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Tips On Surviving 1 Week Of Hell/Torture [Minggu Haluansiswa]

This post was written by me on 29th December 2010 when I was still a freshman. I did not publish it back then because it might cause me a great deal of trouble with no hostel to stay. Now that I have graduated, I say – who cares anymore for now =P .

P/S: Pictures all from Google Images unless you see my face in it…. =P


I am going to be nice today so as to share some survival tips for Minggu Haluansiswa or well known as orientation in University of Malaya. Any incoming juniors next year, do take note of this especially if you are coming into 7th College/Kolej Kediaman Ketujuh/KK7/Kolej Kediaman Za’ba of University of Malaya. You have been well informed in this post [Click here] that MHS is a hell of a time in UM.

So yea, I am going to tell you about the important stuff that you need to bring and what do you need to do so that you can be more well prepared. Am I being nice?! Yes I am! So let me know if you are going to be my course junior or anything else, I’ll be all happy to help you out after going through a big hoo-haa around in one year while watching all the dramas going on.

Right, here we go; survival tips for MHS and these facts, are based on my own experience and it may differ for different colleges:

a) Do not straighten or colour or perm your hair a week before or a day before MHS unless you want to cry your eyes out during MHS. During MHS, we are forced to tie and pin up our hair. So if you don’t mind your newly straighten hair being bent later, then sure, go ahead and straighten it.

Also, it is very unlikely that you can wash your hair during MHS unless your hair is super short or else you risk tying your hair while its wet or sleep with your wet hair. It is your choice anyway. 

b) Do not try to be funky during MHS like wearing huge earrings while playing basketball or wearing extremely huge hair accessories. You are not allowed on any kind of jewelry except any religious jewelry and watches. Other than that, keep it at home if you stay nearby or chuck it inside your locker if you stay far away. Whatever it is, do not wear them during MHS because you will be ask to remove them.

c) Do not be rude to your roommates because you are going to stay with them for a year unless you want to move out immediately after MHS.

d) Let the Pembantu Mahasiswa know as soon as possible during MHS that you do not wish to stay on college so that they do not charge you for the whole year. This news, is not confirmed [I heard rumours here and there by the way @_@], but from what I’ve heard, if you seriously do not want to stay in college after MHS because your house is a 5 minutes away from UM, then let the Pembantu Mahasiswa know about it so that they can figure out a way for you.

Just refer to the Pembantu Mahasiswa if you have any doubts and fear them not, they are supposed to be fearful of you because your health and safety is their responsibility. So torture them as much as you want so that you will feel better when they torture you by taking away an hour of your sleep at night.

e) You cannot pick your roommates in 7th College so forget about telling your friend(s) who got 7th College that you can be roommates. One room will be shared with 3 person [Usually same race will be in the same room], there will be a single bed and a double decker bed. If you want the single bed, then come early and stop whining if you don’t get the single bed because IT DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL/IT IS VERY UNIMPORTANT!

But my suggestion is this, if your roommate is staying far away and you are staying nearby [And is very likely to go home every week], then please, be courteous and give in the single bed to that roommate because it is very likely he/she will have many stuff with her and usually, single bed always have the biggest area.

Also, you will be given the hostel which is nearest to your faculty. But if you are unlucky, you might get one that is far from your hostel too. So it all depends on your luck but if you are not a medical field student, rule 6th College the 5 star hostel in UM out of your dreams and be prepared for a sucky hostel and room.

You have been warned and keep your expectations as low as possible, especially about the study table where it is all joined up you have to divide that tiny table into 3 tinier portion. So yea… Now you know =P…

f) Bring a small bottle of portable dish wash liquid so that you can wash your own food container without fighting with the others.

g) For the Chinese, bring your own fork and spoon. It is not provided. So please remember this one unless you are like me, who don’t mind eating with hands because I am lazy to wash my fork and spoon.

Please remove all of this before MHS +_+… You WILL NOT have the time to take care of your nails.

h) Remove all your nail polish and forget about manicure and pedicure and whatever cure for your nails. Just, keep your nails empty during MHS and you can be as funky as you like after MHS.

This type of shoe is gonna make your feet hurt like hell when you run and do exercises and chances are, the Pembantu Mahasiswa are going to make you change your shoes. Yea, you can that you don’t have any other pair but I don’t know the consequences la.

i) Bring your shoes and when I say shoes, I mean shoes that you can run in it and don’t get blisters in it. I am serious with you. There are girls who wear ballet flat shoes that looks like sport shoes style [Girls, you know what I am talking about] and mind you, you are going to RUN in those shoes so yea, no one is gonna sympathize if you get blisters or your toes/feet hurt or your shoes are new. No one gives a damn so please be practical.

Yi Han is wearing the round neck MHS shirt and for half formal attire top, you can wear one like mine [The top =) ] in this photo.

j) You will be required to wear half formal attires during certain events and you are not allowed to wear skirts at all and not even formal skirts so please chuck them all inside your cupboard at home if you staying nearby or in your locker or bag.

For half formal attires, I suggest that you bring 2-3 black slacks and some collar Polo like T-shirt. The shirt doesn’t have to be of formal shirt material [You don’t want to run/sweat for 30 minutes in that formal shirt] but it can be a T-shirt material so long as it has a collar. The keyword for dressing up during MHS is comfort and always be practical. Be unpractical all you want after MHS but don’t torture yourself during MHS.

k) Bring cologne, perfume and anything to make yourself/your orientation shirt smell nice so that you don’t choke yourself.

l) There will be a session where they will make you get signatures from the Pembantu Mahasiswa. Ah, I say forget about doing this. I got about 9 signatures out of 30 I think and I couldn’t be bothered anymore and I regretted [One of my biggest regrets ever] getting even the 9 signatures. If you are so afraid, then go get 1-2 signatures and then forget about it because in the end, everyone gets punished and the punishment are usually half squat with you holding your name tag high up like some prisoner/slave/idiot for an hour or so [This normally takes place during midnight. Now you know]. 

m) In 7th college, electrical items that are allowed are ONLY handphone and laptop charger and they are charged as follow; RM10 for handphone charger and RM20 for laptop charger. You will be given this card that says that you have registered for whatever charger and it will be charged into your account later on.

