Off topic a while =P ]:

Kean Jie [Libra], Ee Hahn [Aquarius], Sage [Gemini]

Back in Lower 6, this 3 guys are my friends and two of them are my close friends and Kean Jie was uhh, not so close la, quite pissed off with him sometimes because sometimes the way he talk ah, very lanci one ahaha but later on I realized that he is just like that =P.

And so, Kean Jie and Ee Hahn are match made enemies in hell ever since God knows when. If Kean Jie did something that piss Ee Hahn off, Ee Hahn will come and complain to me and write it on his blog and the same goes for Kean Jie. So Sage and I are like uhh, the middle person.

Then never mind, when this two piss each other off, they will come and ask me at different times whether did the other party say anything to me or not about them and I will just shrug it off, malas nak layan =P.

Then the funniest thing is, both of them will claim that they are innocent [HAHAHA!! ]. By fate or what, this two got landed together in the same group for the Biology project. That means catching bugs together and working together.

I tell you what, this 2 complained to me upside down on WHY THEY HAVE TO END UPΒ  IN THE SAME GROUP. Then when I tell them- Actually Kean Jie/Ee Hahn is okay one la. A bit lanci only lo the way he talk , sometimes only la, other than that he is okay one la [It’s true what, both of them talk also got a bit lanci one sometimes ahaha! =P ]

This two will retort like this in the most melebih-lebih tone ever you can think up off:

OKAY?!?!?!?! Okay for you la, not me -____-

And continue to complain about the other party. Kean Jie even almost punched Ee Hahn once for God knows what reason -_- Then after sometime, jadi The Three Musketeers [Kean Jie, Sage, Ee Hahn].

Huh, don’t know ah last time who ah pooh and boo when I say Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are best friends =P. Then don’t know who somemore ah, keep on saying will NEVER ever be friends. Haih -_________-…

That’s why, see, NEVER SAY NEVER!!!


Beautiful Girls! πŸ˜€

I know I’m not going to see most of the KHS students again for a very, very, very long time. Sad? Well, yes I am but I can do nothing about it. You know what, when I came into KHS, I remembered how I took things for granted back in Form 5, thinking that I’ll ALWAYS have my close friends with me in Form 6 and in the end, I fell down and realized that, it was just all a dream.

I thank God that throughout my whole time in KHS, I did not take any friends for granted; thinking that they’ll always be there. Everyone in KHS plays a part in my life no matter how small you think it may be.

Many times in KHS, even a few weeks before trials, I was listening to the songΒ  True Colours by Maggie Reilley and I kept on thinking about my life back in Form 5 and how I emo-ed with the best friends about trials and now in Upper 6, I wasn’t exactly feeling emotional about trials because it seems… insignificant to me in so many ways; I don’t know why.

The Magic Mirror mask.

During trials, I saw many of my classmates cheating [The guys] and I kept quiet and watched them with amusement. Because they reminded me of me back in Convent when I was bloody desperate for Biology and Sejarah answers except this time, the handphone was one of the crime weapon =P Yea la, naik standard already you know =P [Wait, one day I blog about how to cheat in KHS =P]

The things that we do at MOSTI when we are bored =P.

There was a paper, okay, I think it’s Chemistry paper 2, which goes like this, I stare at the paper, the paper stare at me kind of situation. Frustrated, I did all I can and then proceed to just close the paper [Not like if I stare at it for 30 minutes per question I can answer all of them correctly okay].

I look at my watch [Yes, no clock in the class one] only to realize that I have A LOT of time more to spend. So I took out my mp3 player and switched on the radio only to see Ooi Jie looking at me with uhh… jealousy [He’s bored too I’m sure] =P.

Birthday card for Miss Tan- By Wei Qi.

While listening to the radio, a song caught my attention because the lyrics reminded me of a friend and I copied down the lyrics only to hear the DJ announcing the title and singer:

Halo by Beyonce.

I found a way to let you in

But I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your halo

I got my angel now.

Sadly, now I’m letting you out because I had a lot of doubts. And now, standing in the light of your halo? Hah, you must be joking because THAT LIGHT WAS FROM MY HALO . Now, that’s more like me =P.

The 6-s: Kean Jie, Aliff, Alaggendran, Farid.

I realized that I can and I must never repeat the same mistake that I’ve made in Form 5 but sadly, I made about two or three major mistakes of my life in Lower 6 and another few more in Upper 6. I regretted being friends with certain people in KHS. There is a phrase that goes:

If a horse that you are riding threw you down in a thorny bush, when you get up, learn your lesson and never ever try to ride the same horse again.

I’ve always believe in giving chances. But sometimes, chances are not worth giving. You know why? When a person heart changed for the opposite sex and abandoned and betrayed you just because of the mere infatuation they have for someone else, then leave, as painful as it is to leave initially, we must, because it will definitely save us from more pain later on.

Me, putting in my pinky bag into my pocket- Photo by Ee Hahn.

I did not walk away and as a result, I was badly wounded and injured emotionally but I am absolutely alright right now, at least, I know who you are. I am just glad that I left KHS without a single regret. Yes, mistakes were made, but at least I’ve learnt from them and I know, what to do next time.

When you are being nice to people, it doesn’t mean that the other party is obliged to be nice to you as well. You know why? Because they don’t know the meaning of treat others as how you want to be treated.

Encik Rizal and Tan Kean Jie receiving his FULL ATTENDANCE certificate [Please don’t believe me, please don’t believe me it’s seriously a joke here!! =P].

There was a quite funny incident that happened to me back in Lower 6, the early days that is. Miss Heng told us to see her if we want to buy the textbooks and included that we are to bring our money along, so it’s like, no money no talk la.

Seeing that I did not bring money on the day the announcement was made, I decided to buy it the next day. So the next day, during recess, I walked to the staffroom alone [Yes, that time I tengah anti-KHS], along the stairs, I met Miss Heng and I DID NOT recognize her [Have been sleeping in her class so I don’t recognize her =P].

Miss Heng: Where are you going?

Me: [Who are you la -_-…] Uhh, I’m going to see Miss Heng to buy the textbook.

Miss Heng: Oh. Come.

Me: [Wa, why so nice one! =D Good, good, I can boast to Ee Jane that I tak sesat for once].

Miss Heng: *Walks to her table and took out the books* How many copies do you need?

Me: [Wa, this teacher is so daring! Simply take from Miss Heng table, must blog about it!!!] Uhh, just one will do =D.

Then I happily took the book and went back to class only to see her walking in my class and I was trying to hide myself.

AJK Majlis Graduasi 2009.

KHS is a place which I would call as my second home. It’s strange though ’cause I’ve never once called Convent as my second home. In fact, Convent has been a school which I have been dying to get out ever since I was 10 and only manage to leave that school 7 years later. How sad.

In Convent, I only treasure selected friends whom I love and care with all my heart and as for the rest, they can do whatever they want and it’s absolutely non of my business because I don’t like them and it’s not like they like me as well.

In KHS, I felt like I was accepted for who I am and that I felt appreciated in KHS! πŸ˜€ Never once in my whole school life, I felt this appreciated for the things that I have done because back in Convent, my life was like uhh… haha, if I tell you the truth, you wouldn’t believe me at all I think =P [Hint: Teachers, prefects]

Some nonsense that Viven and I argued over back in Lower 6.

There is absolutely no point being nice to certain people. Because first of all, they won’t appreciate it and they will definitely misuse it thinking that it will always be there. There are a few friends in KHS whom I know to be just like that and I was, extremely disappointed with them.

Two of them did realized that the privilege was taken away from them and some, were still in their slumber thinking that it’s always gonna be there. To people like that, one day you are gonna wake up realizing that you’ve lost a diamond while you are too busy collecting stones [Quote Michelle 6AG in the graduation book].

When reality hits you, it’s gonna painful. But I truly believe that you are never going to wake up and realize that.

Sharon and Kamal in the car, listening to music =P.

Kamal loves singing. Trust me, he has this habit of singing part a song whenever he sees me or Nano. Once, he blocked my way and sung this song:

I like girls, they like me…

[Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes]

And he was like dancing there somemore! Then in return I laughed and said- Yea, I like you too Kamal and walks in the class and he continue singing and dancing and I just tak layan because that is just so Kamal and after sometime when he realized that I am not layan-ing him much, he will merajuk like this:

Ish Sammy tak nak layan takpe. I pergi cari yang lain.

And in return I’ll shout across the corridor like this:

Whatever you say I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

And he will grin and betul-betul pergi kelas lain untuk cari yang lain. Wuwuwu! T.T =P

Sam, Kamal.

Once he kept on bugging Nano to be his girlfriend and obviously she tak layan la ahaha, if she layan ah, then she is not Nano . So after school, he was chasing Nano down the stairs asking Nano to be his girlfriend then this Nano being a Nano, terus jalan tak layan.

Then Kamal realized that he must do something so he shouted:

Aliff! Help me to get Wei Qi.

Aliff and I.

And Aliff was being a good friend, he went in front of Nano and knelt down in front of a lot, yes seriously a lot of students [School just ended that’s why] and proposed to her bagi pihak Kamal! Nano pulak tak terharu langsung, terus jalan only. Aih… Nano, be grateful that you have such a romantic proposal compared to all of us in KHS =P

Random Stuffs

This is one of the place where I spend my time going online back in the early days of Lower 6 [Shhh! =P ] and one of the place where Nano and I got a phobia of uhh… passing by!

