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The Saddest Moment of My Freshman Year

This post was first written on 1st September 2011 and the final draft was completed by 8th September 2011. It was not published back then due to various reasons which I cannot remember right now. Reading back this post made me laugh and I am really, really glad that I penned it down! It is such a good memory and it reminded me of how much I have learnt and grew throughout the years! 🙂 Do enjoy this post as much as I do 😉 🙂 ❤


P/S: All images are from Photobucket : ) 

I don’t really want to write about this because it is a really, really heartrending story but when I thought about it over and I think, this is a pretty interesting story in a way so yea, I am gonna share it here.

At the point of time where this incident takes place, I was searching for the end of a rainbow that I saw two years ago. The person involved in this story, we shall call him Roy; which isn’t his real name of course. Roy and I were best of friends that have been destined to never be together. He left to chase his childhood dreams and ambition and I waited because he said that we will meet again one day because we are fated to be together. Yes, I waited and this is one of the dumbest decisions that I have ever made.

What hurts the most was being so close. And having so much to say and watching you walk away – What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts 

One year later, Roy was accepted into University of Malaya – the university that both of us promised to meet each other again. In that one year of separation, I saw his photographs with another girl on Friendster and Facebook but I did not question or say anything because he completely ignored me that one whole year. Some time later, he contacted me again and when I asked him about the other girl whom I saw on his social networking pages, he ignored my question and until today I never knew the answer but it doesn’t matter anymore.

我可以划一个圈把自己关在里面 [Translation: I can draw a circle and shut myself in it]

把回忆挡在外面 [Translation: And leave the memories outside]

却不能停止想念在我的天空蔓延 [Translation: But I can’t help but to miss our skies]

他有的善良和善变 [Translation (Play of word in Chinese): His goodness and fickleness]

我可以划一个圈当做是完美句点 [Translation: I can draw a circle and assume it as the perfect full stop]

-可以不可以 by 丁当-

By then, I as already filled with doubts and he told me to give both of us another chance to prove that we are meant to be together. He told me that he will wait for my acceptance into the University of Malaya and he has strong confidence that we will see each other in university and by then, we will talk things out and everything else will be okay. So yes, I naively told him that I will take the chance because in a way, I wanted to arrive at the end of the rainbow with him.

I close my eyes. And try to hide. But I wake when this dreams collide – Dreams Collide by Colbie Caillat

Seven months later, I was accepted into University of Malaya and when I met him again, he told me very rudely in public that he already has someone else with him. I was speechless and dumbfounded. But nevertheless, I did not cry [Which I feel extremely proud of myself] and I tried my best to not hold on. It was easy in a way for me because there is no firm attachment in the very first place although sometimes it hurts when the memories come back because of two songs and I am glad that today I can listen to these songs without feeling acrimonious anymore.

I guess I’m hoping you’ll be there for me in the end – Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore

But several months later, I saw Roy in Dewan Tunku Canselor [DTC] lobby after two performances and I saw his girlfriend walking towards him. I saw the smile on his face when the girl held his arm and I walked away. At that time, at the back of my mind, I realized that all I have is myself and I was left to watch them together but nevertheless, I wished him all the best because I knew that I shouldn’t ill-wish my best friend or anyone else. As I turned and walked away, I felt the same heart sinking feeling when we said goodbye three years ago but I braved myself to not look back and I told myself that I must always look forward to what lies ahead and I smiled because I know that – I can do it no matter what it takes.

这次我走开再没有话要说出来 [Translation: I walked away this time around without saying anything at all]

我不想再期待走下去还能多精彩 [Translation:  I don’t wish to go on anymore to know how more exciting it can be]

我不了解你怎能心安 [Translation: I don’t understand how you can be peace at heart]

-你为什么说谎 by 丁噹-

A few days later, I happen to be at the place where everything started and all the memories came flooding back. It made me realized that what has been said and has been done cannot be taken back or undone ever again although in a way I felt like a failure for not letting it go yet. This is when I realize that I must really, really let go and move on for real. Upon arriving home, after a good sleep – I told myself that I will and must still move on with my life even though in a way I felt like I was being cheated and lied to.

In the end, I realized that I had arrived at the end of the rainbow alone a long time but I was too busy holding on to the past to realize it. I have learnt a lot of lessons from the saddest moment of my freshman year and my lips carved a smile because it has all happened for the best.

When we were 18, we were both in love naively and we were best of friends once upon a time. When we were 18, we talk about how cool it is to be in the same university and we will go out sometimes for lunch, dinner and movies just like how we have always dream about. 

Now we are both 21, we have both moved on and we no longer speak to each other. We are both in the same university but there isn’t any lunch, dinner or movies together because that dream will always remain as our dream once upon a time.

Now that I have moved on, I can safely conclude that this is simply one of the happy ending stories in my life that I can now smile from my heart. 


I know Roy is still reading my blog and I just wanted to say thank you, Roy for everything : ). I used to wonder what went wrong between us and now I know; nothing went wrong between us but we are destined to meet someone else who can love us more than what we both can give to each other.

It has been a year plus and I have totally forgotten about it until I have to write this post but the greatest lesson that I have learnt from the saddest moment [Saddest moment doesn’t means that you have to shed tears!] of my freshman year is that:

The best pay back to people who had hurt you in any way is by living well, better and happier – all without them in it. 


The Moments of 2013

The long overdue post of my moments in 2013 and Wang Lee Hom is now married *Patah hati* 😦 T_____T… Just only last year [Click here] I said I am not married to him yet and this year I am gonna say – I am never going to be married to him *Heartbroken* 😦 . But, I shall wish him happiness with all my heart because if you really love someone, you should wish him/her happiness even though they don’t belong to you 🙂 *Besar hati* 😛 .

Dearest Lee Hom, single or taken – you will always be my favourite male singer! ❤

The Happiest

a) When Ee Jane officially returns from India for good! Now we are no longer in different time zone and we can meet each other easily <3.

My Ee Jane and I! ❤

b) Receiving my birthday and Christmas present. It was totally unexpected but I really love it. Thank you so much 🙂 .

c) Completing the script which I have been dying to do so for the longest time ever. It is part of my life and whenever I read it, it reminds me to never be dumb for now.

Maybe I should make a movie out of it =P. 

d) The day I ended my undergrad life with no regrets at all.

My final performance of my undergrad! ❤ This is one of the cutest pictures of Mel and I on stage.

e) The day Arlex recommended me this song:

Pray For You by Jaron Lowenstein

This is my to go song for now whenever I feel pissed off.

f) The owner of the restaurant treated me a special drink during my birthday dinner! =D =D !!

