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University of Malaya Convocation 2014

After a long journey, I have finally graduated from the University of Malaya. In all honesty, I have never seen myself going to university because I thought I would always chase my dreams in the sky. I guess sometimes dreams will always remain as a dream unless your choose to pursue it with passion.

My mother! 🙂 

I am where I am today because of my mother. She pushed me to do things which I never thought I could do. She encouraged me by teaching me patience [And made me print the Chinese character [Patience] to be kept in my file] towards all the people in school who thought that I would never make it to the ending line. My mother also taught me that the more people discourage you in life, all the more you gotta prove them wrong 😉 . So mum, this is for you because you deserve it more than I do.

I really, really never thought that I would have the chance to wear a mortarboard and graduation robe!

On my graduation day, I was reminded of my first day in the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics where the dean, Professor Dr. Zuraidah was giving a speech. The most inspiring line she said was:

Make yourself worthy of the seat you are sitting on right now.

Whenever I am at the verge of giving up in university, I will always remember this inspiring line and remind myself to never ever give up! To me, I have always been grateful that I am given a second chance in education and it is my honour to be part of the faculty for the past 3.5 years. Most of all, I am also grateful to my scholarship sponsor, Tinggi Foundation for being my financial aid =). This scholarship means the world to my family and I.

Behind the scene at Experimental Theater.

This scene is a preface which tells you who your friends are at the end of the journey and who really cares about you.


Sorry for being repetitive but I really cannot believe that I am sitting in the hall waiting for my convocation ceremony. For years I have seen friends on Facebook posted about their convocation and when it is my turn now, I find it hard to believe. It’s like a dream too good to come true.

This is my best friend (for now) and I. 

People told me that I would never find true friends in university but for now, I am thankful to have found Melissa. Although we both disliked each other in the first semester, I am glad that we ended this journey together with love. She is the one friend in class who stick with me through thick and thin when everyone else would abandon us. We were basically disliked by our own ‘course mates’ for absurd reasons [For example: Our work made them look bad]. We go through our semester-ly ritual of asking ourselves:

What did we get ourselves into?

She is my source of motivation in university whenever I feel like giving up and she would never leave me behind whenever I am lost.  Whenever we fall into a pool of cow dung, we would pull each other out and charge ahead to all challenges lie ahead of us. I could never imagine my life in university without her. Thank you for being such a good friend and I really appreciate your presence in my life.

P/S: Because I am so lazy, every sentence in this paragraph dedicated to Melissa will be added with *for now* at the end of every sentence. No questions because I malas nak explain. Hehe.

Pico, Mega and Nano.

Thank you Pico and Nano for coming to my convocation! I never thought that I would have friends attending my convocation!!! Ee Jane, I acknowledge your presence during my convocation so don’t worry hehe! ❤

Thank you for coming all the way from Kajang and bracing all the congestion inside UM! These two have been my listeners since 2008 and I am sorry if your ears bleed hahahaha!! Thank you Nano for always being there whenever I needed someone to talk to. Thank you Pico for always listening to me even though my stories are long winded.

Thank you Ee Jane and Kean Jie for knocking sense into me every single time I need it. Thank you for being my motivators! =) Cheesy but… friendship forever! ❤

Billy and I.

Billy is part of my Bimbo Gang [In case you have forgotten, here’s the link to it] and my only regret in our friendship is that we did not have a chance to know each other better as friends. I first met Billy during a PKV play, next round in AIESEC and then he came along as Mel’s model. All the best in your future endeavours and may our paths cross again!

Charmaine and I.

I may not know Charmaine well so yea, I regretted not taking some time to know her. Well, who knows if in the near future we will have the chance to be best friends?! =) *Positive vibe hehe*

Melissa, Christine, Sam.

Thank you Christine for coming to see us! =) Enjoy your remaining time in university and make the best out of it!

Sam, Carmen, Melissa.

Thank you Carmen for being my pillar of support in my sophomore year and thank you for showing me that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch ;). Stay beautiful and I hope that you would be happy wherever you are ❤ . Carmen is one of the toughest girls that I have known in my life and I am sure that one day, she would soar up high in the sky =) .

Sam, Daphne, Mel.

Thank you for coming Daphne! Daphne is my Babi Master and we only found each other in the final week of our elective class. Haih, such is fate but we shall never allow distance to separate our friendship! 😉

Sam, Mei Kuan, Mel.

Mei Kuan is my course junior and is currently in her final year. Enjoy your final year and I believe that you can do well! =) The final line is not far from you and next year, it will be your turn to graduate! 😉 All the best to you! You can do it =) !

7th Chinese Community group photograph! 

