The Envelope Sealed with A Smile and Ribbon

Aha! So according to the poll here, you are curious about the content of this envelope. This was a letter written by Nano to me after STPM. She put the letter in my house letterbox and the most epic part? I didn’t even know about it! Haha! I didn’t know that she is good at giving surprises! Hehehe!

When I first got the letter, I was wondering who sent it to me! Then I saw the cute smile and neat ribbon, I knew it has to be a female sender [Hahaha!!! Look at the pinkness of the ribbon and attention to detail – not something I would think a guy would do =P ]. I think she did text me so that I would check my mailbox but somehow I was quite shock when I saw this cute envelope. Ah, I just I just woke up or came back from somewhere so yea, I am overwhelmed [Actually I refuse to admit that I sesat-ed for a moment].

I felt really excited when I was opening the envelope! Hehehe! Well, it is like opening up a birthday/Christmas present and I was even more sure that it was a female sender because of the colourful writing as well as decorative paper! =P Well, I have yet to know/meet guys who actually write using colourful pens on decorative papers! =P And if I do know/stumble upon any, I’ll let you know! Maybe he’s one artistic dude yea! 😉

From the very first word of the letter, I was overwhelmed till the very last word. Yes, this letter is indeed a surprise and I love good surprises! ❤

I think my farewell letter to Nano was a rather sad one that’s why she started off the opposite way in her opening paragraph! =P That year in Upper 6 before or after STPM, I wrote many letters to best friends and friends because I really appreciate their presence in my Form 6 life. Without them, LIFE IS SO DULL AND DOWN. Everyone in Form 6 [Yes, even the kiasu and annoying one] has made my life so much better. Honestly, they taught me to be a better person  and I have always believed that my life in Form 6 has to be one of the turning points in my life for the better. I may not be that number 1 student in school, but from this, I have learnt to always give and try my best. Giving up is never an option for now.

Nano was so happy to see me on the first day of Lower 6 and I wasn’t thrilled at all hahahahahaha! [You can read all about it here] I was such a mean person but well, her niceness changed me so I guess, that’s something good. Honestly without her in KHS, my life would be duller than ever because I have no one to disturb/irritate every single day of my life. Hahahahahahahaha! I bet you miss me irritating you now! =P Come to think about it, Nano is a really active student in Convent and I think she has decided to focus on studies in Form 6 until I dragged her out for activities.

I joined countless activities when I was in Form 6 and I absolutely love them but once I enter university, I have a different purpose. In all honesty, I have learnt a lot life skills and gained lots of valuable experiences from all the extra co-curricular activities in Form 6. So much that when I entered university, when I am put to do the same thing, I got really bored because I didn’t get to learn anything. In the end, I opted to work while studying and this has enriched my exposure to the working world as well as my wallet for now… Hehehe!

I miss chatting Nano over the phone too! Especially when she says:

Wait ah, I go get biscuit/food first.

Sorry ah you gained weight hahahahahahahahahaha! Anyway, I am really glad that throughout my university years, Nano and I did keep in touch so we basically know each other friends [I even ganged up with her friends to bully her =P *Win!*] which is a very good thing! So I guess, it is the effort that you make in order to keep the distance closer to one another 😉 !

The thing about friendship is – most of the time you learn from one another. You extract what is good about the other person and learn/try to emulate this good point of theirs. It’s like trying to make a fusion of your friend’s good side with yours. So yes, good friends make you a better person. What I have learnt from Nano is to keep things simple so that I don’t have to think so much. Things are really great once you keep it simple. Well, if you overdo it, you will end up being ignorant so finding a balance is the key to it.

The thing about being true to myself and everyone else – people either love it or hate it. Sometimes with people, you gotta act and pretend because they like watching movie so you gotta be one helluva Oscar Award Best Actress winner. Well, I guess now I will choose to show my true self to certain people because most of the time, no one appreciates it.

All the time, I am really grateful to have true friends [For now] because sometimes, I feel like such a nasty person like me don’t deserve them! Hahaha! I think they are all such good friends with high level of patience and toleration. Well, I guess I should give credits to myself for being a good friend too. If I am so bad, I don’t think anyone wanna be friends with me anymore lo =P… Anyway, I hope Nano means the REAL Barney and not the cetak rompak Barney in this post. Just in case you are wondering, the cetak rompak Barney looks like this:

Just convince me again that this isn’t Barney ==…

Hehe! I am very honoured that you used this big word on me! Very terharu as well. Well, I guess we love each other [For now!] enough to use the word. And yes my Nano, I kept the letter and it was well kept lagi tu okay! See, I appreciate it so, so much! ❤


3 responses to “The Envelope Sealed with A Smile and Ribbon

  1. omg.. malunya..!! already avoid voting this! damn.. so you aren’t disclosing the other two? xD
    nope, i did’t sms u, waiting u to find out de letter yourself (nvr think that if it’ll be wet by de raini or wat also – din think too much)
    Forever Love~ ❤

  2. Huiyo! *thumbs up*….

  3. Wei Qi: hahahahahaha!!! yes, i will be disclosing the other two as well! xD !! you didn’t sms ah? okay then must be another letter/card that someone gave me! 😛 !! sounds exactly like u to not think so much! xP forever love~! ❤ !! xD !!

    Ee Jane: hehe! thank u! xD !!!

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