Semester 1, Year 2

The very first semester of my sophomore year has been a really hectic and tiring one and I thought that being a freshman was already tiring enough! =| I have heard many stories from seniors that their sophomore year is the busiest year of all. Initially, I tried to take it positively and day by day, I felt more burden and pressure added on to my shoulder. But what I am always thankful for is that I went through almost all of it very positively and thank you God, for pulling me through every challenges =)…


Mun Yoke and I – She loves me and I love her! =D

The day before I started my sophomore year, I was hanging out with Mun Yoke, Wei Jie and Ding Jian =D. Well, I feel really sad that I couldn’t be roommates with Mun Yoke and Vivian this time around due to unforeseen circumstances. But what I am thankful for is that our friendship never distanced away much although we are no longer in the same room because we occasionally meet up just to chit chat, gossip and to release stress/tension =D… Ex-roomies power! =P

A lot of shit happened during the first two weeks of my sophomore year but through all this, I met a number of new awesome friends and changed a few negative perceptions of mine and others. So I guess, no every shit that falls on you are bad for you =X…

Sam, Vivian, Mun Yoke ❤ <3. 

Before I enter university, people are always telling me that you can never find true friends in university so in the end, I never really bother about friends in university =P… But what I am glad is that, I have found true friends in my freshman year and I hope to find more in my sophomore year =D… My two ex-roomies are Scorpios and they say that Scorpios are the best secret keeper and indeed they both are! =P Ah… Vivian, I miss you and all your attempts to disturb me but always backfired and I miss ganging up with Mun Yoke just to bully you because we know you love it! =P !!

Me at the vegetarian stall during UM Convocation Week =D.

During every UM Convocation Week, the University of Malaya Buddhist Society will be selling vegetarian food and I will walk all the way to DTC just to have vegetarian meal for lunch or dinner. Haha! I am such a great vegetarian food supporter! =D

Vegetarian meal – RM3.00 inclusive of delivery! =D

Apart from that, Mabel – my new roomie introduced to me to the RM3.00 vegetarian food delivery so I was hooked to it and Melissa tried to make me feel guilty by saying this:

You are ditching me for vegetarian food. Yes, you are ditching me! 

Tau sau peah from Johore =D… 

In my sophomore year, I am officially a senior but I tried my best to be a good senior because I do not want to be like those seniors whom I disliked a lot in my freshman year who diss their own juniors and make them feel small.

My biggest regret in the first semester of my sophomore year will be not spending enough time with my Small B due to my hectic schedule but I am glad that when we do see each other, we will say hello and talk for a moment. Hopefully my second semester will not be that hectic so that I can spend more time with my Small B because I understand how it feels like when your Big B doesn’t really cares for you =/…

Me at the Varsity Field with the horse =P… 

I joined Journalism on Campus and in a way, I realized that I do not enjoy being a journalist at all for now =|… Well, I may love writing but it is just not my thing I supposed =|… But yea, it was all one good experience =P…

Melissa/My woman! xD 

I still have my woman with me for now and she thinks that I am transferring all my sampat-ness to her =X… Well… Quote Ee Hahn – don’t blame others!! =P !! Melissa and I are the opposite of each other and in a way, she reminded me of Ee Jane when she talks about certain things =X… Well I guess, I am destined to always meet awesome friends for now =P…!

Kah Wei, Sam. 

Kah Wei was my junior in Form 6 and I don’t really remember seeing him around because Upper 6 and Lower 6 are in different blocks but when I met him in university, he looks really, really familiar to me! =P Well, maybe we did meet each other in KHS but didn’t remember each other =P…

My palm print for AIESEC Love and Life Roadshow 2011 at 8th College =D !

I joined AIESEC, made quite a number of friends through it and learned some new stuff which are beneficial to me =D. For now, I especially like the 360 degree evaluation done at the end of every semester for every department. To me, that shows how much we understand our own team member and in what ways we can improve ourselves =D…

Kean Jie and I =D… We both look horrible in this picture so never mind us! =P 

Kean Jie paid a visit to my campus for his assignment and I am very glad that he is now learning and studying something that he loves and enjoys! =D Well, at least he is now motivated and serious in what he is doing! =D

Fire drills will never happen during lessons that I wish I could escape =|… This time around, the fire drill took place during an important class of the semester and well, we wasted about 30 minutes chit chatting under the hot sun @_@… To me, fire drills should take place during History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Biology lessons in my secondary school life and for all lessons during my Form 6 life =P… I just realize that until today, I am still that lazy =P…

Mel and I – Speakers for AIESEC Info Session! =D

Conducted AIESEC Info Session and it turned up to be an awesome event. To me, this event made me thought about the co-curricular life that I lead in Form 6 and how much I enjoyed doing it in Form 6. This passion died off when I came to university due to many reason but in a way, I am trying to relive the passion for co-curricular activities that I used to have back then but I haven’t succeeded yet =P…