My birthday drink and I! ❤

The Saddest

a) The day my ‘best friend’ disrespected me. You never have to choose in the first place but you chose to choose. I respect your decision.

b) Semangat-ly planned for three best friends birthday celebration and in the end, it seems like it was Mel’s and I punya birthday. How very awesome. To this one particular best friend, I invited you way earlier and you have to ditch me for a last minute invitation. Can you please differentiate which is a sincere invitation and which is not? I guess you have lost all your sense of judgement and I am really upset because it feels like I have lost a great friend.

My mum used to tell me that once my best friends have their significant other, it would be tough for them to get along with their single best friends. Their single best friends may not mean anything negative/bad but anything the single best friend do/say may be seen as jealousy. I never quite want to believe my mum because it hasn’t happened to me. When it does, I can only tell my mum:

Mi, you are right.

The Most Afraid

This part is only dedicated to my final exam of my undergrad. It was one of the most horrible and murderous papers I ever had. But for now, I thank God that I went through it unharmed ❤ .

The Angriest

I get annoyed easily but not angry easily. But this one is a winner. When this ‘best friend’ tagged me in a photo which he isn’t supposed to tag me. To me, this is a breach of trust and betrayal to the friendship. If you did not know how severe it is, then please use your brain and think about it.

I called you up and you can dengan senang-senangnya say that you will remove it later. Anymore later I think I sudah mati. I am already angry and he must send me a (No Subject) e-mail. When I read this one line in his e-mail, I wanna raise a troop of army just to raise their middle fingers at him but he isn’t worth it:

If you hid yourself away from me under impulse, I can understand because anger can cause one to act irrationally.

EXCUSE ME? I HID MYSELF AWAY FROM YOU? This is one of the biggest jokes ever! I am deleting you from my life don’t you get it?! I did nothing wrong so I don’t see why I must hide myself away from you [So don’t simply jump into conclusion]. I do agree anger does cause one to act irrationally but look at how rationally you string your sentence together. Sudah baca pun tak nak maafkan you. Ingatkan I yang kecil hati but when I show it to my other best friends, they laughed and asked me why are you so stupid/dumb. Why ah? Because I am dumb/stupid enough to forgive you 11557852112 times back in Form 6, that’s why you remain this stupid/dumb and never learn your lesson.

The Most Thankfully Surprised

When I broke down in the KTM after a shitty day at work and this beautiful lady hugged me. She gave me a candy and said:

Happiness is hard to find. If you do find it, keep it.

The Most Tulan [Annoyed]

a) This definitely goes to the day I was questioned by my friend’s girlfriend if I chose her room on purpose. You guys can tell me that she might be just curious but wait till you hear her condescending tone like I did it on purpose. Excuse me, you chose to move to a single room and I was thrown into your room by the office admin and you think that I did it on purpose? What do mean when you asked me for the reason I chose your room? Her exact question was like this (The meaning is there, you get it. Fonts in red indicate extra information given by me):

I want to know ah, why did you choose my room? I remember you are staying at the opposite block on the second floor right? So why did you choose my room (on the fourth floor)?

What do you expect me to answer? Like this? :

I chose your room because I want to replace you in your room. 


Fourth floor is fun. I can exercise and tone my legs.

Is this what you expect? As a person, I honestly thought you would be more tactful and classy but I guess I was wrong about you. Belajar kursus pergigian tetapi mentality tak up to par. And I think you are really insane to think that I would pick to stay on the fourth floor. My best friends almost died laughing when I told them what you asked me.

I was being nice when I invited you back to the room to collect the stuff that you missed out when you are packing and this is what you have to say to me/slap into my face? How very polite. I have mentioned about it in the first part of my blog post here.

b) When this friend organized a movie day and conveniently FFK the entire gang. The worst part? She doesn’t thinks that she is wrong at all. At least feel apologetic about it. Don’t try to play the victim later ’cause you are not.

c) When people don’t keep me updated when they promised to do so. Keep your words and walk your talk.

d) When people accuse/scold me at work for something that I didn’t even know about. Seriously?? Just because someone gave you a bad time, it doesn’t means that you have to put me on the same boat. But never mind, I shall forgive you because I have a big heart.

e) When this particular person treated me like I am his girlfriend when we are just friends. You wanna treat me like your girlfriend, that’s your problem, not mine but please, don’t try to control/restrict me like I am yours. For now, I was never yours to begin with. Stay as friends and we’ll be good for now.

f) When this friend asked me out for lunch/dinner, it would always be in the time of his convenience. When I can never make it, I am expected to skip class. Who do you think you are? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

The Most Regretted

Hmm… So far I can’t think of any yet =P…

The Most Stressed

This goes to all my exam weeks and my internship [You can read more about my internship by clicking here].

The Most Self-Satisfied

a) Completing my undergrad and handing in my Academic Project! Biggest satisfaction and achievement ever!

b) Walking out of the examination hall like a boss because that marks my final paper of my undergrad life for now! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

c) My phone rang and when I saw your name on the caller ID, I let it ring till it dies off.

d) Getting a free drink at Ochado for being a good citizen! =P

The Most Embarrassing

This definitely goes to the day I was walking to the examination hall and I realize that I forgot my ____ [I can’t bring myself to type it out T_______T ].

The Most Shocked

a) As per above [The Most Embarrassing moment], I am shocked with my own memory. Mana boleh macam ini lo!! *Determined to not repeat the same mistake for now*

b) When this ‘best friend’ grabbed my wrist along the hostel corridor, pulled me to a corner just to talk when there is nothing left to say anymore. For a second I thought I would be killed/kidnapped.

c) Realizing that I have been lied to by this friend for 10 years. Geez. Entah I bodoh ke naive ke ignorant. You can read all about it here.

The Most Confused

a) When certain people ditch Mel and I for ‘better’ benefits and still expect to be friends. Wow? Seriously? This is what I would say as first class betrayal. I don’t understand why after people stabbed you front and back, they still ada muka to smile at you. The worst shit, out of courtesy you gotta smile back. So confusing, don’t know what you want la.

b) There’s this guy who send messages to Ee Jane and I and he has a habit of replying people a dozen of hours later. Everything he says/do is flirtatious but he can’t see/understand why. When I first met back this friend, I was told about the girls who have been madly in love with him. Initially I thought those girls are crazy. Really. But as time goes, I realized and understood why. Those girls were never crazy, just naive.

