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Perempuan Sombong Berambut Merah

When I first met Melissa Khoo, the first impression that she gave me is – SOMBONG and the first impression that I gave her is – BITCH =P. I still remember the first time Melissa tried to talk to me; it was during orientation week and I was dead tired, I couldn’t remember what she said but I think I brushed her away [Because I get cranky when I am tired =P…] so no wonder she further affirms that I am bitchy =P…

Melissa, Jennica, Samantha in our freshman year! =P

The photograph above shows Melissa in her old spectacles and I remember vividly how I happily told her that my mum thinks that her spectacles caused her to look ugly because she asked for my opinion about her spectacles or appearance or something =X. Haha!! xP !! Melissa was taken aback when she heard what I said probably because I was too straight forward and then the whole time during Information Skills class, she was Googling for spectacle frames [I secretly feel guilty because I think I have somewhat hurt her feelings and I was telling myself to think before I speak =P…]…

After some holiday, she started wearing contact lenses. Before she bought contact lenses, I remember her asking me if it hurts wearing contact lenses =X. Honestly, at that time I think that she is insane but I just layan-ed her because I feel that she should get rid of her spectacles and wear contact lenses =P. Wow! I didn’t know that I am that kind although I think I didn’t really like her back then =P [Must find space to praise myself =P!!].

The Melissa Khoo that I knew back then doesn’t wear shorts and mini skirts because of a lot nonsensical [To me that is =P] reasons. From this, I really, really does think that she is really, really insane because to me, it is about the confidence that you have to wear them [Just like red lipstick! =D]. But I am very proud of her because now, she enjoys wearing them a lot! =D

To me, Melissa is one in a million because although she is the top student in class, she is NEVER selfish with her knowledge and tips. Most top students that I know back then, whenever you ask them a question, this is their favourite answer to you:

Actually I don’t really understand also/I also don’t know… [And they actually understand and know A LOT]

SOUNDS FAMILIAR YET? Yes, those are everyone-has-at-least-one-friend who is damn kiasu. Melissa – she is different because even if she doesn’t understand, she will try her best to understand it and get back to you later and this is what I respect about her a lot.

This Leo woman is a great observer [Seriously, you can’t hide anything from her eyes!!] and most of the time, she can see through a person/dissect a person’s sentence =P… So yes, don’t main-main with her or else you will get burn! =P

Apart from that, this is one woman whom will not be caught looking ugly or wearing anything that looks cheap at all [I love it when she eliminates this cheap stone off her life – best decision ever made woman! Well done! =D ]. Get to know her and she’s nice [In fact, she is very, very nice despite this arrogant aura that she carries around with her =P ].

The one thing that I cannot stand about her is her slowness while preparing for class in the morning. Class is at 10am, I will be at her door at 9.45am and she will definitely still be in her pajamas, applying powder/eyeshadow/eyeliner/blusher halfway. I will make my way to sit on her bed and chase her every single morning while she fix her hair, eyes, eyebrow, cheeks, clothes and breakfast. Sometimes when I do get impatient, I will leave her behind and walk to class to hold on to the attendance sheet while she slowly makes her way to class =P…

Like most of my best friends, we both have the same item in our closets because we love the same thing although our liking for certain stuff may differ. In university, I can always count on her to participate in my craziness that now I think, she is pretty immune to it whenever I do something crazy =P…

She enjoys having good food and she will be very depressed if she is deprived of good food =X… So occasionally in university, we will take the bus/taxi ride to any place that offers good food so that we will both feel happier. Food and retail therapy works very well together so if you haven’t try it, go ahead and give it a go! =D

Melissa is also one of the friends that I have in university whom I can be extremely honest/direct/straight forward to. Throughout our friendship, we agree and disagree on many stuff from fashion to friends to life and everything else in between. But no matter what, although we may not agree or understand each other’s opinion and liking, but we will always respect each other’s opinion.

Sometimes, we do run out of topic [Especially gossips =P ] so we ended up entertaining ourselves and she particularly enjoys scribbling on my tissue paper packaging or we ended up taking photographs like this:

This is Melissa and her pink handphone =P

Attempting to recreate the same look as MAZ 2010/2011 but failed =X…

No one wanted to entertain us so we entertained ourselves and we actually love it that way <3. One of the best things in life is finding a friend who is equally as mentally insane as you are to do all the craziest and self-entertaining stuff in the world <3.

