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An Instagram Inspired Post

On my Facebook newsfeed, every morning/afternoon/evening/night/midnight without fail, I would definitely see at least a friend of mine posting his/her (Usually it’s a her =P) photo via Instagram. So today, my post is inspired by this bunch of friends via their Instagram photographs! ❤ Here’s mine:

Good morning people! *Audition for the potential Facebook rooster xP*

My breakfast! ❤ *Someone actually will care about what I have T____T*

Relaxing by the seaside while having lunch ❤ *Everyone wants to know where I am right now -Diva mode-*

Outfit of the day! : ) *Because the world needs to know how awesome I look today*

War Museum : ) *Psst! Actually I don’t really care if you can see the place or if I look that good because I just need to tell the whole world that I’M HERE =P*

Teatime! : ) *Because I am the only one who is having cendol without pulut right now*

Dinner time with my lovelies! ❤ : ) *Because everyone wants to date me therefore it is important to let everyone know that I am not free tonight.*

Tong sui! : ) *Everyone is interested with what I am having right now*

Night peeps! Give me some likes before I go to bed! : ) *I need your attention!!! Give it to me!!!!!*



The title of my post today was inspired by a phrase that I heard in a movie or entertainment news [One of the rare times when my eyes were actually planted on the television] but I think the movie/news is on You Are The Apple of My Eye 🙂 [Click here to read on my post about it!]. I remember when I first heard this phrase; 谢谢你喜欢我, I feel that it is such a lovely phrase but I cannot understand why the girl would say such a thing. Why is she thanking the guy for liking her but in the end, she wasn’t with him? I don’t understand at all and I actually thought about it on and off trying to seek/understand the meaning of the phrase until last 2 nights, I finally got the answer unexpectedly while having an unexpected talk with a friend whose name I shall not mention :).

What he said made me tear because it was really sincere and it was probably one of the most sincere sentences that I have ever heard after such a long time. We both share many good moments, horrible moments, confusing moments, misunderstandings, laughter, tears and smiles throughout our friendship. We have walked towards and away from each other countless time but I guess – we made it through the storm :).

We both have changed throughout this 4 years. From two immature teenagers who enjoys spending a lot of time together back then to the now two not-that-immature-anymore young adults who don’t spend a lot of time together, I laugh when we talk about the silly nicknames and stuff that we used to do together back then. Those are part of the best memories I ever had in life with this friend – minus all the misunderstanding :).

In this post, I want to thank him for still keeping me in a corner of his heart even after such a long time. Thank you for always wishing me happiness and the best for me without me knowing it all this while. I have always wondered how does it feels like to have/know that someone still cares for you unknowingly and that someone has always wished you happiness and all the best. Last two nights, I finally understood how it feels like – it feels great and I am really touched by those sincere sentences. I cried a little because now I don’t know if I deserve it from this friend. It is such a sweet thought to know that you are still remembered and indirectly – loved :). The thought of what he said made me feel warm and fuzzy – right straight into my heart :).

To this person, thank you so much because I have finally understood the meaning of this phrase. It is a phrase that you only use when you finally learn how to appreciate the other party’s love but knowing that you can never return it for now. I am honoured to still have a place in your heart, the space may be small but it is the thought that counts :).

Talking to this person made me realized and remembered who I was 4 years ago – the girl whom he fell in love with till today I supposed :). To me, it is amazing how this feelings can still remain even after 4 years after so many storms and rain we have been through. This friend told me that relationship like ours, if developed, it will last forever. I trust you but 4 years ago, I made a mistake and 4 years later, the fault is still mine regardless of what you say because I still feel that way. Today, 4 years later, I will not and will never repeat the same mistake ever again for now. I have learnt one of the life’s greatest lesson from you and the ‘us’ back then. Mistakes are to be learned from and not repeated.

All I can do now is to wish you happiness that you deserve from the girl whose hands you are holding right now. The kind of love that she showers upon you, is what I can never give to you. Though for now, this is the type love that will not be returned equally, I still thank you for liking me ;).


P/S: Thank you for everything last two nights because now, I understand more about the real meaning of true love and this phrase that I really, really like :)… 谢谢你喜欢我 :).

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Goodbye November! Hello December <3

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. I have been writing, editing and deleting one particular post. Now that I have finally done writing that post, I do not find a need to publish it. In return, I think I will tell you about my month of November. It has been a month full of thoughts – thoughts that I have told no one about because I don’t know where to begin.

I thought about one time in 2008 where everyone around me told me that I was wrong about something that I have done. Back then, I insisted that there was nothing wrong with what I did. To me, I believe that my intentions were clear but to others it did not seem to be that way. I never understand why people could not understand me but 3 years later, I finally got the answer – because I was wrong from the very beginning.

Last year, when this person/stranger made the mistake that I made back then onto me, I realized how painful it is and how it pierces the heart in a way that no words can explain – that is karma. Four years later, I face a situation almost similar where I can commit the same mistake in 2008 again. I find myself almost committing the same mistake but I am so proud of myself that I did not because I managed to walk away. This has to be one of the best decisions ever made by me.

I used to cross the bridge without thinking and when I do not like what I see at the end of the bridge, I would find a way back. But sometimes, even though I am sure that I have found my way back, I still question myself now and then. Back to what I have mentioned earlier, where do I begin – 4 years ago, 3 years ago or 1 year ago?

What do you think?