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Honesty Is The Best Policy



Overdose of Libra [V]

Ah… I think the Libra-s influence on me will be so great that one day I might even be mistaken as a Libra! =P Nano, Pico, Pik Teng, my sister, Ferlynne and myself are mutual friends. One day, we decided that we will hang out at Old Town White Coffee who has improved their service by a thousand times but the food quality went down by a million times for a catch up and kaypoh session =P…

We shall start off this post with a photo of Nano trying to be vain =D…

I think almost everyone of us ordered enriched chocolate drink [I think Ching Yin or a friend of mine back then recommended me this drink! Taste just like Milo but a more high class and chocolaty version! =P].

The first epic event that happened is that Nano spilled her drink as seen in the photograph above and Nano’s purse is the not so smart victim =P… And actually I feel quite sad that Nano’s purse isn’t water absorbent =P…

Pico on the other hand is the extremely smart victim =P… She hopped onto my lap the moment she saw the cup tilting and thank God this woman doesn’t weigh more than 50kg .____.

The second epic event would be Pik Teng started getting excited/talking/laughing loudly till everyone was staring at us, thinking that we are a bunch of mad girls. And this is muka Nano feeling super swt with Pik Teng =X ~ Hahaha!! Nano, I do not know the girl in red-orange top!! xP !!

Nano, Pik Teng – The Libra-s! [One blur case spilled her drink, another swt case laughing her heart out =P ]

Pico the Libra [The smarter version of Nano =X] and I =X ~

L-R: Nano, Pik Teng, Ferlynne, Sam and Pico =D..

And I shall end this post with a photo of Nano trying to bully Pik Teng =P… Someone do some justice for Pik Teng! xD


Hanging out with simple people with simple intention and a happy heart with lots of laughter and day filled with awesome craziness is all that one ever need all the time ❤

Overdose of Libra [IV]

This post will be all about my outing to Mid Valley Megamall to meet my dearest best friends! =D This is definitely one of the outings that I enjoyed the most during my Chinese New Year holidays! =D Good gossips, good talks, good food and good people will forever light up my day =]…

First of all, I had lunch at Sushi Zanmai and I totally love Sushi Zanmai! =D

Green tea which did not taste very good =X…

Wasabi – I love wasabi but Sushi Zanmai’s wasabi is not as chi kik as the wasabi at Sushi King =|… I love wasabi that is super chi kik and has the kick to make you feel like you are having the best wasabi in the world! =D

Bento rice =], very delicious! =D

Soft shell crab something and I don’t know what else but super nice! =D

Yum yum! Looks good and taste good too! =D

Sashimi topping =]… I love sashimi!!! ❤

Sam, Wen Yee [Libra], Defphane [Libra] and Ching Yin =D…

Wen Yee, Defphane, Ching Yin and I with the Chinese New Year decoration =D… Look, I am so tall =P !

The Libra-s! =D

My dearest Ah Lui and I! ❤

This is how the four of us share our popcorn =P… We are creative people! =D

The usual mirror obligation photograph =D… I look tall!! =D

Question of the day: What to eat @____@…

We are allowed to pick a lucky draw card and we got…

A seed ._____. that will apparently grow into a plant with words or something like that ._____.

Wen Yee’s carbonara spaghetti =]

Defphane’s sandwich =]…

Ching Yin’s salted egg fried rice which is a huge portion! Value for money! =D

My plain pasta which tasted very, very good and I personally feel that it tasted much better than the carbonara spaghetti! =P Well I guess at times, certain things just need to be simple to be nice =]… When the word simple appears, I will always be reminded me of my Libra friends who are always very simple and happy people =D…