An Instagram Inspired Post

On my Facebook newsfeed, every morning/afternoon/evening/night/midnight without fail, I would definitely see at least a friend of mine posting his/her (Usually it’s a her =P) photo via Instagram. So today, my post is inspired by this bunch of friends via their Instagram photographs! ❤ Here’s mine:

Good morning people! *Audition for the potential Facebook rooster xP*

My breakfast! ❤ *Someone actually will care about what I have T____T*

Relaxing by the seaside while having lunch ❤ *Everyone wants to know where I am right now -Diva mode-*

Outfit of the day! : ) *Because the world needs to know how awesome I look today*

War Museum : ) *Psst! Actually I don’t really care if you can see the place or if I look that good because I just need to tell the whole world that I’M HERE =P*

Teatime! : ) *Because I am the only one who is having cendol without pulut right now*

Dinner time with my lovelies! ❤ : ) *Because everyone wants to date me therefore it is important to let everyone know that I am not free tonight.*

Tong sui! : ) *Everyone is interested with what I am having right now*

Night peeps! Give me some likes before I go to bed! : ) *I need your attention!!! Give it to me!!!!!*


8 responses to “An Instagram Inspired Post

  1. Hahahaha! sarcasm~! @.@ so many need to be terasa~

  2. Wei Qi: hahaha!!!! correct what! 😛

  3. *giving attention giving attention giving attention*
    Actually if it’s you, i might totally be stalk-er-ish, especially…THE FOOD!!!

  4. Ee Jane: thank you for the attention!! ❤ *terharu* 😛 !!! for the food only ah?!?! T______________T !!!

  5. I lub lub Jay Park

    hehehe nah bagi you banyak banyak attention!

  6. I lub lub Jay Park: thank u for ur attention! 😛 and everyone deserves to know this great kipas (fan) of jay park… my most annoying sister –> cassandra quek 😛 !

  7. I lub lub Jay Park

    -_- please capitalize the first letter of my name thankew

  8. I lub lub Jay Park: no need la xP !

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