Honesty Is The Best Policy



5 responses to “Honesty Is The Best Policy

  1. Yes. I know there are many dishonest people out there who seem to gain success through the wrong way but stick to your principle. Honest people will succeed eternally.

  2. Boiling down this issue, it really depends on the circumstances. If honesty = do not lie, then it goes to Kant’s philosophy. jz saying~ haha

  3. Ee Hahn: you really do think so? =|

    Brian: yea i agree with you that it totally depends on the context =|… kant’s philosophy? xD enlighten me?! xD !!

  4. Should be…
    Sometimes, instead of lying i just choose not to say or answer anything…
    Repercussions are always there…
    (i play truant and get attendance, it’s somewhat like lying and cheating, but if confronted i will probably just say i did not attend)

  5. Ee Jane: well i guess that’s what i do too at times =| … yes, there will always be repercussions! =|

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