Wa… Wa… Wa… WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Every time I look at this photo, I get mixed feelings of wanting to cry and laugh at the same time. Truth to be told, I don’t deserve to be in this picture because I did nothing for CC but to criticize their doings in my freshman year on my blog [Link to the post will not be given but you can search for it]. I hated CC in my freshman year but I learnt how to love it [A little] in my sophomore year. I never understood the feeling of having juniors [That I know of] to attend seniors’ convocation but last week, I do. The fact that these juniors are there to see the seniors and congratulate their seniors touched my heart.

I am so sorry because you guys have to perform and sing for this cold-hearted senior here but I DO appreciate it. I think I finally understood CC at the end of my undergrad journey although I may not agree 100% with their actions [I guess nobody would 100% agree with all my actions anyway]. This is unbelievable but here it is:

I am truly honoured to be part of 7th CC family despite all the negative things I have said/wrote about them. 

Juniors performing 7th CC theme song.

Paiseh but I really forgot how to sing the song as well as the actions which comes along with the song =P. When the current CC Head said:

Dear seniors, we are going to sing a song for you.

I said to her – wa so kesian ah. WTF sorry for being so qian da but I DO pity the freshmen who didn’t know the seniors at all but still gotta sing for us. I admire their spirit and this is what I never had throughout my university life because I have been too busy going home, working and finishing up my assignments on time. I do admit that when they sang the 7th CC theme song, it was like a big slap on my face because I remembered how much I disliked the seniors [Those who were at least one batch older than me] but not the real CC. Not sure if you know what I am talking about now wtf.

All in all, thank you juniors for the performance and I hope all of you would have a much better experience with CC than I do. All the best in your university years and here’s two important advice from your super senior:

Be careful of who you help. 

There. You have been warned.

Me in Faculty of Science golden scarf graduation robe! 

This photograph is dedicated to my father who also graduated from UM 30++ years ago [Yes, when my father graduated, he wore the exact same graduation robe and scarf colour as the one in 2014 =) ]. Even though we graduated from different faculties but at least we graduated from the same university! =) I know you are very excited when you first brought me in UM for my course interview and I know that now you must be very proud to see your own daughter walking on the Dewan Tunku Canselor stage to receive her scroll. I hope I have made you proud, Pa! ❤ !

Thank you for always fixing my printer and refilling the ink for me because I do not want to learn how to do it [Later you will be too free la so I cannot learn hehe]. Thank you for settling all the PTPTN documents on my behalf and sending it to university before I received scholarship. Thank you for always being on the lookout for me all the time ❤ .

Nano and Pico gave me presents for my graduation! I am so, so, so, so, so touched!!!!! I never expected anything from them at all! =) Thank you so, so much!!! I appreciate it very, very much! ❤ ❤

Thank you for coming to my convocation because your presence means the world to me ❤ . Special thanks to my two sisters, Ferlynne and Cassandra for being such supportive siblings. I know you guys are here with me in spirit ❤ !


To my lecturers who have taught me in this 3.5 years, thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me. My special dedication to:

a) Dr. Fauziah for being my only academic advisor, supporter and guardian in the faculty ❤ . Dr. Fauziah is humorous and I enjoyed her lectures very much ❤

b) Associate Professor Dr. Jariah for being my academic project supervisor. Thank you for your full support and knowledge given ❤ . Dr. Jariah taught me Language and Gender and it has been an eye-opening class. If you have a chance, do sit in and enjoy 😉 .

c) Dr. Teoh Mei Lin for being caring and supportive all the time ❤ . Well, I guess at the moment we will still be seeing each other around hehe =P …

d) Associate Professor Dr. Kuang Ching Hei for giving me this piece of wise advice: If it hurts you, walk away from it. I will always remember this for the rest of my life.

e) Dr. Sridevi for being one of the most understanding lecturers that I have ever known. Dr. Sri is a very dedicated lecturer in the field of linguistics and I am honoured to be part of her class.


Thank you Godma for all your love, prayers, advice, moral support, food and fun provided! =) ❤

Thank you Mun Yoke and Vivian for being such awesome roommates! =) I still can’t believe how compatible three of us were as roommates back in our first year! 🙂 I will always treasure and remember all the good times we shared! ❤ ❤


To Elina – thank you very much because without your post contribution on forum, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you for sharing and I really do miss hanging out with you ❤ . P/S: Thanks for the gossips, tips and exam papers hehe.

Thank you Jeremy and Angela for being such great course seniors. Thank you for all the advice and help given to me =).


Last but not least… Thank you Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph, all the angels and saints for helping and guiding me throughout this 3.5 years. It has been a long and tough journey but thanking you for bringing me through it. Thank you for all the wonderful experience and people in my life. Thank you for teaching me to not question WHY but to say – it’s okay, everything will be okay in God’s hand =).