If you cheat and tell them that you do not have a laptop when you actually have one in your room, then it is at your own risk if they have spot checks at the most un-God-ly hour like 2-3am in the morning when the semester starts and your laptop is being confiscated. Other electrical items like bread toaster, rice cooker, hair dryer, hair curler and whatever that you intend to bring are NOT allowed and they can be confiscated but if you are sure that you can hide them in your room, then bring them at your own risk.

I did not say that you will not be caught or you will be caught but the chances are there. It is all at your OWN RISK and I shall bear no responsibility for it. I brought my hair dryer by the way if that makes you feel better =P. 

n) They will try to scare you a lot during MHS with a lot of rules BUT I am here to tell you, fear not! If you don’t believe me, just wait and see. You will see all sort of nonsense around @_@… 

o) Forget about bringing your jeans during MHS as it is not allowed but you can wear jeans to your classes after MHS so don’t worry too much about clothing issues as long as it is decent.

p) Bring your own permanent marker, pen, scissors and glue during MHS because you are going to label a lot of your stuff and stick a lot of your own passport size photographs and fill in a lot of forms so stop being another irritating bugger who borrow other people’s stuff all the time. Just get a small size glue stick and that will last you for the rest of your university life.

q) Please remember to bring your own passport size photograph and the background is BLUE in colour and not white, grey or anything else. If you forget to bring or the passport size photograph background is of a funkier colour other than blue, then, good luck to you, the Pembantu Mahasiswa are going to snap a photograph of you ala passport size during MHS [You will be called out] and you can have that photo of your pale, tired, sleepy face/eyes plastered on your matric/student card.

YES!! The passport size photographs that you give is the one that will be on your matric card so please be practical and take a nice photo of yourself [Like mine! Hahaha!!! xD] and don’t try to have it in a different background colour other than blue! The key phrase here is, don’t act smart lo.

r) Bring another food container. So that you can transfer all the food that they gave you into that food container and take a quick bath. But whatever it is, plan your own timetable well as long as you are comfortable with it.

s) For the girls, bring extra underclothes just in case you don’t have time to wash or use pantyliners if you must. For the guys, I don’t know ’cause I’m not a guy =P.

t) Forget about using UM wi-fi on your handphone without a username and password which will be your Perdana/Siswa Mail ID later on [P/S: I heard from someone that the ID: test and password: test works =X… ]. And yes, please pick your E-mail address name appropriately because that is what you are going to use for the rest of your studying period in UM.

So if you put cutiepie1110, it will appear as when you send an E-mail to your lecturers and you will be using the ID cutiepie1110 and the same password to login to the student portal to check your account balance status and everything else including the access of UM wi-fi.

u) If you are sick or not feeling well or having any illness like heart attack, asthma, high blood pressure whatever, let the Pembantu Mahasiswa know and DO NOT hide any illness because if they make you run later and you faint or worst, die, then well, I will say no point risking your life like that although the Pembantu Mahasiswa are scary most of the time [Looks scary but behind the scene, some of them are nothing more than a coward =) ].

v) Please bring your own toilet slippers. You are going to bathe with your slippers on and don’t whine about no hot water. THERE IS NO HOT WATER for you to bathe so live with that. And oh, no air-cond in your rooms too and keep your windows close at all time unless you want the monkeys to enter and poo and pee around, then go ahead and leave it open wide.

Also, bring your own toiletries like toothbrush, toilet papers and stuff like that. Haiyo, common sense lo this one but wait and watch, there are bound to be some idiots who do not bring all this stuff. Most importantly, get a nice small basket where you can throw all your toiletries in when you take a bath and make sure it has a holder where you can hang it on the tap when you are bathing. And no, you won’t have your own personal toilet. It’s a dorm style toilet with individual cubicles so live and deal with it.

w) Keep your doors closed and lock at all times even if you are going to the toilet just for a second.

All in all, I know some of them are more like survival tips in UM, but at least, expect for the worst during MHS and enjoy your time in UM after that! Study hard and play hard at the same time and ignore all dumb activities if you think it is not worth your time. People are gonna boycott and hate you for not joining any activities but here’s the another catch, people will boycott and hate you one way or another without you doing anything as well. Sometimes even if you join one billion activities, you are gonna be boycotted and hated too.

You don’t have to bother what people have to say about you because no matter how good you may be, people still gossip about you. So yea, live with that and enjoy your life in UM! =D


At One Whiff…

P/S: All images are from Google Images : )… 

Today, I am going to blog about perfumes! =D Perfumes that I fell in love with from the very beginning till the end and perfumes that I have just learnt how to love them :)…

First of all, allow me to introduce my first love to all of you! =P When I was way younger, I walked into The Body Shop and at that time, the major discovery was that they sell perfumes! =X At that time, a blue greenish bottle caught my attention, I still remember that the colour of the bottle was so eye pleasing that I reached out for it. One whiff and I fell in love with it : )…

Oceanus from The Body Shop was my first love and till today, it is still my favourite although some of my friends claim that they no longer like the same perfume as they were younger anymore. For now, I always believe that Oceanus feels just like me and that is the main reason I bought it.

