Snow White and The 7 Nerds II

In 2009, I directed Snow White and The 7 Nerds for an inter-class competition [Click here! =D] and in 2011, I directed this play again for English Language Day =D… This time around, I would say that the play is an improved version as we have so much more time to practice, prepare as well as we have a better location and equipment provided. I wouldn’t deny that there is a scene or two that I wasn’t happy about due to commitment by certain people but overall I am very, very glad that it went on very smoothly! =D


The second students of Faculty of Languages and Linguistics from the English department proudly presents =D :

Edna Ho =D

Snow White and…

L-R: Rachel, Cherry, Jessica, Monica, Lilian, Jennica, Melissa

The 7 Nerds =D…

The audience, cast and crew =D !

Christopher was the emcee of the day! =D I think emceeing is just his thing to do! =D

Dr. Tam – Head of English Department =D.

Professor Dr. Zuraidah – Dean of Faculty of Languages and Linguistics =D.

Yea, you might be wondering what role am I playing this time and the answer is – I am not holding any role! =D I am the director as well as controlling the slides for each scenes’ background and music! =D Venda is our narrator this time around! =D

This time around, Marilyn is the trapped young and beautiful maiden in Magic Mirror. Aasha plays her role as the Evil Queen and in my opinion, she plays the character better than I do =P…

Edna as Snow White and Ivan as Prince Charming! =D This is the dance scene! =]

Hong Ten as the huntsman receiving his mission from the Evil Queen to murder Snow White =X…

And he attempts to murder Snow White but could not bring himself to do it because he has feelings for the little princess =]… Maybe next I should direct a play entitled Snow White and The Huntsman =P…

Snow White ran into the dark forest and stumbled upon the 7 Nerds’ home =D…

The 7 Nerds =D ~! 

This time around, instead of having school subject names for the nerds, we used adjectives =P…

Pretty Nerd – Lilian 

Naughty Nerd – My woman/Melissa =D 

Sexy Nerd – Rachel

Clumsy Nerd – Monica

Funny Nerd – Jennica

Lazy Nerd – Jessica

Sleepy Nerd – Cherry 

The 7 Nerds returned and found Snow White. They negotiated, contemplated and finally, they allowed Snow White to stay with them =D…

The Queen consulted her Magic Mirror and realized that she has been fooled by the huntsman. She then disguised herself in order to pay Snow White a visit and kill her =X…

The queen killed Snow White with a rose =X… 

Angelicia is the Queen in disguise this time around and to me, this shows the real transformation of the queen as compared to the one in 2009 =P…

The 7 Nerds returned and found their beloved Snow White dead =|… Thus, they killed the Queen with a bazooka =X.

And the 7 Nerds were devastated over Snow White’s dead =|…

The prince appeared and Snow White was awaken by her true love kiss! =D The play in 2009 ended here but this time around, the story line was continued with slideshow presentation and this idea was suggested by our lecturer, Dr. Sheena =D ! Also, this idea reminded me of Hong Kong drama concepts where they narrated the ending instead of acting it out =]…

The ending of our play =D :

After the Queen died, she was stuck behind her faithful Magic Mirror along with the trapped young maiden. The huntsman found the Queen’s Book of Spells and found a spell that could only free either one of them.

So obviously the huntsman picked the young maiden because if he ever free the Queen, his head will be chopped off =P… So yea, huntsman and the now freed young maiden lives happily ever after! =D

Picture edited by Marilyn from Prince William and Kate’s wedding photograph =P… 

 Last but not a least, a fairy tale is never complete without saying Snow White, Prince Charming and the 7 Nerds live together happily ever after =D…

Lunch was provided and I love the rice provided!! =D

Sam, Edna, Marilyn and Lilian =D…

Angel, Sam and Venda attempting to be the next Magic Mirror and this time around, almost all the props were prepared by Nadiah! =D Thank you so much Nadiah!! ❤ !! =D

And this is us – promoting our lesbianism again =P…

So then, we live together happily ever after… FOR NOW! xD !


All in all, this play has been an awesome one although at the beginning it was discouraged in many ways! =D But what I am glad is that it is always darkest just before the dawn just like what happened to the very same play in 2009 =]…


3 responses to “Snow White and The 7 Nerds II

  1. aiyak wasted u never act. i like the last 3 piccies best 😉

  2. someone you used to know :)

    you are always beautiful 🙂

  3. Greg: i know right xD

    Someone I used to know?: thank u xD ! you are? =P

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