Whenever you ponteng kelas, just go to the bowling alley and you will see some of your friends there as well. Yes, the baju pink one is Farid the pengawas who is just uhh… the same as all of us =P

This is Yin Ying and I! We are both in the month of March! =D And she is… a day older than me =P Ahaha! And her personality is… the opposite of mine! =| Mana boleh? Our difference is uhh, one day only!

Everyone, this is Pebaraj who… terpaksa pose for my camera while he was busy trying to solve the Rubric’s cube. There is like this Rubric’s cube disease in KHS for a period of time.

This is the election for the new committee member of PT6 next year. Seeing this reminded me we are all leaving school soon and honestly, PT6 was one of the best club I was ever in! No regrets! πŸ™‚

Once Kamal SMS-ed me in a rather serious tone like this- Sam, I need your help. And I was shocked and replied in a hurry, apologizing for my late reply and see see, that’s his reply -_-… Adoi!

Mints to keep us awake in boring lessons.

Filter paper.

We are doing this experiment which required us to fold the filter paper until it looks like that, like a fan la =P. And you know what, Ooi Jie or Praki said that I fold until not nice. Then I told them that they can never do any better than me [Guys what ahaha! =P].

So then they felt challenged and decided to pick up one and fold as well. Fold until 3/4 way, they just walk off ahaha because they realized that mine is nicer than theirs. Okay fine, Nano and LeiKen fold until much, much better than mine >=( I told you I’m not artistic!!

Once Chen Wai told me that I was a naughty girl 😦 Then I said I’m not and told him to look at my halo and macam itu dia reply aku 😦

Then he came to his senses that the halo is a real one. Eh, I know what are you thinking!! I didn’t force him to say so one. Believe me, I didn’t reply him after this SMS and after a few hours :D…

There that’s right! My halo is a real one =P

This is one of the place where I used to wait every morning before the assembly starts. This is also one of the place where I made more friends from different classes and to think about it, it has been such a long time and last year, seems like yesterday.

The Last Day Of STPM

On the last day of STPM, Nano, Sin Yee and I along with Caitlynn and Wei Sy Woof Pico tagged along to snap photos around the school. Yea, it was kinda tiring and the weather is bloody hot but the result is super satisfying πŸ˜€ Ahaha! Like exams, only MUCH better =P

Masa exam, kena senyap la :D…

After exam, nah, that is my face, yes, the paper is easy or hard, that’s my face expression and again, I looks overexcited as usual ahaha! =P Tell you what, my face expression can scare people one okay.

Just imagine everyone walking out of the hall looking gloomy and with their confidence rolled flat and imagine them seeing that muka excited of mine =D They are gonna think that the paper is bloody easy for me. So jangan tertipu =P Looks can be VERY, VERY deceiving =P.

During Maths T Paper 2, I find the need to use the loo and happen to find the nearest girl’s toilet was locked, who the hell is so smart to lock it up huh?! So in the end, I told myself there is no time to waste to I decided to just use the guy’s toilet and when I walked in, I felt my hair standing at its end -_-.

I feel very seram. The whole place was dark and stinky. The cubicle doors are all broken, the sink is in a… terrible state and when I saw a cubicle with a door, I was like, right this is it, desperate need calls for desperate measures. I smiled and walked in only to run out of the toilet -_-

It’s quite dark actually but I don’t know why my camera snap photos extra bright one. Yea, my camera must be as bright as I am =D

You see the mangkuk tandas, okay whatever you call that, is uhh all dark. Like in those ghost movie where a hand will suddenly muncul or two eyes staring at you or whatever I’M JUST NOT USING IT SO I RAN OUT because a spider muncul in front of me of the blue -_-

I’m not afraid of spiders but I don’t like things popping out in front of me at scary places. So I went to the female teacher’s toilet only to see it locked as well [I HATE KHS FOR MISTREATING THE GIRLS’ RIGHT TO USE THE LOO!!!] and have to then proceed to the furthest female toilet in KHS at the tapak perhimpunan.

Uhh, what an adventure. I must write a story about it; The Adventure Of In Search For The Right Toilet In KHS, might be the bestseller one day you wait and see .

We went for an adventure in the male’s toilet and huh, see, we have to cover our nose or else we will die I tell you. Caitlynn did not cover her nose and when she went out, she was gasping for air and said- I tried to not breathe inside.

Ahaha! But still, the smell is… unbearable and I think KHS layak to masuk some record book for being able to produce such smell -_-

We went back to class and then Yohen came and went to the back room of 6AE.

To take back the ball and pick up sticks ahaha! =P

And Yohen left the pick up sticks under one of the table for the 6AE/2010. Eh, it’s a warisan harta pusaka you know! Must jaga betul-betul one =P Make good use of it =P

Sin Yee, Nano, Sam at the top of KHS =P

Beautiful eyelashes. I want =(…

And you know what, if you have a twin, then you have them… for a reason and please excuse my unladylike-ness :D…

Tengok Nano and I, jump for God knows how many times also like that. It’s either Pico is a lousy photographer or Nano and I tak ngam [CANNOT BE WHAT! =( ]

One take and it’s done =|

Nice le =P I snap one you know! =P

Tengok all the kaypoh-s [Yohen, Saravana and Raja Nayi] =P They are actually looking at this:

Saw Nano and Pico on the tree?! Wait, nah:

That’s me at the bottom of the tree πŸ˜€ Haha! Can you see the 3 kaypoh-s at the back there? =P Eh, eh, not I don’t want to climb ah, I’m wearing baju kurung that’s why!! πŸ˜€



The different ways of reaching a destination =P

Called siblings for a reason.

BYE STPM!!! πŸ˜€

That’s why… Don’t eat so much or else you will end up jumping like me -_-

Nano, Sam, Sin Yee πŸ˜€

Eh, did you all know that KHS got 3 new statues you know? Don’t know le, baru dibuat one you know. It’s okay, I’ve snapped the photos for you all to see =D See la I’m so kind don’t want you all to be outdated =D Faster say thank you!! πŸ˜€
















Statue Pelajar Harapan :D!

Statue You Must Always Study

Statue You Lazy Also You Must Study

How?! πŸ˜€ Nice le =P


Now I am currently listening to There You’ll Be by Faith Hill and the truth here is, I wish I could see everyone in KHS again. Simply because, I miss all of you already. Somehow, I know, one day we are gonna go on with life and forget about each other and eventually distance away though I know, distance could actually strengthen certain relationship :)…

In KHS, all of us have many friends and there will be friends that we are closer to to and friends whom we consider as our best friend and yea, we just categorize friends into many categories [Like close friends, not so close friends etc]. I’m not trying to offend anyone here so please read the following paragraphs with an open heart. If you feel offended in any way, then I am sorry but I can’t do anything about it.


There are two friends in KHS [Sorry, people who left KHS halfway will not be counted =P, I only kira those who walk through the full journey with me] whom I treasure the most. Okay, I treasure everyone but then, just, I am much closer to this two friends in KHS [Not everyone is close to me in KHS la okay and you don’t see me feeling offended about that -_-, understand? Okay, faham tak faham malas nak layan dah =| ].

I’m sure most of you could guess one of them but the other person, will be a rather unexpected one πŸ™‚ But here it goes:

Wei Qi


Tan Kean Jie

πŸ™‚ Not because both of them are Libra ah. But because this two, have touched my heart in many ways [In a friendship way] and have always been there for me throughout my ups and downs.

Though I know Kean Jie doesn’t keep any best friends, but still, he is one of the friends in school whom I treasure the most because you have yet to know what a great and wonderful friend he can be πŸ™‚ Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

And as for Wei Qi, she is someone in Convent whom I don’t take any notice of and a girl on my first day of class who tries to be friendly with me and I was trying to ignore her and now, she is like my sister! πŸ™‚ Just, read everything about her here.

Another chapter of my life had come to an end and I am extremely happy and grateful to have a happy ending to it and to close the chapter with a big grin on my face and to close it with the two best friends that I have found in KHS :).

Finding for a true best friend is never once an easy task. Honestly speaking, I did not go searching for them but… they are both just God sent πŸ™‚ and will definitely be the two new person whom I will treasure for the rest of my life :D.

My Life In KHS

First of all…HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID ANYONE MISS ME?!?!?!


Gosh, this feels so goooooooooooooooooodd! Eh sorry =P, I’m supposed to blog to compensate for my disappearance [Wooohoooo! UNDANG-UNDANG DARURAT TELAHPUN DIMANSUHKAN!! *Jumps!*] and I am here today, to blog about my life in KHS for one and a half year :D.


Life in KHS had been like a roller coaster ride for me but a very, very good one πŸ™‚ Probably the best one that I ever had throughout my whole school life! In KHS, I have learn many things and made many mistakes and learn from my mistakes.

I’ve meet many wonderful friends and I gained one of the best friends in the world that one could ever wish for. And I too, have met friends who have stabbed me from the back and I still call them friends until I saw my blood in their hands and it’s then, too late to cry or to do anything about it.

Love the sun rays! πŸ˜€ Took this photo while walking to the school gate in the morning! Beautiful isn’t it?! πŸ˜€

Life in KHS have gave me many memories, the good ones and the bad ones. And I am extremely grateful, to have been in KHS and proud to be a student of KHS :). So, this is part of my life in KHS :).

P/S: To a few ‘friends’, offensive content ahead. Beware.


The boys on the first day of orientation.

My journey first started when I received the printed offer letter from KHS in my camp [Yes, they print out for us =P]. And it was then, I slumped myself on the plastic chair, realizing that I am going to KHS FOR SURE; which I dread very much because I know, I’ll be alone.

The girls on the first day of orientation.

