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Perempuan Sombong Berambut Merah

When I first met Melissa Khoo, the first impression that she gave me is – SOMBONG and the first impression that I gave her is – BITCH =P. I still remember the first time Melissa tried to talk to me; it was during orientation week and I was dead tired, I couldn’t remember what she said but I think I brushed her away [Because I get cranky when I am tired =P…] so no wonder she further affirms that I am bitchy =P…

Melissa, Jennica, Samantha in our freshman year! =P

The photograph above shows Melissa in her old spectacles and I remember vividly how I happily told her that my mum thinks that her spectacles caused her to look ugly because she asked for my opinion about her spectacles or appearance or something =X. Haha!! xP !! Melissa was taken aback when she heard what I said probably because I was too straight forward and then the whole time during Information Skills class, she was Googling for spectacle frames [I secretly feel guilty because I think I have somewhat hurt her feelings and I was telling myself to think before I speak =P…]…

After some holiday, she started wearing contact lenses. Before she bought contact lenses, I remember her asking me if it hurts wearing contact lenses =X. Honestly, at that time I think that she is insane but I just layan-ed her because I feel that she should get rid of her spectacles and wear contact lenses =P. Wow! I didn’t know that I am that kind although I think I didn’t really like her back then =P [Must find space to praise myself =P!!].

The Melissa Khoo that I knew back then doesn’t wear shorts and mini skirts because of a lot nonsensical [To me that is =P] reasons. From this, I really, really does think that she is really, really insane because to me, it is about the confidence that you have to wear them [Just like red lipstick! =D]. But I am very proud of her because now, she enjoys wearing them a lot! =D

To me, Melissa is one in a million because although she is the top student in class, she is NEVER selfish with her knowledge and tips. Most top students that I know back then, whenever you ask them a question, this is their favourite answer to you:

Actually I don’t really understand also/I also don’t know… [And they actually understand and know A LOT]

SOUNDS FAMILIAR YET? Yes, those are everyone-has-at-least-one-friend who is damn kiasu. Melissa – she is different because even if she doesn’t understand, she will try her best to understand it and get back to you later and this is what I respect about her a lot.

This Leo woman is a great observer [Seriously, you can’t hide anything from her eyes!!] and most of the time, she can see through a person/dissect a person’s sentence =P… So yes, don’t main-main with her or else you will get burn! =P

Apart from that, this is one woman whom will not be caught looking ugly or wearing anything that looks cheap at all [I love it when she eliminates this cheap stone off her life – best decision ever made woman! Well done! =D ]. Get to know her and she’s nice [In fact, she is very, very nice despite this arrogant aura that she carries around with her =P ].

The one thing that I cannot stand about her is her slowness while preparing for class in the morning. Class is at 10am, I will be at her door at 9.45am and she will definitely still be in her pajamas, applying powder/eyeshadow/eyeliner/blusher halfway. I will make my way to sit on her bed and chase her every single morning while she fix her hair, eyes, eyebrow, cheeks, clothes and breakfast. Sometimes when I do get impatient, I will leave her behind and walk to class to hold on to the attendance sheet while she slowly makes her way to class =P…

Like most of my best friends, we both have the same item in our closets because we love the same thing although our liking for certain stuff may differ. In university, I can always count on her to participate in my craziness that now I think, she is pretty immune to it whenever I do something crazy =P…

She enjoys having good food and she will be very depressed if she is deprived of good food =X… So occasionally in university, we will take the bus/taxi ride to any place that offers good food so that we will both feel happier. Food and retail therapy works very well together so if you haven’t try it, go ahead and give it a go! =D

Melissa is also one of the friends that I have in university whom I can be extremely honest/direct/straight forward to. Throughout our friendship, we agree and disagree on many stuff from fashion to friends to life and everything else in between. But no matter what, although we may not agree or understand each other’s opinion and liking, but we will always respect each other’s opinion.

Sometimes, we do run out of topic [Especially gossips =P ] so we ended up entertaining ourselves and she particularly enjoys scribbling on my tissue paper packaging or we ended up taking photographs like this:

This is Melissa and her pink handphone =P

Attempting to recreate the same look as MAZ 2010/2011 but failed =X…

No one wanted to entertain us so we entertained ourselves and we actually love it that way <3. One of the best things in life is finding a friend who is equally as mentally insane as you are to do all the craziest and self-entertaining stuff in the world <3.

Most of the time we would get ourselves into something/courses that make us go:

What did we get ourselves into?!

And yea, as suicidal as it is sometimes, the very next moment, you will see us doing it again. Well, simply because we are crazy and wanted to make the best out of our craziness. What I am glad is that so far, I have totally enjoyed this awesome and total craziness that we went through together <3.

All in all, I am extremely glad to have this Perempuan Sombong Berambut Hitam Merah in my university life for now. I am glad that our friendship blossomed although I really, really do not like you back then [Hahaha!!! Your muka is seriously very sombong but then my muka is not any better than yours =P]… Well I guess this proves the Malay saying of tak kenal maka tak cinta =P.

