Last Christmas

Whenever I thought about Christmas 2009 [You can read all about it here], I smiled because I remembered the good times that I had during Christmas 2009! =D But nonetheless, Christmas 2009 too reminded me of many ruefulness and in a way, some of it still scare me a little when I thought about it. But then again, we must always stay positive and look forward to a better future =D. Christmas 2010 [You can read all about it here] reminded me of gaps which I can never bridge anymore, relationships [Friends and family] which are never meant to be at all from the very beginning.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try – it is not going to work. I did not give up for years. I used to look forward to a day where things will all be the same again but sadly, I know that the day that I am looking forward to will never arrive because things are getting worse than it is before. So why bother waiting for the day to arrive when you can look forward to many other better days that lies ahead  isn’t it? =D

Anyway, Christmas 2011 is now known as last Christmas and I had one of the most awesome Christmas celebration ever! =D


Last Christmas, I went around shopping mall hopping with Wei Jie just to take photos with the Christmas decoration =D. Ever since young, I have always loved Christmas decorations because they always look so dreamy and fantasy like =D.

One Utama =D – Lots of seashell theme Christmas decoration =D

Tropicana City Mall =D… – Candies, chocolate, cupcakes =D

The Gardens Mall – Simple and yet classy decorations =)

Mid Valley Megamall – A very fairy tale like decoration =D !

Pavilion – Christmas Wonderland! =D The carousel reminded me a lot of my childhood life =P…

KLCC – Simple and cheerful decorations =D !


On Christmas day, I spent the whole day at my uncle’s place at Cheras. To me, there were more talking done between the older generation as compared to the younger generation. The younger generation [Including me of course =P] were hooked on the television or laptop and in my case, it is my netbook although later on the younger generation did try to talk among each other especially when the topic is about cosmetics =P… Well I guess, girls will always be girls! =) =D

Patricia, Cassandra, Samantha, Pamela, Amelia and Abigail =D. 


The most meaningful day of last Christmas will be my Christmas Eve celebration =D… To me, this Christmas Eve came as a surprise for me and I love good surprises! =D I spent the whole of Christmas Eve with Wei Jie =D… We first went to Pavilion to take photos with the Christmas decorations and I am always amazed with how different and beautiful [More beautiful actually] the decorations are every year although it may be just very simple decorations =D… Well, a simple life could always be beautiful too =D…

After photo taking around Pavilion, Wei Jie brought me to a restaurant that brings back many childhood and teenage memories – some are memories that I will never want to forget and some are just memories that I have already forgotten. But at that point of time when I knew that we were going to that particular restaurant, I was only reminded of my childhood memories =D…

When we arrived at Victoria Station, I remembered how things were beautiful back then and it still can be beautiful now in a different way =D…

Bread and butter – One of my favourite foods =)…

Fresh watermelon juice and fresh mango juice. 

Every single visit to Victoria Station, I will definitely order fresh mango juice =D… To me, it is the first drink that I ever tried [For as far as I remember! =P] ever since I started visiting Victoria Station and I have never changed my choice ever since =P… I am such a loyal consumer =P ! But then again, the fresh mango juice is obviously very good! The texture of the drink is thick and the taste is very reflective of the fruit itself =D !

Prawn mango salad =D… This is my dad’s favourite appetizer and whenever we visit Victoria Station, this is a must have in our order list=D…

Some other appetizer with caviar =P… This is my first time trying this appetizer and it tasted as good as the prawn mango salad! =D It is a completely new taste and feel as compared to prawn mango salad =D.

Wei Jie’s lobster and lamb cutlets meal =D.

My seafood and lobster meal =D… Ever since I knew Wei Jie, I began to love lamb but no matter how much liking I have for lamb, I still tend to pick seafood over lamb =P… I guess no matter what, I am still a seafood lover ❤ =P

Close up of the lobster flesh =P. 

Every time I pay a visit to Victoria Station, I am definitely the slowest person to finish up my food because I will savour and enjoy my food slowly so yea, you can imagine how good it is! =D If you haven’t been to Victoria Station before, try visiting this restaurant and you will never regret! =D

Wei Jie and I =D. 

All in all, I had an awesome Christmas meal this time around and yes, there will always be sunshine and rainbow after the rain =D… All you gotta do is just believe and have a little faith =]…

My Christmas present and I! =D

It has been awhile since I last received a Christmas present and this time around, Wei Jie got me a pair of GAP jeans! =D And it is the pair of jeans that I have been dreaming about for a very long time but did not have the money to buy it. Thank you so much honey! =D ❤ ! To me, last Christmas was like a dream come true, a memory that I will hold on to and cherish for the rest of my life <3.


3 responses to “Last Christmas

  1. Victoria Station with GAP jeans! =O *like*
    so late only post bout Christmas!

  2. Hehe~ Happy belated merry christmas!!

  3. Nano: aiya, better late than never! =P !!

    Ee Jane: happy belated merry christmas to you too!! ❤ =D

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