The Year 2011

I was browsing through my posts and I realized that I wrote nothing about the year 2010 but I did wrote about my year in 2009 [Click here]. Then I began to wonder on why didn’t I write anything about the year 2010, like – was 2010 such a bad year for me that I didn’t want to write about it at all but when I look back at my moments in 2010 [Click here], while going through the happiest moments; I smiled and thought to myself:

Hey! I had the time of my life in 2010 with all the money that I’ve earned [Going for shopping, holidays and outings! =D] and I don’t think that I will get upset by spending all my money on events that made me happy [Hahaha!!]. And I even got into one of my dream university so it shouldn’t be a bad year for me! @___@… 

Until I saw my saddest and most regretted moment as well as the conclusion that I wrote for my year 2010 [That is the summary of my year 2010! ], I realized that I was only really, really happy for the first half of 2010 and the rest of it is history so yea, right now I don’t even want to talk about it anymore so no wonder I don’t even want to blog about it .

P/S: All photos are taken in 2011 [In chronological order] unless otherwise stated.


In 2011, there are quite a number of dramas happened for the good and there are many life learnt lessons as well. In 2011, it was when I learnt how to fully let go of what I thought should have always been mine and most of all, I have learnt how to take things more easily and to always believe that things will always work out on its own no matter how screwed up it may be [In a way, cultivating positive thinking ].

Ee Jane, Nano, Dwight and I playing Twister at Camilla’s house.

In 2011, I still hang out with my best friends from high school although we don’t spend all the time that we have together. Everyone of us now have wider and different circle of friends but what I have always hope is that; we still keep each other close to our hearts and I am glad that we did .

Top from L-R: Dwight, Sam, Ee Jane

Bottom from L-R: Pek Yen, Camilla, Pico, Nano

Going to Hoi Tong with different groups of friends and this made me realize that I have already expanded my friendship circle so yea, one of the good things that happened in 2011 =D… I went to Hoi Tong in the beginning of 2011 =X…

L-R: Porkie’s course mate, Porkie, Dwight, Camilla, Yan Yee, Pico, Ee Jane, Sam, Nano.

And I went to hike Broga Hill for the very first time in my entire life [You can read all about it here] and I realized that I have absolutely no talent for hiking hill [What did I say about hiking Mount Kinabalu together with Nano and Pico again?! Hahaha!! ].

L-R: Dwight, Camilla, Sam, Ee Jane, Nano, Pico at Ee Jane’s house for our pizza party =D. 

I miss food and chit chat gatherings with my best friends. Although sometimes I don’t have much to say anymore but I am always there just to be with them because I still love all my best friends no matter how much gap we have in between us =)…

Ee Jane’s 21st birthday party =D.

Ee Jane’s birthday party has always been like a yearly gathering for all of us [Convent girls]. In 2011, all of my best friends and I turned 21 and looking back, all of us have already lost our teenager look =|…

Porkie and I in one of our sampat moments xD. 

In 2011, I think I am losing my sampat-ness a little by a little and sometimes, I find myself a little too serious that I scare myself off a lot . Those little moments of craziness with my best friends had always reminded me that there is always a child inside me that yearns for crazy, carefree and happy moments with my best friends again =)… This process of growing up is rather boring because there isn’t much fun anymore.

I donated blood for the very first time in 2011 =D… All this while, although I am already 21 years old, I will still give a call to my parents to seek for permission to donate blood [Guess I am still a little princess after all =D] and each time, the answer is a firm NO from my dad because he fell sick for two weeks right after he donated blood when he was young so he thinks that the same thing is gonna happen to me too.

One day, when I was walking to Kompleks Perdanasiswa [KPS] with Marilyn and I saw this blood donation campaign. Again, I took out my phone to seek for permission and suddenly, I find myself chucking the phone into my bag because I know that the answer would be NO as usual . So, I walked into the auditorium bravely, registered, went through all the required check up and donated blood for the very first time.

In a way, I felt like I rebelled and went against my dad’s word but this is when I felt like – since I am still young and still capable of donating blood, I wanted to contribute something back to the society and whether my blood could be used or not, it is another story because at least – I tried. After blood donation, I called my dad and told him about it. I expected scolding and nagging but surprisingly, he didn’t say anything and told me take care.

True enough, the very next day, I did fell sick for two weeks continuously [Common cold and cough] so my dad was right about me after all. But this did not stop me from donating blood because after that, I still went to donate blood every 3 months and I still fall sick the very next day as usual but I was never discouraged. From the very first time I donated my blood, my dad has been very encouraging =D… So yea, one good change in the year 2011 =).

Kean Jie. 

Ee Hahn, Sam. 