Anyway woman, thank you for the two years of awesome friendship and still counting [For now!]. Here, wishing you a very…

Happy 22nd Birthday! =D


The Most Youthful Girl

There is a girl in my life whom I have always wished her simplicity in her life. I have always wished that her life will always be smooth, happy, simple and most of all, awesome. This girl, is my youngest sister.

Cassandra and I at her current hostel. 

Everyone says that we look alike – just like twins. But whenever I look at her, I think we just share the same smile and nothing else. She has nicer and fairer skin as compared to me, nicer nose, nicer body shape, nicer legs, nicer fingers, better brain but I have prettier eyes and nicer hair =P… And as we grow up, people are still telling me that we look alike. Will you even believe it that my roomie Vivian, when she first saw my photo with Cassandra, she thought that she is my twin sister =X…

Cassandra and I- That is my white overcoat and dress she is wearing! 

Although we may look alike, but our liking and personality differ. She is patient, I am impatient. She likes science and I hated science with all my life. She has a liking for Korean bands and I don’t find Korean bands fascinating in any way yet. I love Lee Hom and she thinks that I am crazy because once I dreamed that I was Lee Hom’s wife! xD !

Cassandra, Wei Jane during their Form 5 graduation day. 

We both went to the same kindergarten, primary school and secondary school. But because she is much more hardworking than I am in Form 5, she managed to secure herself a JPA scholarship to study medicine and I went to Form 6 and had the time of my life when I was 18. But what I don’t like is, she has nicer graduation robes for her Form 5 graduation ceremony and I was stuck with that shit green robes from KHS and wore it again for my Form 6 graduation [Nano, faster say something about this!! T____T ].

Cassandra in the middle in National Service =). 

And both us were selected for National Service and even went to the same camp and came back with extra weight hanging around our body =P. I am very glad that she enjoyed herself in National Service just as how I enjoyed mine. Her National Service experience wasn’t as dramatic as mine but I think it has helped her with her self confidence and communication skills a lot and for this, I feel extremely proud of her! =) Because we both came out from National Service with a boost of self confidence and improved communication skills =D.

Cassandra, Ferlynne. 

Now that she is already in college, once she came home and we had this nice conversation:

Cassandra: Jie, you got any new pencil case? =D *Bat eyelashes* 

Me: -_-… Err… WHY? O.O… 

Cassandra: Because my pencil case looks old, not nice already. So I need a new one =D *Bat eyelashes* 

Me: O.o… Are you… eyeing on my new RM5 pencil case? You are not having it! You can have my black one there, still looks as good as new! =D 

Cassandra: Too bulky. Never mind la. 

Me: -_-… You can get nice pencil case for RM5 inside Sunway. Walk to Sunway la after your class and stop robbing my stuff! =|

Cassandra: [In a very noble and innocent voice] Oh. I don’t like to waste money… 

And I told myself – what a noble thought and she continued saying:

Because I like to use your stuff. And it’s free and I don’t have to buy! =D 

-____-… How very, very, very “noble”!!

Cassandra inside Sunway College Multi-Purpose Hall. The hall that I was in 4 years ago for a Mathematics Quiz =X. 

Ever since she left for college, she robbed a lot of my stuff. First she broke my hairband and I still fail to find a replacement for it. Secondly, I have been using this pocket mirror for a year plus and she borrowed it from me and broke into pieces 3 days later. Thirdly, she robbed my toiletries basket, shoes, bags and clothes to her hostel =|… And I don’t even know which shoe and clothes went missing because I will not be using them so soon. Not to forget, there is a printer on top of my computer and that printer went missing last week.

Cassandra: Jie, your toiletries basket is super useful. I am not returning it to you anymore. You buy yourself a new one la. And then right Jie, you have this small nice green bag right? Can I borrow since you will not be using it so soon? I know you have many other bags so I can take the green bag hor? 

-_-… That how she robbed my stuff @___@… And Dad blamed me for influencing her to have a fashion parade around campus. She is born like that, so you cannot simply point your finger at me T______T… *Halo appears* =P…

Cassandra, Ferlynne, Samantha. 

No matter what, she is always my youthful youngest sister who shares the same bright smile as me. And just to let you know, if I could – I will straighten my hair [You can start rolling your eyes now =P ] and flip it in front of you =P. Nevertheless, stay beautiful, smart and youthful as always! =D

Happy 18th Birthday and I love you! <3 ~! =D 

The Rat Turns 20

The Rat officially turns 20 last week =P And it has been 9 years since we knew each other and 9 years ago seems so far away; us in dark blue uniforms with me running away from her back then with her running into my class opening my school bag and shouting out my name loudly like nobody business.

Almost every year Ee Jane had a party to celebrate her birthday and I must say, it is because of her party that all of us [Our Convent friends] get to sit down, eat and catch up a little with each other’s life as we don’t see each other everyday anymore.

The party is an amazing one with just a few best friends! 🙂 Sometimes, I think we don’t need to have a BIG party with A LOT of people but to just have a party with great conversations with our best friends. It is the moment that matters the most, not the number of people that attended your party; or at least, that is how I feel =P.


American apple pie fillings.

This year is the very first time where I don’t get a big headache thinking what to get for our birthday girl! Fuyoh, usually I’ll think and think and think and think and think and think until I can go crazy! So woman, I hope you love them and make good use of them !