At one whiff, I remember what I felt was the love for freedom and wind breezing in the sky calmly. The perfume was somewhat wild but calm. Today, Oceanus has been discontinued by The Body Shop and honestly, I was really, really upset when the sales assistant broke the news to me. But all I can hope is that one fine day, Oceanus will return to the shelves of The Body Shop and by then, you can be sure that I will be their very first customer =]…

No matter what, Oceanus will always remind me of my teenage self and till today, I still take a whiff off the bottle once in a while just to feel happy because it reminded me of one day where I can go to the beach, play in the sea water and take lots of awesome photographs with my friends! =D

I think the colour of the bottle should be of a darker blue =X…

Up next, my second love would be Aqua Lily from The Body Shop as well =D… When it was first released, I remember that I was attracted to the colour and shape of the bottle. The colour of the bottle gave me the impression of a very willful girl and when the sales assistant handle me a sample of Aqua Lily on the strip of paper, immediately I fell in love with it. 

Although it doesn’t feels like me the way Oceanus makes me feel, but somewhat something in me tells me that Aqua Lily will smell good on me! =] Yes, until today I still get compliments here and there whenever I use Aqua Lily and what surprises me even more is that whenever I am using this perfume, Wei Jie will always compliment me without knowing that it is actually the same perfume =]…

Sadly, Aqua Lily too has been discontinued by The Body Shop and yea, all I can hope is it will be back on the shelves of The Body Shop again =|…

L-R: The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited, White Gardenia, Moroccan Rose, Japanese Cherry Blossom.

 I have a liking for these four perfumes from The Body Shop but unfortunately, the liking isn’t strong enough to drive me to want them that much. Dreams Unlimited and Japanese Cherry Blossom smells nice but it doesn’t have this string individualistic scent. On the other hand, when I first took a whiff of White Gardenia; I fell in love with it and I was told that it is LIMITED EDITION so that turns me off because I can never get it anymore once it’s sold out. Moroccan Rose was also another love at first sight but very sadly, it smells like any typical rose scented soap that you can get at any pharmacy =|…

So yea, my favourite from The Body Shop remains – Oceanus, Aqua Lily and White Gardenia =)…

Tendre Poison by Dior was my childhood love. My mum has this bottle of perfume and I remember very vividly that when I was younger, I always have a liking for this perfume and I love it whenever my mum spray it on herself, my sisters and I.

Recently, I began to use the same bottle that my mum has never finished and whenever I use it, I will always get compliments! =D To me, this is a perfume that made me feel like me right now! =P One whiff – the perfume is classy, strong but not overpowering. Most of all, the perfume has a very individualistic scent – a scent that I can never get anywhere else and this is what makes it very special to me =D !

And guess what, I walked into Sephora and saw three different bottles of Tendre Poison O____O… When I asked the sales assistant, she said that the new green bottle is a reformulation of the old Poison so that basically means, it has been ‘discontinued’ =|… Seriously, must everything that I like and feels like me be discontinued?! 

Beautiful by Estee Lauder is  another childhood favourite of mine and until today, it is still my favourite. Although I like this perfume a lot and enjoy using it but it never feels like me =X… I have no idea what does it feels like but the perfume is very relaxing, not overpowering and the perfume on its own has a very classic feel when I use it =]…

White Linen from Estee Lauder is another childhood love of mine. It has a soft but sharp scent and in a way, it reminded me of a soft-spoken lady with a strong personality. Although I have a liking for it, but unfortunately, this perfume never feels like me because it doesn’t have this individualistic scent that stands out on its own.

J’adore by Dior is my current favourite although I do not own it. I was at the Dior counter looking at all the perfumes because I felt like I always have a special liking for Dior’s fragrances. The sales assistant approached me and asked me if I am looking for anything in specific and this is what I told him:

I want an EDP perfume that smells like an EDT – soft, subtle but yet strong, lasting and individualistic in its own way. 

Immediately he introduced J’adore to me, at first I was doubtful because most EDP perfumes often choke me. But the moment he handed me the sample of J’adore EDP, IT IS what I have been looking for high and low for so many years. One whiff, it feels like me; it is not the me right now but it just… feels like me =]…

This is one of the perfect perfumes that I have been looking for =]… When I held the bottle in my hand, the curvy bottle and gold motif attracted me more than ever and when I saw the price, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because that will cost… too much for a student like me T_______T… So yes everyone, you can be sure that J’adore will stay at the counter until I buy it and then it will be discontinued like every perfumes that feels like me @_@…

Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet is another favourite of mine from Dior =D! When I first saw the bottle, I was attracted to it because it looks so cute! =D One whiff and I fell in love with it! ❤ It reminded me of me when I was a child – walking in the garden full of flowers with my parents and siblings. The fragrance is soft, subtle and individualistic =]… To me, this is a younger scent as compared to J’adore but it is not as classy as J’adore yet =P…

Miss Dior Cherie L’eau is a fragrance that I never bother paying attention to due to its light greenish colour. Any light greenish perfume will always give me the impression of having a green tea like scent which I truly dislike. The girl at the counter told me that it has a very cologne like scent and it is very lasting. It was then I decided to give it a try, at one whiff – it smells like a female cologne and comes out very strong but turns into a very subtle scent.

