It’s Raining and I’m Smiling

On Tuesday, I was in the LRT on the way back to campus. Normally, I would wait till the next popular station where there will be tonnes of people getting down and I would make my way for a seat. This time around, I don’t know what struck me but I walked towards the window of the train where I can have the first class view of the city. The whole 10 minutes journey felt like a slow version of a roller coaster ride but nonetheless, it made me smile as I am listening to Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy.

Somewhere over the rainbow – skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ❤

~Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy~

Throughout this journey, I thought about how we rush our way to work – be it on the road or the rails and I think most people in the heart of the city lead a fast-paced life. I don’t know about you, but I have always love this fast-paced life that I go through every now and then along with the high rise buildings that never fails to make me smile.

The very same week, I woke up one night in my room because it was so cold [I kicked my blanket away as usual] as it was raining heavily. Upon waking up, I felt around the bed for my blanket and covered myself with it. At that time, I don’t feel like doing anything but just going home because I miss my bolster T_____T.

When the week ended, I was on the way home and of all the times in the world, it rained heavily. This time, I was listening to Rain by Breaking Benjamin and When The Rain Falls by Zetta Bytes. I kinda enjoyed the rain as I love feeling the rain mist against my cheeks and the cool air breezes through my hair. This feeling is simply great and it reminded me of times where I took a slow stroll down the road with an umbrella, enjoying the rain : ).

Is it you I want or just the notion of a heart to wrap around so I can find my way around.

~Rain by Breaking Benjamin~

Cause tears are the same when they are trying to grow something good out of all the pain. 

~When The Rain Falls by Zetta Bytes~ 

Among the 3 songs above, which of the following is your favourite and do you enjoy the rain in the very same way as I do : ) ? ❤


4 responses to “It’s Raining and I’m Smiling

  1. someone you used to know :)

    i hope i will have the chance to enjoy the rain one day. hopefully in the same way as you do =)

  2. It rains every single day here!! Of course I enjoy the rain~ nice to watch de rain, the way they change because of the wind! same as how we watch at people n things around us on a random day! but when you are in rush, rain can be very annoying at the wrong timing… zzz… prefer sunny morn, rainy evening once awhile, clear blue sky on night~

  3. Rain while walking back is terrible. lol :p

  4. someone you used to know 🙂 : hopefully 😉

    Nano: its raining every evening now 😛 !!

    Flyn: i know right 😛 but sometimes it is enjoyable! =P

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