And of course, thank you Wen Yee, Defphane, Ah Lui, Ai Leng, Wei Qi and Wei Sy for sharing the present together!

Now we all know why the pie is so delicious :D.

The hardworking girls =P.

While Min Wen, Wen Yee and Ee Jane are at the back doing work, I’m sitting on the table eating with the two handsome boys :D… No la, I am not lazy just that I got a headache la you know! The weather is so hot that it it adds on the hotness to such a hot person like me T.T Sorry please ignore my crappy and vain moment =P.

And after that, I don’t know what happen because I went up and napped a while because my headache was uhh… rather unbearable.

Defphane the expert helping the birthday girl to put on eyeliner.

I tell you what, I am always the last, as in LAST. The last to arrive in whatsoever event and even if I am early/the first, something will happen and I will be the last again T.T Just like at Ee Jane’s party this year, among all her friends, I am the FIRST one to arrive.

Ah Lui checking out her ex-Ah Pa new phone.

Then right, when everyone arrive already, I haven’t even bathe yet so in the end, I am the LAST one to walk down and enjoy the food. Where got such thing one T.T !!!!!!!!!!! Wait la next time I will come all prepared and I shall be the first and the next time shall be umm… when the time comes, I shall announce it loudly on my blog then all of you can congratulate me for being the first one to officially arrive thank you.

Ai Leng helping Ee Jane with the blusher.

When I saw Defphane and Ai Leng helping Ee Jane out with her make up, I remember this very, very embarrassing incident that happened to me once at Mid Valley Sasa outlet. I walked in and look at the products, wondering why are there so many types of stuffs and find them so confusing, then a sales assistant [SA] came and asked me questions.

SA: Hello miss! Welcome to Sasa! May I help you?

Me: Err just looking around thanks .

SA: Do you want to know more about our new foundation? *Holding up a small bottle*

Me: No, I don’t want to know Sasa’s history.

SA: Err… This one *Shows me the small bottle*

Me: What’s this?!

T.T…………………….. You know, she must be having a nice time laughing at me after I left because I thought that she wanted to tell me how Sasa was newly founded and I was thinking why is she so weird somemore but actually, I’m the weird one.

My favourite food of the day =P.

Yee Sang! =P If you know which ingredients of the Yee Sang that I like the most, then you indeed know me very, very well =P !

It’s quite strange to two candles on the cake.

From L-R: Me, Ee Jane’s mum, Ching Yin, Wen Yee, Ai Leng, Defphane.

Ee Jane must be so happy until she need to close her eyes in this photo. Too terharu la you know =P.

Will everyone look at Ching Yin’s expression?! =P Haha! If you all want to know, after we sung Ee Jane’s birthday song, the two kids blew her candles out. The boy blew one and the girl blew one.

I’m very proud of myself for being able to snap all this priceless photos =P.

The beautiful birthday girl with her cake!

Ah Lui and Ah Ma =P Can see or not my Ah Lui is wearing a Donald Duck T-shirt? =P

Wen Yee and I!

Jong Wei and Defphane got their belated present as well. A beanie for Jong Wei and a nice black and white bracelet for Defphane from Ai Leng and Ee Jane!

Act cool.

Pico and The Cow.

Ai Leng and Ee Jane, hah that must be how she bullies my Ee Jane everyday in hostel when I’m not there with her!!!

Ai Leng and her achievement of successfully scooping up a perfect round ice-cream after God knows how many times she tried.

Imagine me on the weighing machine and imagine me shrieking.

And we must figure out a way to keep fit.

And it seems like exercise is the only way but I don’t exercise so if you want some fats and weight, I can give you. Contact me… NOW!!!

Because she looks so beautiful !

Pico and Nano are not called twins for no reason

Torturing Porkie. Yes Ah Lui! Your Ah Pa came!!

He enjoys it =P!

That’s me helping Porkie to wear his birthday present [From Ee Jane, Ai Leng and I] on his wrist =P. Don’t you love it?! =P


Porkie looks so appreciative and I looks so… cute .

Porkie trying to braid my hair but failed. You know ah this photo, I saw own eyelashes and it looks quite obvious! I was so happy that I zoomed in to the maximum just to stare at my own eyelashes. I am just so terharu that my eyelashes actually looks quite long because I always thought that they are short.

Forgive me my dearest eyelashes and do grow longer. *Sayang my own eyelashes*

Ah Lui, if your friends ask you why are you so sampat you can show them this photo .

Pico, Nano and The Cow malas nak layan Porkie and I.

Uhh…….. *Skips*

My preciiiiiiiiiiooooooous!


No la, play play only one. Lee Hom if you are reading this , I love you more than I love Porkie !!

I don’t know who decorated Porkie until like this =P.

I tell you what, all the guys who entered a room which have majority girls will suffer nicely. The last time at Ai Leng’s birthday party, Weng Chiew was decorated upside down like a Christmas tree and now Porkie =P.

Beautiful girls !

My Ee Jane and I!

Porkie and I going home together =P.

The beautiful birthday girl !