I have taken a liking for Miss Dior Cherie L’eau when it turns into a subtle scent but it doesn’t feels like me at all because it comes out too strong for my liking but yes, it is a good fragrance that I would recommend if you are looking for a more refreshing scent =]…

One day, as I was at Elizabeth Arden counter browsing their perfumes, this cute bottle attracted my attention and when I was handed a sample of it – I find it classy, sexy and it has a very nice powdery/lotion scent. I was told that its name is Nanette Lepore and I am quite surprise that this EDP did not choke me in any way =P… And I must admit that if I ever buy this perfume, the main reason will be because it is a very long lasting fragrance that lingers on you the whole day =]… Although I have a liking for it, but the liking for it isn’t as strong as any Dior perfumes yet =P…

When I first saw this red colour bottle at Elizabeth Arden, I was attracted to it’s colour and one whiff, I liked it a lot but then, it doesn’t have this very individualistic scent that makes me feel like it is special. Somewhat, I felt like for now – I do not have a strong liking for Elizabeth Arden’s fragrances [Although I do think that most of them are very long lasting in terms of staying power throughout the day] and I always have a very strong liking and love for Dior’s fragrances =)…

I first saw Provocative by Elizabeth Arden on the counter and I like the shape of the bottle [Haha! Packaging matters! xP]. When I was handed a sample of it, I liked it a lot but then the fragrance isn’t special/individualistic in its own way. To me, most of Dior perfumes are very individualistic and Elizabeth Arden perfumes are very long lasting but this is just my personal opinion =]…

Eau de Dolce Vita by Dior is a perfume given by my Dad’s friend. When I first received it, one whiff – I did not have a liking for it because it has a very matured lady like scent and somewhat, the scent of it chokes me a little although it is an EDT. I left it on my table for months until one day, I decided to give it a chance to prove itself and to prove me being wrong about it.

When I first sprayed the perfume – I regretted because the scent doesn’t feels like me at all. But after sometime, my nose detected a very nice scent that I began looking around for it only to realize that it is the perfume that I am wearing on my skin. To my surprise, it turns into a very subtle yet strong scent that I like a lot that today, Eau de Dolce Vita by Dior is one of my favourite =]… I was also surprise when I went out with Wei Jie or my friends and they told me that I smell nice xP…

Hah! This is a very good lesson for me and everyone else out there – do not judge a book by it’s cover and in this case, do not judge a perfume by its top note! =P


All in all, this ‘unofficial review’ is based solely my own opinion about the perfumes that I have tried at the counter and perfumes that I/my mother own =]… I always believe that each and everyone of us will have a different opinion and liking for perfumes although two best friends may agree on a perfume that they both like =]…

As my woman, Melissa Khoo [Who also believes that preference for perfume is something personal] puts it:

We find a lot of perfume that we like but never THE ULTIMATE one.  No matter how much we like it, we know there’s something out there better.


One of the best restaurants that I have ever visited will be Serai and until today whenever I look back at the photos, I felt like I can still taste the food through the photos and yea, it is THAT fantastic! =D *Double thumbs up!*

Mel, Godma and I – I have no idea why I look so bad in this photograph +___+… 

My Godma took Mel and I out for lunch during days where food in campus sucks at its maximum. This time around, she took us to Serai at Empire and I am so glad that she did because the food at Serai is awesome! =D It is so awesome that I will have to rate them 20 stars out of 10 stars just to show how awesome the food are so yea, you gotta try them for yourself! =) =D

I think the name of this drink is minted calamansi and this IS the best drink in the entire world =D! The moment I took a sip, I felt happiness rushing through [Like drugs, only better! =P] and this is a drink that ought to be sold in campus because I am very sure that it will be the best seller [But of course, the price needs to be lowered =P…]. This drink is the perfect definition for thirst quencher as it really, really quenches your thirst effectively =D… I will strongly recommend this drink to anyone who visits Serai! =D

Mel’s drink – Iced cappuccino or something like that @___@… I am a blur case when it comes a coffee because the only two coffees that I take are iced white coffee and Starbucks Caramel Macchiato =P…

Godma’s drink =) The hot version of Mel’s drink =D…

Sambal prawns. 

What I like about this dish is that the prawns were not frozen prawns and the sambal is fantastic because it is spicy and very, very appetizing! =D Well, I am never a fan of sambal and in fact, I avoided sambal my whole life but this sambal prawn made my mouth watered! =D

Deep fried brinjal. 

I love this dish a lot and this is another highly recommended dish! =D I wish they will sell this in a little snack packets so that I can munch them during classes =D… Well, the picture and my words will not justify how good this dish can be so go try it out yourself and if you hate brinjal – ALL THE MORE YOU SHOULD TRY THIS OUT! =D Who knows this dish will change your opinion about brinjal? =D

At first bite, it is crunchy and at second bite, it is scrumptious and words cannot describe the whole taste so go try it out when you are at Serai! =D !

Salted egg squid. 

This dish has nothing much to shout about because it tasted as good as the one I have tried at Chinese restaurants but nevertheless, it is very well done. What I like the most is I can actually taste the salted egg without the nasty ammonia smell and the squids are not overcooked =]…

Steam fish in lime soup. 

This dish has an extremely new concept. Instead of steaming the fish with black soy sauce or asam pedas, this fish was steamed with lime soup. The soup itself tasted so good that I couldn’t help but to drink a few more spoons! The fish is fresh and very succulent! =] The lime soup combination with the fish brings out the freshness and sweetness of the fish! =D I have friends who dislike eating fish due to its fishy smell and well dear friends, this is your call! =D

Pavlova =D… 

We had desserts later on and this dessert is more towards the sour side. I enjoyed this dessert all the same although I am not very in favour of this dessert =P…

Swiss roll. 

Ah… This is my favourite dessert and well, I have to first admit that I have always been a fan of Swiss rolls! =D This dessert is more towards the sweet side and it is very soft! =D What I like the most about this Swiss roll is that it melts in your mouth faster than M&M does =P…

Jackfruit cheesecake. 

Honestly, I do not like this dessert at all. This dessert tasted weird but well, this is just my personal opinion =]…

All in all, this restaurant is worth a visit and well, bring along a few friends with you so that you can try out more dishes! =D

You Are The Apple of My Eye :)

Now that I can finally find some time off to blog. Here I am =D ! Did you miss me? =D Well, I did mention in a few post back that I have already prepared some blog post but after some time, I realize that the content is in a way unsuitable for me to publish them right now although I would definitely love to. Trust me, when the right time comes – I will do so and by then, you may enjoy reading those posts : ).