On the first day of orientation, I went to KHS with a heavy heart and then, I was told that I couldn’t register because I have to complete my National Service first. I could complete it earlier, but I refused, I decided to stay back in camp for the final two weeks.

On the first day of orientation, I saw some of my Convent schoolmates and some of them, are the people whom I wish I don’t have to see them anymore.

After two weeks, I went to KHS again only to see Genesis Wong Weng Keong in the bus! Haha! Tak sangka we have been sitting the same bus for so long but didn’t notice each other! =|

Then Wei Qi had a conversation and uhh…. Just search through her birthday post here. So I was put into 6BF and I sat all alone in front of Soon Peng and Tiam Foo. The first one whom I talked to in class is Soon Peng because he is directly behind me I think. As for the girl, the first one whom I talked to is Jia Yan and first shared a book [Chemistry] with Janaki.

Then I was transferred out of 6BF and was placed into 6BE due to unseen circumstances.

The boys in 6BE. Front to back: Michael [Raja Nayi], Alaggendran, Yohen.

My first day in 6BE and 6BF has been extremely lonely. Countless times, I turned to my left and called Ee Jane [She is always sitting on my left in class for 5 years straight] only to realize that she isn’t there. I admit, I almost cried each time I turn my head to the left and I did not see her.

Once, I turned to the back and said,

Leng [Ai Leng] ah…

Only to see Soon Peng or Tiam Foo staring at me and my cheeks turned red [Malu la okay! -____-]. When I go to the canteen and saw fried rice, I turn around and go,

Ah Lui [Ching Yin], want to eat…

Only to see the crowd full with hungry boys. And I got stuck with my Maths homework and ALMOST phoned Zaharah -_____-…

I just find it hard to adapt initially and find it even harder to live without the friends whom I’ve spent my whole secondary school life with.

Contengan on the female toilet door.

The longer I spend my time in KHS, the more I hated KHS. I hated KHS so much that I wish I could leave that school as soon as possible and I hated everything about KHS. I went home crying about it so many times because I hated KHS.

The first thing that I saw when I walked in the school gate is a prefect talking on the phone and I was like- LIKE THAT ALSO CAN? And now I tell you:

Can. In KHS, nothing is impossible.

2008- Sam, Avin, Genesis, Tat Joon.

So, when I was in 6BE, after the first monthly test, another 5 students from 6BE and I, transferred to 6BF and read all about it here. And things would have turned up differently if I didn’t switch to 6BF, for instance; there wouldn’t be Snow White & The 7 Nerds skit and I wouldn’t have been closer friends with everyone in 6BF πŸ™‚

LeiKen, Pebaraj, Sam, Faiz [Form 5/2008] at SMK Engku Hussain.

The four of us are involved in a competition, EAK [Eksplorasi Alam Kerjaya] and interviewed a coroner. It was cool honestly! πŸ˜€ We get to visit the bilik mayat and snap photos. They also showed us how they bedah the mayat, not much, just a little but yea, it’s a lifetime experience for me πŸ™‚ !

Sam, Pebaraj.

This is me in the coroner’s uniform when they are bedah-ing the mayat =P Hahaha! I don’t even need to be a coroner to wear their uniform hahahahahahahaha!! Last year, whenever I see Pebaraj, I feel like kicking him because he is SO IRRESPONSIBLE for the whole competition!!

But, we are alright now πŸ˜€

RM1 ice-cream while waiting for the school bus! πŸ˜€

There is guy friend of mine, whom we call each other best friend turns up to be the one who hurt me upside down throughout my whole life in KHS. He had said countless hurtful things about me in front of me and made many horrible and hurtful remarks about my physical appearance and kept on comparing me to other girls and his girlfriend. I tell you what, I can’t help my physical appearance and oh… I can… PLASTIC SURGERY and LIPOSUCTION!!!

When things turned upside down in his life, he blamed me, saying that it was my fault. Later on, when he promised to change for the one last time after God knows how many times, it was then, my heart hardens and decided to not take him as a best friend anymore. Till today, his extremely atrocious comments about my physical appearance still rings in my ear as I am typing this.

Phantom Of The Opera Skit by 6BG/2008. And that’s Gollum/Phantom-Kean Jie killing the Opera House Director [Bob]’s wife [Michelle] with a laser stapler [Correct?!] because they refused to give him Box 9.

In KHS too, I realized that sometimes, people get close to you just because they wanted to get something off you or they just, want to pull you down and out of certain things. As for this, there will be not much elaboration as this particular person [A guy], turns up to be one of my best friend, yes I trusted him a lot but there is one thing that he did, still lingers on my mind…

And I’ll never ask him about it or to tell anyone [Nano is the only secret keeper of this] because the answer from that particular friend will definitely be:

Of course NO!


Each time during Physics experiment, I will snap photos of the apparatus if I find them fascinating! =P Hahaha! And this is uhh, one of my failed experiment which I changed all the readings to get the perfect graph

If Miss Heng ever caught me snapping photos of the apparatus, this is what happens:

Miss Heng: Taking photos only ah. Do your experiment!!

Me: Doing! Doing!! This flywheel is uhh… uhh…Β  FUN!!

Miss Heng: Everything for you is fun. Haih…


Miss Heng: Smiling all the way only. Go join a toothpaste advertisment hahaha!


Yohen [Hantu Besar], Kamal.

Kamal is one of my best friend in KHS! πŸ˜€ When I was feeling so terrible on the day of the preliminary round of the public speaking, he was there, asking me if I’m alright and then I said I wanted to go to the toilet but the female toilet is at our block and it’s too far, quiet and dark.

You know what, he offered to go with me and even told Sharon or Aliff that I might be late and then Sharon or Aliff told him that they wouldn’t start so fast because they have to arrange the chairs first. So honestly, without him that day, I think I would have screwed up my speech even more.

So God knows how I get into the finale and won the first place with the impromptu speech which goes by the title neighbour. Yes, talk about neighbour! When I first saw the title I was like NOOOOOO THIS IS SOOOO SCREWED UPPPP!!

I almost pulled my hair while opening the dictionary [Yes, it is provided] until I saw the second or third definition:

People who are close to you.

And the next thing I knew was, I was jotting down points, plotted my speech to speak for 2 minutes and created a perfect opening speech and GUESS WHAT, when I walked up the stage, my legs shivered like mad and I smiled and pretended like as if I AM DAMN BLOODY CONFIDENT when all I wanted to do is just to scream and run off and never return again and then… I forgot my perfect opening speech

For you people who thinks that I looks so glamorous on stage:

Me: Blah blah blah… *Looking around the hall, smiling, wishing that time will go on quickly* Blah blah blah… *WHY IS TWO MINUTES SO LONG* Blah blah blah… *IF I CAN, I WILL pull my hair and scream!*

Then I look at my paper only to see that I am out of points -_______- And began to panic and crapped something, God knows what I said, someone should really, really record what I said for my first public speaking.

When the bell goes TING [It means I have 30 seconds to roll up my speech], I WAS SO GRATEFUL THAT I TELL YOU I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!

So that’s… THE LONGEST 2 MINUTES IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! I’m never going to forget that! T.T But it’s all worth it! =P

And I won a dictionary that is worth RM40.00 and a Stabilo pen that I wanted to try hahaha save my money, don’t need to buy =P ! Eh you know what, I actually paid RM10.00 for the PT6 fees and won this RM40.00 dictionary.

Okay la. Untung RM30.00 [I forgot how much the pen cost, at most RM2 la]! I am a smart investor that’s right!!

P/S: The people who crossed my mind when I saw the definition was Wei Qi and Chui San =P

The next one will be the BM public speaking. This one lagi teruk I tell you. Because I saw the theme was rasuah or anti dadah, so I told Soon Peng [Class Monitor] that I didn’t want to join because I don’t want to talk about rasuah or drugs. So no one in the class layan-s the BM public speaking actually =|

Until the next day… The teachers got angry because ALL 8 classes DID NOT send a representative =| They got furious and scolded us -____- Then called all class monitors to the front and told them that if they don’t find a representative from their class, they will have to go on stage and speak.

Soon Peng and I! πŸ˜€

Upon hearing that, I was wishing that Nithiyaa would go and she didn’t come that day I think or something. Then Soon Peng came and asked me to. I told him I can talk nothing about rasuah or drugs then he said it’s free topic then I disturbed him by asking him to talk about me, asking him to proclaim his undying love for meΒ  Sorry, we are not couples =D

He laughed and told me to just go and I did, because… HE’S MY PRINCE CHARMING la .

Then I got panic. Because I don’t know what to talk about!! Kamal called me over and asked me if I have any idea and I said no and pulled my cheeks. He encouraged me and even gave me the inspiration on what to talk about. And finally, everyone’s title is uhh… so educational except mine which entitled:

Perasaan Manusia

The whole time on stage, 95% of the time, I was looking at him, because he is the only one who is looking at me, giving me encouraging smiles from time to time and thumbs up =D Honestly, I didn’t expect to win… the first place again T.T =D Got uhh… only a certificate but it’s more than enough!!

Some Random Stuffs:

The things that we do in the lab hahahahahahahaha! That’s Soon Seng SMS-ing. Behind him, Viven piggy bagging Ooi Jie and that’s Chin Wai King with the 1 metre ruler, hitting Ooi Jie’s butt I think! =P

Jason Chin and Jason Sim πŸ˜€

Hyperactive Kean Jie and sleeping Praki Boy! πŸ˜€

Ee Hahn, Sam, Nano after merentas desa! πŸ˜€

Siapalah ini??!