Dearest Ee Jane,

I wanted to tell you that you looks very, very, very beautiful on your birthday but didn’t say so because don’t want you to prasan so much la you know =P. But never mind, it’s good to let you know now! 😀

I hope you love your birthday presents this year and may all your birthday wishes come true this year! 😀 Though we don’t see each other everyday anymore or even to understand each other’s situation very much anymore, but still you are always and forever one of the bestest friend that I ever have in life and…


[18th February]



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My Sister

When you have something, you’ll never appreciate it till you lose it. Yea, this statement is very true. When we have something, we’ll never appreciate it and when we don’t have it, we’ll envy others.

In life, most of my friends have siblings and sometimes, we complain about our siblings and when we argue with them, we will wish that they would disappear and not appear in front of us anymore though deep down, we don’t mean it at all.

Ferlynne is my younger sister and she is also the most serious one among the three of us. Just like Cassandra, when she was young I never once took notice of her and in fact I think I’ve ignored her my whole life because it’s like this:

I wake up, I see you.

I go to school, I see you.

I come home to have lunch, I see you.

I take a nap, you are beside me.

When I wake up, you are either beside me or standing by the door screaming at me to wake up and have my dinner.

When I am bathing, I hear your voice talking outside or you are sitting on the bed, reading some magazines or listening to music.

When I want to sleep, you are on the same bed as me.

When I wake up, I see you AGAIN!

It was till I went for National Service and gosh, that was when I began to miss all of them including her. I miss the way she would wake me up in the morning for school and get pissed off with me when I am slow and late and I miss the way she will glare at me when I piss her off by playing the same music the whole day on my computer and especially songs that are very, very slow and sad hahahahahahaha! 😀

So after National Service, it was when I learn how to appreciate her presence in my life.

Cake from Secret Recipe- Pecan Butterscotch.

We have been in the same school ever since kindergarten and now, she is too in Kajang High School. When she first arrived, I introduced her to almost all my friends and you know what, menyesal saya introduce dia! Because, like this:

Case 1

Me: Eh this is my sister!! *Big grins*

Ferlynne: *Probably feeling awkward*

LeiKen: Ooo, don’t looks like you hehe!

Me: Pretty right?! 😀

LeiKen: Yea, prettier than you *Grins*

Me: -______- I hate you LeiKen! T.T

LeiKen: *Grins*

Case 2

Ferlynne and I were in the class because we skipped assembly la 😀 Then Tiam Foo, Wei Siang, Soon Seng and Soon Peng were in class as well but they paid no attention to us because they are busy talking.

After Ferlynne left…

Wei Siang: Eh just now that girl ah, who is that? Your friend or cousin?

Me: My sister la!


Me: Introduce before already la!

Tiam Foo: Ya la, told you all before already that her sister is prettier than her.


Soon Peng: You… You should introduce to me! *Straightens his tie* I’m still single *Beams*

Me: -____________-… Fine. Fine. =|

Whenever I introduce her as my sister, people will stare at us and they doubt if we are ever siblings because we don’t look alike at all and even our personality are the opposite though our horoscopes are compatible hahaha! =P

After I pick my clothes for shopping or whatever, I’ll seek her for advice and in return, she’ll hunt for accessories from the little cabinet where I keep all my accessories when she needed one. So we help each other la that’s the conclusion 😀 Haha!

Whenever I go shopping with her, it’s like this:

Me: Ooooooo, look at that pretty dresssss! *Shining eyes*

Ferlynne: See the price first.

Me: *Flips price tag* Oh so expensive; RM200++.

Ferlynne: Don’t buy and don’t try. Go see other things better.

Me: -_-… =(

Ferlynne: What? Not like you try already you can buy right?!

Haih, if I go alone ah, I’ll try for fun =P Haha!

Both of us have difference liking for clothes though we share all our clothes. She dresses appropriately for every event and always ensures that she doesn’t overdress in any way. And I am the opposite, I try my best to dress up appropriately but if I happen to overdress, I will just go, oh why everyone wear until so simple and completely ignore everything and continue to have fun :D…

She is the most humble one among the three of us and she will never go out looking untidy and she is always very presentable; something which I have to learn =D… Haha! She enjoys watching movie and listening to music and hates it when I zoom to the maximum on her ugly photos just to laugh at her 😀

Photo hot and fresh from the oven today: The Cake Murderer.

Once in National Service, a question was asked in class which made everyone thought about it for the whole time in class. The question is, have we ever let our family know that we love them? Some people are egoistical in nature and will never let people that they care about them or love them with all they have.

And sadly, I happen to be one of them. I never like or wanted people to know that I care or love them. Initially I couldn’t figure out why but later on, someone in camp told me that it was ego and now, I accept that answer.

I’ve tried my best to change and to not be egoistical and I’ve learn how to show people that I do care and love them with all I have. And actually, letting the other party know that you do care and love actually do strengthen relationships :)…

So dearest Ferlynne…




Dearest Nano

Today’s post is specially dedicated to the birthday girl today [24th September] who goes by the name Meow Nano Wei Qi!! 😀

Nano says hie! 😀

Wei Qi and I had never been in the same class at all ever since Year 1 till Form 5. Yea I know, what a thing to happen. I only remember seeing Wei Qi and Wei Sy [Yes Nano’s twin!!] in primary school tying two ponytails together to school and everywhere they go, they hold hands [Aww!] but at that time, I don’t know their names [Sorry la =P, we are not in the same class and I was just in Year 1 =P So I’m so shy haha!!]

