Face to Face. Eye to Eye :)

31st August 2012

I used to have this rather close friend whom we can always sit next to each other, keep quiet and felt like the time is well spent although we did nothing productive at all. This ‘friend’ was one of the friends whom I thought that our friendship would last but sadly, this ‘friend’ is now a friend whom is already a simple past tense.

Today, I met my simple past tense friend in a bookstore among the book racks, where we met each other face to face, eye to eye. When I saw him, I looked away like I would do to any other stranger because to me, he is no longer my friend. What surprises me a lot is that, the first memory that replayed in my mind is the incident where I received his SMS as I walked past the school bus stop and he asked me why do I look sad and if anyone had upset me. Well, I thought that I would remember what a jerk he is but I guess, it is always good to remember the good memories instead of the bad ones.

As I left the bookstore, I felt that I have just met a stranger, a stranger whom I used to know and talk to. The feeling of being once so close and now so far away made me felt realized that this is a sense of familiarity because we once shared many good talks and time together.

When we accidentally met each other, I was reminded of the lesson that you have taught me. I realized that sometimes or most of the time, it is never easy to remember a lesson so I guess, I should write it down and stick it at a place where I can see it so that I shall not forget [Hopefully 😉 ] for now.

What do you think about my encounter with this ‘friend’ of mine? What would you do if you were to meet your simple past tense friend face to face, eye to eye – a person whom you used to smile and talk to =).


11 responses to “Face to Face. Eye to Eye :)

  1. nicely titled! =P
    i always think about all my old frens too, who once so close, but not even in talking term now.. these old frens.. when we meet again, i think de response is always de same, de only diff is if u got conflict with them or not? either u act u dun see them (ignore them), or just a “Hi” with awkward ending… ==

  2. Wei Qi: haha!! xP actually, when i do meet some old friends [those errr… not so close punya], i will pretend like i tak nampak them because i feel so malas to layan =P… ya, either hi with an awkward ending or hi and then the usual questions like where are you going, doing what now… =P…

  3. I hope one day I’ll bump into my ex gf. But I don’t know how will I respond then.

  4. Ee Hahn: hehe! let me know! 😛

  5. It depends on what time of friends =D and what kinda mood i’m in at that moment

    I don’t have past tense friends that i smile a lot and talk a lot too O.O

    If you say fiend….
    *imagines on such person i loathe*
    I did give a bored looking face, maybe i did stare at their eyes like how i stare into some loathsome beggar eyes….because theres only so few i’m so disgusted with, and those that do disgust me are pretty much maggots

    or in happy days, total bliss and ignorance of the person existence

    or if forced to acknowledge, my sinister i’m way above and looking down upon you smile =D!

    otherwise i pretty much ignore like i see dirt la~

  6. Ee Jane: base on my past experience… no matter what mood i am in, i still ignore =P… hehe!! xP fiend… don’t have any for now so can’t comment on that yet! =P i like how you put this –> ignore like i see dirt – very well summarized =P !

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