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Semester 1, Year 4

This is it, this is the final semester of my undergraduate year. Now I am officially unemployed and to be honest, I am really happy when the semester ended. I know what you want to ask next. What about study week and exam week? Nah! Who cares about study week and exam week now? Because for now, I have none =P. So yea, bye bye undergraduate life! =P

Anyway, this is the very first time throughout my university life for being an off campus student because… I only have one class per week. Ahh, don’t you people feel jealous about it ’cause I have worked a long and hard way to have this dream timetable. Yea, so if you want something, please work for it and not blame others for being lucky.


When I don’t need the cafeteria service daily in university, this is when nice food with good price tag appears. Not to mention, they even renovated the whole place and it actually looks classy. Why?! Why does this happen to me? Anyway, I have better food everyday when I go home so… never mind this.

This semester, all I did was attending class for play practices and staying at home to complete my academic project. Basically, it has been a relaxing semester. Look, I don’t even know what else to say about my final semester. People tell me to make it memorable but there are so many things in university that made me feel happy to leave them behind. Why? Because for now it involves many people who are redundant and unimportant.

We celebrated Melissa’s post-23rd birthday with good food and dessert at Bangsar. This is one of the two gatherings I had in my final semester. Yea, I know right what a thing to happen.

Melissa visited my hometown and stayed over for a night! 🙂 Also, we went to the usual place I would go for drinks with my friends for some good and reasonably priced food on top of a hill 😉 .

We celebrated Vivian and Carmen’s birthday together 🙂 . It was a gathering which made me realize how friendship really can distance when you don’t stay in the same hostel/room anymore. Perchance, the distance was already there since the beginning but I was too ignorant to realize it. Anyway, it does not affect me in any way at all for now.

Again, my whole semester is full of play rehearsals, academic project proposal, draft and the list repeats.

My life as an undergraduate officially ends for now the moment I ended my play and submitted my academic project. How does it feels like? In one word to sum it all – awesome. Another word for it? Wonderful? You need another word for it? Here you go – lovely =P.

A good lunch and one final outing marks the end of week 14 🙂 .

My woman and I – together we create history and legacy for now. 

This semester is an eye opening semester. It made me see through some friends in class who has been leeching off us. It is only expected when they walk away and expect to be friends again. The silent war in class is more apparent than ever. Silent bitching, backstabbing, front stabbing, throwing each other to the flaming ship and insincerity has made me realized what I have been told before I entered university. I was not surprised at all when all of this happened because I have been warned from the beginning.

When things slowly fall, break and burn into nothing, all I could do is laugh. They could have one million six hundred and forty eight thousand friends where they hate one another but no one says a thing and pretend to like one another. But, here I have only one friend and her name is Melissa. To me, that’s good enough. Quality over quantity and this is my principle.


My final semester in a nutshell – drama in class unfolded in the most dramatic and eye opening way ever.