Nano’s twin, Wei Sy.

The only memory that I remember about Wei Qi in primary school is that we only know each other because of Moral class and after that, I remember talking to her in Year 4 and then, I don’t remember anything anymore because at that time, she is insignificant in my life.

Look at her waist!! 😀 😀

The next thing I knew was, we are in secondary school and this is when Ee Jane and I officially became inseparable and this is when, Ee Jane and I created our own world and are officially stuck in our own world and no one else exist anymore to the extend I only realized that I was in the same Moral class [We went over to their class] as Wei Qi and Wei Sy and they both sat in front of Ee Jane and I in FORM 3 [That’s like the 3rd year we are in the same class for Moral].

Woof and Meow.

So Ee Jane and I obviously did not bother about the existent of Wei Qi and Wei Sy but we refer them as THE TWINS so we never actually call them by their name =P. And so, we went on to Form 4 and Wei Qi, Wei Sy and I are in different class again. Their class is just next to mine but the thing is, I never wanted to bother them. If I see them anywhere, I’ll just wave or say hie and then just walk away.

Nano rajin-ing in class.

The only thing that I remember about Wei Qi and Wei Sy is, when I pass by their class to go to the toilet, they are ALWAYS SLEEPING! Yes, I pass by the class 100 times, 100 times also they are sleeping! Yes, yes, facing the same direction and with the same pose and it’s amazing how they still score in exams and until today, Wei Qi is still the same [Not sure about Wei Sy though =p] and come, I show you my collection of her sleeping photos.

In Lower 6.

During karaoke. Don’t ask me how can she sleep there ah.

During boring Monday assemblies.

Sleeping on the way back to school from the PA Seminar here. Photo by Jason Sim.

Sleeping during the PA Seminar break. And that’s my muka bangun tidur -____- SIN YEE! HOW CAN YOU!!!

Sleeping while playing bowling.

There are more photos [I’m sure of it:D] but I think I’ve overlook them in my folders so never mind! Those photos above are already enough to prove that she sleeps EVERYWHERE at ANYTIME! 😀

Nano playing UNO in class while copying Maths 2 notes.

And then in Form 5, this is when Wei Qi and I got closer a little bit [Yes, a little bit] to each other. Because she asked me to find her a pen pal [Some Queen’s Guide exam] and I suggested my cousins who were at Singapore and later I figure out that my cousins would not have the time to bother actually so I offered to be her fake pen pal from Singapore and that is when we started E-mailing each other [HAHAHA!] and I remember I was so lazy to reply her because I don’t know what to write about la [I only know Singapore got the nice mega sales =P]

Muka Nano masa bercakap =P

After that, blah blah blah, I don’t remember talking to her anymore. Ah I REMEMBER ALREADY!! She was the ERT Club President and then Ee Jane and I quitted ERT Club because of some unfair stuffs that happened in the club. No, it has nothing to do with Wei Qi at all and I don’t think Wei Qi even knows about it =P [Yea, she’s gonna ask me now! Haha!]

From L-R: Wei Sy, Wen Yin, Wei Qi. Her old life back in Convent as one of the Girl Guides Committee Member.

So, after SPM, I didn’t bother about her anymore and in fact, I don’t even remember her actually because of some personal reasons [So don’t ask but it has nothing to do with Wei Qi or Wei Sy or any of my close friends]. In fact, I never expect to see her again on the first day of orientation.

Hahaha! 😀

After orientation, I went back to National Service for two weeks and after two weeks, when I came to KHS officially for Form 6, I remember she was smiling and waving to me and deep down in my heart, I was very [Yes, very] reluctant to talk to her and layan her actually because of the same aforementioned personal reasons.

I still remember our first conversation ever in KHS is this:

Wei Qi: Eh!! You also come Form 6 ah?! *Excited face*

Me: Yah 🙂 Haha…

Wei Qi: Which class you wanna enter?

Me: Physics.

Wei Qi: I’m in Physics class also *Excited smile* My class is 6BE, Sim also same class as me. Remember ah, tell the teacher you want 6BE la if possible!

Me: Sim?! As in SIM SIN YEE?! [Was on super bad terms with Sin Yee at the end of Form 5 till early Form 6] And  Physics got how many classes ah?

Wei Qi: Ya. Sim Sin Yee. Why? Got 2 classes.

Actually deep down I was making a mental note like this :

Tell the teacher I don’t want 6BE if I am put into 6BE.

Me: Oh nothing la haha… Okay, will try to but I don’t think so la. Hey, gotta go find the teacher in charge. See ya…

Wei Qi: Ah okay la. Hopefully same class la! *Happy smile*

And deep down I was thinking:

God save me. Different class please!!

True enough, my wish was granted and I was put in a different class [Which I thanked God that day itself!] and God knows how I was transferred to their class and then blah blah blah [We’ll save this for some other day, or else we are gonna off topic for sure].