Right now, I am going to blog about this overrated [According to my sister] movie that was once a hype [Or it is still a hype now?! =X ] =D !

P/S: All images are taken from this link : ).


Honestly, I am not a fan of Chinese love movies because most of the time, I find them very cheesy but this time around, I went to watch You Are The Apple of My Eye with absolutely zero expectation and I must say that I was very impressed with the whole movie! =D

Before watching the movie, I remember seeing this line somewhere about this movie which caught my attention:

Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again. 

This line made me smile because it made me realize that I have thoroughly enjoyed my teenage years and I have totally no regrets. Honestly, I couldn’t think up of an event which I wouldn’t do it all over again and guess what, the memory that is playing on my mind now is how Ee Jane, Ching Yin and I skipped our lazy Friday afternoon Girl Guide meeting just to have asam laksa at Old Apex =P !

The whole time I was watching the movie, it reminded me of a few best friends – some whom I am still keeping in touch with and some whom are now my closest stranger ever. Throughout the movie, I laugh, I almost cried [But I managed to hold back! =P], I felt guilty and very, very nostalgic. Many memories played in my mind as I watched the movie and I can relate the movie to me in so many ways but most of all, it reminded me of this best friend who left to chase his childhood ambition three years ago and we shall call him Charles in this post which obviously, isn’t his real name =X.

Although the full story line did not resemble the story between Charles and I, but in a way, it depicts how my friends and I went in separated ways but no matter what, we keep each other close to our heart =)… When I saw the ending, it reminded me more of Charles because I remembered how I silently wished him all the best and happiness when some truth are slapped into my face. I did imagine during the movie that one day, if I ever get a chance to attend Charles’ wedding, I will obviously look super gorgeous as usual xD probably be laughing away with a bunch of friends at the drama that Charles and I went through for at least two years =P… And you know what, since I am the Drama Queen, one day I might have to deliver a speech during his wedding dinner and this will be the most epic case among all the other epic cases =X.

My favourite song throughout the whole movie is Those Years [那些年] by Hu Xia because it reminded me of so many good memories!! =D When I heard the lyrics, I felt so grateful that my teenage years was a colourful one because I have so many flavourful and colourful memories to reminiscence during movies/songs and yes, once more, NO REGRETS for the silly things that I have done during my teenage years! =) =D

Overall, this movie will be a good watch if you have been through many silly  and good moments in your years of being a teenager where you did stupid stuff and you regretted but today, you laugh at it because that is what gives colour to your teenage years =) … I know that I did because now, I no longer regret but I treasure and laugh at my own silly moments <3…

Minggu Haluansiswa 2010/2011

This post will be all about my orientation week in University of Malaya or well known as Minggu Haluansiswa or MHS.

The banner in Dewan Tunku Canselor.

MHS sucks. I don’t like MHS. I dislike MHS and I will not do anything to go back any one of the days of MHS. I hated MHS but I amazed myself each time I think back about what we did during MHS and how all of us, survived through that one week of hell.

MHS, is a whole week of torture. Each day, we only slept for a maximum of 4 hours IF we are lucky and nothing else more than that. Although I was somewhat prepared for MHS [Thanks to Angela anyway =P], but still, it felt like hell =.=… And to be honest with you, MHS made my National Service experience felt like heaven more than ever [My National Service experience has been an awesome one anyway =P].

Inside Dewan Tunku Canselor.

The whole week of MHS, we are made to listen to useless talks and we are made to do stupid things and sing songs every morning. The talks in Dewan Tunku Canselor is heaven because you can sleep and no one is going to bother you unless you sit right in front. The talks in the college/hostel is hell because they will make you listen whether you like it or not. But most of the time, my mind has dozed off to counting down to how many more days for MHS to end.

Opening prayer before any ceremony in Dewan Tunku Canselor.

Heaven during MHS is having enough sleep. Yea, that is the only wish you would want other than going home of course. During MHS, we were scolded and were stepped on like we are some germs [Germs hor… not ants] by the Pembantu Mahasiswa [PM] in our hostel. Pembantu Mahasiswa are seniors who stayed back in UM for at least 2 months I think just to help out during MHS.

The overview of half of Dewan Tunku Canselor from the second floor.

During MHS, most of the Pembantu Mahasiswa were rude and nasty to us. All that I remembered was, they woke us up in the middle of the night just to punish us for an hour. So yea, remember this, during my MHS, when you are happily asleep at home/online, I am being punished/half ragged in UM .

Every morning, we are made to sing the hostel and UM song, I don’t mind the UM song honestly [It’s pretty cute! Totally reminded me of KHS school song hehe !] but I hate the hostel song because I can’t seem to remember the lyrics although they made us sing that song like everyday. Sorry la, I don’t like that song, that’s why.

Some of the first year students of 7th College singing either the hostel or UM song. Yea, I am one of them, somewhere in the crowd at the back.

Apart from singing songs everyday, they do spot checks everyday. Spot checks were different for every college though. As for my college, their daily spot checks include:

a) Switching off our handphone by ensuring that we take out the battery.

b) We are still having all the items that they gave us.

Yea, I know what do you want to ask next. What items? Right, these items:

File/Papers/Pencil/Pen whatever.

Yellow paper -___-…

The red bag.


There are more items, like food container, pin badges, cap, name tag, jacket and all the other nonsense. And we are to carry them everywhere we go and when I say everywhere we go, that includes when we are forced to run from the hostel to our faculty or DTC. Yea, you carry all those stuff and run with you and mind you… it’s heavy and annoying!!

Vice chancellor, faculty’s deans.

