Goodbye Holidays!

This post marks the end of my one month holiday and yes, I am really upset but I guess, this day has to come sooner or later. I guess I need to welcome the sixth semester with an open heart for now and be grateful that I have spent my one whole month of holidays really worthwhile. The moment my exam ended, I anticipated for Ee Jane to return from India and that is when… the madness begins! 

This post will summarize my holiday activities and when I do feel emotional when the semester begins [I shall miss waking up after 1pm], I would turn back to read this post just to have some smiles! 

Me and Ochado’s number 1 bestseller! 

This whole holiday we did not visit Chatime but we changed our hang out place to Ochado. Ochado provided games for us plus the ambience is lovely too!  My favourite drink in Ochado will be honey aloe vera but I think now I will only have it at the Kajang outlet because the other outlets does it badly [You cannot even taste the honey at all ].

My muka serious while selecting the brick colour!

We played this game and we decided that whoever who lose the game will be punished. Pico had her lip drew with a red colour heart on, Nano had her lip lightly stained with red, Ee Jane was to post a status [But we did it on her behalf and it wasn’t convincing enough ] and because I wasn’t losing yet, the 3 of them decided that they cannot have it that way. So they plotted and made me lose -_-… My punishment? The most epic one of the day:

I was made to do a yoga pose and thank God all the shops are already closed so the town is basically dead. Now looking back, it is all good fun and the next time, I shall victimized Nano with this punishment. No more lightly red stained lips for you my dear! 

Lester and I at Ochado Kajang!

I knew Lester since I was 12 and 11 years later, I am still comparing heights with him. I USED to be taller than him as seen in the photo above but today, I would still like to think that I am taller than him! 

I am the winner of BlokUs! xD

We found this rather mind relaxing new game that had us going back to Ochado for more. They seriously do have good business strategies and I think by playing games, we can actually see through each other’s personality.

Nano, Pico, Ee Jane and I <3.

We actually played games inside Ochado until the shop closes!  This is something that I have never done before and we took mad photos as well just because being crazy is fun during holidays! 

Monopoly Deal.

No holiday is complete without our dosage of Monopoly Deal. This game is really, really dependent on your luck and skills. Sadly, I think I either have no luck or skills or maybe even both .

Pico, Nano, Sam and Ee Jane at Greenbox Cheras Selatan <3.

Singing karaoke is one of the best ways to release stress. Why ah? Because it is the time to sing out loud, go all off key and no one cares at all. I think this is an activity that should be made an obligatory activity for every holidays that I have.

Sam and Ee Jane.

Another trip was going to the night market under the rain after our karaoke session and the rained stopped the moment we arrived at Ai Leng’s house -_-… Ahh… Why am I not even surprised?! ._.

Our final purchase from the night market!

Looking at this photograph, I feel really grateful that I went on a binge hahaha or else I think I am gonna regret now for not having the lovely taufufah, yummy corn and delicious popiah <3. Ah now that I think about it, this night market trip ought be made obligatory too.

I think I look pretty good in this photo so here, please admire me hahaha!!  Anyway, I was punished to finish up Nano’s soya bean drink for not winning the UNO game but tell you what, actually she can’t finish up the drink so she decided that it is my responsibility to finish it up for her [No wonder I gained weight!].

Camilla, Ee Jane, Nano and Pico. 

This time around, we had a Sushi Party which is pretty successful. Making sushi is an art and I have come to terms with myself a long, long time ago that I am not an artistic person thus I think if I am made to make sushi in the future, I shall mix everything into a big bowl and just eat it like err… fried rice… yes, it will be a sushi ala nasi goreng style. My laziness knows no bound and cannot be saved anymore .

Ee Jane and I <3. 

Holidays are never complete without some juicy gossips contributed by each and every one of us . To me, gossips equals to friendship politics and it is a topic worth talking about every single holidays .

Ee Jane, Sam, Pek Yen and Nano <3. 

This photo shows you the importance of being tall and wearing high heels [If you are short]. I think every year I dream to be taller and my height never increases but my weight does T___T…

Nano, Sam and Ee Jane <3.

With this… I am being kicked into the cold palace …!

Step and Ee Jane! =D

This holiday, Ee Jane introduced a new friend to us, Step! She is such a quiet girl but what she says can be really epic [In a good way of course!] especially when she joined my ajaran sesat in boycotting Nano =P… You did a good job! Keep it up!! 

Drip coffee!