*Nano is gonna go ->  CIS! EARLY KNOW AH, I DON’T LAYAN YOU AT ALL!

I was just plainly pissed off on my first day of being transferred out of 6BF to 6BE because of the aforementioned personal reason and Wei Qi was happily striking up a conversation with me and actually, I don’t really want to talk to her. In fact, when I see she and Sin Yee, I am just plainly very annoyed and made up my mind to never talk to them or anyone else at all.

Later on, I realized that Wei Qi is uhh, quite nice :D… So that’s when I began to change my point of view towards her and in fact, she was the one and only  sole reason why I did not change stream =) [Yea, you can be proud of this! :D]

Hahaha! She looks so cuteee! 😀

And so, we aren’t exactly very close to each other last year but then, okay la. We only became super close in Upper 6! 🙂 When we are in Upper 6, it was only then I felt really, really close to her =) Before that, it was just this acknowledgment that I am close to her but there wasn’t this feeling you know =P Haha!

Upper 6 is the year where I really, really enjoyed myself with her. You know, I’ve never once expect myself to be close to her and to feel attached to her as well and what’s more, I don’t even expect her to be one of the best-est friend that I ever had in life.

Aww… What a loving sister! 😀

Wei Qi is this girl full with smiles and laughter and is a very friendly girl as well 🙂 She doesn’t give up easily [In fact, I’ve never seen her giving up] and she always try to DO HER BEST in whatever she’s doing and would want it to be fruitful and beautiful. Even if people don’t appreciate it, she’ll just let out a sigh and say, never mind la and then she’ll forget about it.

She is very hardworking and enjoys saving the environment by squeezing all her work into tiny tiny handwriting that you have to squint your eyes to read -_- Oi, write and draw bigger la LIKE ME, BIG and CLEAR!

See how she squeeze her handwriting!!

Wei Qi is also the smallest size and smartest girl in our class [Hence the name Nano- Inspired by Praki Boy presentation on nanotechnology] and also the second blurest person after Ai Leng. Wei Qi has always been there for me through all my ups and downs and I ensured that she is in every competition that I represented the school so that we can both work together and go to the same place together and not feel bored 😀


I remember vividly that we both joined the blog competition for the PRS this year and we stayed up late night till 2am just to get it done [And not being appreciated somemore!!!]. We went through the desperate moments of sticking photos of our friends on the missing AJK-s photos [HAHAHA!] and I desperately created reports and posted up fake photos [Photos which are not PRS activities but class/school activities] and pretended as if the PRS in our school are super active [Thank God for my super crapping ability].

Her table.

When I got into trouble in school, she was there constantly supporting me and asking after me and even offered to help me which I am extremely grateful for because she is the only one who offered to. She turns up to school everyday after 7.20am and is the slowest one to walk to the canteen/toilet/pack her bag.

The Nano!! 😀

Wei Qi had made my life in KHS much more meaningful, happier and better 🙂 I cannot imagine life in KHS without her at all, life’s gonna be so unbearable!! 😀 Wei Qi is definitely a friend that everyone would love to have [NO! SHE’S MINE! :D]. She is jovial, caring in many ways and very honest as well! 🙂 She will always to be fair in her judgment but she is a very indecisive person =|…

Her kangaroo keychain that everyone loves to kidnap =p

The song No Matter by Angel will always remind me of Wei Qi because she used it as her handphone ringtone and is crazy over that song for a period of time 😀 She is also the one in school whom I confide all my secrets to and she is also the one in school, who understands me the most 🙂

Among all my girl friends in KHS, she is the only one who is willing to do crazy poses in public with me and pose for my Baby Ixus so that I can have something to blog about =p And she is the one, whom I have tonnes of her random photos in my camera to plot up a scandal [One day you are gonna thank me for all the photos okay!] 😀 Hahaha!!

Wei Qi is definitely one of the friend whom I would want to hold on to my whole life/next life and she is also one of my best-est friend whom I’ve held closely to my heart and life. Though I know we’ll never end up in the same university and course [We have different interest], but I know, we’ll always be best-est friend and remember each other and all the sweetest memories that we’ve shared together in Form 6 [Though life’s hell in Form 6].

She is mystery gift from God to me, because I’ve never once wanted to take her as my close friend but now, I know why am I in Form 6 🙂 And Wei Qi is also like a sister to me [They say best friends are siblings that God has forgotten to give us] and she is one of the friends that had filled my life with sunshine and rainbow and will always be the one I’ll keep closely to my memory, life and heart forever 🙂

The cartoon version of Nano and I!! 😀 I edited until very susah one okay!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me! 🙂 I hope, I’ve been a wonderful friend to you too! [Albeit, causing awkward moment for you on the 10th September 2009] =p

And here I am, with all my heart, full with love and care, I wish you a very…

Happy 19th Birthday! :D

~HUGS~! 😀

P/S: Yay! I’m the FIRST to wish Nano Happy Birthday on the phone and SMS!! =D 😀 =P


I have two younger sisters. My youngest sister name is Cassandra. She is born on the 4th of August 1993. In which, when she was born, I was just 3 years old and I don’t remember much of her existence in my life then. Perhaps, it was either my memory didn’t really store her in, or I was just in my own world with my Barbie Dolls :D…

Baby Cassandra.

