Overdose of Air Signs [III]

When I first turned up at Mewah Club with Ee Jane, Defphane and Wen Yee could not recognize me and honestly, I love my new fringe more than ever! =D In a way, this fringe is so much more flexible with many hairstyles and clothes! =P

Ee Jane and I =D…

The Libra-s – Wen Yee and Defphane <3.

Ee Jane and her onion rings [Have I told you that I hate onions? @_@].

Ai Leng came without make up and said:

How come everyone wear make up? Why no one tell me?! 

Hello Cow, you don’t expect me to phone you and tell you about it lo =P. In the end, each and every one of us sponsored The Cow an item for her to beautify herself =X :

Sam – Compact powder

Wen Yee – Eyeliner [I love her eyeliner but it is no longer sold in Malaysia! =( ]

Ee Jane: Blusher

Pek Yen – Mascara 

I feel like we are all so amazing =D…

Convent girls! =D

Standing from L-R: Sam, Pek Yen, Ching Ying, Ai Leng, Defphane

Sitting from L-R: Ee Jane, Wen Yee

We surprised Ee Jane with the New York cheesecake from Secret Recipe =]… This is the second surprise birthday celebration we had for Ee jane =]… Once in 2007 and now another in 2012 <3…

Ee Jane and her cake =D.

L-R: Ai Leng, Pek Yen, Ching Yin, Sam, Ee Jane, Defphane and Wen Yee.

All of us and the cake =D…

Make a wish~ =]

Blow the candles and may all your wishes come true! =D

Tikus/Rat = Ee Jane’s nickname =P…

Cake murderer O______O !

Ee Jane’s happy face posing with the cake box! =D

The bossy waitress? =X

Ai Leng feed Ee Jane some cake and then she smeared Ee Jane’s face with cake O____O !!

In the end, Ching Yin and I had our face smeared with cake too although it wasn’t our birthday yet O____O… Okay fine, pre-birthday face smear then =P

Ee Jane and Defphane with their face smeared with cake! =P Cheesecake facial? =P

Hah! =P

Ee Jane parents treated us to satay =]…

Says the cow… this is how you eat your satay =X…

Premier tissue debt repayment during satay session! =P

Me rekindling my love for piano and I couldn’t read any notes at all now @_@… This is bad because I know where to play the notes but have absolutely zero idea on what the notes are =|… Never mind, we shall not talk about sad stories.

Us ala some home drama poster. TJ is the innocent husband of his manipulative and sexy wife, Ai Leng and they have two daughters, Defphane and Wen Yee. Ee Jane is the bossy landlady and Ching Yin is her beloved/pampered daughter. Pek Yen is the blur case friend of Ee Jane who is often very nice and I am the godmother of Ching Ying =P… All of us live under the same roof and yea, expect some drama to happen =P…!

Comparing heights? =P

Ex-family happy photo! =X

Yay! Piggy back =D !

Ai Leng and Defphane =X…

Pek Yen beh tahan our act sexy poses! =P

Partial Ji Mui Gang reunite! =X

Act cute attempt one… I think my act cute is more jadi-ed now thanks to my fringe =X…

And I shall end this post with a very cute photo of me on Ee Jane’s phone screen whenever I give her a ring! =D


4 responses to “Overdose of Air Signs [III]

  1. You sure you forgot how to play piano? The notes especially are quite hard to forget.

  2. love de photos here! =D

  3. Actually…I also don’t like onion = =, ahahaha, i expected onion rings to be like…curly fries…or something, and then they are not . hehe = =….ter-blur sekejap XP

    Yeap, love ur fringe too XD!

  4. Ee Hahn: sigh… well… YES!! T.T … i don’t remember the notes 😦 only middle c, d, e, f and g T.T..

    Wei Qi: i know!! xP

    Ee Jane: haha ya ya!! initially i thought it will taste like curly fries too but mana tau T.T… yes! i know you love my fringe!! xP !!

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