As much as I have smiled from all his lovely gestures and charm, at the back of my mind, I knew that he would do the same for anyone else within his radar. I really don’t know what is he trying to achieve. I remember we used to be pretty close back then but now, he is just like a stranger and a reflection in the water. He would only allow me to see him the way he would want me to see him.  For a moment it disappoints me that our friendship turned this way but at the same time, I am really confused with this person that I avoided this particular place in town because I really didn’t want to see/hear anymore lies. You can read more about it here.

The Most Excited

a) The day Ee Jane called me for breakfast when she arrived at Kajang after a long flight from India!!! ❤

b) Voting for the very first time! Well… This is not really my first time as I have been exposed to the entire voting system in National Service so let’s say… this is my first time voting officially! I feel like a true Malaysian now =P.


Wheeew! Finally it’s done. I have been thinking through many moments if I should go into the details or should I just generalize them. At last, I have decided to go into the details because from the details, that’s where I learnt all my lessons from. The year 2013 has been too much of a disappointment. It feels like a slight uphill battle of emotions and most of the time, it feels like God is testing me if I have already learnt/still remember the lessons from the past.

For now, I am glad to say that I have already learnt my lesson and I still remember it this very millisecond.

‘Cause love only comes once in a while

And knocks on your door

And throws you a smile

And takes every breath

Leaves every scar

Speaks through your soul

And sings to your heart

But if I knew then what I know now

~If I Knew Then by Lady Antebellum~

The Year 2013

Hi everyone. This is the annual post that I normally write and usually, they are up pretty early. This time around, I took a very long time to publish this post because I don’t really know what to write about. When I think about 2013, I only see broken friendships. I look through the folder of photos so many times and I really do feel disgusted with certain friends attitude. Maybe we share different friendship ethics. I tried to understand you but I don’t think you even try to understand me.

Anyway, let’s begin.


Sam, Nano and Ai Leng.

Ee Jane returned to India before Chinese New Year last year so I didn’t go for any house visiting. That made me realized that I would go for it because I wanted to accompany her and I don’t get to see her often. In all honesty, I feel this house visiting is losing its meaning. If you want to meet up with your friends, meet up at a cafe. If you want angpao, then just say so and not use house visiting as an excuse. Oh well, maybe it’s just me.

Last Chinese New Year, I was really angry with two friends. If you are not coming over for dinner/don’t intend for dinner, THEN SAY SO. IT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY TO SAY NO and please do not make me wait all day like an idiot. It really piss me off when people don’t say things directly and make me wait for nothing. Also, I cannot stand people who promised to keep me updated and in the end, wala, nothing at all until I called up. So if I don’t call you, then die la, I have to wait until I turn into dust.

Convent girls.

This bunch of girls will always remind me that it is never easy to find true friends. In 2013, by miracle I discovered cusp in terms of horoscope. It is a no wonder characteristics of Pisces doesn’t reflects me at all even by 10%.

Mel, Sam, Vivian.

I am really grateful to have people whom I can label them as my friend(s) in university but when there is a change of heart in your friends, you have to accept it. It is sad to know that you aren’t important at all when you make effort to meet up and to celebrate their birthdays. It is saddening how they can’t show the slightest appreciation and now, they don’t even have basic courtesy to say thank you after you have helped them. Wow, seriously? Friendship – what does this word means to you? Well, probably a joke or some sort of rubbish.

When you walk away from these ‘friends’, what do you do when you see their name on the caller ID? I let it ring till it dies off.

Voted for the very first time and yes, I am proud to be a true Malaysian 😉 .

On the brighter side of 2013, I found closure in so many ways and I thank God for it. Thinking about it right now still made me smile and I laugh when I look back at our old photographs in 2008. It can never ever be the same anymore and it scares me when I think about the person whom I used to know so well turned into a stranger. Back then, it feels exactly like this:

We used to be best buddies and now we’re not, I wish you would tell me why.

~Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Frozen~

Too much disappointments and now, I don’t even want to know why anymore. I guess we were meant to be strangers from the very beginning. Best friends? Really? I guess I was dispensable and disposable to you.

And I finally went for internship after seeing the entire world posting about internship on Facebook [You can read all about my internship experience here]. It was overall a very good experience and it has taught me many valuable lessons in life which I have penned down in my internship report. It is useful to remember/read it from time to time whenever people are being stupid and try to affect me with it.

Melissa and I. 

In 2013, my life as an undergraduate officially ended [You can read all about my final semester here]. All in all, it has been a good experience and it is amazing how people whom you know do not like you showed their true colours in the final semester. On the other hand, I thank God for this friend, Melissa Khoo who has walked with me hand in hand to the ending point of our undergrad life gracefully. Sometimes, or most of the time, it feels exactly like this:

We only have each other, it’s just you and me, what are we gonna do? 

~Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Frozen~

What are we gonna do? Let’s just mind our own business and be awesome as usual for now.

From my Instagram- Imperfection is what makes you different from the others.

Many years ago, you would never ever see a picture of my teeth or hands close up. But now you have seen both of it in this blog post. I am not blessed with straight teeth and people would take notice, make comments and even laugh at it. It piss me off all the time and I vow to wear braces so that people will not say anything about it anymore. Last year, I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden, I felt that my teeth actually suits my face feature and it makes me feels like me.

Apart from that, I do not have nice nails or hands but I have decided to embrace all of my imperfections and not strive towards perfection anymore. Perfection only happens when you embrace imperfections. Suddenly I sound so wise.

All in all, the year 2013 isn’t a year which I would revisit for now. It made me see through so many people and to all my best friends – this is a year without a love story (Aren’t you guys proud of me?!). A stone heart can never love anymore and I think, I have been a really unforgiving person in 2013. It feels so hard to tolerate, give and care that sometimes, I feel like a reptile living in a human body. But at the same time, if you are too nice, people would trample all over you. I guess, there is a need to seek balance in everything that we do.

The Year 2012

The year 2012 was a year where I was made to revisit my past for reasons that I have yet to fully comprehend. As much as I do not want to revisit my past because I strongly feel that the past ought to be left in the past, but what do you do when you made to revisit your past? There is no other way but to face it courageously and it will serve as a reminder for me to remember my past life lessons.

P/S: All photos are in chronological order unless otherwise stated :). By the way, the first photo of this post, is not in chronological order! =P !!


Me and some cutesy hair curl stuff in Secret Recipe!! 

At the beginning of 2012, I had bangs for the very first time after many, many years and I received different comments from people. Well, I personally feel that it is a fresh look and I DO look really, really cute [And younger! 😉 ] with bangs ! By the way, I started off this post with a cute/crazy photo of me because I  miss being crazy <3.