Most of the time we would get ourselves into something/courses that make us go:

What did we get ourselves into?!

And yea, as suicidal as it is sometimes, the very next moment, you will see us doing it again. Well, simply because we are crazy and wanted to make the best out of our craziness. What I am glad is that so far, I have totally enjoyed this awesome and total craziness that we went through together <3.

All in all, I am extremely glad to have this Perempuan Sombong Berambut Hitam Merah in my university life for now. I am glad that our friendship blossomed although I really, really do not like you back then [Hahaha!!! Your muka is seriously very sombong but then my muka is not any better than yours =P]… Well I guess this proves the Malay saying of tak kenal maka tak cinta =P.

Anyway woman, thank you for the two years of awesome friendship and still counting [For now!]. Here, wishing you a very…

Happy 22nd Birthday! =D


My Sophomore Year :D

In a nutshell, my sophomore year has been a meaningful one =P… Hah! When I started off my post with a happy conclusion, you can foresee a happy post ahead with a rant first =P. Before I go into the second semester of my sophomore year, you can read all about my first semester of my sophomore year by clicking here : ).

The second semester of my sophomore year started off without any dramas involved and this is a photo to summarize up the second semester of my sophomore year =P :

Lotsa fun and craziness to the max <3. I love this picture! ❤ 

Basically, I think I did more crazy things [Which makes me feel alive!] and I am so glad that my woman [For now!] is happy to tag along =P… In this semester, this particular friend in class whom Mel and I used to know turns into someone whom we do not know at all. Group work are meant to be shared equally, even if there is any unfairness, methinks that you should talk it out and seek for an explanation.

If you think that you are the one who is ALWAYS doing the extra/heavier load of work, please use your brain [Oh wait I forgot!! You have no brain!!! Ah, even ostriches have brains xP] kneecap to think for the rational behind the work distribution! Mel is always the one who checks and finalized the work [So if you hand in your work at 3am, she will check your work at 3am], and I have to compile and go through every single thing [Fonts, spacing, format etc] before printing and binding if needed [And I don’t even bother charging you for it]. If you think it is that easy for us, then maybe you should be in our shoes for a day and see how do you like compiling work at 3am : ). 

Apart from that dear friend, please do not forget the times where you almost did not have 80% for attendance and I held back the attendance form for you just because I take our friendship seriously and you take it as shit. I called you just to remind you about your attendance while I am in class and what about you? You thanked me by telling the lecturer that you got the notes late just because you haven’t read them when that day, I came to class earlier just to distribute the notes. 

Dear friend, I remember very vividly how during presentation, you intentionally threw a bomb to my group that could be costly to us but have you ever thought about this – when your group made huge mistakes, we noticed it but we decided to not say anything because we know how much marks it would cost you and your fellow group members. Do you have to do this on purpose? Do you know the meaning of being considerate?

Do you know how it feels like to be back/front stabbed by a friend? Do you know how it feels like when you have done so much and yet it is never enough that you deserve to be back/front stabbed? What is it that WE have not done enough? When things went wrong between you and Mel, I tried to help you but I guess you didn’t care enough and it is entirely all your fault that things are screwed up between you and Mel. And for everything that we have done to help you back then, you thanked us by taking away our group members for assignments and when our your group members tried to run to our group because we are awesome [For now], you acted childishly by complaining to the lecturer when initially everything was said and done with the lecturer’s consent.

Mel and I stayed with you through thick and thin for 3 semesters and you kindly thanked us by saying that we HOUNDED you for work, we STOLE your group members and I gave the notes LATE which is why you have no time to read them. Oh look! Hounding you for work? =) Aren’t you making us a slave of yours for 3 semesters – I could easily say this too =). And oh look!! A stone is calling a rock a batu 😉 ! That’s what you have degraded yourself into 🙂 What are rocks good for again? Oh yes, they are good for nothing except to sink in the Tasik Varsiti and pull others along down with them :). 


