Monthly Archives: September 2015

Love or Infatuation

I shouldn’t have clicked on it. Now, I am looking at your picture and all the more I felt like we are meant to be. Like, YOU AND I TOGETHER AND WE ARE MEANT TO BE FOR NOW – why wouldn’t everyone else think so too? Why are people telling me that this is just an infatuation? Why?

I really like you but I know sooner or later, I might fall out of love with you so perhaps this is just an infatuation? But how is it that my heart says it’s love? I picture us being together, going everywhere together and we will definitely look so good together. I know people would love you but they think that we are not good for each other.

Is this another Romeo and Juliet love story? Is this another heartbreak that I have to go through? Do I really walk away from you? Should I just discard your picture when all I want is just to have you, to be yours and you to be mine. I really am crazy right now.

My heart says drop everything and go for it but my brain says you cannot handle my fickleness and I wouldn’t be loyal. How do we go about this? How can we be together? I need faith and strength to go through this. I will be crazier [Because I am already crazy] anytime soon if I don’t decide. What if you are not mine? What if you are meant to be with someone else? I don’t know how you feel towards me so please, let me know soon. Give me a sign or a hint, I promise to look out for it.

Ah… What do I do now to be yours?