Top L-R: Nano, Pek Yen, Ai Leng

Bottom L-R: Weng Chiew, Sam, Ee Jane, Pico, Camilla, Carson

In 2012, I kinda realized that as much as I do not enjoy going for certain events, at the end of the day, I would still go for it because I wanted to spend time with my friends/do not want to be left out because this cannot happen to me [Hahaha!!! ]. At the end of the day, when I do feel extremely tired and probably bored from repetitive activity throughout the whole day, when I look back at the photographs – I think so far, no regrets yet because I get to be with my dearest best friends ❤ .

Sam, Ee Jane, Pek Yen. 

Ee Jane came back for holidays last year and guess what, I feel happy and sad at the same time. I feel happy because she is back and we do get to meet up but it is sad because I feel the gap between us is increasing. It is all my fault because I never bother to keep in touch with her much. Why? Because I am selfish and all the time, I was trying to fix something else. But what I am glad is, towards the end of the year, our gap reduced and yea, I don’t feel the distance anymore for now . Especially when we actually talked about bird poop from 2012 till 2013 [Inside story =P] and the fact remains, we still talk about stuff like armpits, buttocks and telepathy .

Defphane and I :). 

At the beginning of the year, I went to meet my primary and secondary school friends. Meeting up with them reminded me that I love being friends with people who are simple and happy whereby, the friendship is sincere even without needing to interact with each other often . I love it more when I have something inside my heart to pour out, they are always there <3. Thank you so much my dears <3.

It has been the longest ever since I last received a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s day and in 2012, I received one by a really good surprise. I am truly happy and touched. I am thankful for everything that had happened and I truly believe that I was once really happy before things fall apart. Fish Leong has a song entitled 爱久见人心:


爱久见人心? Yea, now I think so. I know where do I stand right now and how important I am but who cares about it anymore .

Putrajaya bridge.

In March, I went for the 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with this person whose hand I was holding the whole day. Back in the days where I was younger, I met one of my best friend’s girlfriend as a past. We shook hands and it felt cold, strange and awkward because it feels like as if the past and the present are trying to connect when in actuality, the past and present should never connect with one another.

Ever since that day, I wonder how does it feels like to be in the present’s position to meet the past. I spoke too soon because 3 years later, I was in that position. Holding his hands while his past and I look at each other while walking in the opposite direction gives me a strange feeling. It reminded me that this person once loved the past. It made me wonder if the past and I share any similarity at all and it made me think of many things at that point of time.

My belated birthday dinner at TGIF Sunway Pyramid : ). 

One day in March 2012, I was introduced to this girl. To me, she is the exact definition of ‘tak sedar diri’ and pretentious, for now I am very glad that I do not need to meet her anymore. Her arrogance, tak sedar diri-ness and being bangga over nothing has nothing to do with me anymore. To people who still thinks that she is nice/has no problem, I couldn’t be bothered anymore because now I know why the both of you can get along . Well, what do you expect from birds of the same feathers? Well, they flock and flap their wings together .

Woan Min, Carmen. 

Melissa and I. 

Apart from that, Woan Min, Carmen and Melissa treated me on my birthday! Thank you girls! ❤ And also, I received an unique gift from Ee Jane and something that I wanted from Nano and Pico . Thank you so much for the effort and thought. To everyone else who remembered my birthday, thank you so much . To people who purposely ignored my birthday, thank you too because I will ignore yours as well. You don’t expect me to not ignore you, aren’t you? 😉

A Leow, my Small B and I during CC Reunion Dinner 2012.

A Leow and I may not talk all the time but what I love about our buddy relationship is that despite not interacting much with each other, we would always remember each other’s birthday, sitting together during events, hoping for the best for each other [Especially during the hostel application period!] and wishing each other for Chinese New Year, Christmas, New Year and such, you name it .

Wei Shen and I during 7th College MKC 2011/2012.

In 2012, I was helping out with the makeup for 7th College MKC. It was a great experience because I really, really love doing makeup for people and I am trying to improve as well ! On that day, I saw can see that the juniors were so united and I feel so touched when they sang the theme song together. This is an experience that I never had in my freshman year. Why? Because I never join lo. Why I never join? Because I am not interested. Do I regret it? No, not yet because I know the reason for everything that I did in my freshman year ;).

Vivian Lim as the Mad Hatter female version and I! =D 

In 2012, I am very proud of myself for creating the Mad Hatter female version for one of my elective courses ! It is fun and I thank God that I wasn’t made to draw anything because I cannot draw an apple to save my own life =P … I can draw a star and sun though! And during our project presentation, I realized that it is never easy to study makeup courses especially if you are not artistically talented [Like me] but I am glad that I made it through ! Thank you God! 

In 2012, I attended a hostel dinner and finally, I had the chance to wear the blue dress for the second or third time =|… I think I need more excuses to wear pretty dress like this . Anyway, this dress is a birthday gift from Ee Jane and she has very good taste 😉 !

In 2012, I became more vain because I think my level of vanity increases proportionally with my age . Hahaha!! As Ee Hahn nicknamed me – Vain Pot, therefore I must always live up to my nickname. I just think that I look damn good in this photo. Do you think if I send this in to TVB – they would employ me? Or Hollywood? Or some modelling agency wanna hire me and make me their top model? Do you think I stand a chance? Do you think that I am a model/singer [I’ll go take singing and dancing classes if you say yes hahaha just joking!!! xD !!!]/actress material? 

Anyway, I am done prasan-ing because the whole point of the picture is… there is a another picture of it but a crazy version. Why I wanna show you the crazy version? Because I need to comfort myself that I am still as crazy as before .

There… Now you know, do not judge a book by its cover! I think I look cute in this photo… What do you think? Let me know  :

Sam, Pek Yen, Camilla and Nano at Chatime Kajang.

Chatime finally made its way to Kajang and I love Chatime! My favourite pick used to be lychee yakult qq but now I love roasted pearl milk tea with grass jelly and pearls ! What about you? Tell me your favourite Chatime drink! Anyway, I managed to gain 2kg in 2012 and now I am desperately trying to lose it because I think I look quite aunty from the back T___T. Don’t tell me that I think too much, I can’t stand looking this way/I am a vain pot.

Ee Hahn and Ala – at our old ponteng spot, Ayza!

