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Perempuan Sombong Berambut Merah

When I first met Melissa Khoo, the first impression that she gave me is – SOMBONG and the first impression that I gave her is – BITCH =P. I still remember the first time Melissa tried to talk to me; it was during orientation week and I was dead tired, I couldn’t remember what she said but I think I brushed her away [Because I get cranky when I am tired =P…] so no wonder she further affirms that I am bitchy =P…

Melissa, Jennica, Samantha in our freshman year! =P

The photograph above shows Melissa in her old spectacles and I remember vividly how I happily told her that my mum thinks that her spectacles caused her to look ugly because she asked for my opinion about her spectacles or appearance or something =X. Haha!! xP !! Melissa was taken aback when she heard what I said probably because I was too straight forward and then the whole time during Information Skills class, she was Googling for spectacle frames [I secretly feel guilty because I think I have somewhat hurt her feelings and I was telling myself to think before I speak =P…]…

After some holiday, she started wearing contact lenses. Before she bought contact lenses, I remember her asking me if it hurts wearing contact lenses =X. Honestly, at that time I think that she is insane but I just layan-ed her because I feel that she should get rid of her spectacles and wear contact lenses =P. Wow! I didn’t know that I am that kind although I think I didn’t really like her back then =P [Must find space to praise myself =P!!].

The Melissa Khoo that I knew back then doesn’t wear shorts and mini skirts because of a lot nonsensical [To me that is =P] reasons. From this, I really, really does think that she is really, really insane because to me, it is about the confidence that you have to wear them [Just like red lipstick! =D]. But I am very proud of her because now, she enjoys wearing them a lot! =D

To me, Melissa is one in a million because although she is the top student in class, she is NEVER selfish with her knowledge and tips. Most top students that I know back then, whenever you ask them a question, this is their favourite answer to you:

Actually I don’t really understand also/I also don’t know… [And they actually understand and know A LOT]

SOUNDS FAMILIAR YET? Yes, those are everyone-has-at-least-one-friend who is damn kiasu. Melissa – she is different because even if she doesn’t understand, she will try her best to understand it and get back to you later and this is what I respect about her a lot.

This Leo woman is a great observer [Seriously, you can’t hide anything from her eyes!!] and most of the time, she can see through a person/dissect a person’s sentence =P… So yes, don’t main-main with her or else you will get burn! =P

Apart from that, this is one woman whom will not be caught looking ugly or wearing anything that looks cheap at all [I love it when she eliminates this cheap stone off her life – best decision ever made woman! Well done! =D ]. Get to know her and she’s nice [In fact, she is very, very nice despite this arrogant aura that she carries around with her =P ].

The one thing that I cannot stand about her is her slowness while preparing for class in the morning. Class is at 10am, I will be at her door at 9.45am and she will definitely still be in her pajamas, applying powder/eyeshadow/eyeliner/blusher halfway. I will make my way to sit on her bed and chase her every single morning while she fix her hair, eyes, eyebrow, cheeks, clothes and breakfast. Sometimes when I do get impatient, I will leave her behind and walk to class to hold on to the attendance sheet while she slowly makes her way to class =P…

Like most of my best friends, we both have the same item in our closets because we love the same thing although our liking for certain stuff may differ. In university, I can always count on her to participate in my craziness that now I think, she is pretty immune to it whenever I do something crazy =P…

She enjoys having good food and she will be very depressed if she is deprived of good food =X… So occasionally in university, we will take the bus/taxi ride to any place that offers good food so that we will both feel happier. Food and retail therapy works very well together so if you haven’t try it, go ahead and give it a go! =D

Melissa is also one of the friends that I have in university whom I can be extremely honest/direct/straight forward to. Throughout our friendship, we agree and disagree on many stuff from fashion to friends to life and everything else in between. But no matter what, although we may not agree or understand each other’s opinion and liking, but we will always respect each other’s opinion.

Sometimes, we do run out of topic [Especially gossips =P ] so we ended up entertaining ourselves and she particularly enjoys scribbling on my tissue paper packaging or we ended up taking photographs like this:

This is Melissa and her pink handphone =P

Attempting to recreate the same look as MAZ 2010/2011 but failed =X…

No one wanted to entertain us so we entertained ourselves and we actually love it that way <3. One of the best things in life is finding a friend who is equally as mentally insane as you are to do all the craziest and self-entertaining stuff in the world <3.

Most of the time we would get ourselves into something/courses that make us go:

What did we get ourselves into?!

And yea, as suicidal as it is sometimes, the very next moment, you will see us doing it again. Well, simply because we are crazy and wanted to make the best out of our craziness. What I am glad is that so far, I have totally enjoyed this awesome and total craziness that we went through together <3.

All in all, I am extremely glad to have this Perempuan Sombong Berambut Hitam Merah in my university life for now. I am glad that our friendship blossomed although I really, really do not like you back then [Hahaha!!! Your muka is seriously very sombong but then my muka is not any better than yours =P]… Well I guess this proves the Malay saying of tak kenal maka tak cinta =P.

Anyway woman, thank you for the two years of awesome friendship and still counting [For now!]. Here, wishing you a very…

Happy 22nd Birthday! =D