Step brought us to have Vietnamese food and it is pretty interesting! I never tried Vietnamese food before so this is indeed a very good experience for me! 

Nano’s iced peach tea which tasted and smell like The Body Shop’s peach body gel! 

Hot and sour pho. I know this looks like tomyam but I guess this is the Vietnamese version. This pho does live up to its name of being hot and sour at the same time.

Sam, Nano and Ai Leng.

Ai Leng is late as usual and no one is surprise because everyone knows her too well.

We then went to Korean Village at Ampang. And this is Nano and I with our Korean ice-cream which tasted very good. It tasted like frozen yogurt and it doesn’t melt easily. If the price is kinder, I think I would have more than one at a time! 

Nothing is complete without a dosage of Kajang satay when you have a non-Kajang friend who visits their Kajang friend <3.

We played Pictionary and I officially declare this game as high blood pressure, stress and tension inducing. To me, Pictionary is as stressful as sitting for final exam because I cannot draw to save my life. Pictionary is a game which requires you to draw in a way that your group members can understand the message you are trying to deliver but I failed epic-ly. I think this simply shows that I never bother understanding people and or to even give a single hoot if people actually understand me O___O…

Durian cake!

This holiday, I ate too much durian cake so no wonder my waist look like durian cake now but no regrets for now because I enjoyed it fully . Many thanks to Ee Jane’s mum for treating us numerous times! ❤ !

I had my dosage of fried kueh teow twice but it is not enough O___O!

This bowl of asam laksa from Old Apex used to be my favourite until I discovered a tastier one at my house weekly night market.

Wantan mee – having a pinch of it from Nano is good enough to satisfying my cravings =D.

Curry mihun without taugeh with extra cockles spells love <3.

Polaroid photographs for memories <3.

And I had my yearly fix of McDonald’s prosperity burger and twister fries so I am all happy now . I don’t see McDonald’s peach sundae anywhere around yet so yea, I am waiting for it! ❤ ❤ !!

We found a new game to play, Saboteur and it is fun because it challenges your mind. From my own point of view, I am not a good team player because I never try to cooperate at all because I find it very hard to trust people so in the end, I ended up soloing and having my team members wanting to strangle me as I confused all of them all the time .

From top to bottom: Nano, Camilla, Pico, Ee Jane and Sam <3.

We also have random sleepovers and it is fun to chit-chat the whole night without sleep because moments like this are golden <3.

L-R: Sam, Ching Yin, Nano, Wen Yee, Ee Jane, Pico and Camilla <3.

We have our final gathering together with Ching Yin and Wen Yee before Ee Jane went back to India. I don’t know why but I get very lazy to meet up with anyone else after Ee Jane went back to India … Why ah? I don’t know why either =X…

Come back soon Ee Jane! See you after 6 months! ❤

Nasi lemak with chicken curry!

Hor fun! : )

Kean Jie, Nano – sama-sama pakai Mickey Mouse T-shirt! xD

I managed to meet Kean Jie for breakfast and I am glad that he is doing very well now . By the way Kean Jie, I know you miss Nano and I <3.


In this one month holiday, I gained at least 3-4kg but at the same time, I have gained so much more happiness . I treasure the time that I spent with my friends because that is when I really, really felt happy, light and easy despite some friendship politics.

As usual, one month worth of holiday is never enough because well… since when holidays are ever enough? =P 😉 !


3 responses to “Goodbye Holidays!

  1. I dah baca!! I like this post very much~! cause i experienced exactly the same thing, not so exactly but quite lah! XD

    Thank you for doing this post btw, if ppl gonna ask how are my 2 weeks like, im gonna link back here, save half my typing~ hahah!!

  2. wah~~ seeing this post only i realize my holidays were soooooo busy n filled up totally with happiness~ not a day wasted! =D
    cheh.. singk konon.. cannot hear ur voice also lorr.. but good also.. i can hold de mic whole session! ><
    shall do this more often~! after eejane is back ofcuz~ cuz i also malas wanna do gathering lik this!
    will come back to have some smiles too! =D

  3. Ee Jane: thank you! xD !! i thought you came back for 3 weeks?! O.O… good idea kan no need to type anymore wtf hahaha!! genius!! (Y) !!

    Wei Qi: memang not a day wasted lo~ especially when you are spending time with me ^_^ wtf :P… i sing very loud already lo!! yea, ee jane needs to balik cepat banyak-banyak 😦 !!

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