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Semester 3, Year 3

My third year would never be complete without signing up for another semester, well known as the third or special semester. For this semester, most of my course mates and I did our internship. In all honesty, I dreaded internship because I knew there would be reports to be written and with the company that I have chosen, I knew that I would be one busy woman.

Some of my friends think that I am looking for trouble by throwing myself into the hot water because quote them:

Internship is the time to learn how to use the photostat machine like a pro! Work so hard for what, very highly paid ah?

To me, as much as I am reluctant to do this internship, I have decided; since I am jumping into the hot boiling water, let’s swim across and be a survival πŸ˜‰ .


Cititel Hotel.

For my internship, I am grateful that I am given a chance to attend important training as well as a chance to participate in it as well. I count myself lucky that even though I am an intern, no one actually treats me as an intern but as an asset to the company as I am given task in the office like a full timer! =)

In my second week, I went to my company’s little gathering in conjunction of the opening of the new warehouse. During all of this little gathering, it is when I get to see everyone relaxing, smiling and communicating with one another. The scene is actually really warm. At least I don’t see cliques but rather, I see everyone mixing around πŸ™‚ .

My first product training!

Everyone who knows me well enough knows that I have a great dislike for children and pets because I find them troublesome unless it involves a lot of money [And worth all the trouble/shit]. Oh well, the more you dislike children, the more you will land on a job which involves children. In my case, I am assigned to train children’s product. Yes, you may now laugh and thank you very much for laughing -_-.

I truly believe that one day someone will offer me a full scholarship to further my studies in Early Childhood Education or any program with the word children attached to it.

During my internship, I realized that I cannot fix anything because I don’t see it. Hahaha! Fixing this set of rack as seen in the photo above is a real headache. To be honest, I was really stunned when I saw the rack lying in pieces on the floor. *Gulp* All this kerja susah are not for me yea =P. I rather write 10 000 words essay =P.

Apart from conducting training, I have to evaluate my fellow trainees to ensure that they have been listening to my lecture. Anyway, I feel like a teacher/lecturer when I have to evaluate them. Right, the last thing I ever wanted to do is to teach. One of these days, you people are gonna see me working as teacher/lecturer because the world is just so cute.

The Royale Bintang Damansara hotel! πŸ™‚

I am grateful to be given a chance to stay over at a 5 star hotel as an intern! Hahaha! Mana nak cari kan? =P

Ah… I am also given a chance to present in front of my company’s client and well, I hope I did well =X. This is definitely one of the best experiences that I ever had in my life! =)

Training can be a headache especially when the trainees are not paying attention and when you question them, they give ridiculous answers that can send your blood pressure rocketing. But I will calm myself down by reminding myself that I used to be a very bad student in class because I never pay attention too. No wonder in Form 6 all my teachers wanna strangle and hang me on the moving fan =/.

From my expression in this photo when I zoomed in, I think I am the verge of murdering the trainees for mispronouncing so many words. For example, orange sac is orange sex, world’s number 1 best juice is worst number 1 best juice, orange pulp is orange bulb. Sometimes, their pronunciation makes me feel like banging my head on the wall/table because well, too awesome la.

The less headache part is to teach the trainees how to set up a booth but I always pray that they remember the small details when they are on field and not do anything funky and then point their fingers at me. All the time I emphasize the small details and make them repeat one by one so that they do not suicide/die/mati on field.

Appreciation Dinner at TGIF πŸ˜‰ !

I truly enjoyed my dinner at TGIF and this dinner makes me feel appreciated because all of us [Management and trainees!] involved for an event worked really hard. It always feels good when your hard work is paid off πŸ™‚ .

Sometimes I have to conduct sample tasting session so that the trainees know the exact taste they should make for their samples. So I guess apart from being a trainer, sometimes we multitask to be a chef/’chef’/waitress =P.

My university supervisor, Dr. Zaidah visited me just to make sure that I am still in one piece and bukan kena cincang 100000001 times =P. Her visit made me miss my faculty [For once] with its pink paints which still look like some klinik kesihatan/pergigian.

Everyone be prepared to laugh again. Because my final product training takes place in the same room, same number of trainee and same product as my first training. Well, let’s end it off where it begins πŸ˜‰ .

Anyway, enough of work stuff. Let me show you my daily entertainment during my internship:

Sam [UM], Nano [UTM], Neo [UKM] – Interns for special semester from different universities!

The three of us will always try to meet other in the morning and evening to kecohkan the whole coach. I really do believe that people have already recognized us/our voice and hate us so much because we disrupt the peace in the coach =P.

This is what you get on WhatsApp when you miss a train! =P Ahahahahahaha!

Instagram-ing look of the day via WhatsApp to show some lebih-ness. I don’t look lebih in this photo but this gives you an idea of my pretty muka bangun pagi =P.

To Nano, I know right now you wanna punch me because I have no class today. Here, I help you to punch me via this photo. I am so thoughtful. Sama-sama yea xD.


My internship experience overall has been enriching. I have learnt and grew a lot as a person. I have never once regretted entering this company. If I were given a chance to remake my decision, I wouldn’t and I would pick this company 10000001 times. To conclude this post, I am extremely grateful that I have a wonderful on-site supervisor as well as good teammates and some colleagues which I can rely on.

All I am glad is that I managed to swim to the other end of the pole despite being burnt all over. The scars are all worth it when I saw my result online. Some of my friends mocked me says they do not work as hard as me in order to achieve the same result. Well, at least I worked my way up for it and I knew that I truly deserve the grade that I received.

We may walk different path in order to achieve the same goal but what matters is the lesson that we have learnt and how much we grow as a person. You may share the same grade as me by going through an easier road but how much did you learn and grow? πŸ˜‰


Semester 2, Year 3

My new room key.