The next thing you could possibly ask is… what if you don’t carry them along/around with you. Well the answer is simple, they’ll make you run all the way to your room to get it and then they will spot check again. And yea, the PM-s are not stupid, they will do a spot check before walking/running with you to your faculty/DTC.

That means, if you are staying at the highest floor and one of the last rooms, you run and get whatever you’ve forgotten to take and if everyone else if given 5 minute to do so, the one staying at the highest floor and one of the last rooms can prepare to curse and swear.

Now you want to know, what if you lost any item that they’ve given you. Well, that’s a good question. The answer is in the photo above. They will make you stand aside and question/interrogate you like some police suspect for a murder case [No la, maybe it’s not that scary but you should see the PM faces].

And for one/a few idiots action like forgetting to carry their umbrella along with them [Even when the talk is in our hostel], you will lose your one or half an hour of sleep at night. Yea, so don’t do anything idiotic that will make you lose even a minute of your sleep. Sleep is super precious during MHS so don’t waste anytime whenever you can sleep. 

Sam, Jennica, Melissa sleeping inside DTC.

The item that I like best during MHS is the umbrella, hehe! I love the umbrella because it has the UM logo printed over it and I feel so proud each time I use it =X… Okay right, I probably should get back to MHS =P.

During MHS, we are only given two orientation T-shirts and we were made to wear the same shirt for the whole week. So yea, don’t look at me like that. Everyone else stink just like me and let me know if other university do this to their students too.

Different colleges with different orientation shirt colours.

And I hate going to the Varsity Field. Because we will be made to sit down on the grass whether the grass is dry or wet and I don’t like grassy areas as well. It looks nice, but I don’t like it.

There are many sports event for us to participate but you can be so sure that I participate none because I hate sports and I don’t like playing any kind of sports so please, never invite me for a game of badminton or tennis unless you don’t mind me yawning all the time. But I do love swimming [Albeit I can’t swim] and marathon run! =P

UM Cares; one of the go green event by UM.

Apart from disliking grassy areas, I hate sitting down and not doing anything at all. Although we did some cheers here and there, but still, it is nothing productive. And so… they do have other events other than sports such as choir, performances, debate and such.

There is no public speaking though so I went for the debate try out [To represent my college during MHS] as I’ve never joined any debate before so I think it’ll be pretty cool to be in a debate team for once =P.

The guy sitting next to me is PM zChuckz, the PM who is in charge of us for the Bahasa Malaysia debate.

I joined the Bahasa Malaysia debate and yea, we were lack of time to practice/find good points about the topic so we ended up brainstorming when they are playing sports. I don’t mind this though, at least I don’t have to sit down and do nothing.

Revati and I. We knew each other since standard 1 and we were schoolmates and classmates from 1997-2007. And now, we are in the same university! =D

Revati is one the PM for 6th College and I met her in 6th College when I went over for debate competition. Yea, this is what I like the most =D. I don’t have to sit at the nasty field and watch stupid games going on. At debate competitions, we were given chairs to sit [Ah the comfort!], and then got van to send us here and there somemore [Don’t have to walk and that is also heaven]. And the best part is… refreshments are always provided =P !

Also… Honestly, debating was fun! I kinda regretted that I never had a chance to do it in secondary school and KHS T____T… But it’s okay, at least I get to do it in UM =P. Although we only won one round out of three rounds but I am satisfied because the one round that we won, was the one that I debated in. I was only given a chance because I am the only one without any experience at all as compared to the other three girls. So yea, I’m still happy nevertheless .

7th College Bahasa Malaysia debate team at 6th College.

You see la, you see la. You see for yourself la! This is us, in front of 6th College and you see la, you see la!

Clinical Students’ Hostel

WHY! WHY SO SPECIAL!! Hello! Do you know that, if one engineer or architect ah, forgot to draw a screw or whatever, and then the whole building can collapse and millions of people will die at one go. Not like doctors hor, kill one by one during operation [As told by my dearest Nano]! I do think that UM need to reconsider changing 2nd College into Engineering Students’ Hostel and my college to Language Students’ Hostel… Hehehe!

What?! Language can cause World War III… We just have to say something offensive at the right time and right place… and there you go… So UM… I demand a hostel for the Language faculty students! Please and thank you! =D Yea I know; dream on so let’s move on.


I am kinda lazy to write now so I guess… the photos will do the talking now:

Silent cheers to sindir another college =P I like this one a lot!

The guy standing at the back on the most left, he does looks like my ex-classmate back in 6AF, Leong Kuan Yoke and throughout the whole time during MHS, I kept on calling him Leong and I couldn’t believe it that I miss Ah Leong so much T___T. Yea, that ignorant Ah Leong in class who is always sucking on a lollipop.

And there is another guy, who happens to be a PM of 6th College, he looks like Soon Seng and I actually yelled SOON SENG across the road just to get his attention because I thought he is Soon Seng until someone taps me and asked me on who am I calling, then I actually said:

My ex-classmate who is now in UMP.

T______T… But let’s not talk about embarrassing stuff 

This is Huey Ting and I and I do think that she looks a lot like my ex-classmate back in 6AE, Mok Li Suet =P.

Senior cheerleaders leading the Siswa UM cheers =P. This is, my favourite cheers of all time during MHS and it sounds so much better when the whole DTC is doing the Siswa UM cheers together =D.

And before I forget, we are ALWAYS given 10-15minutes to…

(Eat OR Take a bath) AND Wash the food container.

So yea, you either eat or bathe but you must wash the food container.

I forgot his name but we are all supposed to call him ayahanda =X… And it is only during his talks in DTC that I did not fall asleep because he is always telling us stories and sex jokes =D… Yea, I’m not joking with you and he is the one who introduced to us the full time PhD holder in UM or well known as the monkeys.