I remember then, when I was young, I don’t know much about her eventhough she is my sister, even when I am in Form 3, I still think that she is a baby who cries and whines like nobody business and thus, I don’t remember talking much to her or even asking for her help.

Love pink!

I just live in my own world and she lives in her own world. I never understand her much or even really bother much about her existence at home [Except when we are playing games together]. It was until when I am in Form 4, where Zaharah came running in the class and shouted to me:


And I said, yes, yes, why?!

She replied:

OH MY GAWD! I CALLED HER SAM! SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOU! And you stupid, stupid! You didn’t tell me that you have another sister!!

Obviously, I was shocked and when she reached home in the evening, I took a look at her and it was then, I realize the similarity in our face features. Yea, she is the mini and prettier version of me according to most of my friends.

You know, to me, the youngest will always remain as the youngest at home. And today, she is 16 and I am 19. She was at the age where I began to notice and care more about her existence in life. But until today, I still think there is always a gap between the both of us. In fact, I felt like, I always had this gap with my two sisters. Maybe it was because, I don’t really mix with them at home.

At home, Ferlynne and Cassandra are always together and I am always in my own world. They will be behind me watching some Korean music videos or movies or dramas or discussing about something which I don’t understand at all and I’ll be in front of the computer, blogging, editing photos, chatting, writing stories, surfing the net or listening to music.

We have different likings. They cannot stand my songs and I cannot stand their songs.

Soo Min, Cassandra, Wei Jane

Most of the time outside, she is a quiet person with very little word and wala, when she’s at home, she talks a lot to Ferlynne like nobody business and both of them will discuss about their Korean boy and girl bands and I will ignore them and never understand what are they talking about because they use some Korean words as well.

Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan

To sum it all up, she is the most intelligent and photogenic one among the three of us. And she leads a very simple life. Her life just revolves around herself, close friends, family and her likings and rarely gets angry with people and most of the time, if she gets angry with you, it will just be temporary.

My dress!

She cares a lot about her appearance and has a very high ego within herself eventhough we don’t see it! Don’t try to hurt her ego or else you will result in her hating you for a rather long time =P, mind you, she’s not very forgiving when you hurt her ego.

She is different from me in the sense that, when she goes out, she tries to be as simple as possible and she picks her clothes in just 5 minutes when I can spend 5 hours searching for the perfect one. I am a perfectionist by nature and she is uhh, not really of a perfectionist.

The teddy bear that she sleeps with every night and that’s my pink ribbon!!

There is once, Ferlynne and Cassandra decided to conduct an experiment on me by tearing a piece of paper and putting it on the floor where I CAN SEE IT.

Me: *Walks in the room after refilling water*

Ferlynne & Cassandra: *Minding their own business*

Me: *Picks up the paper* Why you all simply throw pieces of paper on the floor?! Don’t know how to pick up one ah?! *Grumbles*

And both of them burst out laughing and started saying,

See I told you! She cannot tahan little little things on the floor one!! *Laughs*

And the next accidental experiment was, Cassandra left the cupboard door open and I was ultimately frustrated.

Me: EH! You didn’t close the cupboard door ah?!*Frustration level-45%*

Cassandra: Ah yes. I think so *Reading a book*

Me: Later all the lipas masuk then you know. Then they will create holes on the clothes. You ah, got no brains one ah. Open already then close la! *Frustration level-90%*

Cassandra: Orh.

Me: -_________________________________- *Frustration level-101%*

So, they know it’s easy to torture my mind, simply by just putting things not in place, that is enough to irritate me.

One of her birthday present from Wei Jane. Homemade okay! 😀

When we are young, anything girlish and pinkish looking will all automatically belongs to her and until today, I never like to ask her opinion because her answer is always:

Okay la.

Not okay also she say okay. So, she will always jump in frustration whenever we refuse to listen to her opinion [She gives lousy opinion that’s why!].Whenever she says something silly, she will always giggle there by herself and give you the huge grin that makes you feel like slapping her if you are annoyed with her.

If you ever wonder how will I looks like if I were to act cute, you can just… look at her =| The cuter, mini-er and prettier version of me =D. Haha! I don’t act cute anyway.

But of course, without her existence at home or in my life, life would have been duller and boring because there will be no one to annoy me from time to time by being paranoid over stupid things which makes you feel like slapping your forehead and though, I can never talk to her about feelings, because she never understands and will never understand, but still, we still complain about certain things to each other.

Ferlynne and Cassandra with Cassandra’s this year birthday present from Wei Jane, Soo Min, Melissa and Yean Lee.

We may not spend all the time we have together but, we sleep beside each other every night and attend the same kindergarten, primary and secondary school except, her results are of flying colours.

Happy Bela ted Birthday!

Today And The Hebdomad

As mentioned in the previous post, I will blog about exams this week! But then, there are more interesting events of my life that takes place this week, so I’ll push the post about exams next week and the post about the skeleton thingy to the week  after next.



Eddie says hie!!