Although I see less and less of this two best friends of mine in 2011, but I am glad that they both have finally found someone to love and someone who would love them back the very same way =D. This two guys have been my gang in Form 6 to do badly in Mathematics together [No wonder Puan Lee Li Cheng gave up on us hahaha! ] but they will forever do better than me in Chemistry [And I know Puan Chew likes both of you better than me hahaha! ].

I still remember how childish were the three of us back in Form 6 and this lyrics in a song reminded me of three of us =) :



~孩子气 by 陈妍希~

Well, at least we had fun and grew out of it now =P…

NVC 2010/2011. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

My woman and I during her Tarian Kreatif performance =)… 

I met my woman in 2011 [] and I went all the way to DTC to support her by being present and taking awesome photos for her =D. Woman, just so you know, I value our friendship a lot and let’s hope that nothing funny will happen between us yet =D. May our friendSHIP stay strong and steady along with the WAVE and SEAGULL flying around FOR NOW and may our friendSHIP not bump into any rocks or STONE YET… =P…

Woan Min – One of my Big B =). 

The one in the middle – Max, my AIESEC OGX Vice President =). 

Early 2011, I went for FESENI choir performance at DTC with Mun Yoke and Mun Yoke asked me to take photos for Woan Min and Max. At that time, I don’t really know who Woan Min is although we are in the same hostel and in late 2011, we became better friends and got to know each other better. Life is so unpredictable isn’t it?! =X

As for Max, I never knew who he was although we met once when I brought Nano for AIESEC exchange programme interview. And in late 2011, Max became my Vice President for the team that I joined in AIESEC and I had the chance to know him better. Well, I think… life is indeed really, really unpredictable! =X People whom I am not close with at all in early 2011 became closer to me in late 2011 =X… It’s like, everything has been planned and I don’t know what is coming up next but hopefully – more good surprises! =) =D

Chui San performing for 8th College Pesta Angpao.

Right, I seriously think that I’m an awesome friend now [Hahaha!!] because I went all the way to 8th College just to watch her performance and supported her! =D I think she was really, really touched because I still remember vividly that she hugged me after her performance and said:

You really, really came. Thanks a lot. 

And my reply was – Yea, just here to support you =D. I am really glad that I went all the way just to watch her performance and I hope that it means a lot to her =D.

Christopher as the emcee for 9th College Pesta Angpao – Photo taken from this link =).

Well, I went all the way to 9th College to support Christopher too despite all his complaints about it and yea, conveniently won myself the first prize for the lucky draw =P.

2011- Cassandra, Sam, Ferlynne.

And I went to visit my youngest sister who got into the same National Service camp as me. That day, it was like a walk down memory lane and I remember the moments where things were simpler and happier. I too, walk past places where I got over my fear of speaking in front of many people and this is the place that played a very big part in shaping who I am today and I have always been thankful that I have changed – for the better =D…

2008 – Cassandra, Sam, Ferlynne. 

I met some of my trainers who are still in camp and to my surprise, some of them even called my name before I could even say anything. I remember asking one of the trainers on why did she remember my name so clearly even after three years and she said something that almost made me tear. She said that she remembered me because she have always thought that I was the bravest girl in camp to speak out against any injustice [This is gonna get me killed one day!] and I speak out my mind no matter how others may turn their back against me and I fight for what I think is right [Gonna get me killed one day too! =X]. Most of all, she mentioned that I will always travel the road less taken and I smiled because three years ago, I was like that and three years later, I am still like that =P.

Before I left to meet another trainer of mine, she told me to always stay strong and tall no matter what happens and I will always – remember this for now =)..

I think this is the most epic photo of 2011 =X… 

I had one of the best birthday celebration ever with my university friends [You can choose to read all about it here again] and I thank everyone that made my 21st birthday an awesome one! =D

My Thai buddies and I! =D 

I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have them as my friends but in a way, I felt bad and guilty because I didn’t get to spend much time with them due to my busy schedule in the few final weeks of the semester [Critical period!]. But I do hope that one day I will have the chance to visit Thailand and meet all of them again! =)

The best time that I had with them was our trip pergi ke SS2 pasar malam beramai-ramai =D And yea, I had a good time and it was indeed an awesome trip! =) =D

Hari APK Semester 2 2010/2011. 

This is an event [Hari APK] that I will never forget and I am so glad that I got rid of this pesky APK which is shittier than Hubungan Etnik and TITAS =.=… Do you know what university courses are good for? They are good for wasting your precious time and youth [Say YAY! if you agree with me!] although I don’t deny that I had more friends through university courses.

