Overdose of Air Signs [II]

In this post, I had another gathering with my Convent best friends at our usual favourite spot in town; McDonald’s! =D We had lunch together and this is one of the best lunch that I ever had because of the awesome company as usual. I just realized that nothing in us changed ever since 2007 but in a way, I felt like I have somewhat changed =|…

My annually must have meal in McDonald’s! =D

Made for me! =P

Slurp slurp!! =D ! I love it when they removed the onions for me but totally disliked it when they do not want to put on any lettuce for me =[…

Ching Yin and her fillet-o-fish! =D

Nano and her fillet-o-fish too! =D

Ee Jane and her beef prosperity burger! =D

Wen Yee and her chicken prosperity burger! =D

This is me, my orange juice and chicken prosperity burger! =D

Pico, since you couldn’t make it to this gathering; I acknowledge your presence through this ketchup plus pepper on a saucer! =D

French fries ala sidai ikan bilis! =D

Yay! We managed to finish up all the fries! A lot of hard work okay! =P

Mmmmm~ Ahhhhhh~ =D

Then we hopped to Secret Recipe for some cakes and this is Ee Jane with her white chocolate macadamia cake but sadly, the quality of the cake isn’t as good as before anymore =|…

Chocolate indulgence – one of my all time favourite! =D

Free tea which tasted not good =X…

Guess what =P, I cropped my fringe after God knows how many years of having the same side-swept fringe! =D This fringe cutting is so meaningful because I was accompanied by most of my best friends! =D Anyway, this cut will be credited to my dearest ex-husband/the cow/Ai Leng for giving me the courage! Thank you so much! ❤ =D

Ee Jane’s youngest brother/our ji mui joined us for tea at Secret Recipe =D

L-R: Wen Yee, Sam, Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Nano. 

And then he became our photographer =P…

Back to Ee Jane’s house and gamblers reunited again! =X

Triple~! =P

Yee sang – prepared by Ee Jane’s mum! =D

Sam, Ee Jane and Dwight with the delicious yee sang! =D

Ee Jane’s mum preparing the yee sang while everyone watch her and I snap photographs as usual! =D

Mmmm~ =D

The plate of yee sang is even bigger than Nano =P.

Pek Yen, Camilla, Nano, Sam and Ee Jane with the yee sang! =D

Berposing with the yee sang! =P Nano, you are not that nano-ed after all! Haha! xD =P

And then, gamblers reunited again =X ~ Gambling spirit is all around during Chinese New Year! =P

Corns from Cameron Highlands! Very sweet and delicious! =D I love corns and I cannot stop eating them once I start =P !

I shall end this post with my cute face and my two cards of value 21 just to share some happiness! ❤ =D Well yes… This is just part 2 =P…


6 responses to “Overdose of Air Signs [II]

  1. How do you find the prosperity burger

  2. Ee Hahn: love it! but would love it more if they would add lettuce or cucumber for me =P

  3. I find it good but not worth the price. However, GCB is very good. 😀

  4. i bet you didn’t gamble lorh

  5. miss de corn!! xD

  6. Ee Hahn: haha yes! definitely not worth the price but once a year only lo xP

    Greg: obviously!

    Wei Qi: me too!!

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