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Tips On Surviving 1 Week Of Hell/Torture [Minggu Haluansiswa]

This post was written by me on 29th December 2010 when I was still a freshman. I did not publish it back then because it might cause me a great deal of trouble with no hostel to stay. Now that I have graduated, I say – who cares anymore for now =P .

P/S: Pictures all from Google Images unless you see my face in it…. =P


I am going to be nice today so as to share some survival tips for Minggu Haluansiswa or well known as orientation in University of Malaya. Any incoming juniors next year, do take note of this especially if you are coming into 7th College/Kolej Kediaman Ketujuh/KK7/Kolej Kediaman Za’ba of University of Malaya. You have been well informed in this post [Click here] that MHS is a hell of a time in UM.

So yea, I am going to tell you about the important stuff that you need to bring and what do you need to do so that you can be more well prepared. Am I being nice?! Yes I am! So let me know if you are going to be my course junior or anything else, I’ll be all happy to help you out after going through a big hoo-haa around in one year while watching all the dramas going on.

Right, here we go; survival tips for MHS and these facts, are based on my own experience and it may differ for different colleges:

a) Do not straighten or colour or perm your hair a week before or a day before MHS unless you want to cry your eyes out during MHS. During MHS, we are forced to tie and pin up our hair. So if you don’t mind your newly straighten hair being bent later, then sure, go ahead and straighten it.

Also, it is very unlikely that you can wash your hair during MHS unless your hair is super short or else you risk tying your hair while its wet or sleep with your wet hair. It is your choice anyway. 

b) Do not try to be funky during MHS like wearing huge earrings while playing basketball or wearing extremely huge hair accessories. You are not allowed on any kind of jewelry except any religious jewelry and watches. Other than that, keep it at home if you stay nearby or chuck it inside your locker if you stay far away. Whatever it is, do not wear them during MHS because you will be ask to remove them.

c) Do not be rude to your roommates because you are going to stay with them for a year unless you want to move out immediately after MHS.

d) Let the Pembantu Mahasiswa know as soon as possible during MHS that you do not wish to stay on college so that they do not charge you for the whole year. This news, is not confirmed [I heard rumours here and there by the way @_@], but from what I’ve heard, if you seriously do not want to stay in college after MHS because your house is a 5 minutes away from UM, then let the Pembantu Mahasiswa know about it so that they can figure out a way for you.

Just refer to the Pembantu Mahasiswa if you have any doubts and fear them not, they are supposed to be fearful of you because your health and safety is their responsibility. So torture them as much as you want so that you will feel better when they torture you by taking away an hour of your sleep at night.

e) You cannot pick your roommates in 7th College so forget about telling your friend(s) who got 7th College that you can be roommates. One room will be shared with 3 person [Usually same race will be in the same room], there will be a single bed and a double decker bed. If you want the single bed, then come early and stop whining if you don’t get the single bed because IT DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL/IT IS VERY UNIMPORTANT!

But my suggestion is this, if your roommate is staying far away and you are staying nearby [And is very likely to go home every week], then please, be courteous and give in the single bed to that roommate because it is very likely he/she will have many stuff with her and usually, single bed always have the biggest area.

Also, you will be given the hostel which is nearest to your faculty. But if you are unlucky, you might get one that is far from your hostel too. So it all depends on your luck but if you are not a medical field student, rule 6th College the 5 star hostel in UM out of your dreams and be prepared for a sucky hostel and room.

You have been warned and keep your expectations as low as possible, especially about the study table where it is all joined up you have to divide that tiny table into 3 tinier portion. So yea… Now you know =P…

f) Bring a small bottle of portable dish wash liquid so that you can wash your own food container without fighting with the others.

g) For the Chinese, bring your own fork and spoon. It is not provided. So please remember this one unless you are like me, who don’t mind eating with hands because I am lazy to wash my fork and spoon.

Please remove all of this before MHS +_+… You WILL NOT have the time to take care of your nails.

h) Remove all your nail polish and forget about manicure and pedicure and whatever cure for your nails. Just, keep your nails empty during MHS and you can be as funky as you like after MHS.

This type of shoe is gonna make your feet hurt like hell when you run and do exercises and chances are, the Pembantu Mahasiswa are going to make you change your shoes. Yea, you can that you don’t have any other pair but I don’t know the consequences la.

i) Bring your shoes and when I say shoes, I mean shoes that you can run in it and don’t get blisters in it. I am serious with you. There are girls who wear ballet flat shoes that looks like sport shoes style [Girls, you know what I am talking about] and mind you, you are going to RUN in those shoes so yea, no one is gonna sympathize if you get blisters or your toes/feet hurt or your shoes are new. No one gives a damn so please be practical.

Yi Han is wearing the round neck MHS shirt and for half formal attire top, you can wear one like mine [The top =) ] in this photo.

j) You will be required to wear half formal attires during certain events and you are not allowed to wear skirts at all and not even formal skirts so please chuck them all inside your cupboard at home if you staying nearby or in your locker or bag.

