Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Crush

I watched one episode of my favourite show and the cast were all talking about crush. It is about the most painful moment one has to go through during a crush in teenage years. When the topic came up, I was thinking to myself:

Crush? Teenager? Uhh… Who was it? 

To whoever it is, so sorry but I have really forgotten about you hahaha! Teenage years seem so far away now. Just when one of the casts said when a crush turned into a real relationship, it may not necessarily be the best experience. I laughed loudly but never put any thought into it. I felt that it made sense though! After the show ended, I went to bed and I begin thinking about it. Crush? Who? When? Where? How? What was the most painful experience for me? And guess what, this was the first thing that came to my mind:

Good to know all of these people punya true colours. 

Sounded pretty over positive and cold-hearted of me but I wanted to blog about this so that I will always remember it in years to come. Oh forgot to mention that one of the casts said that he really loves his first crush. All I could think about when he said that is:

I love myself the most. 

Ah self-obsession hahahahahaha! Anyway, after some time, I thought about Charles [Not his real name] back in 2008. Now that I can think better and clearer [Or so I think], he is really realistic and cold-hearted. Well, I still hope that you will always be happy wherever and whoever you are with despite our more than complicated ‘friendship’.

Anyway, the show ended with the answer – being left to wait on him/her. Come to think about it, that’s pretty true. Well, I think it is always better to draw a clear line. At least, that person gets to move forward in life. I think this make sense [Or so I think, again] as it is always happier [In a way] to know where you stand in that person’s life rather than guessing, hoping and going through all the what ifs.

Reminder to self: If a crush ever happens after so many years again, put on your spectacles and take a clearer look. Chances are, you could see how the ending is like before you would even need to take a/an (un)necessary walk down the road. People do not change, even if they do, it’s probably always for the worst. And do not expect anything from anyone at all.