That is Yohen and Sunthary chit chatting during recess and I snapped their photo! =P Eh, IT’S NOT MY FAULT! They stand there what, I can see them what, so I … snap la πŸ˜€

Sunthary’s reaction when I shouted to her from the second floor that I snapped her photo talking to Yohen.

Sunthary: WHAT LA YOU!





Me: I’LL WAIT FOR YOU LOVE! *Sends a flying kiss*

Sunthary: -_-…*Walks away*

She did came and find me… To view the photos and to see Praki Boy =D!!

Praki Boy, Sunthary and Yohen settling their LOVE TRIANGLE problem! =D [Rundingan Damai sorry too much PA]

Praki Boy has a reputation in class. A very good one for not drinking water, going to canteen to eat and he doesn’t even go to the toilet most of the time JUST LIKE ZAHARAH!! And nah, this is a PROOF that he DOES go to the toilet but I’m not sure if he got anything to buang or not la -_-

Ya what, don’t eat and drink, got what to buang -_____-!! Eh ya hor, maybe he masuk to just wash hand but I thought the sink all spoil already you know. Never mind, this photo is a gem, it’s a RARITY you know!:D πŸ˜€

I know what Praki is going to say: I go to the toilet also you want to snap my photo ah?!

This is what he do during recess. Mengeratkan hubungan dengan guru Maths . No wonder he’s one of the Pelajar Impian Hati [It’s an award in school with different names every year, last year was Pelajar Sahsiah Terpuji] and I’m not, okay, now I know whyΒ .


It’s amazing how KHS doesn’t burn down and is still standing there, tall and straight and high up . Look at the last photo, Ooi Jie’s gonad can shoot fire out one! =|


Victor- Helen’s brother! πŸ˜€

To prevent H1N1 in school, they gave us flu mask which makes all of us looks like some kind of perompak or terrorist -_____- So KHS students are super creative, they draw drawings on the flu mask and it looks so much better!

To add on, the mask is super suffocating! I tell you what, we die ah, not because of H1N1, but we will die of suffocation! =| But still, thank you KHS for the mask as part of our… entertainment =P

KHS Gotong Royong Day. Guess what we did after the gotong royong =D =D :

They gay around =S

They play the piano and we enjoy! Hahaha! πŸ˜€

Kamal and Sin Yee’s wedding =P There’s a video as well! HAHAHA! And the best part was this:

Kean Jie: You may kiss the bride =D

And Kamal kissed Kean Jie’s cheek HAHAHA!! Of course Kean Jie gave him a nice Taekwando kick =P Hahaha! Kesian Kean Jie! But never mind la, you are kissed by the God’s Best Creation =P

This is the guy from 6AH, who told Ee Hahn that he doesn’t likes me because I am annoying. And you know what’s the funniest thing? I don’t even talk to him!! And then during bowling practice, he kept on striking up a conversation with me and even told me that he don’t like me and in return I told him that I’ve never once like himΒ .

Prasan betul that everyone likes him when his whole class hates him. EH BAPOK, if you don’t like me hor, don’t strike up a conversation with me! I don’t like hypocrites and I don’t like talking to hypocrites. So thank you and kindly, please blah off and don’t talk to me because I don’t like you .

One of our entertainment in school- MUSIC!! πŸ˜€

One of my entertainment in school! Hahaha! Locking up Farid and the rest in a small room and continue to laugh at them =P

The Biology class STPM project which I laughed at Ee Hahn about and kept on saying:

Why am I so free? Hah? Soil analysis? Ooo… Just remember that… I’ll be sleeping at home !

And then he will jump up and down and blame me for not telling him that Biology class got this type of mafan project. HELLO! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU ARE BACK THEN!! How to tell?!

My FIRST Valentine’s Day card from a friend! Sage, thank you!! πŸ˜€ -HUGS!!!- πŸ˜€

And my FIRST handmade Valentine’s Day card for a friend! That lucky friend is… Sage la of course hahaha!:D

Was selected to attend the Hari Ko-Kurikulum [Only if you win in any competitions okay! =P] last year and first met Tan Wai Kian and this photo, is showing one of the apparatus used by the school drama team! Wa, what is that ah, some Physics machine ah? =| I find it quite cool so I snapped a photo of it πŸ˜€

Sin Yee, Caitlynn and I at the bowling alley! πŸ˜€ Sigh, I’m gonna miss bowling practice =( !

This is Tan Wai Kian and I! πŸ˜€ Everyone says that if both of us are in the same class, KHS will turn upside down =P Hahaha! Mainly because… When we see each other, we will run to each other with our arms open and then proceed to hug each other like in those drama =D

And then we will call each other honey and darling, pretend to kiss in front of the teachers [Those open minded one la] and we will walk to town to catch the bus together, holding each other arm and pretend to be couple HAHAHA!

Hahaha! πŸ˜€ His sexy pose!

All of his friends called him the Queen Of Bitch and he is proud of it =S He calls himself a bitch at times -______- And most of them, refer Tan Wai Kian as a SHE! Haha! I tell you what, as much as his friends finds him annoying or noisy at times, but it is as much as they enjoy his presence in school πŸ™‚ !

Without people like him ah, the school will be like a grave yard.

Praki Boy [Pelajar Impian Hati] and LeiKen [Pelajar Harapan].

Wa, now I lagi know why I’m not Pelajar Impian Hati and Pelajar Harapan T.T… Next time ah, in order to be one, you all must always carry a book everywhere you go. Don’t bother listening to the announcement during assemblies and study hard, then you will be one.

Upper 6 next year, remember ah. Don’t say I didn’t tell you πŸ˜€

If you bring your camera everywhere like me and snap so many photos, you will be awarded with nothing… But just, photos of memories =P Okay, your choice πŸ˜€

Ooi Jie and his…. favourite teacher =P

This photo was taken during the Sing Along Friday program with Puan Chang where Nano and I screeched at the top of our voice for the song You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban -_____________-

Take note of his school bag.

HAHAHA! I took this photo from the second floor of the Form 3 block! That place is just the perfect place to snap photos!! πŸ˜€ Got LeiKen one also, but then his one all also his head tengah tunduk, studying la what else =P

And Praki, thinking about what? Looks sooooo deep in thought and uhh, pouting there somemore Thinking about me, the girl from 6AG or 6AH or Puan Lee Li Cheng .

Eating in class is part of our daily entertainment πŸ˜€

For one of the friends whom I considered as my best friend! πŸ˜€

I love my open minded friends! πŸ˜€

Take note of his school bag. Different one right?! You know why, must be the old one ah, koyak already ’cause his bag is always so heavy with books! In a way he’s like Zaharah because that day got no Maths right,Β  HE WILL BRING ALL THE MATHS BOOK to school!!

See Praki is leading us out of school, sorry ponteng kelas [KHS Tradition, so we must mengekalkan tradisi you know!]

Sama-sama ponteng πŸ˜€ !

Ponteng class pergi Old Town makan =| Don’t like Old Town actually! The food is overpriced and the service is super lousy!


Ayza! πŸ˜€

Look at LeiKen’s happy face!

6AF/2009 class party! πŸ™‚

Kean Jie o Kean Jie!

Reached school too early! =| Looks at we are going to sekolah malam like that =P Haha! πŸ˜€

UNO, our end year entertainment πŸ˜€

Waiting for the Chemistry lab to be open. Look at Praki, neh, the one sitting down, everyone else is standing except him. Oi Praki, later THROMBOSIS then you know! He’s like Zaharah, ALWAYS SIT DOWN one and I’m always on the run πŸ˜€ =P

This is how the class will looks like during recess and when they know that PA lessons is on :D…Therefore, Penjaga Kelas = LeiKen & Praki Boy πŸ˜€

The 6AE students ran off to another class the moment they knew that PA class is on. Spot them! πŸ˜€ Answers will be given below!

Chee Yang, hiding his face behind a piece of paper.

Nano hides herself behind her bag =| Bad Meow!

Ooi Jie who wears his cap/beanie and hides behind his bag too =|

Random cats on the roof =|

Chit Chat Book/Windows Live Messenger πŸ˜€

My font colour is red, Sin Yee is uhh… grey/pencil and Nano is green. We can even block people you know hahaha! We blocked Nano once because she say ONLY CHILDISH people pass messages around [Macamlah dia tak buat macam tu =P]

Ching Yee stick this notice on Soon Peng just to let me see -_____- She claims herself as MRS. ONG [YEA RIGHT LA! =P] and changed ONG Soon Peng’s surname to WONG Soon Peng [HAHAHA!]

See la I am so important until she use a gold pen to write my name to ban me from clinging to Soon Peng. Eh I forgot.



This T junction [Correct?!] is shit annoying! You know why, see those moving cars? When it’s time to stop, they bloody won’t stop and they will cause a HUGE JAM because in front there got one more traffic light one.

So when they stop ah, they WILL QUEUE UP PANJANG-PANJANG ON THE ROAD and block ALL THE OTHER vehicles which want to come towards where my camera is pointing.


No more kidnapping Nano’s kangaroo keychain =(

During practice πŸ™‚

Saw the class motto? United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Thank you 6AF/2009 for standing together for this skit πŸ™‚

Awesome dance πŸ™‚ !

