The Difference Between Fate and Coincidence Is…

Can you tell me the difference? I do not have an answer to it. I do not need the answer but I think, it would be good to know. To me, fate and coincidence is almost similar in a way but coincidence is just a ‘whatever lah’ and ‘oh it happens’ version of fate. I used to think that coincidence leads to fate in a way or another but then today, I take everything that happens coincidentally as just a pure coincidence and nothing more than that. You wanna ask me why? 😉 That’s because life’s happier, simpler and better that way all the time <3.

What do you think? 


12 responses to “The Difference Between Fate and Coincidence Is…

  1. For me, fate is when you want to achieve something but instead you achieved something else. You won’t be happy at first but later on that alternate achievement will do something good in your life and then when you think back you’ll say “This must be fated.” For coincidence is just pure luck, like you bump into people haven’t seen for ages or you came across something you wanted to buy for a long time. There’s is no clear border between fate and coincidence, but I think fate will do more changes to your life compare to coincidence.

  2. Ee Hahn: i like how you define coincidence in your point of view :P…

  3. There’s no such thing as coincidence =D I was taught so by xxxholic~ the anime =D

    People deem it as fate and coincidence whenever and whichever it pleases them, for eg. like you say, it makes life simpler and happier~

    But i think theres a really large woven web , where things are just meant to happen.

    whether its retribution, an event for a lesson, a karmic reward/punishment, a chance, etc =D

  4. Ee Jane: when i think about something as being fated, i do get afraid 😛 …

  5. Tak apalah~ orang baik akan dibalas baik punya =D

  6. Fate = believers
    Coincidence = non-believers

    On a side note, coincidence can be caused by fate, fate cannot happen because of mere coincidence.

  7. Ee Jane: true 😛 …

    Carson: so, are u a believer or non-believer? =P i like ur side note – very meaningful! 😉 !!

  8. I’m a bit of both ._.

  9. i am a non-believer for now :P…

  10. someone you used to know :)

    i believe in fate =)

  11. someone you used to know 🙂 : good for you! =D

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