I met my Form 6 best friends and these people gave me strength and confidence whenever I needed some. When I met Ee Hahn, I was reminded of the times in school where we used to chit chat before assembly begins about how we are not bothered about our Mathematics homework and proceed to talk about twin peaks and just… everything else in between. When I met Kean Jie, I am reminded of the times in school where he will say somethg pun-ny like ‘penekan kata’ and when I don’t get it, he will give me the look and gets quite sien with me because I am Miss Adorable =P…

Nano is locked outside of the car! =P

Nano is still my victim whenever I needed someone to hear my rants because SMS-ing and calling her is free! Also, I wish that I can have Internet wherever I am so that I can message Ee Jane on Facebook and ask for some head whacks because sometimes, I do need some just to wake up and it is very important to me. These two best friends of mine keep me sane and on my toes most of the time. So please continue scolding and giving me head whacks ya !

Also in 2012, Nano was relocated to Skudai, Johore and with that, I think I am all alone here in Kajang because no one is free to layan me during weekends anymore. This is sad because Ee Jane is all the way at India [Across the sea!] and Nano is now across another state! 

In 2012, as I have mentioned, it is a walk down my past. I met W [Click here and here] and he was with his girlfriend. Although W and I were never officially together because things screwed up, it still feels strange to meet W with his present girlfriend and we both look at each other in the eye as simple past tense. Everything that happened between us is now water under the bridge. To me, once it’s over, it is over. As strange as I want to feel when we both met, deep down I know that W and I can never ever be friends anymore. Why? Because what he did and said is totally unacceptable. Yes, even until today.

In 2012 as well, I met another person from my past in 2008. This person is another person whom I do not want to meet anymore because he reminded of the times where we missed out on each other on the crossroad. With him, even as a friend, I feel unappreciated and there are questions that I have was left unanswered. Back then, I really, really do want the answer but today, no, I don’t need them anymore for now. What I do not like is that if we are not meant to be, I do not want to be put into positions and situations where it all reminded me of how much fate and coincidence that we share so far.

I hate looking out of the window just to catch a glimpse of you and when I do find myself doing so, I have to stop myself from doing such a thing. Why? Because I know it isn’t right and whatever you did and say to me that night in 2012 and 2010, I have seen your true colours. I have forgotten about the night in 2010 but thank you for reminding me again after 2 years. Whatever you want to think of me, please go ahead because I do not care anymore for now! Are you important to me? No for now because from the very beginning, I was the only one who placed importance on you and never you on me. In 2012, I finally understood this part of the lyric in one of my favourite songs:

曾经唱过的歌 分享过的笑声
想念不能承认 偷偷擦去泪痕


~Diao Le by A-Mei~

In the very same year, I realized that sometimes, the longer you know a person, the more you will never be able to understand that one person and the more complicated it becomes. I have nothing much to say to this person anymore for now because what is there to say when this person says one thing and does another [As if the person will admit it?]? Everyone is a hypocrite in their own way but as for you, I think you are way too extreme.

To these few people:

现在我有什么不 Okay

~I’m Okay by Athena~

Cassandra and I! ❤

In 2012, I went travelling rather often and I really, really do enjoy traveling although it is tiring! I realized that in 2012, I walked a lot and to me, that is enjoyable although I think I became much darker than I was in 2011. Still, walking helped me to relax as I do entertain my thoughts and sometimes, if I do think about you during my thinking while walking, I would send you a SMS/give you a call just to let you know that I am thinking about you. Why did I do so? Because I wanted you to smile and think about me too ;).

Xiao Ting and I at MPIS 2012/2013 <3. 

I attended my current residential college dinner this year [That makes two different annual hostel dinner that I attended in 2012!] and it feels different. I sat on a table with 9 other people whom I do not know at all but I am very glad that all of them tried to make me feel home and as part of them that towards the end of the night, I do feel home and as a part of them . This is the dinner that I attended and I am not thrilled about it from the beginning. The night before the dinner, I was on Facebook with Ee Jane discussing about hairstyles and yea, this shows my lack of enthusiasm for the dinner because knowing myself, I would definitely prepare and discuss about it weeks before the dinner takes place.

To be very honest, on the day of the dinner itself, I thought about just going home [And if Ee Jane knows about it, she would probably whack my head]. But then, the dinner fees has already been charged into my account and when I think about it, I did all my best to avoid this particular person because it isn’t right to not avoid when you can do so for certain reasons.

That afternoon in my room, I told myself that no matter what happens, I should dress up [Like a diva ] and show up because that is what Samantha Quek would do. I am glad that I did because that night, I have found many new friends and I had fun as well !


I saw this on Ee Jane’s Facebook wall and decided to give it a go ! The words that I saw in order:

Love, youth, beauty

I don’t mind youth and beauty but I mind love . Ee Jane, Nano and Pico saw money and that is what I want T__T. I actually have to prick my eyes open just to look for the word money . Also, this is just a game for fun so I shall not take it seriously yet =P… But when I really, really do have no money in 2013, I shall blame it on this then .


And I wanted to share this lovely photo of Porkie and I because I think we look damn good together in this photo

As I have mentioned, the year 2012 is a year where I took a walk down my past and I realize that, feelings don’t change easily. To that 4 person, thank you for still liking me =]… I appreciate it although I am quite sure that I would not be able to return it. As of now, I have no idea how to love a person anymore.


All in all, the year 2012 has been a year full of changes and it is indeed a walk down my past. What I have always been glad is that I am courageous enough to face it with an open heart ! I have learnt a good deal of lessons in 2012 and I am going to pen it down so that I will never ever forget it.

The song that will always reminded me of the year 2012 would be Through The Rain by Mariah Carey because I can relate myself to it in every way possible. And yes, I still believe that for now, there would always be sunshine and rainbows after the rain .

The Moments of 2012

So the world did not end yet in 2012 [Although I half wish that it did so that I do not have to sit for my finals but at the same time, I am not married to Wang Lee Hom yet …], and now ladies and gentlemen – my moments in the year 2012!

The Happiest

a) When Ee Jane came back for holidays! =D !!

Ee Jane and I <3. 

b) Having a hostel to stay [Yea I know. What a thing to say right! But to me, it means not having to wake up at 6am or earlier every single day just for classes]

c) When I received my exam results! 

d) Meeting up with my Kajang best friends. The thought of it made me smile because I really, really do miss them a lot <3.

Helen and I <3. 

Winnie, Ching Yin, Sam, Defphane <3. 

My Nano! ❤

My Pico! ❤

LeiKen and I with our Chatime drinks! =D

Kaki ponteng gang in Form 6: Ala, Ee Hahn, Sam, Nano <3. 