Snow White & The 7 Nerds πŸ™‚ It is something that I am extremely proud of though we didn’t win but get the Best Costume award instead. The initial script which I intend to write was very different actually, but then decided to not because it will be a little complicated and we are lack of time! =|

We worked really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really to the power of infinity hard for this skit. Though we didn’t win, disappointed? Yes of course, who could deny that? But, if lose means lose already la. Nothing to argue about anymore, we are not 5 years old anymore anyway =|

Though we did not win, but we know, we’ve given our very best shot, we heard the audience clapping, laughing and cheering, we did our best and most of all, this had brought our class much closer to each other more than ever and we get to understand each other more as well! πŸ™‚

So quote Soon Seng:

It’s okay that we didn’t win. What matters the most is how we journey to it and the experience that we’ve gained.

Very meaningful :). I will never ever forget it so 6AF/2009, don’t forget this as well!! πŸ™‚ It will be one of our happiest memories in KHS! πŸ˜€

Chess, another entertainment of ours! =P

Menconteng lantai. Whose work is this hah?!

Gradient of hardworking-ness = Negative πŸ˜€ Get it?! πŸ˜€

The class of 6AE/2009 before I joined them.

Okay, remember, I was first in 6BF, then went to 6BE then back to 6BF again.

So in Upper 6, I was in 6AF, then halfway, I switched to 6AE because I told the truth that’s why I was transferred out. Don’t believe ah? Really one you know! NO PRANK I promise! =|

Hehe! Caught pikat-ing the Lower 6 girls! =D

Another entertainment of mine πŸ˜€ !!

This is Yan Yee! πŸ™‚ Who has been my classmate and schoolmate in Convent and then we went for NS together πŸ˜€ And then, we came to KHS together! Aih, ada jodoh betul with Yan Yee! =P

Packing the door gift for graduation day! πŸ˜€ Look at all your HARDWORKING AJK-S! =P

Rahsia AJK PT6/2008-2009! You know… I know… Can already!! =P

This is Nano also known as MISS SLOW! Because she is so slow! Eat also slow, walk also slow, bathe so slow, pack her stuffs to go home also slow! -_____-

You see ah, usually when it’s 5 more minutes to go home right, everyone will start throwing their stuffs in their bag packing their bag and Nano will be sitting there, sleeping or just… copying some notes -_____-

Then ah, she will wait for everyone to leave the class only she start packing her bag SLOWLY -___-…

See the almost empty class! Then she will soooooo hao yi shi drink a bit water first only continue packing her bag and let the whole world [Sin Yee and I] stand there, waiting for her -____-… Ish!! Got once ah, she stare at us and say:

Waiting for me ah? =D

Yes la, you are MY NANO ma, of course I wait for you! Hahaha! Nanti hilang macam mana?!

Fast and furioooooouuuuuuuuusssss!!!

Mat Rempit wannabe and I am enjoying the Rempit ride .

Corridor/Balcony conversations.

Kamal doesn’t sew his name tag to his school uniform. So one fine day, after assembly, they are having spotchecks to see whether we got wear our tie, cut our nails [Girls]/hair [Boys] and got wear name tag or not.

Then, he took out the name tag from his wallet and…

Staple it -____________- Haih, such creativity!

We are all IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH OOI JIE! No la, bukan he beristeri empat [Not like he’s an Islam =P]! But really la! Like this:

From L-R: Ooi Jie’s classmate, Ooi Jie’s girlfriend, Ooi Jie’s neighbour and Ooi Jie’s cousin πŸ˜€

Playing football in class is one of our daily entertainment as well hahaha! πŸ˜€

Kamal and Ala, teacher in class la, why are you looking at my camera and siap posing lagi tu! =P

Praki’s bag. So bahagia hor can sit on a poster -_- Ish, this is his idiosyncrasy, his bag ah, must be very clean! Kesian his wife next time, must be a real pembersih. If pengotor like me ah, who don’t give a shit about whether the house is clean or dirty ah, I think he can die hahahahahaha!

Janji PLC.

Copy PLC.


Cassandra QUEK and TAN Han Li.

Samantha QUEK and TAN Kean Jie.

Get it?!

MEOW! πŸ˜€

We are so shy! >.< Hahaha! The person on the left must be so glad now, because ah, no one is going to disturb him anymore =D

This is Chen Wai and I! He is my Form 4 darling! Hahaha! Only I call him that because ah, each time I pass by his class we’ll wave at each other and then I don’t know he developed the nickname Form 4 Darling from me! =P

I hate tall people -_______-… !!!They make me looks so short! And oh, that’s Farid and I before our MUET listening exam! πŸ˜€ Hehe!:D

Salt analysis. I’m just fascinated by the smoke colour πŸ˜€ Hahaha! πŸ˜€

Batu Caves stairs in KHS. I hate this stairs because it is creepy and super steep! -___-

Some AJK PT6 at the PT6 party! πŸ˜€

Nano caught sleeping in class beside Encik Rizal πŸ˜€

Nano and Sin Yee sampat-ing at Metro Point =P

See the Miss Slow, eat so slow until she give us some of her food hahaha! πŸ˜€

Lao Gong and I. Sigh, when will I see him again? =( Now I feel like the… neh, you know the legend Chinese couple that once meet once a year and they cannot meet if it rains? =(

Though you always tak layan me in school, but T.T… I still love you!!!

Watching porn :D…

Drama and blog competition. The blog competition *Shows fist* Wait one day I blog about it!! >=( !!!

Beh tahan KHS, always ask us to do wu liao stuffs -____-…

Two Weeks Before STPM

One day I should put a post: Koleksi Gambar Tidur Nano! πŸ˜€ Ahaha!

Ooi Jie rajin-ing Chemistry. LeiKen and Praki discussing questions! =D

Pelajar Tak Ada Harapan main kad, dengar muzik and ambil gambar =D…

Pelajar Harapan and Pelajar Impian Hati study. See, there is a difference =( No wonder we are Pelajar Tak Ada Harapan T.T… Okay, okay, mengaku -_-

The blue rubberband one is Nano. This Pelajar Harapan ah, special case one! =P She saw us play until so happy right, she cannot tahan so she joined us as well

And love Kok Yaw/Lao Gong’s face expression!!! πŸ˜€

This photo is a gem! Look at him smiling!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Biasanya ask him to smile ah, the smile looks sooooooo terpaksa and this is so natural! Snapped this photo when he is unaware! πŸ˜€ Oi Kean Jie, say thank you!! πŸ˜€

Bring poker cards to school and play Chor Dai Di! I heard Puan Lee Li Cheng joined them for a game? =| I didn’t play this one, always lose, don’t like! >=( Remember this, NOT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY but gambling and I are NOT MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!!

That’s me! Watching Crayon Shin Chan on Ooi Jie’s phone! πŸ˜€

The difference between a hardworking student and two lazy students =| And that’s Farid behind me and Praki in front of me.

Pelajar Tak Ada Harapan snap photos and makan yogurt in class and reply SMS.

He loves Differential Equation and I love Binomial Expansion! =D *Throws confetti*

The last assembly.

Sleeping for one last time during assembly =|

Thank you, that helps but now GOODBYE STPM!!!

Arranging chairs and table for STPM =|

Anyone who got this table [To 6AE/2010], it’s MY table you know T.T…Bye table! =(

During STPM

My every night before sleep preparation.

McDonald’s for lunch while waiting for PA paper 1! πŸ˜€

Nano and I at McDonald’s! πŸ˜€ This reminded me of Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Leng and I at McDonald’s. Waiting for Add Maths Paper 2 -___-.

I love eraser dust.

Hehehe! :D…

Midnight supper.

Good advice for objective papers =D…

See that, he calls me MISS ADORABLE!! πŸ˜€

Good advice!

Good question -_-

After I came back from Maths Two ah, I went to Facebook and met Nano there:

Nano: Takziah!!

Me: Same to you!!! =P

Nano: Wuahahaha! How can we still be so happy?!

Me: Because they say… SMILE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


To another friend of mine [Girl], I know what you’ve done and did behind my back. If till today, you still think that I do not know anything, then I’m here to tell you that, I know. I know what you did but I just didn’t want to say anything in school because I know you will deny and deny and deny. I know you are reading this… right now =)

I just wanted you to know that you are actually a very nice friend if you don’t turn around and stab me and I saw you doing it, right in front of my eyes. Why did you do so? What have I done? What have I said? Have I offended you in anyway? Have I did anything wrong to you?

Did you do it out of jealousy? You gave me an explanation once. But why does your explanation differ from time to time? One moment you say yes, another moment you say no, another moment you say maybe. Why? Aren’t you are sure of your own feelings? =)

Sometimes, you are just… making it way too obvious for me, did you do that on purpose? Did you want me to know? Did you want me to know that you are more important? I don’t blame you because I know, it’s not worth fighting with you. I saw you acting alone on stage, I saw you putting on your mask, i saw your covering up your horns and I saw you… hiding your tail =D

I know what are you doing. Why are you always making everyone think that I am the DEVIL and you are the ANGEL? Why are you always barging into my personal life and issues and why are you, always so NOSY, eavesdropping people’s conversation and seeking for attention upside down? Can’t you mind your own business? =)

I know your intention. I know your aim. You got what you want didn’t you? You managed to kick me out of the circle and I could just stare at you, wondering why did you do so? Do you want that person so badly? Do you? Did you get that person? I’ve told you countless times that I won’t blame youΒ  and yet, you still want to push me in the sea and you even stabbed me before pushing me in.

What do you think you are doing? Asking me if I’ve quitted or not, why are you so curious? You are the one manipulating things upside down, you are the one who started the game. You started it off by cheating. Cheated the game and called me a cheater? =) Think twice.

And lastly, you know who you are and no one should bother asking who is this for. You know what have you done and said behind my back =) Next time, after you shit, please use some tissue to wipe the shit off your ass, it is as disgusting as you are right now =) Call yourself a good friend?