For half formal attires, I suggest that you bring 2-3 black slacks and some collar Polo like T-shirt. The shirt doesn’t have to be of formal shirt material [You don’t want to run/sweat for 30 minutes in that formal shirt] but it can be a T-shirt material so long as it has a collar. The keyword for dressing up during MHS is comfort and always be practical. Be unpractical all you want after MHS but don’t torture yourself during MHS.

k) Bring cologne, perfume and anything to make yourself/your orientation shirt smell nice so that you don’t choke yourself.

l) There will be a session where they will make you get signatures from the Pembantu Mahasiswa. Ah, I say forget about doing this. I got about 9 signatures out of 30 I think and I couldn’t be bothered anymore and I regretted [One of my biggest regrets ever] getting even the 9 signatures. If you are so afraid, then go get 1-2 signatures and then forget about it because in the end, everyone gets punished and the punishment are usually half squat with you holding your name tag high up like some prisoner/slave/idiot for an hour or so [This normally takes place during midnight. Now you know]. 

m) In 7th college, electrical items that are allowed are ONLY handphone and laptop charger and they are charged as follow; RM10 for handphone charger and RM20 for laptop charger. You will be given this card that says that you have registered for whatever charger and it will be charged into your account later on.

If you cheat and tell them that you do not have a laptop when you actually have one in your room, then it is at your own risk if they have spot checks at the most un-God-ly hour like 2-3am in the morning when the semester starts and your laptop is being confiscated. Other electrical items like bread toaster, rice cooker, hair dryer, hair curler and whatever that you intend to bring are NOT allowed and they can be confiscated but if you are sure that you can hide them in your room, then bring them at your own risk.

I did not say that you will not be caught or you will be caught but the chances are there. It is all at your OWN RISK and I shall bear no responsibility for it. I brought my hair dryer by the way if that makes you feel better =P. 

n) They will try to scare you a lot during MHS with a lot of rules BUT I am here to tell you, fear not! If you don’t believe me, just wait and see. You will see all sort of nonsense around @_@… 

o) Forget about bringing your jeans during MHS as it is not allowed but you can wear jeans to your classes after MHS so don’t worry too much about clothing issues as long as it is decent.

p) Bring your own permanent marker, pen, scissors and glue during MHS because you are going to label a lot of your stuff and stick a lot of your own passport size photographs and fill in a lot of forms so stop being another irritating bugger who borrow other people’s stuff all the time. Just get a small size glue stick and that will last you for the rest of your university life.

q) Please remember to bring your own passport size photograph and the background is BLUE in colour and not white, grey or anything else. If you forget to bring or the passport size photograph background is of a funkier colour other than blue, then, good luck to you, the Pembantu Mahasiswa are going to snap a photograph of you ala passport size during MHS [You will be called out] and you can have that photo of your pale, tired, sleepy face/eyes plastered on your matric/student card.

YES!! The passport size photographs that you give is the one that will be on your matric card so please be practical and take a nice photo of yourself [Like mine! Hahaha!!! xD] and don’t try to have it in a different background colour other than blue! The key phrase here is, don’t act smart lo.

r) Bring another food container. So that you can transfer all the food that they gave you into that food container and take a quick bath. But whatever it is, plan your own timetable well as long as you are comfortable with it.

s) For the girls, bring extra underclothes just in case you don’t have time to wash or use pantyliners if you must. For the guys, I don’t know ’cause I’m not a guy =P.

t) Forget about using UM wi-fi on your handphone without a username and password which will be your Perdana/Siswa Mail ID later on [P/S: I heard from someone that the ID: test and password: test works =X… ]. And yes, please pick your E-mail address name appropriately because that is what you are going to use for the rest of your studying period in UM.

So if you put cutiepie1110, it will appear as when you send an E-mail to your lecturers and you will be using the ID cutiepie1110 and the same password to login to the student portal to check your account balance status and everything else including the access of UM wi-fi.

u) If you are sick or not feeling well or having any illness like heart attack, asthma, high blood pressure whatever, let the Pembantu Mahasiswa know and DO NOT hide any illness because if they make you run later and you faint or worst, die, then well, I will say no point risking your life like that although the Pembantu Mahasiswa are scary most of the time [Looks scary but behind the scene, some of them are nothing more than a coward =) ].

v) Please bring your own toilet slippers. You are going to bathe with your slippers on and don’t whine about no hot water. THERE IS NO HOT WATER for you to bathe so live with that. And oh, no air-cond in your rooms too and keep your windows close at all time unless you want the monkeys to enter and poo and pee around, then go ahead and leave it open wide.

Also, bring your own toiletries like toothbrush, toilet papers and stuff like that. Haiyo, common sense lo this one but wait and watch, there are bound to be some idiots who do not bring all this stuff. Most importantly, get a nice small basket where you can throw all your toiletries in when you take a bath and make sure it has a holder where you can hang it on the tap when you are bathing. And no, you won’t have your own personal toilet. It’s a dorm style toilet with individual cubicles so live and deal with it.

w) Keep your doors closed and lock at all times even if you are going to the toilet just for a second.

All in all, I know some of them are more like survival tips in UM, but at least, expect for the worst during MHS and enjoy your time in UM after that! Study hard and play hard at the same time and ignore all dumb activities if you think it is not worth your time. People are gonna boycott and hate you for not joining any activities but here’s the another catch, people will boycott and hate you one way or another without you doing anything as well. Sometimes even if you join one billion activities, you are gonna be boycotted and hated too.

You don’t have to bother what people have to say about you because no matter how good you may be, people still gossip about you. So yea, live with that and enjoy your life in UM! =D