Monthly Archives: April 2013

Have You Learnt From Your Past Mistakes?

Two years ago, I started off something wrongly and ended it the right way. From the day I rectified my mistake, I have decided that I must never ever commit the same mistake ever again. Two years later, I think I am faced with the same situation. The whole situation reminded me of the little steps which lead to the mistake. This time around, for now, I think and hope that I am already smarter than I was two years ago.

To this person, I appreciate all the little messages that we have been sending to each other. Those little messages made me realize that you are not whom I think you are and this obviously, have made me look at you in a much more positive light for now. I heard the songs that you love and they made me feel shallow. You seek for understanding, acceptance and tolerance in a relationship but that is probably not what I am seeking for right now as of now because I am not seeking for any relationship yet.

I am selfish and I don’t think that anyone deserves any piece of it yet. The more I think about you, the more I fear and immediately, I deleted every single conversation that we had because I can never afford to make the same mistake. I don’t want to think anymore about all the ifs and maybes in this world. To me right now, I don’t want to live with all the ifs and maybes anymore because those two words, held me back from moving forward.

Have I learnt from my past mistakes? I certainly hope that for now, I have. You and I shall be – best friends for now 😉 .