The Right and The Wrong Decision

How would you know if you have made the right or wrong decision? Do you believe in reality or your inner voice that is/might be telling you the truth?


4 responses to “The Right and The Wrong Decision

  1. I always believe in my inner voice. I find that my inner voice is always true.

  2. The short story is…
    If you pick inner voice over reality and it somehow turn wrong:
    >>I was emotional / wasn’t thinking straight <>”SH*T! I TOLD YOU SO?! WHY DIDN’T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!”<<
    you're not gonna forgive yourself for a long long time, cause its practically a mistake you repeated twice.
    (inner voice is the calling of the past and a sign from the future)

    i think so lah~

    But theres always the third story…

  3. oops…like got error on the link above…

    in between the ‘wasn’t thinking straight’ and ‘shit i told you so’ is
    you get forgiven 80-90% of the time whereas
    If you pick reality over inner voice and something goes wrong ><…then it continues as follow

  4. Ee Hahn: good for u!! =D

    Ee Jane: i like how u think because that’s how i think too! >< !! great mind thinks alike? =P !

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