Six Years

The title of this post indicates the age difference between one of my colleague and I. My colleague is 6 years younger than I am so that makes her 18. Last week during our lunch, we happened to talk about relationships and what I see in her is purely innocence. When I was talking to her, her eyes were full of hope, it glistens as she speaks about true love. This ray of hope has been gone in me since forever.

When she found out about my love life, she was taken aback. Then she asked me one very intelligent question:

What if you really, really, really, really, really love that one person? Will you overlook everything and embrace a new relationship?

When I heard that question, I only remembered the times I overlook everything just to be with that one person. Sometimes even if your love is mutual, it may not work out. In the end, my reply to her was simple:

I don’t know if I can love anyone anymore apart from myself. 

I am not sure if my answers to some of her questions were too negative or realistic but I guess, there’s a little bit of both. I wanted to be truthful because to me, life isn’t all about the flowers along the way, there are thorns too. Sometimes when I talk to people who are way younger than I am, I don’t know how I should respond to them about life questions. In the end, I have decided to be truthful. My answer can be negative yet realistic but included with real stories from which I have learnt my lessons from.

These days, I tend to be less skeptical when I listen to colleagues who are way older than I am. In fact, I love talking to them because I can learn so much more. After all, they are more experienced in life than I am. Anyway, the innocent 18 years old colleague questioned me again:

Right now, do you still have the slightest feelings for any guys?

My reply is short and simple:

No one is worth it anymore after six years. 

As the theme of the film Frozen, sisterly love is now the new love 😉 .


3 responses to “Six Years

  1. Just.. don’t expect ppl to love you the way you love them, then you wont be hurt.. sigh.. don’t be too negative la.. having me as a fren is already a miracle~ believe in it! hahahhahaa!
    “beautiful world, complicated human” -bounty lady-


  3. Wei Qi: it doen’t feels nice if you put in so much more effort into the relationship as compared to the other person. it makes me feel less appreciated. if people wanna say that i am being calculative, that is because they don’t understand what i have been through.

    anyway, yes, i agree! having you as a friend is already a miracle!!! hahahaha!! i remembered how i disliked you quite a lot back in form 6 😛 😛 the quote beautiful world, complicated human is so true! *double thumbs up*

    Cassandra: you are the photographer of the peekture so don’t be so over dramatic 😛 ahh… are you trying to imply the happiness is copying your sister’s style concept?! 😛 !!

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