Overdose of Aquarius [II]

The last time, we have Ai Leng doing her make up in the car and this time around, we have Ee Jane doing her make up in the car =P… This time, we went to Times Square and Pavilion for our shopping and hang out =D !

Eyeliner =X


Mascara =D

Oyster mee sua for lunch =D

Fried seafood tempura =]

L-R: Camilla, Ee Jane, Sam, Pek Yen and Ai Leng.

The usual mirror obligation photograph again =X…

Ee Jane, Ai Leng and I. Everyone look at Ee Jane’s supermodel pose! =D

Dragon at Pavilion KL. When it is the year of horse, they better do something as nice as this! =P Maybe a horse running or flying across Pavilion KL =P…

Then we had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market and we got a whooping 30% discount because I fight for my own consumer’s right so yea, everyone should start practicing consumer’s right! =D

Garlic and herb mussels will always remind me of Small Gan =]…

Spaghetti which tasted not too bad =]…

Sauces! Guess which is my favourite to go with fries! =D

Ai Leng preparing to eat! =D

Sam, Ee Jane and Pek Yen =P…

Giant platter? =P I love this! =D

Ai Leng mum treated us Snowflake and this is the taro ball series which has became my favourite =]…

This is now one of my new love… Ai Leng, this is all your fault but I still love you ❤ =P…


3 responses to “Overdose of Aquarius [II]

  1. i aso owez do my MU in car esp when waiting 4 traffic lite to change colour hihi :p

  2. Yin-Lin: haha! mascara or eyeliner?! xP

    Ee Jane: yea?! xD

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