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AD: Mango

Not sure if you guys ever have this problem… But I always have a problem of choosing the best clothes to wear on a date. Even though people are telling me that I have too many clothes but still… I doubt if it’s ever enough for me 😛 . Anyway, let me take you guys through this brand which I was introduced to recently:

Mango is a well-known brand especially among women as the brand provides trendy fashionable clothing at the best reasonable price. From tops, dresses, jeans and outerwear, women can definitely find their favourite pieces to add into their fashion wardrobe at home. Mango have the answer for you. Women can create various adorable yet sophisticated looks with Mango clothing collection.

If I am in the mood to throw on some sweet innocent look, I will pick a floral dress. I have always felt that floral theme clothes are always girlish and suitable for a day date at the fun fair, coffee shop or movies. My best friends can vouch for the number of times I wore floral dresses whenever I am out with them.

Basic front looking dress with sexy back cut-out ❤ 

Apart from having too many floral dresses, I have way too many black dresses as well. I have always felt that black dress is a stapler item for any wardrobe. In fact, black is never out of trend! Personally, I felt that black is always sexy especially if paired with high heels [Wootz!]. Wearing black often allows me to pull off more dramatic accessories but at the same time, the accessories doesn’t take the glam away from the black dress [Double win!]

Simple, chic and sexy ❤ 

Sometimes when I would like to dress more casually for a light and easy date, I can never go wrong with a lovely top paired with jeans. Jeans are always trendy and sometimes, simplicity is the key to beauty 😉 !

If you would like a wardrobe change, visit new Mango clothes [Click on it!] through ZALORA as they offer Mango online for women at the best price ever.

P/S: If you didn’t know yet, I am an avid shopper at Zalora Malaysia! Shopping has never been so easy. I can even shop when it’s two in the morning. All you need is internet and a browser 😉 !


The Past, Present and Future

This post was written on 31st December 2012. Back then, it wasn’t published because I didn’t find a good reason to when I finished writing. All these years when I read back this post, I always remember the entire scenario and how I was never appreciated. At the end of it all, it is ultimately my fault because they are never wrong.

As I read through the post, I noticed that I did not write anything regarding the future because it scares me! There is a huge knot in front of me that I have yet to undo because I didn’t want to. Some best friends joked saying that I need someone to undo the knot for me but I know that for now, I am the only one who can undo it. The choice is in my hands and yet I refused because I believe that for now I am much happier this way. Anyway, I thought I would amend the title by omitting the future but I wanted to keep the originality of the post hehe.


31st December 2012

I personally enjoy reading true heart contents on people’s blog because I find them very sincere, inspiring and touching when they do so. As for me, I am not so much of a person who wears my heart on my sleeve on my blog because quote the mastermind Ee Jane – afraid of being too exposed. Usually, my true heart contents are locked up in a password protected post on my blog but today, I am going to do so without a password. Why? Because today, I feel like sharing.

In December 2009, I watch you introduce her to me and I smiled. I shook her hand.  It feels cold, strange and awkward. It feels like the past is trying to reconnect with the present so it is a no wonder the past ought to be left in the past. There is no more hurt, no more tears and no more words left to say – or perchance, I think so it is that way.

In March 2012, I held his hand as we walk through the crowd. Someone called out his name, I turned to look and I saw no one. As I turn to look back again, I saw his past looking at me. It feels cold, strange and awkward too. Why do I even feel that way? I am the present and she is the past. Three years ago I have always wondered how does it feels like being in the present to meet the past and today, I got the answer – it still does not feel right in any way. Why? Because the past and present can never connect.

In August 2012, in one of the recent events [Click here], I met W [Click here for the full story] and he was with his girlfriend. What I did not mention in any of the two posts is that my heart felt very cold when I saw him. I wonder how does he feel when he sees me but then I just remembered now that he is one cold-blooded reptile so I don’t think he will feel a thing.

In December 2012, in one of the recent events as well, I was made to face my past 4 years ago – a person whom I never want to remember anymore. When you are placed in a juxtaposition with your past with his present in between, what do you do?