Muka/Rambut tepi jalan Tan Kean Jie! =P

e) Having breakfast at old Apex – be it prawn mihun with no taugeh, curry mihun with no meat and taugeh or char kuih teow with no taugeh <3… This is my little drop of heaven during my weekend =)…

Char kuih teow with no taugeh is love! =P

f) During my holidays, I worked at Low Yat Plaza and I had Big Apple doughnuts consistently for a few days. This cute guy remembered my order by the second or third day and no matter how many times I try to pretend to led him to think that I would pick some other variant, he would always guess the right one because I never change my mind  !

One day, his colleague told me to return the following day because he wanted to treat me doughnuts. I laughed, bought the same three variants but I did not take it seriously. The next day, I returned to the kiosk and he was there! Guess what, he treated my bunch of girlfriends and I! =P !! It was such a lovely gesture and what makes it sweeter is when he came up to me while I was working just to ask for my number. I refused to give him my number, he insisted. I refused him a few times and he kept on insisting.

When I see his determination, I told him that he can have my Facebook instead of my phone number =P…

h) Spending quality time with my family <3.

Sam, Ferlynne, Cassandra <3. 

i) Having more than enough money to spend for now .

j) Going for Christmas shopping and bought many dream items of mine! ❤

k) Receiving my first Christmas present from this someone special – thank you so much! ❤ : ) And it is such a wonderful surprise from you as well! 😉

Thank you ;). 

l) Understood one of the real meaning of Christmas – the season of giving and receiving probably for the first time in my life .

m) When I did what I am supposed to do one year ago. Good riddance!

n) Walking to and fro from class everyday. There is a bus service but I don’t really use it because I actually enjoyed the short/long walk. During the short-long walk, I think about food, events that had happened, people and you =).

o) The many times lovely dinner and drink at Marini’s on 57. To this person, thank you so much for just being there 

p) Winning a Guerlain perfume!  You have no idea how much I am in love with Guerlain’s perfume!

q) Being the proud owner of two Guerlain’s star products <3. I think my friends got sick of me/thinks that I am mad when I started talking about my two newborn babies!! 

r) Going for many random shopping moments and lovely dinners that follow <3.

s) Oh yes! How can I forget about this – my birthday present from dearest Ee Jane, Nano and Pico <3. Thank you so much! ❤

t) Getting to know Vivian Leong, Angeley Ho, Min Leong, Wei Lun and Shuen Yu! =D !

Vivian and I <3.

The Saddest

a) When I realized that all this while, in some people’s opinion – I am just useful. So that is how you view me, now I know.

b) Going through many nights of deep thinking on what I should do.

c) Realizing that I wasn’t appreciated in any ways by 3 person. Thanks a lot.

d) Sitting on an empty table and I do people watching. Well actually, I am just watching you. I wanted to cry but I told myself that I am too pretty to cry so I sucked them back to where they are supposed to be. So I think, I am only sad for the first 30 minutes .

e) When I realized that I wasn’t such a good friend as I thought I was after all. I am sorry T__T…

f) When you don’t keep your words.

The Most Afraid

Making two important decisions in my life this year. I am not saying what it is right here because I don’t think it is really needed. But yea, I thank God, my family and best friends for the full support. To those of you who aren’t very supportive, thank you because I did it.

The Angriest

a) When you don’t keep your words and accuse me of not keeping my words.

b) When you think what you say is law and try to force me apply your so very awesome laws into my life. To this two person, excuse me, I have my own laws in life for now and I don’t need yours.

c) When this idiot told someone that Mel and I has been hounding him for work. Oh gee, we did hound you for work. Now I wanna say your awesome cards, anime and tournaments are making a slave out of US. *Standing ovation* <— YOU do deserve this because you are so PERFECT and you have such wonderful work ethics that I actually enjoyed and miss working with you right now  !

d) When I see through certain people (Again!). I am angry but what made me laugh at the same time is because this two people who saling kutuk-mengutuk, are actually the same type of human. I think the reason why they do not like each other/cannot get along is because they are too similar but they just cannot realize it =P…

e) When my sister decided that drying up one side of my contact lens and sprinkling sand over my camera is the best way to return my stuff! -_____-

The Most Thankfully Surprised

a) Receiving a Christmas SMS from a long lost best friend. I thought that I was forgotten but receiving that SMS reminded me that so far, rain or shine, every year I will still receive a Christmas SMS from this long lost best friend ;).

b) Attending this event and I surprised myself with my own courage for managing to pull it through the night with smiles just because I believe that I can do it even if it means doing it without you.

Because Samantha is still Miss Adorable =P !

c) 4 years after 2008, for being able to leave everything behind when we meet face to face again. This is not and never meant to be – now I know why 😉 !

d) Met my simple past tense friend [Click here] in a bookstore and realizing that no matter how much I cannot forgive him, there is still a sense of familiarity. But this sense of familiarity is one that can never be the same ever again.

e) Meeting Revati, my Primary 1 friend at MPIS!!! You have no idea how glad and excited I am to see her! 😉 !

Revati and I at MPIS 2012/2013 <3. 

f) Having roomies which are not light sleepers . Hahaha! Yes, I am very afraid to have light sleepers roomies for now because I am so used to sharing rooms with people who are deep sleepers just like me =P… But then if there is a real fire, the three of us would probably mati terbakar la then =X…

Chia Hui, Sam, Xiao Ting <3.

g) Meeting new friends in my new residential college .

Photo credits to Jason Yeo. To all of you, thank you for making me feel home <3.

The Most Tulan [Annoyed]

a) When this person thought that I would actually care about all the comparisons being made. Thank you for all your poisonous spit. As I have mentioned in my moments of 2010 and 2011 [Click here and here] in the same section, for now it remains the same till this very millisecond. To someone else, this goes out to you too.

b) When you say one thing and do another. Ada mulut cakap orang, tak ada mulut tegur sendiri.

c) When this particular person wants to save petrol by troubling my best friend on purpose. Excuse me, please drive your own fat ass shiny car and get your fully loaded purse to pay for your own petrol.

d) When I have to compromise during Chinese New Year this year [Click here to read all about it] during lunch. The reason why I am annoyed is because I am not given a chance to say anything or to even give my opinion and not only that, I feel like I have wasted my money.

The Most Regretted

a) Not telling this idiot off during Chinese New Year lunch this year as mentioned above because I have to give face to some of my friends. Geez, you are so lucky.

b) Eating and sleeping too much resulted in gaining 2kg … Don’t tell me that I am too thin!!! I tersangat-sangatnya menyesal now T______T!!!