Oh well! =P Whatever!! 

Your friend who HOUNDS you for work *Inserts Facebook LIKE icon*

Rants aside, happier stuff now =P:

Melissa and I picked up Practicum in Make Up for Effect class as our elective and honestly, it is one of the best decision ever made ❤ [Although it is a very suicidal course]. In this class, I have learnt a lot and I am very glad that I stepped out of the box for a good change =)…

Happily late for class =P…

It is raining and we are late for our class but turns up that we aren’t late at all =P… Don’t you agree that being late to class and yet still have time for photos are simply one of the best things in university? xP

This is us after our first make up class and I brought Mel to this amazing place in UM where we took many self-timer photos with the security guard watching us from the building like a hawk =P…

AIESEC Out Campus Recruitment Drive. 

I am still an AIESECer in my second semester although I am very pissed off with this particular person in my team who is unjust and needs to get some tact. What I admire the most about the AIESECers in UM is their high spirit and commitment to AIESEC – something that I have yet to find in myself through AIESEC. Thank you AIESEC for the experience and I have totally no regrets because I knew that I have done my best but, I have other commitments and responsibilities on my shoulder.

Angelicia [My beautiful course mate + 7th college dancer!] and I! : ) 

I am still a huge fan of FESENI but sadly, this year I only managed to watch Tarian Kreatif. This year, 9th college surprised me with their performance [I have no idea how they won the first place last year because I have no idea what is their dance all about =P] that I truly have to say that they DESERVE the first place this time around =) so yes, well done 9th college! =D

I saw geese and ducks at 12th college during my visit to the student clinic =P… I was so overexcited to see them that when I got down from the car just to take a closer look at them because I find them so cute and pretty until Mel told me that they peck =|.

Nadiah and I! : )

Nadiah surprised me with a birthday gift and I love it!! =D Thank you Nadiah for the lovely T-shirt and how did you know my T-shirt size?! Have you been stalking me?! =P !!

Carmen and Tat Joon on stage for i-Sync opening! =D 

In my sophomore year, I surprised myself when I found back another part of me that went missing in my freshman year – the supportive personality that I used to have. I am not really sure if I am glad to have it back but I think for now, I shall be. When I saw Carmen and Tat Joon on stage, I feel kinda left out for not joining so many activities and competitions [Kinda addicted to them in Form 6 =P] but then, when I realized the reason behind it – I smiled because I must keep my word : ).

Melissa, Sam, Carmen and Woan Min at i-Sync – all of us were there to support Carmen! =D 

Carmen is the girl in my freshman year in my hostel who is basically non-existent in my life because I don’t bother getting to know her. Surprisingly, the person who is basically non-existent in your life tends to be someone who impacted you in certain ways. My friendship with Carmen blossomed in my sophomore year and I am glad that it did because from her, I learnt that staying cool and calm in every situation is part of the best solution ever.

Carmen, Woan Min, Sam, A Leow – Part of the family that I will treasure for the rest of my life =)… 

In my freshman year, I have expressed my dislike for CC [You can read all about it here] and in my sophomore year, I have nothing against CC. I don’t know what do the juniors think about CC but to me, this is the very time I felt that I can truly proclaim that CC is my second home and it has brought me closer to many people. Apart from that, I am truly glad that CC has left me a good memory in my sophomore year : ). All in all – NO REGRETS! =)

Some of the second years students in CC : ). 

In my freshman year, I never understood how people feel towards CC and I can never understand the way they commit themselves to CC. Although I have yet to understand that but I am glad that I have seen some light in CC. Above all, what makes CC truly stands out is that it is under the presidency of the second truly remarkable leader that I have known in my whole life – Carmen Siow =)…

Sam, Mel, Edna, Jessica, Woan Min, Mun Yoke. 

Mel and I helped out the first year students for their Malam Kebudayaan Cina. I surprise myself a lot because during my year’s Malam Kebudayaan Cina, I didn’t give a hoot about it.

When I saw the final performance by the first year students for their MKC, it made me realized that I was these bunch of people actually worked hard for months just for this event. I was truly touched by their spirit because I can feel that they are all together as one – a feeling that I have never felt at all in my freshman year. Although I am sure that they went through many rocks and storms in their journey, but I am sure that towards the end it is all worth it =).

