Bits And Pieces of Those Letters

24th October 2008

Today, when I woke up from my sleep, I sat on my bed, thinking about next year. I wonder at this very same date, would I remember you as how I remembered you right now? Will it come a day where you realized that I’d have walked away?

Something in me, is telling me that we don’t belong to each other and that, we are not meant for each other. Something in me, tells me that I am insignificant in your life.

To this person, the last thing that I’ve said to you – remains the same until this very day : ) I have always prayed and wished for the best – for you because we were best of friends once upon a time. 


24th August 2009

I know I can say nothing to make you feel better or happier. But I hope, this letter has at least put a smile on your face.

To this person, I feel sorry for myself for even trying my best to make you feel better because in the end, you don’t even appreciate it. 


30th October 2009

Once you told me over the SMS that you don’t deserve such a nice friend like me.

To this person, you were right. I was so dumb. 


Reading back all this letters that I’ve written to 3 of my used to be best/close friends made me laugh because I am glad that I first remembered the good times that we had together when we were still on talking terms instead of the bad memories/nightmare that they have given me : ). At the same time, I did not regret for everything that I did and said because I believe that I was sincere enough but yea, I guess you are not even bothered! 😉


3 responses to “Bits And Pieces of Those Letters

  1. @.@ somehow.. i know one of them..

  2. I’m not sure if i know any of them…AHAHAHAH =P =P
    Okay…if i was suppose to know, then you’re probably gonna screech at the other end about “what you don’t know! i told you!’ , if you did lah, AHAHA ><

  3. Wei Qi: you know all of them =P…

    Ee Jane: you do not know any of them but you have heard all about them =P…!

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