Sin Yee runs away from my camera -_-

Prakash is in a good mood  because we had our PAC [Program Anak Cemerlang, don’t ask me why is it called PAC ’cause I don’t even know why] until 9am and therefore, first two period of lesson skipped [Woohoo! No Chemistry!  Eh, don’t tell Madam Chang ah ]


Haha! Today the Tae Kwan Do club entertained us with their demonstration although they messed up the front part a little.

Spot Meow!

Don’t know what’s his name, Wai Ken, Kean Jie, Wei Qi [Meow!!], Don’t know this guy, Show Ling

Kean Jie in action!! 😀

Meow in action! 😀 MEEEOOOOOWWWW!

I like this photo 😀

The Effect Of Learning Too Much Maths

Question: Prove that Wei Qi is The Real Meow and hence, show that The Real Meow fall in the range of belligerence and mildness.


She bully innocent girls.

And tried to kick her even when she has done nothing wrong.

And still intend to kick her even when the poor girl is already hurt.

And is satisfied with herself. [Q.E.D/Proven]

By using Picture Number 4, the woman behind is smiling, therefore, the above photos are for illustration purpose for me to answer the above questions.

Therefore, Wei Qi is The Real Meow and fall in the range of belligerence and mildness.

Marks allocation: 12/12

Comments: Good job!

Oh. My. Gawd. LLC. Will. Be. So. Proud. Of. Me! ._.


And the most interesting event of the week is KHS 90th Birthday!! Therefore, they have a carnival in conjuction of that and it was held on April’s Fool! [There is a big joke behind it and it will reveal later!]

This carnival is very different from all the carnivals that I’ve been to. Mainly it is because, I used to just walk around the carnivals while listening to music and buying food and then, go home.

But this time, the Form 6 are the facilitator for the games. We have to organise a game [each class one game] and explain to the kids on how they should play the game.

The photos will do all the talking now! 🙂

My class organised the sponge, pail and water game! 😀

We even have to fill up the water in the pail for them okay.

Squeeze!! 😀

Some games by 6AD.

Kean Jie and Wei Qi! 😀

Kamal, Sam, Jason.

Sage cutting apples!! 😀

Slurrrp! Watermelons! Tembikai! 😀

He went around selling mineral water from 7.30am till 12.30pm and kept on shouting:


I’m sure that he studied his Pengajian Perniagaan the day before .

KHS Rihanna male version 😀

Stalls! 😀

The Find The Sweets In Flour game by 6AG.

KHS Rihanna wannabe contest.

Mine 😀

Wei Qi’s 😀

Sin Yee’s 😀

Meow complained that her nasi lemak egg is extra small, sambal, ikan bilis, cucumber and kacang are extremely little. Meow, they don’t like you that’s why! Hahaha!

Happy Sam! 😀 Photo by Wei Qi!! 😀

Hak Seh Wui [Ahli kongsi gelap] meeting.

Puan Fam, Leong, Eric [Is that his name?!] and Jason picnicking! 😀

Kean Jie preparing for his ballet performance! Eh, no la, Tae Kwan Do 😀

We tried to take a photo of our jumping shadows =S

KHS Tae Kwan Do advertisment! 😀

Chen Wai and I! Look at my face!! It’s the best indicator to show how hot the weather is! And he is perfectly cool because he didn’t go under the sun! ._.


And we pranked Prakash on April’s Fool. Like this, Matthew was bugging us [Sin Yee, Wei Qi, Yan Yee and I] to dedicate a song for 50 cents. So we refuse. And he kept on bugging us non-stop until an idea sparked up in my mind to prank Prakash :D.

To: Beautiful Samantha [6AF]

From: Prakash [6AE]

Song: E019 [Crush by David something something]

Message: All this while I have a crush on you. Really, I love you for disturbing me everyday.

Idea by Samantha.

Paid by Sin Yee.

Supported by Meow Wei Qi.

And we waited anxiously for our song turn by ensuring that Prakash is always at the 6AE station and constantly listening to the music eventhough we hate that particular song.

Finally, the DJ [Harvinth], reads it this way:

Okay, this song is from SAMANTHA to PRAKASH with the message bla bla bla…

We are all like whatttttttttt?! And Prakash didn’t hear it somemore! So I ran to the DJ and told him to reread it again and he calls me crazy for dedicating a song to myself -____-


Prakash happy face! And Prakash, thank you for the song !! Well, he was shocked la of course and kept on defending himself that he didn’t dedicate a song to me with such a message.

Haih, Prakash, don’t la be so shy!


At the end of the day, Pui Yee, Ai Wei And Soon Peng decided to compete among themselves for the pail, water and sponge game.

Pui Yee. Pui Yee and Ai Wei are a team 😀

Soon Peng!

Pui Yee and Ai Wei won in the end! Not because they have 2 person in a team la. Because a girl poured away Soon Peng’s water a little each time he ran back to the pail! Haha! And poor Soon Peng didn’t even know that his water was poured away until we told him about it!


And finally, the villain of the day:

The flour villain.

Victim #1, Sin Yee

Victim #2, Wei Qi.

The flour villain and victim #3.

The flour villain’s plan backfired when he tried to attack victim #4, Sharon 😀

Moral of the story: What goes around comes around .


And the best photo of the day…

There is always light in every dark situation! 😀

And lastly,