Mel and the love letter to Bendahari! =P 

My woman finally got the scholarship that she well deserved and I accompanied her to the Bendahari because this woman would go missing in UM without the GPS/me =P… I think I am destined to be good friends with people who have no sense of direction =P. Ahh, all you need is someone who knows how to enjoy the trip with you and you shall lead the way! xD !!

Mel found Garfield while we sesat our way to the HEP office =P… 

Our lecturer, Dr. Karen thinks that Mel and I are cute together [For now!! Wahaha!! xP] because one fine morning, I decided to have my cup noodles before going to class so that Dr. Karen will not see me eating it in class for 14 weeks continuously. Upon arriving in class…

Me: Hi Dr. Karen! I didn’t have my cup noodles today!! =D 

Dr. Karen: O.o… That’s good! 

Melissa: She had it on the way to class =P. 

Me: You don’t have to tuk bao me!! T____T !! You tried to burn a 720mb video into a 702mb CD last night!! =P I feel swt for you!!! =P !!

Melissa: Sorry lo!! I am very bad with all this things!! T____T !! 

Now you know why we are so cute together [For now!].

Mel’s loofah sponge hanging on her locker =P… 

Mel earned herself a new nickname, Loofah! =P The picture above is her caller ID picture and her name is Loofah ❤ in my contact list. The nickname loofah was given to her because she doesn’t know what a loofah is =P…

Once, I kidnapped her loofah sponge from her room and waited for her realize that her loofah sponge went missing. I knew that she would realize it by midnight because that is her favourite time to take her shower =P… And true enough, she did gave me a call and I told her that it was with me [Ahh, at least I admit! =P]. What made me laugh so hard is that her two roommates, Carmen and Woan Min said:

Samantha will not be so sampat to take your loofah sponge. What is she gonna do with it?

Hehe! xP I created an awesome memory in my university life by kidnapping her loofah sponge =P !!

And I donated blood at the event that was organized by my roommate, Lesley and her fellow course mates! =D Oh yes, I hope you like my new fringe because Mel trimmed them for me outside her room =P…

Mel and her freshly dyed hair in Liese Sweet Apricot! =D

The day before an important presentation, Mel and I spent the whole night dyeing each other’s hair. While dyeing each other’s hair, we both asked each other – Aiyo, what are we doing now la when we are supposed to prepare for presentation?! The answer: We are preparing to look awesome for presentation by having super red and almost blonde hair =P… Sometimes when I look back at my second semester, I think that I am getting crazier day by day and loving it all the same for now! =P

Mel treated me to a durian donut when she went to Mid Valley =P. I couldn’t remember why I didn’t tag along but I guess I must be lazy/nak tidur petang =P… Anyway, this donut came in as a surprise and it is the little little stuff in life that makes life so much more meaningful so this durian donut deserves a picture here! =P

Mel’s Prince Nuada and my Mad Hatter-ess =D!

Picking up Practicum in Make Up for Effect was probably another suicidal course but then I have absolutely no regrets because this course has brought me a rather new friend – Billy who happens to be the model for Mel’s character and we formed the Bimbo Gang! =P… I knew Billy in AIESEC but then we never talk because well – just didn’t have the chance/time =P… But I am so glad that Mel asked Billy to be her model and all of us had so much fun!! =D

Apart from that, this class too gave me a chance to spend some time with my ex-roommate, Mun Yoke who happens to be my model! =D !! Thank you so much Mun Yoke – I truly appreciate your help! ❤ =D

From this two pictures, may you truly understand why I love my newly found Bimbo Gang [For now! =P].

My masterpiece! : )

For my final project presentation, my ex-roommate Vivian helped me out by being my model and contributed the 10% to my total marks =P. Thank you so much Vivian!! ❤ =D

Vivian and I on Experimental Theater stage =). 

