I couldn’t really remember the last time I went out to celebrate New Year because all I remembered now is I stayed at home to play games with my best friends online and then we didn’t even realize that it was New Year. By the time we realized it, it will probably be 12.30am and to us, New Year simply means back to school in less than a week time =X…

This time around, I welcomed the year 2012 with Wei Jie at Sunway Pyramid. Sunway Pyramid has been a place that is full of good and bad memories for me. Back then, whenever I am in Sunway Pyramid, I will always be reminded of two ‘best friends’ where things went wrong between us but this time around, as I started off my New Year in 2012, I am very glad that for now, everything ‘right’ went wrong for a good reason.


Sunway Pyramid Christmas decoration – The sleigh! =D

We went around taking Christmas decoration photos again because the last time we were at Sunway Pyramid, the lights were switched off and there are way too many people. So yea, it is a retake for us for better and nicer photos! =P

I had my final dinner in 2011 at Nando’s! =D This is me and my Coke! =D

Please read Extra Hot =D… One of the best descriptions to describe me! =D !

An item each that my woman/Melissa cannot stand and love to bits =D. Can you guess which is which?! =D

Wei Jie’s portion – Half chicken =D !

My not so brave quarter chicken portion =D… Some of my friends asked me if I prefer Nando’s or Kenny Rogers but until today, I cannot really decide because both have their very own specialty.

The last time we visited Sunway Pyramid, we didn’t have the chance to snap the outdoor Christmas decorations and whenever I snap outdoor photographs, I will always wish that I had a DSLR ._____. This is another long lost dream of mine that will take years or forever to come true .______.

Three of the best fireworks photos that I took! =D This is my very first time snapping fireworks photos and it was a great experience although I personally do feel that a DSLR will take better photographs [That’s the difference between a DSLR and a P-N-S camera =P…].

All in all, my New Year in 2012 has been an awesome one as well and for now, I hope that this marks a good start and hope for the year 2012 =D.


2 responses to “2012

  1. I ate at Nando’s recently and I personally prefer Nando’s over Kenny Rogers. A good start for taking fireworks. 🙂 You shot handheld?

  2. Ee Hahn: yes handheld! =P thank you for your compliment! =D =P

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