Only you know if you are one or not.


So… That just summarizes up my life in KHS! Not all though, but 50% of it =P If I were to write it out, it will be as thick as a book! Haha πŸ˜€

Therefore, life in KHS for me is just simply a happy and good one! πŸ™‚ More about the final day of STPM next week! πŸ˜€

And oh, this is the graduation video πŸ™‚ I separated it into 2 because YouTube doesn’t allow me to upload a video which is more than 10minutes =| So enjoy and give me some comments about it!

P/S: Let both the video finish loading first only watch! πŸ˜€

Darurat Duduk Rumah Study

EDIT: This is the last post for the month of November. The next blog post will be on the first or second week of December.

Kepada calon-calon STPM/2009:

Undang-undang Darurat Duduk Rumah Study akan dikuatkuasakan mulai 6 November 2009. Calon-calon STPM/2009 tidak sama sekali dibenarkan melepak ataupun membazir masa walaupun sesaat.

Sungguhpun pelajar-pelajar lain akan ber-holiday tidak lama lagi, akan tetapi, kemerdekaan akan diberikan kepada calon-calon STPM/2009 pada bulan Disember setelah calon-calon STPM/2009 berjaya menghapuskan musuh dalam selimut mereka [Kertas-kertas soalan STPM].

Oleh itu, calon-calon STPM/2009 hendaklah mematuhi Undang-undang Darurat Duduk Rumah Study buat sementara waktu. Kemerdekaan telahpun dijanjikan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia dan Maljis Peperiksaan Malaysia selewat-lewatnya 10 Disember 2009.

Sementara waktu itu, gambateh dan Duduk Rumah Study.

Good Luck.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Upper 6/2009 Graduation

Jeng jeng jeng!! Today’s is our graduation day from KHS [Though we still have to go to school on Monday] and yes, yes, correct, I am blogging about it and putting up photos! πŸ˜€ So here we go!!

The whole event was held at Equatorial Hotel at Bangi πŸ™‚ It was a very lovely and beautiful place πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ You know what, this is the FIRST event ever that I went two hours earlier because I am in charge of the slide presentation [Or so they call it] together with Nano! πŸ˜€

Not very exciting la actually ’cause you are stuck with your work and don’t fully enjoy the whole thing until your work is done and then now I know, when you organize an event, you don’t actually enjoy it unless everyone else enjoys the whole event πŸ™‚

It is indeed a word of thank you and it’s a great event or it was fun from the everyone else that will make your day and felt like it’s all WORTH it πŸ™‚

Yea, now only I know though I’m not the one organizing it.


So… Photos time! πŸ˜€

L-R: Puan Maizura, Sam, Nano, hotel worker/manager/whatever =|…

Please ignore my face expression. This photo was taken by Sin Yee and I happen to look up, baru nak smile then she snap already T.T… Should’ve just look at the laptop and pretend to be rajin =P

So, while Nano and I are looking at the technician to set up the LCD and bla bla bla, Sin Yee took my camera and took a lot of random photos for me because it was needed for documentation :D…

And Sin Yee, thank you very, very much! πŸ™‚ -Hugs!- πŸ˜€

Sin Yee, Chee Yang

This photo is made from precious stones one ah I tell you. You know why, because Chee Yang is always running from the camera.

So, basically, before 9.25am [The event was supposed to start at 9.00am, but what to do, Malaysian time what], everyone was busy snapping photos except Nano and I who are staring at the laptop, looking at each other/everyone else and waiting for the technician.

Yea, everyone was busy snapping photos until the VIP and pengetua arrives. And I think this is the first event in KHS without the kompang-kompang-s :D.

So as usual, sang Negaraku, listen to bacaan doa and then listen to speeches. Sorry, this is actually what we are doing when the speeches are going on:

You talk on the phone with your friend whose table is either diagonally behind yours or right at the end of the hall or anywhere in the hall but too far for you to walk over and talk during the speeches.

SMS. Kean Jie, this photo is FOR YOU! πŸ˜€

Preview the photos that you have taken earlier on with your friends, zoom in to see how you looks like and then proceed to snap a photo of your glass or whatever that you find interesting.

Soon Peng, Leong.

Or you can pretend to listen like Soon Peng [He seriously have this face that looks like he’s listening when he’s actually dreaming away] or start SMS-ing someone else who is NOT in the hall like Leong [Hahaha! πŸ˜€ :D]

Up next, the slide presentation πŸ™‚ Thank God it went on smoothly and I’m so happy to see some of my friends’ smiling faces and thank you everyone, for the very lovely comments on the video :)…

Do thank Nano for it as well, because without her, it would’ve never be this beautiful and perfect πŸ™‚

And I tell you what, my favourite photo in the whole slide/video is this:

Because… I’m the photographer of this photoΒ !

The choir group. Photo by Kok Peng.

So we did have the penyampaian sijil ceremony along with the graduation book, photos are not allowed during the ceremony so sorry la.

And Helen, this is the front page of our graduation book :D:

Ketua Editor = Tan Kean Jie πŸ˜€

And ooo, I forgot this:

Nano received an award; Pelajar Harapan πŸ˜€ Work harder Nano! You are one of the Pelajar Harapan you know! πŸ˜€ That means right, those who don’t receive this award are known as Pelajar Tak Ada Harapan.




And then sing the school song and it’s lunch time! πŸ˜€

I tell you what, I feel like slaughtering Kok Yaw/Lao Gong today. Because he took desserts for Sin Yee [Oi, don’t rampas my husband >=( ] and when I ask where is mine, you know what, HE ANSWERED ME BACK LIKE THIS:

What? Take yourself la hahaha!Β 

T.T… *Heartbreaks* … What kind of husband is this?! Porkie, you are still the best!! ❀ That’s why, with clothes the new are the best, with husbandS, the old are the best HAHAHA!

He did took for me later, after taking for everyone else that is.

But nevertheless, I still love him, in fact, I love him more than ever because…

Michael: Kok Yaw, your wife looks beautiful today.

Kok Yaw: Of course, my wife ma!

What the fall I tell you. Because in school…

Michael: Kok Yaw, look your wife nak curang with me.

Kok Yaw: *Looks up from his handphone game/magazine* Orh. SO?!

-_____________________________-… And my heart breaks.

My lunch! πŸ˜€

When everyone was rushing out to get the food [Buffet style], I was sitting down, waiting for the crowd to clear off. Then I saw Ee Hahn walking in with a plate full with food. So I decided to test his sincerity.

Me: Oi Ee Hahn! How can you eat first! LADIES FIRST YOU KNOOOOW!

Ee Hahn: What? Go take yourself la. *Turn aside with his plate*

Me: Eh, you should give me first! I’m Miss Adorable that’s why!!

Sin Yee: Ya la, what la you! LADIES FIRST! So not gentleman la you!

Ee Hahn: I don’t care. Go take yourself la. *Sits down and makan*


Sage, Sam, Farid

And so… I saw Sage walking in with a plate with more food and I decided to test his sincerity as well πŸ˜€

Me: Oh for me?! Yes, I know! Thank you, thank you!! *Takes the plate off Sage’s hand*


Me: What? Cannot is it?! *Puppy eyes*

Sage: Can, can. I’ll go get a new one myself :).

Me: Aww, that’s so sweet of you! Nah, I’m just kidding la *Hands him back the plate*

Sage: Eh why?! Take it la, it’s okay, I can take again.


Ee Hahn: *Looks up and ignores, continue eating*

Sage: Oh thank God I took the lamb . Oi Low, what la you, LADIES FIRST la, you call yourself a gentleman?


Lelaki yang baik di dunia ini memang sudah pupus.

And photography session:

Yohen/Hantu Besar and I πŸ˜€ My eyes are half closed but it’s okay, he looks nice πŸ˜€ Not so selekeh looking like in school la.

Kean Jie and I without his signature smile.

L-R: Sin Yee, Nano, Sharon, Sam, LeiKen.


Chui San [One of the girls whom I consider to be my best friend in KHS πŸ™‚ ] and Jia Yan [The first girl friend of mine in 6BF]

LeiKen and Puan Kan [His mum!]. They have the same smile eh! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Kean Jie, Ee Hahn [Hmmph!], Sage

Kean Jie looks so kemas and smart for once, because in school he looks very selekeh also, like this:

Muka nak seduce older girls.

The 3 of us with Yan Yee! πŸ˜€

Neo and I [God knows why I looks weird here]! Neo is my kindergarten friend. So in the whole school, she is my OLDEST friend ever!

I still remember in kindergarten she used to wear red shoes, red straps [for the uniform, it’s actually brown] and carries a red bag and I use a red pencil case =P I also remember that once, where we threw our pencil case at the boys in front of us because they are so irritating!

Kamal and I! He came back all the way from Terengganu [Correct?!] just for this graduation lunch! πŸ™‚

The Prince Charming and The Queen! Haha! πŸ˜€

The real head prefect and I! πŸ™‚

The 3 of us with Miss Tan, our Maths Paper 2 teacher! πŸ˜€ And everyone, I am NOT bongkok, I belum ready then they snap already 😦

Viven and I! πŸ˜€ Wa, my lips looks so shiny πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Chen Tiam Foo and I. He finally takes a photo with me. Because usually in school…

He runs away from my camera hahaha! πŸ˜€

Sharon giving her thank you speech after receiving an award for being the perfect student! She DEFINITELY very well much deserve it! πŸ™‚ and quote Miss Leela’s comment:

A truly remarkable person.

Aiya, when is my turn?!