Walking/Running back to our hostel and I absolutely love it when one of the girls fainted because then they never force us to run anymore so more girls should faint so that they’ll provide us a bus. Do you know that because our hostel is one of the nearest one to DTC, they do not provide us any bus?! And Chui San’s college is all the way up the hill and buses are provided for them! Not fair lo!! T____T!!!

2nd College which happens to be Tat Joon’s college and one of their cheers =).

7th College and our Go Za’ba cheers~! =D

Stuff that Jennica, Melissa and I wrote in DTC =P. Hehe!

On the last day of MHS, they have performances from all the first prize winners for the events organized during MHS and it made me feel like I am attending a concert! And this girl, is from 9th or 12th college and she sings extremely well. The best part is, she sang one of the songs by Siti Nurhaliza and it was very well sung =).

Some other performances which are not too bad, but exceeded my expectations =P.

Back to the hostel, the PM-s had a performance for us, which is entertaining us with all the cheers! =D

And I shall end my MHS post with a happy photo of myself, Melissa and Jennica in DTC on the last day of MHS. Can you see our 1 gazillion dollars smile and everyone else standing up with their hands up in the air?! 

Overall, MHS still sucks and I know, it didn’t seem so sucky in this post but trust me, it gives you all this sort of negative feelings at once. But now, looking back at it, I smiled because I lived through MHS, the hell of a time in UM.


P/S: I know I’ve promised to write about Chinese Community [CC] orientation as well. But I think this post is kinda long, so we’ll save that for next week and yea, there will be no photos for that because I hate CC =P.

Journey To Enlightenment

Hello! 😀 This post will be all about the Journey To Enlightenment at Chin Swee Temple, Genting! There will be a lot of disturbing photos [for certain people, not me =P], so if you find them disturbing/disgusting, don’t complain ah, you’ve been warned 😀


Hello everyone! Yes that’s me at the entrance of Journey To Enlightenment! [So this photo is NOT disturbing/disgusting ah :D] 😀 Come, I give you the brief introduction first as taken from the information board there! 😀

Journey to Enlightenment is a place where our next generation can learn about moral principles and ethics, and to apprehend the meaning of karma.

It encourages human beings to be kindhearted and law abiding person. It teaches people to become an ethical person. Sinful behavior in current life will result in harsh punishments in hell.

A visit to Journey Of Enlightenment will enlighten a person to appreciate  human life, will understand that committing evil act will be punished in hell.

It tells the story of 10 Hell Chamber where a kind person was rewarded and evil person was punished, to deter people from committing sunful act.

It lead our next generation to perform charity and accumulate virtue, to make them understand good deeds will be awarded and evil will be recompensed with evil.

So, here we go!! 😀


Registration Office

The first stop will be the Registration Office. Eh, you know what, I can’t find the description about this anywhere there. Okay, it’s either I missed it out or memang tak ada. *Makes a mental note to check out next time*

My guessing is that, this is where all dead people come and then, they register themselves before being brought to the different hell chambers.

Imaging waking up in the middle of the night and you see the guy at the most left in this photo -_-…


First Hell Chamber: Qin Guang Wang

Qin Guang Wang of First Hell Chamber manages the book of birth and death of human realm, their longevity or a premature death. He centrally controls the penalties of human being’s while in realm.

After death, a good person will be sent for rebirth to Heavenly Realm or Western Pureland of Great Bliss, where a person who has done equally virtuous and evil deed will be sent to the Tenth Hell Chamber for rebirth to human realm.

Those who had seriously committed unwholesome actions would be taken to the right chamber, to review his or her wrong doing and the penalties for that action.

The judge’s name Qin Guang Wang.

If I could get a mirror, it will be a mirror to understand how exactly others think and feel. But wait, then I wouldn’t be taking my time to know and understand others. K la, I don’t want. Unless it shows me my STPM questions this year .


Second Hell Chamber: Chu Jiang Wang

Chu Jiang Wang of Second Hell Chamber is the controller of the Reviving Hell. It is located beneath the Southern Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Those who abducted men or women, occupied properties not belonging to them, caused other disability, doctor who malpractice, couples who cheated marriage, people who have not repay the four graciousness and committed suicide, will be punished here after death.

Maybe that green fellow is related to Shrek.

Pool of… whatever you call it 😀

Hell interior ornaments =S


Third Hell Chamber: Song Di Wang

Song Di Wang of Third Hell Chamber is the controller of the Black-Line Hell. It is located beneath the South Eastern Wu Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Those who disobeyed the senior, dishonest and disloyal, harmed others for self benefit, not practiced morality, in conspiracy to cheat money, escaped from prison, took advantage of others, committed seduction, forgery, false accounting, robbery and stealing will be punished here after death.

Whenever I see any blue man, it reminds me of The 5 People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom.

This is pretty scary =| They poke your eyeballs out, pull out your intestines and pull your tongue =S


Fourth Hell Chamber: Wu Guan Wang

Wu Guan Wang of Fourth Hell Chamber is the controller of the Rounding-Up and Crushing Hell. It is located beneath the Eastern Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Those who evaded taxes, not paying rents, cheated in sales, gave fake medicine, caused others unwholesome thoughts and vanity disrespected elderly, wrested away in secret, bullied good folks, mislead others, littered, intentionally not attended their farm, pretended and misused the influences of worldly gods, not being law abiding, not taking care of elderly and poor, will be punished here after death.

I wanna know can he read properly with his long tongue 😀


Fifth Hell Chamber: Yan Luo Tian Zi

Okay, this is confusing. The carving on the stone wrote Sen Luo Wang and then the description board wrote Yan Luo Tian Zi. Okay, maybe it’s the same thing but I don’t know =S Never mind, read only la 😀

Yan Luo Tian Zi of Fifth Hell Chamber is the controller of the Howling Hell. It is located beneath the North Eastern Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Those who violated the correct principles, bullied the virtuous and feared the wicked, haggled over fame and fortune, raped, harmed other’s right, was stingy, like to fight and gamble, was jealous of the kind hearted, refused to be advised, shooting poultry and birds, wrested away farm land, destructed water source, killing will be punished here after death.