The Most Stressed

I can’t remember much… Probably before sitting for any exam papers I supposed =P…

The Most Self-Satisfied

a) Slapping this person and another person right in their face at the same time. To you whom I once believe that we are meant to be, I am glad that today, I am proven to be wrong. The many years and days of wondering has now ended because this fairy tale is one that ends with:

They both walk on different paths and live happily ever after without each other ;). 

b) Putting a big fat full stop to a story that should have ended a long, long time ago.

The Most Embarrassing

Due to bad memory, I could not remember any =P… And you are not welcomed to remind me of any!!! =P !!!

The Most Shocked

a) The events that leads to this post  [Click here]. Today, I would declare it as a mere coincidence because it is meant to stay that way .

b) The fact that there is almost no distance no matter how much or how hard I try to avoid certain people. Why do I want to avoid you? Because I thought that I wasn’t brave enough to face it. But turns up that it became a much proper closure for me because of my courage to move forward and leave the past behind! 

The Most Confused

a) When certain people tells me things that I do not want to know at all and I do not know if they expect any answers/opinions from me. I don’t know how to respond and I do not know what do you expect from me.

b) The few times this particular person insulted me. I have no idea if you mean it or you are just saying it for the sake of saying it without using your brain. Don’t you know that sometimes when people share with you their heart’s content, it is NOT MEANT for you to use it back against them in a insulting way? I guess you do not know and I do hope that someday someone will teach you a damn good lesson about it.

Also, this comes under the most confusing moments instead of annoying because I am indeed confused with this person’s personality. Sometimes I begin to wonder if I still know you well enough.

The Most Excited

a) Planning for holidays, shopping and outings <3.

b) When Ee Jane told me that she is returning for holidays soon! ❤ See you soon!!! ❤ !!!

c) Receiving money! 


The year 2012 has been a year full of unexpected changes. Changes in attitude, mindset and most important, a change of heart towards two person whom I once deemed as important in my life. In many ways, I am extremely glad that I managed to be at peace with myself in the year 2012 by leaving this two once important person behind. Apart from that, the year 2012 too is like a walk down my past and this is something that I do not enjoy in a way. Why? Because the past ought to be left in the past. Anyway, this will come under a separate post, probably under the summary of my year 2012 😉 !

All in all, I hope that in a way I am ready for the year 2013 – a brand new year with new hopes and lessons learnt from the year 2012. To all my friends and readers…

Happy New Year! =D <3

The Moments of 2011

Here we are again, the yearly routine review/meme =D ! Lo and behold, my moments in the year 2011  !

The Happiest

a) This will forever go to my 21st birthday and you can read all about it here

Christopher, Vivian, Wei Jie, Sam, Melissa and Nano as the photographer of this picture during my 21st birthday! =) =D 

b) The beginning of my 4 months semester break [WOOOHOOO!!!]!! 

Sam, Ee Jane, Pek Yen, Nano and Camilla =). 

c) When I realized that I have found true friends in my university life [So far/for now]; Mun Yoke, Vivian, Melissa, Lilian and Christopher =)… ❤

Mun Yoke, Melissa =D. 

d) The day I found my Prince Charming [For now! =X] 😉 ! ❤

e) Gained new friendship with Carmen, Woan Min, Mabel and Lesley! =D Let’s hope that my friendship with these 4 people will be strong and everlasting! 

Melissa, Sam, Carmen and Woan Min at Kenny Rogers =). 

f) When A Leow wrote a letter to me during the CC Letter Writing event!  I am very, very happy to receive his letter and I am really sorry that we did not have the chance to communicate much =( ! T.T

A Leow and I =). 

g) When I realize that I still have my best friends in my teenage years with me; Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Ai Leng, Wei Qi, Wei Sy, Zaharah, Kean Jie and Ee Hahn! 

Ai Leng, Ching Yin. 

h) When I received scholarship for my education [For now!! =X ] !!  Thank you God! 

i) When I received a phone call from someone about a story that I have been dying to know but I have forgotten about it after a month or two followed up with some heart to heart talk =)…

j) When Wei Jie got me a lovely Christmas present!!  !!

k) Spending quality time with Wei Jie .

Wei Jie and I at Taman Pertanian =D. Also, my current profile picture on Facebook =D. 

l) This year Christmas and New Year Eve! 

Sam and Wei Jie at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur =D… 

The Saddest Moment

Hmm… There are some saddest moment in 2011 but I think, I would like to keep it to myself as it is something really, really personal to me =P… But anyway, in compensation of that, I will tell you about other saddest moments in the year 2011 =)…

a) 6th March 2011 – The day I came home and wrote a long diary about my day. Back then, I was contemplating on whether should I publish that piece of diary but I guess when the time is right, I will publish it =)…

b) A few days before 6th March 2011 at DTC – Haha! Shit happens! =X

c) The day Ee Jane left for India T.T… You can read all about it here.

The day I said goodbye to Ee Jane T.T =(… 

d) When I lost something really, really valuable to me =(… T.T …

The Most Afraid

a) Haha! This will definitely goes to the day when Wei Jie went to check my Phonetics and Phonology result and thank God, I did rather well so thank you God!! ❤ !!  !!

b) 27th April 2011.

c) Hiked Broga Hill twice and almost died T.T…

Me – Halfway dead =X… 

d) Full dress rehearsal of my traditional Chinese dance performance .___. Ultimate nightmare.

The Angriest

This award will definitely goes to two seniors who are supposed to talk things out with me [In a nice manner] and we ended up arguing with each other. Now, when we walk past each other along the streets, we pretended like as if we do not know each other. To me, I did not lose anything at all but I think you have lost a great team member and most of all, a great friend. But nevertheless, no regrets as usual [] and most of all:

Thank you for allowing me to understand that both of you are probably the most magnanimous and selfless person/leader ever

When no one in this world isn’t selfish, they just TRY to not be selfish =D… I feel so civilized even by just typing this out

The Most Thankfully Surprised

a) When Nano turn up for my 21st birthday and please refer to the link above for my 21st birthday blog post [The Happiest Moment! ].

b) When Alyshia gave me a keychain that she made herself. Thank you so, so much! I really, really do appreciate it a lot! 

Cute right?! =D 

c) When I received 3 dedication gifts from Melissa, Carmen and Woan Min! =D It was a surprise to me because I have never expected myself to receive dedication gifts from all 3 of them!! =D Thank you Melissa, Carmen and Woan Min ❤ ❤ !!