Wong Weng Keong and Sim Sin Yee: The Perfect Couple [But actually belum date lagi…]

Don’t you just think that they looks so perfect being together?! If they ever get married and have children, trust me, their children will definitely be TALL, THIN [Can eat a lot and don’t get fat], not very fair [Sorry, both of them are not very fair] and SLENDER!

They share so many similarities, how can not be perfect RIGHT?! πŸ˜€

Okay that’s it, both of them are gonna crush my bones into powder.

That’s me at the back giving a flower to Kamal and Sin Yee at the front giving a flower to Michael πŸ˜€

Michael, YOU SANG VERY, VERY WELL TODAY! Consider joining a singing competition and I’ll vote for you and buy your CD-s and not download them !

The 3 of us with Puan Lee Li Cheng who taught us Maths Paper 1! πŸ˜€

Top L-R: Viven, Sin Yee, Sam, Nano.

Bottom L-R: Miss Tan, Puan Fam, Puan Chew.

Beautiful girls! πŸ˜€

Soon Seng and his girlfriend, Ying Fei who looks very stunning today! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Ow and I. He is a very quiet boy, but I know he likes to talk actually and he CAN TALK A LOT =P

Tat Joon and I! πŸ˜€

Sunthary has a crown on her head.

Sunthary who looks very PINK today and I! πŸ˜€

The positive gradient =P

Nano, Miss Heng, Sin Yee, Sam, Encik Rizal.

Praki Boy and I :D.

And then the event ended and most of the students and teachers went home. Sage, Kok Peng and I went to the swimming pool and took some photos πŸ˜€

Tengok that Kean Jie, looks so gangster after the event -.-

You know what ah, these are the fishes at the Equatorial Hotel pond. You just need to stand there, ALL the fishes will RUSH to you and open and close their mouth as if you are gonna feed them =|…

So my hypothesis is that they’ve not eaten for days. Poor fishies =(…

Kok Peng and I! πŸ˜€

Sage and I!! πŸ˜€

More beautiful girls πŸ™‚ And that’s ALL the BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, waiting for the car =P =P

Thank you Sharon πŸ˜€ -HUGS!-

Keychain πŸ™‚

Thank you πŸ™‚ You know who you are πŸ™‚ -HUGS!- πŸ˜€

So that is all! πŸ˜€

And if you know which is my favourite photo, you are… like… a worm in my stomach =P [From the Chinese proverb]. I know what are you thinking, NO, not that one :).


I am typing this part as I am listening to Goodbye by Air Supply and it reminded me of my National Service last day which happens to be a little drama like. Listening back to the song has always brought back memories where I didn’t get to say goodbye.

There’s nothing left to say but goodbye.

There’s no other way than to say goodbye.

-Goodbye, Air Supply-

Is that all you and I can say and do?

Today, I watched the slideshow/video on the big screen in the hall along with everyone else and I want to thank every single one of you who clapped when my public speaking photo was on screen πŸ™‚ It actually means a lot to me so thank you very, very much! πŸ™‚ I appreciate it a lot -Hugs!!- And it was really, really very unexpected as well! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


Sometimes, certain things just play back in your mind like pictures moving around. When I think back, honestly, I wanted things to be back as how it was because it looks beautiful back then. But, why it is like this now?


I don’t want to hold you back from where you might belong.

-Goodbye, Air Supply-

We don’t belong together. If this is what you want, then we’ll have it this way though I know I’ll be hurt. If it isn’t, then do something about it, the white set in the chess has already made the first move, to go on, the black set has to make a move.

Go ahead and do it.

The Reminiscence Of My Past: Life Back In Convent

After being a KHS student for about a year plus, I have forgotten how it is like to be a Convent girl again. Convent don’t seems to exist in my thoughts and mind anymore. Convent just seems like another place away, in another realm.

The other day, I accompanied Wei Qi to Convent primary school to do some registration stuffs for her youngest sister and when I walked into Convent [The primary and secondary school is just next to each other], I remembered what Wei Qi once told me:

You don’t forget, Convent is where you met ALL your best friends that you have today!

We walked into the back gate [Which they made it much bigger RIGHT AFTER I left school! *Fumes*] and there, all the memories of my life back in Convent came flooding through… And so, I looked back at all my old photos in Convent and gosh, I miss the good old times and friends in Convent.

Yes Nano, now I miss Convent.


Back in Convent, we are always bounded by the school rules as long as we are in the school compound and don’t ever dream about coming late to school for more than 3 times or not wearing your name tag or school badge for more than a week after school reopens.

Because from the moment you walk into the school compound, at the school gate, the prefects will be there to greet you with their hawk eyes to see if you properly attired [Ribbons etc] to enter the school, or else, get your names written in their book [For real, not like the one that Black Jack in KHS owns] if you break any school rules and bla bla bla you know the whole boring and annoying process.

And today… I’ll tell you about my life back in Convent πŸ™‚ Not all, but a very small part of it.

I’m not gonna tell you about my primary school life, I still remember vividly certain events and what made me cried and what made me laugh though I may be very young to remember anything. But you know, some things, they just stay in your memory and it requires a ERASE ALL HISTORY button [Like the one in Mozilla Firefox] for me to forget about it.

So for people who knows about it, good for you, if not, then it’s okay, we’ll save it for some other day when I miss my primary school life [Which is rather unlikely =P].

If every friends were to represent a part in my life’s Venn diagram in Convent secondary school, Ee Jane plays the biggest part. Because I was stuck with her [For good hahaha! =P] ever since Form 1. Life would have very dull back then without her existence.

You know what, back in Lower 6, I really, really, really miss her a lot that even when I walk to the canteen on the first day of school, I felt like… crying because I missed her so, so, so much and okay, I forgot, this is actually for another post, so skip πŸ˜€ !

One of my favourite subject back then is PJK, because we get to go to the field. Yes, I know I don’t play anything but then I get to sit down and chit chat, exchange news and gossip [Hahaha! Kutuk-ing KHS boys and the boys who irritated Zaharah and I in the KHS bus and read all about it here].

And I remember if they are playing basketball or any balls, I’ll stay far, far, far away because I don’t want to break my spectacles [Did you know that each time I play basketball or volleyball, the ball LIKES to hit me straight on my face?! >=( ] and I don’t want to lose my memory and balance [And the ball likes to hit me directly at the back of my head/spine whenever I sit near the court]

I tell you what, bola-s and I are match made enemies ever since I’m born πŸ˜€ Yes, that must be the reason why!! No, I’m not lousy in sports πŸ˜€ I run… marathon run!! πŸ˜€

And if you intend to record them playing or anything, don’t need la, because they will all gather and pose for your camera and then continue playing semangat-ly πŸ˜€

Zaharah and Sin Yee.

I love PJK exam! Haha, because no one [Except Zaharah] reads the book and it’s always the last paper! πŸ˜€ And the everytime PJK exam routine is like this:

Me: *Chit chatting with Ee Jane, Ching Yin and whoever wants to join*

Zaharah: *Reading, memorizing whatever she can cram in*

After a few glorious minutes…

Zaharah: Eh Sam, no need to read ah?? *Holding a book and pencil*

Me: No. What for?? What is there to read, are you mad hahaha! =P *Continue chit chatting, completely ignoring the stressed up woman*

Zaharah: Eh benci la so many things to read. Are you stress??!

Me: No and relax la, it’s all objective!!

Zaharah: NOOOOOO! Who says so?! Got structure also!!

Me: *Shocks* WHAT????!! Eh Zaharah say got structure, die, we didn’t even read anything! *Panics* Who got bring book?! Alamak why now only you say!! *Super panic*

Ching Yin: Eh, answers provided one la teacher say, neh, you know, fill in the blanks *Grins*

Me: Oh is it? Then don’t care la. You ah don’t simply scare people okay! *Ignores Zaharah and continue with our conversation :D…*

Zaharah: I HATE YOU! YOU AND YOUR STUPID RELAXING ATTITUDE!! *Walks away and continue to stress up herself* HAIYA! No one is reading! I don’t want to read already la!

Ah yes, this is the after recess class cleanliness comments by the prefects. Yea, nothing must be on your table, not even your water bottle and you must even empty the dustbin before you leave the class, switch off the fans and lights and bla bla bla, just make sure that the whole class is clean, neat and looks empty [Hahaha!].

And this reminds me, every time the duty roster is out, Ee Jane and I are always on duty on the same day! Seems like they realized that if they put us on different days we will probably just walk out of the class and not do anything properly about it because we are so degil like that la =P

This is Ee Jane, Puan Tan and I! πŸ˜€ Puan Tan taught us Mathematics back in Form 3 and you know what, she enjoys calling Ee Jane in class to do the questions on the board πŸ˜€ I don’t know why, she must love her more than me =P Haha!

And when Ee Jane goes to the front, Puan Tan will keep an eye on me to make sure that I don’t give her any hint or answer [Because you cannot bring your calculator in front and sometimes you will feel so malas to count 641 x 3, yes count :D]

This is one of Zaharah mak datin’s plastic bag which she claims as one of her most high class plastic bag. I tell you what, there’s one era of her school life, where she brought huge white plastic bag to school and that’s where she keep all her school books and stationaries and we used to make fun of her out of it and she says only high class people bring plastic bag around the school.

She have this black school bag but she keep all sort of conteng-ed paper and unused plastic in it and she never takes anything out of that bag in school so God knows why she brought that bag la. Yes, this must be her idiosyncrasy just like how Praki Boy’s school bag must always sit on the poster paper in class and don’t even go near it or terkena it with your shoe because his bag must be clean =D

I hate the canteen sinks! Because it’s always so dirty, oily and blocked with water with chilli and all sort of stuffs -_- Sometimes, I rather walk to the toilet to wash my hand.