The punishments in the Fifth Hell Chamber.

Close up.


Sixth Hell Chamber: Bian Cheng Wang

Bian Cheng Wang of Sixth Hell Chamber is the controller of the Great Howling Hell. It is located beneath the Nothern Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Those who disregarded sutras and its teaching, showed disrespect to Buddhas and other worldly gods, violated ethical practices, committed vandalism, wasted staple food, will be punished here after death.

This is super ouch =S


Seventh Hell Chamber: Tai Shan Wang

Tai Shan Wang of Seventh Hell Chamber is the controller of Heating Hell. It is located beneath the North Western Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Those who against common laws, live lavishly, committed unethical business practices or tomb raiding, abortion, gambling, mislead juvenile, bullied the weak, fabricated the truth will be punished here after death in respective small hells.


Eight Hell Chamber: Du Shi Wang

Du Shi Wang of Eighth Hell Chamber is the controller of Intense Heating Hell. This hell is located beneath the Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Those who did not practice filial piety, caused fear, panic, sadness or worry to their parents or in laws, will be punished here after death.

This is gonna be painful.


Ninth Hell Chamber: Ping Deng Wang

Ping Deng Wang of Ninth Chamber of the Hell of Ultimate Torment. This hell is located beneath the South Western Wuo Jiao Stone under the great ocean.

Here, the hells surrounded each other and stacked one atop another.

Those who set fire on homes, destroyed other’s properties, caused confusion, engage in abortion service, enticed young man, raped young girl, will be punished severely in this hell after death.

Another long tongue man.


Tenth Hell Chamber: Zhuan Luan Wang

The Tenth Chamber of Zhuan Luan Wang is located outside the Wuo Jiao Stone of Hell Realm to the east and directly facing this samsara world of five degeneration.

This hell is equipped with six Bridges of Gold, Silver, Jade, Wood, Nai He, etc. All those who arrive here from other hell will be sent for reincarnation in the four great continents depending on their accumulation of merits.

Whether one is born as female or male, into wealthy or poor family, all the details will be recorded and compiled monthly before registration with the first chamber.


After that, all will be lead to the Zhuo Wang Altar of Meng Po Shen at Feng Du, offered a drink to lose all previous memories and finally reincarnated into the six realms.

Sometimes, it’s good to forget about certain things that you don’t want to remember anymore :D.

Reincarnation 😀

The End


Before I end this post, everyone go visit Porkie’s blog here [CLICK!] and watch his video and then vote for him by giving him thumbs up HERE. Okay don’t watch also never mind, just vote for him =P [His video is worth a watch!]

P/S: AH LUI, you must vote and ask all your friends to vote your Daddy! If he win, let’s make him buy us a very, very good dinner and take us for shopping!! 😀

Where Rainbows End

As promised, today I will blog about a book that I’ve read recently. This book does not belongs to me, but it belongs to my sister’s friend, Christina :).

This story is about two person, Rosie and Alex. Wait! Here is the sypnosis that is written behind the book:

Since childhood, Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin. But, they are suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Rosie is lost without him. Then, just as she is about to join Alex in Boston, she gets life-changing news… News that will keep her at home in Ireland.

Their magical connection remains but can their friendship survive the years and miles as well as new relationships? And always at the back of Rosie’s mind is whether they were meant to be more than just good friends all along.

Misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck have kept them apart until now. But, will they gamble everything, including their friendship on true love? And what twists and surprises does fate have in store for them this time?

Alex and Rosie, Best Friends Or Soulmates?


For the last question, you have to read the book and get the answer by youself! 🙂 I can’t spoil the story for you that is! Anyway, this book is about Rosie and Alex. This whole story made me laugh, cry and smile! 🙂

Simply because it reminds me of many, many things that I’ve done in school! For example, Rosie and Alex love writing notes to each other during class! HAHAHA! Sounds like who?! JUST LIKE EE JANE AND I!!! HAHAHA! Oi woman! Remember or not how we pass notes behind Cik Wong and then she just … ask what are we doing when she’s not even looking at us! -_-

And then they got caught and it’s really, really funny!! Okay, let me tell you all first, it’s NOT funny when you are the one being caught. I knew it, because we are caught before -_-…

So anyway, the story then goes on about birthday parties that Alex is throwing but he doesn’t invites Rosie because he doesn’t wants people to know that his best friend is a girl [typical 10 year old boy?] and OMG! Imagine the horror if I have a birthday party and I don’t invite Ee Jane! Hahaha! And no, I don’t throw birthday parties .

In this story, there are many, many unexpected events and surprises that happens! And at many times, I was really angry! I mean, I don’t find it FAIR for the certain characters on why that kind of unfortunate event have to happen to them .

So when you read this book, prepare some tissues and boxing gloves [yes you will need it] and don’t ask why boxing gloves, you will know it later :). And to Zaharah, if you are ever doing to read it, I would highly recommend you to prepare high blood pressure pills and heart attack pills.

But of course! 🙂 Certain unexpected events are good! I mean, they spice up the whole story. But in my opinion, sometimes too much spices just spoil the whole thing, yea, you get what I mean :).

Anyway, to conclude it all, this story is indeedlike a circle. Yes, a circle! Read it and you will know why! And NO, I’m telling you the circle meaning is a good one or a bad one! Hahaha!

Of all, this book, I would certainly rate it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 :).

P/S: And continue voting in the previous post for the next topic next week! Of course la you don’t vote for this topic again right?!