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40 Seconds Love Story

I am still here. I have not disappeared from blogging but rather, I have too many posts which I deemed as too personal to be shared. However, I have been reading back my old blog posts and I must say, it was a journey on its own for myself! I have laughed, felt how negatively I felt at a few points and most importantly, I actually said:

Good job for saying that into his/her face. 

As you can/may guess it, I have forgotten a lot of which happened back then. At times, halfway through reading, I muttered:

Didn’t I say anything to slap this idiot back in his/her face?? 

And when I did, I was pleased. Lol. Memang tak serik-serik saya. Also, this shows how much I have changed. Got la. Not much. So I guess for now I am pretty constant. Hahaha! Anyway, today’s topic is about my 40 seconds love story. Saddest part? Probably the shortest love story ever. Happiest part? My heart fluttered for a second.


One evening on 21st September 2016, I was in front of my computer writing my thesis while going crazy. Then, my phone rang. I looked at it and I didn’t recognize the number on my phone.

Me: Hello? *Praying it’s not someone I know whose number I happily deleted by accident* 

Caller: Hello Sam?

At this point, my heart fluttered for a second. DUDE VOICE SOUNDED DAMN NICE. IT’S CRAZY. I KNOW. And I panicked because anyone who calls me Sam are probably people who know me well/close enough to me and like can be super offensive la if I really didn’t save/deleted their numbers. I was thinking to myself which of my guy friend has such a nice voice? The last person I knew who has such nice voice has been disowned by me for now.

Me: Yes?

Caller: Sam??

Me: Yes? Who are you? *Damn blatant hahaha but I really don’t know who it is!* 

Caller: *Laughs* This is Jeff here. Are you still in the office? *Dude probably thinks I am pulling his leg* 

Me: Excuse me? Jeff?

I was like what office, I am at home! Anyway, I actually clicked and typed on my Facebook search bar – JEFF, only to see a whole list of people I don’t remember/know. I got confused and panicked. Who is this Jeff who knows me? Shit happens okay. If it’s right out in public, I can pretend to not see that person or just wave and quickly walk away in a hurry without saying hello. This is on the phone! To suddenly hang up is like quite rude so anyway, we continue:

Caller: Samantha right?

Me: Yes. You are? 

Caller: Jeff Ong/Leong 

Me: Huh? *I was hoping he would say I’m Jeff from _____. Like, shed some light for me la then I can go oooooooo* 

Caller: *Silent* I think I got the wrong number. Sorry. 

Me: Okay. 

That’s it. I was disappointed because it was a wrong number. He has such nice voice. Hahaha! The whole conversation took 40 seconds thus, this is my 40 seconds love story. Okay la, I did add his number to my contact list to see if he has WhatsApp [For the sake of viewing profile picture]. And he has! So I viewed his picture and horror of horrors… He is a decent looking man with facial features similar to people whom I do not want to remember anymore. Quickly, I deleted the number from my contact list and cleared my phone calls history.

And that’s how the story ended. Sorry for the disappointment if you are hoping for anything more.