And I tell you what, the sinks in the canteen are annoying because if one sink at the other end is open, then the pressure on the next sink is very low and see see right, it drips out water drop by drop and then someone closes the sink and then suddenly all the water WILL spurt out and wet your pinafore and that’s why it’s so annoying.

All the kiasu-s of Zamrud class.

I think this one needs no elaboration.

This is yellow house Sport’s Day banner! πŸ™‚ Much nicer than KHS one la I tell you. To read more about KHS Sport’s Day, click here.

Aerobic dance or something like that :D… I tell you what, in Convent, Sport’s Day is like a very, very big event and okay, actually any event in school is a big event and the students will rush to sign up for performances la, help teachers la and do anything la for the event.

In KHS, no one gives a shit and if teacher ask for participation, ini macam:


No answer from the students :D…

Behind the teachers:

Student A: Sure ah the whole day got this event only??

Student B: Ya ya, whole day the event only.

Student A: Walao sure very boring one I’m not coming to school tomorrow!

Student B: Me too! My whole class all pakat to ponteng already.

Kesian KHS ada students like Student A and B [Actually sometimes I’m also one of them]


Okay you know what, this part, off topic, takde kena-mengena with the title anymore because I lost the inspiration =O

Thoughts That Crossed My Mind Right Now:

Top L-R: Jamie, Ai Leng, Ee Jane, Sam

Bottom L-R: Wey Lu, Camilla

Recently, I thought back about all my friends back in Convent again. I wonder what are they doing right now, how are they doing, are they fine, do they have a boyfriend now or if they are enjoying life right now or if they do remember me?

A scene that we don’t see in KHS.

In Convent, I’ve made friends and lost friends. Though people say, when you lose something, you’ll gain something else in return. But I tell you what, I don’t like losing friends though yes, there are a few people in Convent whom I don’t mind losing at all.

I miss her doing that face expression.

You know, sometimes in school, when I sit down alone quietly, I wish my best friends in Convent are with me. I wonder if life in KHS would be any better with them around.

I wonder how different things would be with them around. I wonder if they still miss me sometimes like how sometimes in school I miss them a lot because I just remember how we distance away and how even when we see each other online, we just keep quiet and ignore because we don’t know what to say.

Isn’t that sad?

When I listen to the song A Place For Us by Leigh Nash and Tyler James, it reminded me of two friends and things became ugly and turned upside down. I don’t know whose fault it was, but I know the theme to it all was either a betrayal, misunderstanding, jealousy or anger.

Beautiful things can get pretty scary at times. Sometimes, when things looks beautiful, it is actually the ugliest thing ever. Just like how the one who gives you the best first impression is the one who leaves the worst impression ever.

When I look back at my old Convent photos, I felt like I wanted to be back to Convent again, so that I’ll be together with them and spend more time together. But then it struck me that there is one new best friend in KHS whom I am not willing to let go.

Because if I am really given a chance to go back to the year 2006-2007, then I have to lose this best friend because back then, we are invisible to each other and sometimes, I still gawk in midair on how we turned into best friends.

Will it come a day where our hair are all white and we realized that we are just too far away? I don’t know but I hope this wouldn’t happen at all. As naive as it sounded, but I just think that friends are one of the best thing that one could ever have in life.

I took things for granted back in Convent. Back then, Ching Yin, Ee Jane and I said that we’ll go to Form 6 so I always think that I’ll always have them. Everyone knows that Zaharah and Ai Leng will never go to Form 6. So it’s a fact that in the end, we’ll never end up being together.

But what shocks me the most is, after SPM result was released, Ching Yin and Ee Jane decided to go college and I was stranded alone in National Service [Thank God for Yan Yee] and Form 6. It was then, when I felt like as if I’ve lost them and worst of all, I’m not prepared to lose them when I go to Form 6 and this really, really upsets me a lot even by typing this makes me feel like crying T.T

I didn’t blame anyone for anything that happened, I blame myself for taking things for granted; thinking that it will always be there.

Some people say I hold on too tightly to things that I treasure. Yea, I agree too but that’s me and that’s who I am and that’s what makes me different.

Even now in KHS, there is just one friend that I am not willing to let go. You know how you are willing to lose every single friend except that particular friend? Yea, something like that.

I still remember on the last day of SPM, I went home happily. As in really, really, really happily because SPM is over and I can do whatever I want. But then, let me tell you something, on the last day of SPM, I hugged a lot of people and deep down, there was this rueful feeling of not being able to know them better anymore.

Woof and Meow.

People say, becareful of what you wish for. Yea it’s true. I remember on the last day of SPM [Don’t ask me why do I remember so many things clearly, because I JUST remember because some things are just glue in your memory for life], when I saw Wei Sy and Wei Qi, I was like yea… I’m not gonna see them sleeping anymore.

Then when I walked away, I remember thinking- if only I am given a chance to know more about them.

Haha! And you know what happen next.

Sometimes, when a vase breaks, though we glue it back, we know where is the fissure. The strangest thing is, sometimes I don’t even understand the word friendship. Some people promise you to be friends forever, but then their actions contradicts and this makes me upset big time.

Sometimes I don’t even understand myself, I wonder if I didn’t treat people well enough or am I being too defensive towards myself and friends? Am I being ignorant and temperamental that it scares people away?

She covers her nose because she say she don’t want us to feel small beside her hidung mancung. Prasan punya perempuan!

Some say I am the strangest and most unpredictable person ever. What does it take to be a best friend? What does it take to be considered as the greatest friend ever?

Form 5 graduation robes rented from KHS.

If you know that you are left with just a day on earth, what will you do?

My answer is that I’ll let everyone whom I hold closely in my heart to know how much I love and treasure them though I may not show it out and I’ll tell them how special they are to me in my life and they’ve made my life muchΒ  more colourful.

What about you?

Happy Times In KHS III

So hello again to share about some of my happy moments in KHS! πŸ˜€

Yea, we are crazy according to Sim Ooi Jie πŸ˜€ Same watch and same rubber band πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

2nd October 2009

Nah, for everyone who haven’t seen the new renovated school hall, here it is, nothing much la, looks newer only. They repainted the walls and put tiles OUTSIDE the hall only. Yes correct, that means the floor INSIDE the hall still the cement one.

So we actually have this Maljis Anugerah Ko-kurikulum Dan Anugerah Pelajar Impian Hati this year. Yes, the same one as I attended last year and met Tan Wai Kian along with Sage =P

This is Nano who sleeps everywhere and this is her, sleeping during all the long, long speeches =| But this year the speech by the VIP was not that long la, counted as QUITE GOOD and boleh tahan already compared to last year one and the one at the Karnival Kerjaya [This one can seriously make you pull your hair one -.-]

Yea, actually right, all the maljis can end much, much earlier without all the speeches [which no one listen] and performances.

The performance. The singing was not too bad honestly πŸ˜€ compared to mine that is… =S Haha!

And this is me before receiving the prize with my pink IKO biscuit packet!! πŸ˜€ It’s cute isn’t it?! πŸ˜€ Yes correct, Nano sleeps the whole time and I eat the whole time [No wonder I didn’t slim down T.T].

And oh, to my right, that’s Sage, chattering non-stop [YES NON-STOP] to Denisha and to the left, the annoying boys who cannot stop kicking my chair and sticking stickers on us.

Nasi ayam as usual.

And bla bla bla, lucky draw bla bla bla, the end πŸ˜€ It’s a happy event because we went for Chemistry class after that.

6th October 2009

Which is Mr. Tan Kean Jie’s birthday and the day we went karaoke-ing and terserempak with Ooi Jie and his girlfriend and I don’t know who else.

Our lunch!! πŸ˜€ As usual, I think I eat and drink more than I sing =P Ya ya I know I’m not the best karaoke companion in the morning -_-

Yan Yee! She must be really stress after trials =|…

We looks so emo. Must be singing some emo songs.

Dancing Queen :D… Okay, I think, Nano is the only semangat one =S

They sing…

We snap photos and don’t attempt to act cute ’cause we are already cute enough πŸ˜€ And don’t comment anything about my looks -.-, I looks like… I’ve just woke up or something =|

Sin Yee, Nano and I.

Sin Yee, Nano showing off her birthday present [The Bag] from Yan Yee and Sin Yee and Yan Yee! πŸ˜€

Did you all realize that Nano and I are wearing the same T-shirt?! πŸ˜€ That’s my birthday present to her this year!! πŸ˜€

And… Happy Halloween! πŸ˜€ Whenever it is! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Earlier on, I was surfing the net and randomly Google-ed Taylor Swift [Because I love her!!] and happen to read about a news about her break up with Joe Jonas.

Taylor Swift!! ❀ πŸ˜€

Yes, I know! It’s an old story and I’ve not read it before. The whole thing actually made me go ooooo and ohhhh now I knooooww! But then usually when I read something about whoever is going to divorce or whatever, I’ll just read and not believe 100% because sometimes, there will be some behind the scene scenes that you will never ever know.

❀ !!

The part of the article that made me laugh for a moment was this:

… she holds up a Joe Jonas doll and says, “See, this one even comes with a phone, so he can break up with other dolls.” [They broke up over the phone] Then she holds up a blond doll and warns it, “Stay away from him, OK?”

Click here to read more.

And I went HAHAHA for a moment, yea I know it’s not funny if you are the one involved. Okay, now I think I know why people laugh when I say angry things, maybe I say something like that also.