Mel, Carmen and Woan Min at Hoi Tong, Serdang =D 

In my freshman year, I understand that having many friends doesn’t means the world because how many of them are your friends when you needed them the most? To me, as much as people wanted to talk behind my back [Haha! Go ahead! It is not like as if people will stop talking about you if you are the nicest person ever =P], I still have friends that will love me for who I am so please do not be jealous =P… Well, I am glad that I still have this mindset in my sophomore year! =D

Mun Yoke and Pui Wan [My dearest Ichigo! =D] 21st birthday! =D

I regretted not smashing Mun Yoke’s face on the cake and throwing her into the pond although I dragged her to the pond along with Jie Hui but dearest Mun Yoke is way too heavy to be thrown into the pond although she is way skinnier than me .___. Sometimes, I dislike taking photos with Mun Yoke because she always made me look fat all the time and she eats more than me T_____T…

Wei Jie and his fellow course mates during their convocation =D. 

In my freshman year, during convocation week, all I remembered was me walking past the graduates, flowers, convocation teddy bears, cheering from different colleges, almost bumping into this person whom I do not want meet anymore for 3 times consecutively in a day and me heading towards the vegetarian food stall for awesome food =P [I am such a loyal supporter!! =P].

In my sophomore year, I attended Wei Jie’s convocation and as I have mentioned before, it was like a walk down his memory lane. In a way, I know that I only appear in the final chapter of his life in university so maybe the final chapter is the important chapter of all [Wuahaha! xD I am so prasan!! =P]. Sometimes, I laugh at it because well, I almost did not appear in the final chapter of his life and sometimes I wonder – what if we did not meet each other in university? =X…

My awesome 7 Nerds! =D 

English Language Day [ELD] is an event that is usually held in the second semester of the academic year. But this time around, it was held in the first semester of the academic year and I think it will be held again in this incoming second semester! =X Although it is hectic to go through ELD for two semesters consecutively, but I will tell myself to enjoy ELD for as much as I can and to make it the best one possible! =D

This time around, the sophomore students performed Snow White and the 7 Nerds and I am so glad that it went on well! =D To me, in a way it relives the love that I had for my previous Snow White play in Upper 6 and it reminded me of how much this play means to me =)…

Woan Min, Sam, Mel, Carmen =D. 

The biggest nightmare for my semester 1 in my sophomore year will be the full dress rehearsal for Traditional Chinese Dance +____+… Well, we weren’t informed clearly about the time of our full dress rehearsal and coincidentally it concur with our listening exam +___+… Yea, drama must always happen somewhat =P…

So right after our exam, Marilyn, Venda, Mel and I rushed out, hopped into a taxi all the way to DTC. Venda and I ran across the road into DTC. While running, Venda and I had this conversation:

Venda: Sam, is that your tarian cina music that is playing right now?

Me: +___+… I can’t hear a thing so let’s run! 

For the very first time in my entire life, my woman/Melissa Khoo ran!! O___O… No matter how late she is for class, she NEVER runs!! Yea, so now I hope you can imagine how screwed up we are for our full dress rehearsal =P. Upon arriving inside DTC, I saw my team dancing on stage with my tutor screwing me upside down.

To me, it is like barging into a church during a wedding ceremony only to find the bride and your beloved groom exchanging rings/kisses +___+… Yea, something like that +____+… This is something that I will never forget for the rest of my life because it is my ultimate nightmare that almost got myself killed @___@…

Musical Christmas dedication bear from A Leow! =D

I ended my semester 1 in my sophomore year by receiving a musical Christmas dedication bear from my Small B! =D It surprises me so much and I feel so happy! =D !! Thank you so much A Leow! =D You made my day and my semester a special one! =) =D

Mabel and I =D. 

Apart from that, I ended my semester by saying goodbye to Mabel and I guess the next time I’ll see her will be during her convocation! =D Thank you for the friendship and everything else in between! =D I will miss all our late night gossips together! =P !

Also, I too ended my semester in the new Examination Building =D !

Alyshia and I inside the same hall for exam =D. Alyshia is my pretty course junior from Johore who made me a very cute keychain [Click here and read the most thankfully surprise moment! =D]

Mel, Sam, Lilian, Nadiah, Edna and Chris as the photographer before we march into our hall for our final paper of the semester! =D

And this is me with my happy smile because exams are over and hello holidays! =D Holidays shouldn’t end at all because I love holidays with all my heart and soul =D ! So for now, goodbye hectic and tiring semester 1 and hello semester 2, please be nice and kind to all of us! =D !


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  1. the second pic is my favorite (= vry sweet

  2. Rachel: thanks! how are u doing lately?! =D

  3. Ee Jane: ah sudah bagitau u! xD ! ❤

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