One of the best restaurants that I have ever visited will be Serai and until today whenever I look back at the photos, I felt like I can still taste the food through the photos and yea, it is THAT fantastic! =D *Double thumbs up!*

Mel, Godma and I – I have no idea why I look so bad in this photograph +___+… 

My Godma took Mel and I out for lunch during days where food in campus sucks at its maximum. This time around, she took us to Serai at Empire and I am so glad that she did because the food at Serai is awesome! =D It is so awesome that I will have to rate them 20 stars out of 10 stars just to show how awesome the food are so yea, you gotta try them for yourself! =) =D

I think the name of this drink is minted calamansi and this IS the best drink in the entire world =D! The moment I took a sip, I felt happiness rushing through [Like drugs, only better! =P] and this is a drink that ought to be sold in campus because I am very sure that it will be the best seller [But of course, the price needs to be lowered =P…]. This drink is the perfect definition for thirst quencher as it really, really quenches your thirst effectively =D… I will strongly recommend this drink to anyone who visits Serai! =D

Mel’s drink – Iced cappuccino or something like that @___@… I am a blur case when it comes a coffee because the only two coffees that I take are iced white coffee and Starbucks Caramel Macchiato =P…

Godma’s drink =) The hot version of Mel’s drink =D…

Sambal prawns. 

What I like about this dish is that the prawns were not frozen prawns and the sambal is fantastic because it is spicy and very, very appetizing! =D Well, I am never a fan of sambal and in fact, I avoided sambal my whole life but this sambal prawn made my mouth watered! =D

Deep fried brinjal. 

I love this dish a lot and this is another highly recommended dish! =D I wish they will sell this in a little snack packets so that I can munch them during classes =D… Well, the picture and my words will not justify how good this dish can be so go try it out yourself and if you hate brinjal – ALL THE MORE YOU SHOULD TRY THIS OUT! =D Who knows this dish will change your opinion about brinjal? =D

At first bite, it is crunchy and at second bite, it is scrumptious and words cannot describe the whole taste so go try it out when you are at Serai! =D !

Salted egg squid. 

This dish has nothing much to shout about because it tasted as good as the one I have tried at Chinese restaurants but nevertheless, it is very well done. What I like the most is I can actually taste the salted egg without the nasty ammonia smell and the squids are not overcooked =]…

Steam fish in lime soup. 

This dish has an extremely new concept. Instead of steaming the fish with black soy sauce or asam pedas, this fish was steamed with lime soup. The soup itself tasted so good that I couldn’t help but to drink a few more spoons! The fish is fresh and very succulent! =] The lime soup combination with the fish brings out the freshness and sweetness of the fish! =D I have friends who dislike eating fish due to its fishy smell and well dear friends, this is your call! =D

Pavlova =D… 

We had desserts later on and this dessert is more towards the sour side. I enjoyed this dessert all the same although I am not very in favour of this dessert =P…

Swiss roll. 

Ah… This is my favourite dessert and well, I have to first admit that I have always been a fan of Swiss rolls! =D This dessert is more towards the sweet side and it is very soft! =D What I like the most about this Swiss roll is that it melts in your mouth faster than M&M does =P…

Jackfruit cheesecake. 

Honestly, I do not like this dessert at all. This dessert tasted weird but well, this is just my personal opinion =]…

All in all, this restaurant is worth a visit and well, bring along a few friends with you so that you can try out more dishes! =D


5 responses to “Serai

  1. *like* minted calamansi drink [=

  2. I will give it a try when I pass by. 🙂

  3. Yin-Lin: yay! 😀

    Ee Hahn: please do!! xD !

  4. yummmmm..

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