The Moments of 2012

So the world did not end yet in 2012 [Although I half wish that it did so that I do not have to sit for my finals but at the same time, I am not married to Wang Lee Hom yet …], and now ladies and gentlemen – my moments in the year 2012!

The Happiest

a) When Ee Jane came back for holidays! =D !!

Ee Jane and I <3. 

b) Having a hostel to stay [Yea I know. What a thing to say right! But to me, it means not having to wake up at 6am or earlier every single day just for classes]

c) When I received my exam results! 

d) Meeting up with my Kajang best friends. The thought of it made me smile because I really, really do miss them a lot <3.

Helen and I <3. 

Winnie, Ching Yin, Sam, Defphane <3. 

My Nano! ❤

My Pico! ❤

LeiKen and I with our Chatime drinks! =D

Kaki ponteng gang in Form 6: Ala, Ee Hahn, Sam, Nano <3. 

Muka/Rambut tepi jalan Tan Kean Jie! =P

e) Having breakfast at old Apex – be it prawn mihun with no taugeh, curry mihun with no meat and taugeh or char kuih teow with no taugeh <3… This is my little drop of heaven during my weekend =)…

Char kuih teow with no taugeh is love! =P

f) During my holidays, I worked at Low Yat Plaza and I had Big Apple doughnuts consistently for a few days. This cute guy remembered my order by the second or third day and no matter how many times I try to pretend to led him to think that I would pick some other variant, he would always guess the right one because I never change my mind  !

One day, his colleague told me to return the following day because he wanted to treat me doughnuts. I laughed, bought the same three variants but I did not take it seriously. The next day, I returned to the kiosk and he was there! Guess what, he treated my bunch of girlfriends and I! =P !! It was such a lovely gesture and what makes it sweeter is when he came up to me while I was working just to ask for my number. I refused to give him my number, he insisted. I refused him a few times and he kept on insisting.

When I see his determination, I told him that he can have my Facebook instead of my phone number =P…

h) Spending quality time with my family <3.

Sam, Ferlynne, Cassandra <3. 

i) Having more than enough money to spend for now .

j) Going for Christmas shopping and bought many dream items of mine! ❤

k) Receiving my first Christmas present from this someone special – thank you so much! ❤ : ) And it is such a wonderful surprise from you as well! 😉

Thank you ;). 

l) Understood one of the real meaning of Christmas – the season of giving and receiving probably for the first time in my life .

m) When I did what I am supposed to do one year ago. Good riddance!

n) Walking to and fro from class everyday. There is a bus service but I don’t really use it because I actually enjoyed the short/long walk. During the short-long walk, I think about food, events that had happened, people and you =).

o) The many times lovely dinner and drink at Marini’s on 57. To this person, thank you so much for just being there 

p) Winning a Guerlain perfume!  You have no idea how much I am in love with Guerlain’s perfume!

q) Being the proud owner of two Guerlain’s star products <3. I think my friends got sick of me/thinks that I am mad when I started talking about my two newborn babies!! 

r) Going for many random shopping moments and lovely dinners that follow <3.

s) Oh yes! How can I forget about this – my birthday present from dearest Ee Jane, Nano and Pico <3. Thank you so much! ❤

t) Getting to know Vivian Leong, Angeley Ho, Min Leong, Wei Lun and Shuen Yu! =D !

Vivian and I <3.

The Saddest

a) When I realized that all this while, in some people’s opinion – I am just useful. So that is how you view me, now I know.

b) Going through many nights of deep thinking on what I should do.

c) Realizing that I wasn’t appreciated in any ways by 3 person. Thanks a lot.

d) Sitting on an empty table and I do people watching. Well actually, I am just watching you. I wanted to cry but I told myself that I am too pretty to cry so I sucked them back to where they are supposed to be. So I think, I am only sad for the first 30 minutes .

e) When I realized that I wasn’t such a good friend as I thought I was after all. I am sorry T__T…

f) When you don’t keep your words.

The Most Afraid

Making two important decisions in my life this year. I am not saying what it is right here because I don’t think it is really needed. But yea, I thank God, my family and best friends for the full support. To those of you who aren’t very supportive, thank you because I did it.

The Angriest

a) When you don’t keep your words and accuse me of not keeping my words.

b) When you think what you say is law and try to force me apply your so very awesome laws into my life. To this two person, excuse me, I have my own laws in life for now and I don’t need yours.

c) When this idiot told someone that Mel and I has been hounding him for work. Oh gee, we did hound you for work. Now I wanna say your awesome cards, anime and tournaments are making a slave out of US. *Standing ovation* <— YOU do deserve this because you are so PERFECT and you have such wonderful work ethics that I actually enjoyed and miss working with you right now  !

d) When I see through certain people (Again!). I am angry but what made me laugh at the same time is because this two people who saling kutuk-mengutuk, are actually the same type of human. I think the reason why they do not like each other/cannot get along is because they are too similar but they just cannot realize it =P…

e) When my sister decided that drying up one side of my contact lens and sprinkling sand over my camera is the best way to return my stuff! -_____-

The Most Thankfully Surprised

a) Receiving a Christmas SMS from a long lost best friend. I thought that I was forgotten but receiving that SMS reminded me that so far, rain or shine, every year I will still receive a Christmas SMS from this long lost best friend ;).

b) Attending this event and I surprised myself with my own courage for managing to pull it through the night with smiles just because I believe that I can do it even if it means doing it without you.