The first day of the second semester of my third year, I was transferred to a different block and room in my hostel. To me, it was an upgrade [A cleaner and better environment] but sadly, I was insulted pointed out by this person who thinks that I picked my new room on purpose. Truth is, no one has a say on which room they would love to stay. And the other truth is, if I was given a chance, I would rather not switch rooms at all because I miss my old roommates.

I love my new roommates all the same because they are such nice people but to this particular person, please sedar diri that I didn’t want to pick that room on purpose and please remember that I was thrown into it, not asked for it. There is no one to blame but yourself because you chose to move out. Plus, it’s not that as if the room is made from gold.

In my third semester as well, I met people in Β hostel who expects me to skip class just to have lunch/dinner with them and when I don’t, they get angry with me. I prioritize my classes and the least you can do is to respect my decision. Don’t expect me to do anything for your sake when you would do nothing for me. I may keep quiet about it but that doesn’t mean I am a fool.

That sounds like a lot of drama in my third semester =P.


In my third semester, Melissa and I went to watch Kavither [Karnival Teater Universiti Malaya] in order for us to complete our assignment. Yea I KNOW, what a thing to do right! =P To me, it was all such a wonderful experience because if it wasn’t because of my assignment, I don’t think I would even know about Kavither. Epic. I have been studying in UM for three years and I did not know that Kavither exists.

Hiro and I :).

I happen to make a new friend who is a Japanese exchange student! Everyone meet Hiro! =D We both love music and I hope someday I would have a chance to visit Japan!

Mun Yoke and I ❀ 

My woman/Melissa and I ❀ !

Carmen and I ❀ 

Vivian and I ❀ 

To this four friends of mine, thank you so much for taking me to a lovely French restaurant for my birthday! =) I am really touched and I wonder how can someone as selfish as me still can have such wonderful friends. This must be a gift from God to me! πŸ™‚ ❀

I have movement class and it reminded me so much of National Service. This time around, I am glad that I no longer remember you when I thought about National Service. All I remembered was an experience that made me into a stronger person mentally πŸ˜‰ .

L-R: Lilian, Sam, Mel, Nadiah!

We went to Tony Roma’s to celebrate Nadiah’s 22nd birthday! =D The photo above shows Mel and I attempting to be mad but Lilian and Nadiah decided to layan us for the day πŸ˜› .

Mel and I went to watch another theater production, Raja Bersiong for our assignment. Yea, I know right where on earth do you find courses which allow you to watch theater production for your assignment πŸ˜› . I am truly blessed πŸ˜‰ !

Christine and I during practice.

This semester, I went for practices for my class play. In all honesty, I do not like any practice at all but I guess sometimes we just live with it. When the show is over, I am only glad that it went well [Because it involves my grades!] and I don’t have to show up for any practices anymore πŸ˜› .

L-R: Sam, Mel, Siti! πŸ™‚Β 

For my Theatre Management class, I met many new friends. Friends whom I can laugh truly enjoy myself with! πŸ˜‰ It is surprising how sometimes you find happiness at the most unexpected place. Well, I guess then happiness only comes when you least expect it πŸ˜‰ .

L-R: Mel, Lilian, Sam and Nadiah after CALL presentation.Β 

CALL is one of the classes which I enjoyed myself. In this class as well, I kinda reaffirm that for now, I do not enjoy preparing lessons because it is not my passion. Come to think about it, my only passion is money O.O …

L-R: Christine, Mel, Sam, Edna and Jennica

L-R: Sam, Christine, Maram

Our Language Production class was combined with the Arts Faculty elective and to be honest, initial I was quite annoyed because now the class is kinda large but in the end, I was more than glad/happy that they actually joined us! πŸ˜› So I guess, everything happens for a reason then πŸ˜‰ .

Mel and I went karaoke-ing together. It was pure madness but great fun! One day we should go and sing One Direction songs again xD.

Haziq and I at A&W.

This semester, Mel and I had a new friend nicknamed ‘Qian Da Fella’ [Asking to be punched in the face πŸ˜› ]. Reason being is that he really lives up to his nickname. If you think I am vain, he is vainer than me 100000001 times πŸ˜› . If you think I am syiok sendiri, he is 2000000001 times way more syiok sendiri than I am =P. Opps, looks like I have an opponent now! =O

Sometimes, it is surprising how people whom you have never talked to them in class for more than half a semester turns out to be the people whom you truly enjoyed talking to πŸ™‚ .

This semester, I took script writing class and I have learnt a lot from it. My script title itself says a lot. The person involved called me to know if he can read the script but I refused, because to me – it doesn’t matter anymore.

L-R: Nadiah, Maram, Lilian, Mel, Sam.

This is one of the happiest days because this marks the last day I will ever step into the exam hall for now! T________T All of us look horrible because we have been murdered by our paper =/ …

And I ended the day by going for lunch and dessert with Lilian at Serdang! πŸ™‚ I have learnt my lesson, the next time I will just have the dessert as my lunch. The portion is huge and value for money! =P


All in all, this semester is one of the semesters which I hope it would end quickly. There are not many memories to be remembered. This semester has taught me to ignore people who are absolutely redundant and people who do not appreciate me in any way at all. Many times, I met this friend of mine on the way to class along the hostel corridor. He would always wish me good morning every single time we meet or invite me for lunch, but I would always give a forceful smile and say no. Reason being, he is really redundant.Β Back then, I would always give him a chance just because we are best friends since 2008. Today, I wouldn’t even think/see that he is a friend of mine.

Our friendship has been through many ups and downs but I know, we wouldn’t make it through this time around because I had enough of your stupidity, uncertainty and ignorance. Say all you want but I will never forgive you ever again.

Words, how little they mean, when they’re a little too late.

~Sad Beautiful Tragic by Taylor Swift~