Overdose of Aquarius [III]

This post will be about the farewell gathering for Ee Jane! =] Although not all of us could be there but I guess, it is the thought that counts =]…

L-R: Sam, Ee Jane, TJ, Ai Leng, TK and Camilla

We played our favourite game, Monopoly Deal [Super addictive! =D] and TJ, I will not forgive you for causing me to lose! T_______T !!

Incomplete Ji Mui Gang =X – Ai Leng, Camilla, Sam, Ee Jane, Dwight

Weng Chiew came all the way from almost the other end of the town just to say goodbye to Ee Jane! =]

Us ala some office drama poster =X… Dwight is the gay guy, Weng Chiew is the guy in the drama who is always trying to act cool, Ai Leng is the sexy and gatal secretary, TJ is her innocent boss who is often manipulated by Ai Leng, Ee Jane, Camilla and I are best of friends and basically, it is the three of us against the manipulative secretary in the office =X…

Ai Leng the sexy and gatal secretary! =X

Then we went to the food court nearby my house for dinner and this is Ee Jane and her fish head mihun that she has been craving for! =D

And this is me and the seaweed popiah =]…

Seaweed popiah =D

Fried oyster – not nice >=(

Hong Kong style chee cheong fun =D

Some drawings by Ai Leng on Ee Jane’s knee =X…

Ee Jane parents gave my family a set of yee sang and my whole family enjoyed it thoroughly! =D Thank you so much! ❤ =D


3 responses to “Overdose of Aquarius [III]

  1. good food? seems like you are still that crazy lorh..

  2. =P =P Polar bear~! Miss me ady ke? Ahahahaha~ Sudah lama n tiba2 blog about this = =

  3. Greg: not bad lo 😛 hehe! good to be crazy! xP too serious and i’ll scare myself! 😛

    Ee Jane: tikus~! ya lo, miss you liao 😦 !! aiyo, my blog post semua pre-written already one…:P banyak activity during my holiday with u guys ma! xP !

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