This is the very first time I am doing a fashion show like presentation and I am so glad that I had the chance to do so because it is truly a once in a lifetime experience for me. This will definitely be one of the best memories that I will have in my university life and I will never ever forget it! =)

At the end of this class, I have picked up a lot of knowledge that now when I watch movies [Especially Johnny Depp movies! =P], I can chuckle because I know how easy it is to do the make up =P…

Carmen, Jessica, Melissa, Mun Yoke and I at Palace of the Golden Horses =).

This time around, 7th college dinner was held at Palace of the Golden Horses and I decided to join in on the fun =P. My only regret is that I didn’t have a DSLR with me but I guess the photographs didn’t turn up that bad after all! =D

Mel and I with Dahfa fish snack during one of our favourite classes =P…

I love snacking in classes because they help me to stay awake when all I want to do is to crawl back to the hostel and sleep happily =P…

Me at some event near the Main Library and this is how I look like on lazy days in campus. Seriously I look damn lazy. New semester resolution – must not wear like this anymore =P !!

At this event [Organized by the Accounting club students], I think I did a number of crazy stuff and one of them involved jumping continuously on the trampoline. Honestly, it was a really good stress reliever so I think I should consider investing in one – good for my waistline and hormones! =P

I love ice-creams with my woman on a gloomy day simply because an awesome companion [For now] and good ice-cream can always light up a gloomy day =) !

Sharing cup noodles = sharing happiness ❤

Mel and I made a very last minute decision to go all the way to Paradigm Mall because of the RM9 shorts at Brands Outlet =P… And obviously it is one of the best decision ever made! =D Especially how we epic-ly tried to smuggle more shorts/skirts into the fitting room =P…

And everyone! =P This is my woman pole dancing in the not very empty bus because pole dancing in the bus is a must for every lady at least once in their lifetime =P…!

Cho Ping, Ding Jian, Wei Jie =D

This time around, I ended my week 14 by going for a jalan-jalan makan lunch and shopping trip with Wei Jie and two ex-seniors in UM =P…

And this is Mun Yoke and I bimbo-ing in the fitting room after lunch as aforementioned because it is one of the best things you can do in a fitting room =P… Haha! This reminded me of this very funky blue jeans that I tried in GAP =P…

My Nano and I! ❤

I met up with my dearest Nano during exam week for lunch because I have time for it and I need to complain to her about exams [A semester ritual that I go through and she has to bear with =P].

This is Lilian and I in the new Examination Building. Also, this is our face after I have no idea which paper but I am sure as hell that it was a deadly 2 hours @_@…

Lunch during exam breaks =|… 

This semester I had two killer papers back to back that I had to have my lunch at the Examination Building. Guess what! =P My woman and I brought double portions just to share with each other. I find this very loving of us to each other [For now!] ❤ <3.

Last day of exam! =D Say hello to bimbo-ing again! =P

And I shall end my post with a very happy photo of Mel and I with our two hundred thousand gazillion smile because we are now officially done with our sophomore year! =D Hello third year but not a final year student yet according to the system =P…!


All in all, my sophomore year has been a meaningful, great and crazy [Crazily suicidal at times =P] one! =) I would go through my sophomore year all over again as compared to my freshman year : )…

In my sophomore year, I found more friends, I have learnt that there are still good people around and one bad egg doesn’t spoils the whole bunch. I am glad and thankful to everyone who has helped me to get through all the difficulties that I have faced in my sophomore year although we may not be close at all in our freshman year [You know who you are 😉 ]. Thank you everyone for the memories in hostel and in CC as well [I can’t believe that I am saying this!]! =) ❤

Once in my sophomore year, I met a used to be close friend and we said hello; hello because it is a type of mannerism. But there was nothing left to say, so this used to be close friend said:

I wish you didn’t change, I wish that you were still the same girl in spectacles and black hair because that is the girl whom I used to know and hasn’t given up on what really matters to her.

I said nothing because as mentioned, there was nothing left to say anymore. But I just realized now, what have I changed? I guess nothing except a change of heart.

To everyone whom I have met and got closer to in my sophomore year, thank you for the memories, friendship and everything else in between =). May we continue to build more awesome memories that we may cherish them when we leave the university to pursue our further dreams and ambitions! ❤ ❤

Well I guess for now I could safely say… Goodbye sophomore year! =D !! ❤ !!