Because Samantha is still Miss Adorable =P !

c) 4 years after 2008, for being able to leave everything behind when we meet face to face again. This is not and never meant to be – now I know why 😉 !

d) Met my simple past tense friend [Click here] in a bookstore and realizing that no matter how much I cannot forgive him, there is still a sense of familiarity. But this sense of familiarity is one that can never be the same ever again.

e) Meeting Revati, my Primary 1 friend at MPIS!!! You have no idea how glad and excited I am to see her! 😉 !

Revati and I at MPIS 2012/2013 <3. 

f) Having roomies which are not light sleepers . Hahaha! Yes, I am very afraid to have light sleepers roomies for now because I am so used to sharing rooms with people who are deep sleepers just like me =P… But then if there is a real fire, the three of us would probably mati terbakar la then =X…

Chia Hui, Sam, Xiao Ting <3.

g) Meeting new friends in my new residential college .

Photo credits to Jason Yeo. To all of you, thank you for making me feel home <3.

The Most Tulan [Annoyed]

a) When this person thought that I would actually care about all the comparisons being made. Thank you for all your poisonous spit. As I have mentioned in my moments of 2010 and 2011 [Click here and here] in the same section, for now it remains the same till this very millisecond. To someone else, this goes out to you too.

b) When you say one thing and do another. Ada mulut cakap orang, tak ada mulut tegur sendiri.

c) When this particular person wants to save petrol by troubling my best friend on purpose. Excuse me, please drive your own fat ass shiny car and get your fully loaded purse to pay for your own petrol.

d) When I have to compromise during Chinese New Year this year [Click here to read all about it] during lunch. The reason why I am annoyed is because I am not given a chance to say anything or to even give my opinion and not only that, I feel like I have wasted my money.

The Most Regretted

a) Not telling this idiot off during Chinese New Year lunch this year as mentioned above because I have to give face to some of my friends. Geez, you are so lucky.

b) Eating and sleeping too much resulted in gaining 2kg … Don’t tell me that I am too thin!!! I tersangat-sangatnya menyesal now T______T!!!

The Most Stressed

I can’t remember much… Probably before sitting for any exam papers I supposed =P…

The Most Self-Satisfied

a) Slapping this person and another person right in their face at the same time. To you whom I once believe that we are meant to be, I am glad that today, I am proven to be wrong. The many years and days of wondering has now ended because this fairy tale is one that ends with:

They both walk on different paths and live happily ever after without each other ;). 

b) Putting a big fat full stop to a story that should have ended a long, long time ago.

The Most Embarrassing

Due to bad memory, I could not remember any =P… And you are not welcomed to remind me of any!!! =P !!!

The Most Shocked

a) The events that leads to this post  [Click here]. Today, I would declare it as a mere coincidence because it is meant to stay that way .

b) The fact that there is almost no distance no matter how much or how hard I try to avoid certain people. Why do I want to avoid you? Because I thought that I wasn’t brave enough to face it. But turns up that it became a much proper closure for me because of my courage to move forward and leave the past behind! 

The Most Confused

a) When certain people tells me things that I do not want to know at all and I do not know if they expect any answers/opinions from me. I don’t know how to respond and I do not know what do you expect from me.

b) The few times this particular person insulted me. I have no idea if you mean it or you are just saying it for the sake of saying it without using your brain. Don’t you know that sometimes when people share with you their heart’s content, it is NOT MEANT for you to use it back against them in a insulting way? I guess you do not know and I do hope that someday someone will teach you a damn good lesson about it.

Also, this comes under the most confusing moments instead of annoying because I am indeed confused with this person’s personality. Sometimes I begin to wonder if I still know you well enough.

The Most Excited

a) Planning for holidays, shopping and outings <3.

b) When Ee Jane told me that she is returning for holidays soon! ❤ See you soon!!! ❤ !!!

c) Receiving money! 


The year 2012 has been a year full of unexpected changes. Changes in attitude, mindset and most important, a change of heart towards two person whom I once deemed as important in my life. In many ways, I am extremely glad that I managed to be at peace with myself in the year 2012 by leaving this two once important person behind. Apart from that, the year 2012 too is like a walk down my past and this is something that I do not enjoy in a way. Why? Because the past ought to be left in the past. Anyway, this will come under a separate post, probably under the summary of my year 2012 😉 !

All in all, I hope that in a way I am ready for the year 2013 – a brand new year with new hopes and lessons learnt from the year 2012. To all my friends and readers…

Happy New Year! =D <3


9 responses to “The Moments of 2012

  1. FIRST!!! Just to say so, brb!

  2. Ee Jane: LOL!!! hahaha!!! quote nano – mastermind mmg mastermind!! xP !!!

  3. Okay i read dy~!! XD I’m excited alsoooo!!

  4. Ee Jane: wootz wootz!! xD ~!!!!

  5. waaaa.. i am inspired too of a new year blog. but im too lazeh. wahahaha~~ happy new year 😀 (although im late by like 2 days)

  6. Helen: don’t be lazy!! xP !! please be inspired and do one too! it will be interesting! xD !! hehe! better late than never ❤ ! happy new year to u too helen! ❤ ❤ 😀

  7. Yeah.. Here to remind ppl to tuk pao ur most embarrassing ~ in case i missed it last year, since we dun meet that often dy~ =P

  8. Wei Qi: i hope no one will read your comment!!!!!!!! =P !!!! ya la, why u go skudai!!! 😦 !!!! T.T !!!!!!!

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