Overdose of Libra [V]

Ah… I think the Libra-s influence on me will be so great that one day I might even be mistaken as a Libra! =P Nano, Pico, Pik Teng, my sister, Ferlynne and myself are mutual friends. One day, we decided that we will hang out at Old Town White Coffee who has improved their service by a thousand times but the food quality went down by a million times for a catch up and kaypoh session =P…

We shall start off this post with a photo of Nano trying to be vain =D…

I think almost everyone of us ordered enriched chocolate drink [I think Ching Yin or a friend of mine back then recommended me this drink! Taste just like Milo but a more high class and chocolaty version! =P].

The first epic event that happened is that Nano spilled her drink as seen in the photograph above and Nano’s purse is the not so smart victim =P… And actually I feel quite sad that Nano’s purse isn’t water absorbent =P…

Pico on the other hand is the extremely smart victim =P… She hopped onto my lap the moment she saw the cup tilting and thank God this woman doesn’t weigh more than 50kg .____.

The second epic event would be Pik Teng started getting excited/talking/laughing loudly till everyone was staring at us, thinking that we are a bunch of mad girls. And this is muka Nano feeling super swt with Pik Teng =X ~ Hahaha!! Nano, I do not know the girl in red-orange top!! xP !!

Nano, Pik Teng – The Libra-s! [One blur case spilled her drink, another swt case laughing her heart out =P ]

Pico the Libra [The smarter version of Nano =X] and I =X ~

L-R: Nano, Pik Teng, Ferlynne, Sam and Pico =D..

And I shall end this post with a photo of Nano trying to bully Pik Teng =P… Someone do some justice for Pik Teng! xD


Hanging out with simple people with simple intention and a happy heart with lots of laughter and day filled with awesome craziness is all that one ever need all the time ❤


5 responses to “Overdose of Libra [V]

  1. last picture:EPIC

  2. Greg: yea i know right! =P

    Ee Jane: it is! =D

  3. first of all… I DIDN’T spill my frink! =( wat me again! >=(
    had so much fun with pikteng! hahhaaaha!
    should post de video of her being 38 lo!

  4. Wei Qi: not you ke?! then siapa?! =P sorry la, i thought you are the clumsy one wakakaka! xP !!

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