3 dedication gifts from Carmen, Melissa and Woan Min =) =D. 

d) 21st May 2011 =)…

e) When Snow White and the 7 Nerds play went on smoothly and I honestly felt that this play was the best performance of the day!! xD !! =P

Snow White and the 7 Nerds =D. 

f) When someone SMS-ed me just to ask me view their new Facebook album. You made my day! =D And you made me realize that it was a blessing that we did not end up together for now! =P

g) When my traditional Chinese dance performance went on smoothly! =D

Traditional Chinese dance =)… We won the second place! =D 

h) When my AIESEC event [Info Session – An university level event!] went on smoothly! =D

My team and I! =D L-R: Ze Ying, Max, Melissa, Sam, Johnson, Ashilla, Boon Long and Justin! =D 

The Most Tulan [Annoyed]

a) When some people around me do not understand my situation and victimized me in certain ways. The reason I kept quiet wasn’t because I am okay with it but it is because I treasure and value our relationship that I do not want any incident to jeopardize our relationship =|…

b) When someone tried to do something behind me but in the end, someone else told me about it. Anyway, I admire your courage, initiative and determination.

c) When this girl saw me during this event and conveniently said: 哦, 原来是你来的. Dear bitch, just so you know, for now – I exist. 

d) When a STONE was dumped to join me for group work but thank goodness we got rid of the STONE.

e) When I found out that my favourite foundation, lip colour by Elianto and perfume range by The Body Shop has been discontinued! HELLO!! Bring it back!! Bring back my L’oreal True Match mineral foundation [The one with the kabuki brush on top!], my orchid purple lip colour and the whole Oceanus range!! T.T !! Don’t take it away from me!! T______T !!

f) Click here.

g) When UM wifi speed is extremely “fast” and I can connect to it at “anytime” and “anywhere”.

h) When I was consistently annoyed by this overly motivated person .___.

The Most Regretted

Wow! I can’t think up of anything for now! =X !! Yay!!  !!

The Most Stressed 

a) The day before any exam and exam result day T.T !! This two event will forever stress me up! =X

b) When I thought that the little note in the pocket went missing!

c) The last week of my semester 1, year 2! =|

The Most Self-Satisfied

a) Hmm… I think that I mature so much more this year .

b) Slapping in some facts back to some people’s face – like right in their face.

c) This is weird but I really, really am satisfied when I wrote about my saddest moment in my freshman year. It is a post that was not published yet but yea, you will know why when it is published.

d) When I bought my dream handbag for only RM10.00 at Creative [Sunway Pyramid!] =D. One year ago when I saw it, it cost RM80++ [I think so!] and I did not buy it as I don’t think it is worth paying RM80++ for it! =P

The Most Embarrassing

Falling down in Secret Recipe T.T … This is really, really embarrassing T.T… I missed a step and fell straight on my butt then I proceeded to scream TIDAAAAAKKKK loudly. The best part? Everyone in Secret Recipe was staring at me T.T… And my dear woman [Melissa], hesitated for a few seconds; contemplating if she should just walk away [And pretend like she never knew me in the first place T.T ] or help me up but in the end, she helped me T.T…

Hence, the new tagline in 2011 – Tidak ala Secret Recipe style. Now you know =P…

Mel’s expression of – gua tak kenal orang swt. 

The Most Shocked

a) When I found a note =)…

b) When some people just don’t care. Like – don’t care.

c) When Mun Yoke told me that I won an award during AIESEC Recognition Night in which I did not attend due to my busy schedule [Hmm… That is the feeling of being so busy that you didn’t even have the time to go for some award night hahaha!! Pardon me, please allow me to be siao!  ].

The Most Confused

a) The whole month of March and April =|…

b) The conclusion-less talk.

The Most Excited

a) 27th-28th April 2011

b) Sending off my two sisters to their campus! =D

Ferlynne and I in her new room =D…! 

c) Seeing Nano and Pico wearing a dress for the very first time and they both look so beautiful! =D !!

Nano and Pico! =D 


To me, the year 2011 has been a year full of changes [Mostly for the good] and now that I look back, I smiled because I had a great time in 2011. With every hard moment that I went through in 2011, it has taught me to be a better person and I see some new traits in myself that I never thought that it existed in me but nevertheless, I hope it is all for the best! =)

In the year 2011, there are many good changes in me that I feel extremely proud of myself and before the year 2011 ends, I smiled because the year 2011 has been a meaningful year for me =D ! All in all, I hope that the year 2012 will be a much better year than the year 2011 =D !!

Marching On To My Sophomore Year! =D

In a few more days time, when the semester reopens, I will be entering into my sophomore year. I think I am less excited than I am for my freshman year [And all the excitement died off because of the sickening/a waste of my precious time and youth orientation which you can choose to read all about it here again].

To me right now, it is hello course mates, hello lecturers, hello assignments, hello class tests, hello presentations, hello final exam, hello KTM/LRT/RapidKL and most of all, hello University of Malaya! And I have this feeling that this semester is going to be a real busy one so yea, I have pre-written all my post for my absence of 14 weeks or more so hopefully, these pre-written posts will keep you guys entertained if you are still reading my blog =P…

Some ideas given by one of my friends is that, I should write about the moments of my freshman year. Yes, it like exactly like the memes that I have done throughout the years [2008, 2009 and 2010] except this time, I will tell you the full story – releasing one moment of my freshman year one at a time. I think this idea of hers is pretty interesting so thank you Marie Ann! =P

So yea, we have:

a) The happiest moment

The happiest moment of my freshman year definitely will go to my 21st birthday celebration so you can read all about it here so I don’t have to write about it anymore =P.

b) The saddest moment

c) The most afraid 

This will all go to the day before my exam results are released so yea, nothing much to write about xP…

d) The angriest moment

e) The most thankfully surprise moment

This will go to my birthday with Nano turning up on my 21st birthday celebration and yes, you can click on the link on the happiest moment and read all about it there! =P

f) The most tulan [annoyed] moment

g) The most regretted

This will definitely go to me getting 9 signatures from the PM-s during orientation. And yes, this one of my BIGGEST regret ever! >=|

h) The most stressed

This will forever go to the day before all my class tests and final exams so I don’t think you will be any interested =P…

i) The most self-satisfied

j) The most embarrasing

This will probably be about how I fell down at Secret Recipe and uhh, the story is too short to be narrated =X…

k) The most shocked

l) The most confused

m) The most excited

So yea, there will not be any post on the happiest, most afraid, thankfully surprise, regretted, stressed and embarrassing moments. But rest assure, the other moments’ stories are just as good in a way or another ;)… Before the posts of the moments of my freshman year are published, I will probably blog about how I spent my 4 months worth of holidays as well as some other stuff! =D

See you guys again next week! =D !!