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It’s Raining and I’m Smiling

On Tuesday, I was in the LRT on the way back to campus. Normally, I would wait till the next popular station where there will be tonnes of people getting down and I would make my way for a seat. This time around, I don’t know what struck me but I walked towards the window of the train where I can have the first class view of the city. The whole 10 minutes journey felt like a slow version of a roller coaster ride but nonetheless, it made me smile as I am listening to Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy.

Somewhere over the rainbow – skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ❤

~Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy~

Throughout this journey, I thought about how we rush our way to work – be it on the road or the rails and I think most people in the heart of the city lead a fast-paced life. I don’t know about you, but I have always love this fast-paced life that I go through every now and then along with the high rise buildings that never fails to make me smile.

The very same week, I woke up one night in my room because it was so cold [I kicked my blanket away as usual] as it was raining heavily. Upon waking up, I felt around the bed for my blanket and covered myself with it. At that time, I don’t feel like doing anything but just going home because I miss my bolster T_____T.

When the week ended, I was on the way home and of all the times in the world, it rained heavily. This time, I was listening to Rain by Breaking Benjamin and When The Rain Falls by Zetta Bytes. I kinda enjoyed the rain as I love feeling the rain mist against my cheeks and the cool air breezes through my hair. This feeling is simply great and it reminded me of times where I took a slow stroll down the road with an umbrella, enjoying the rain : ).

Is it you I want or just the notion of a heart to wrap around so I can find my way around.

~Rain by Breaking Benjamin~

Cause tears are the same when they are trying to grow something good out of all the pain. 

~When The Rain Falls by Zetta Bytes~ 

Among the 3 songs above, which of the following is your favourite and do you enjoy the rain in the very same way as I do : ) ? ❤


The Difference Between Fate and Coincidence Is…

Can you tell me the difference? I do not have an answer to it. I do not need the answer but I think, it would be good to know. To me, fate and coincidence is almost similar in a way but coincidence is just a ‘whatever lah’ and ‘oh it happens’ version of fate. I used to think that coincidence leads to fate in a way or another but then today, I take everything that happens coincidentally as just a pure coincidence and nothing more than that. You wanna ask me why? 😉 That’s because life’s happier, simpler and better that way all the time <3.

What do you think? 

Face to Face. Eye to Eye :)

31st August 2012

I used to have this rather close friend whom we can always sit next to each other, keep quiet and felt like the time is well spent although we did nothing productive at all. This ‘friend’ was one of the friends whom I thought that our friendship would last but sadly, this ‘friend’ is now a friend whom is already a simple past tense.

Today, I met my simple past tense friend in a bookstore among the book racks, where we met each other face to face, eye to eye. When I saw him, I looked away like I would do to any other stranger because to me, he is no longer my friend. What surprises me a lot is that, the first memory that replayed in my mind is the incident where I received his SMS as I walked past the school bus stop and he asked me why do I look sad and if anyone had upset me. Well, I thought that I would remember what a jerk he is but I guess, it is always good to remember the good memories instead of the bad ones.

As I left the bookstore, I felt that I have just met a stranger, a stranger whom I used to know and talk to. The feeling of being once so close and now so far away made me felt realized that this is a sense of familiarity because we once shared many good talks and time together.

When we accidentally met each other, I was reminded of the lesson that you have taught me. I realized that sometimes or most of the time, it is never easy to remember a lesson so I guess, I should write it down and stick it at a place where I can see it so that I shall not forget [Hopefully 😉 ] for now.

What do you think about my encounter with this ‘friend’ of mine? What would you do if you were to meet your simple past tense friend face to face, eye to eye – a person whom you used to smile and talk to =).