Why Do You Meet Idiots

In every chapters of your life, you are bound to meet an idiot or two and maybe even more than that. To me, these people never fail to light up your world in so many ways because it simply shows how you are never an idiot when you are compared to them in juxtaposition thus – we thank God in all ways. I have written two blog posts [Click here and here] for two idiots that I have met in the same chapter of my life and one of them managed to redeem himself though.

This post is directed to a person whom I do not want as a friend anymore for now. Your friendship ethics, ignorance, insincerity, attitude and manners disgusted me in every way. To me, I have a lot to say about X and W – that is probably because at that time, those two idiots and I are almost strangers again. But to you, I have always been glad that I have met you as a friend and junior thus, I have nothing much to say – because I am utterly disappointed with you.

As for you – what goes around comes around. When things screwed up for you, you called me and I comforted you, telling you that it’s all gonna be okay. When you needed help, I helped you and even gave you my best help. When you told about your boyfriend stories and how I do think that many times you are an idiot at that time, I still listen to you although I am yawning at the other side of the screen. Where did I went wrong, I honestly do not know but to agree that I am the idiot for being so nice to you from the very first time we knew each other.

Once bitten, twice shy. You are never to regain my trust and friendship ever again for now. To me, I always believe that you will reap what you sow. 


3 responses to “Why Do You Meet Idiots

  1. “I have nothing much to say – because I am utterly disappointed with you.”

    i understand (=

  2. Read about X and W, luckily I’m girl’s best fren and not wanting more than dat relationship, if not, most probably I will turn up being into those guys hahahaha

  3. Rachel: :)…

    Brian: ya la… don’t be an idiot or else all your friends will know about it and will probably talk about it for the rest of their life =P…

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