Oh wait, I am supposed to talk about why I will never forget Hari APK. During Hari APK, Christopher and I caught one of our team members [Let’s call him “Awesome” because he is so “awesome” alright] lazing around at his “girlfriend’s” booth when he is supposed to be at our booth for evaluation period. Christopher whipped out his phone to snap a photo of it and failed because the photo turned out blur. So I grabbed his phone and took a photo of it. Unfortunately, his “girlfriend” caught us snapping photos and then “Awesome” got angry and returned to our booth and wanted to hit me/Chris [According to Melissa he wanted to hit me but I didn’t feel that way as I thought he wanted to hit Chris].

So it became a heated argument between Chris and “Awesome” and Melissa was freaked out and everyone was trying to pull them apart and I was there, trying to get a chance to say something but didn’t have the chance as Chris and “Awesome” argument is way too hot. I thought that I can talk non-stop and little did I know that guys can talk non-stop too O.o… But nevertheless, I still laugh when I thought about this childish incident and yes, NO REGRETS for now because I know I am gonna laugh at it a few years later =P… Oh wait, I am already laughing at it now!

The cast and crew for The Importance of Being Earnest =)… 

I was involved in the class play for English Language Day and honestly, looking back, this photo brought back many good memories =)…

L-R: Christopher, Melissa, Mun Yoke, Vivian, Wei Jie and Sam. 

Went to Hoi Tong again in mid 2011 with a different group of friends =X…

L-R: Melissa, Sam, Mun Yoke and Edna at MAZ 2010 =)… Photo taken from Rong Jie’s MAZ album =)… 

Attended my hostel dinner and uhh, some confusion happened here and there so yea, it is all a messy drama so I shall not mention more =X.

Mun Yoke, Kean Jie, Ferlynne and I at Sunway Pyramid for Adidas Press Conference.

Went for a third part time job with my best friends and sister and it was an awesome one! =D

L-R: Sam, Caitlynn, Nano, Dwight, TK, Ee Jane, Camilla, Porkie, Weng Chiew.

Then my four months worth of semester break [You can read all about it here] started and I begin to hang out more with my high school friends. This is the time where I realize that certain people, no matter how nice you are to them, in their eyes, you are just a tool in their life to make things easier and convenient. Well, I am glad that I see through this “friend” and yea, she complains about her own best friend, accusing her own best friend of competing with her in everything on purpose [More like competing to see who is richer] when in reality, she is actually competing with herself O.o… Ah… You really, really should stop it because everyone else is laughing behind you

In other matters that happened in the 4 months semester break, I strongly feel that some girls [Actually, just this particular bitch O.o…] will do all that it takes, even if it means losing their dignity to get what they want. In a way I wonder where did that courage come from.

And I can finally float on the water after 21 years of living on this planet. I guess next – I will learn how to swim properly O.O…

Ee Jane and I at KLIA. 

So I sent my best friend off to India at KLIA =| [You can read all about it here]…

I went to Penang for a short holiday with my family as well as to send Ferlynne off to her campus [USM] =D… Although it was only for two days and one night but to me, it is one awesome holiday =D…

Nano and Pico’s 21st birthday party! =D

Attended Nano and Pico’s birthday party and I was so happy to see them wear a dress! =D I think they have both improved a lot. Initially, you will never see them wearing shorts ._. Everywhere they go, it is always a pair of jeans or cargo pants and now, they begin to wear shorts [Good improvement!]. I hope that it comes a day where they will start wearing short skirts and cute dresses and start applying makeup [Woohoo!! =D !!].

I brought my woman, Melissa to meet my Godma and we both went out for many spontaneous outings together! =D One day, I will blog about the best new restaurant that I’ve tried in 2011 and all of you can start salivating =P… Hehe! This new awesome restaurant’s name is Serai and it is located at Empire, Subang Jaya but the price is uhhh… blood choking so yea, make sure you bring a group of friends along ya =P…

My woman and I on our runway!! Haha!! xD

And I found someone who is willing to be siao with me! xD Awesome! The best feeling in the world is to find someone who shares the same wavelength as you! =D

I don’t wanna say this but I got myself a new camera because Baby Ixus died and I don’t want to talk about it anymore so mouse over here if you wanna know more about it.

Sam, My Woman xD. 

Melissa and I went for AIESEC interview together. Honestly, until today, I have always felt like I should have joined AIESEC in my first year. Well, I basically missed the interview because I wanted to chase my “dream” only to realize that I have been chasing the wrong dream. But oh well, better late than never =P…

Nadiah, Sam, Lilian and Mel. 

Towards the end of the year, I got closer to Nadiah [Yay! =D ] and well, she is a very nice person to talk to and at the beginning of the year, she is more closed up in a way [I feel so =X] but I am glad that I have taken the chance to scoot my chair over to have little chats/gossip with her =P.

Horse riding for the very first time [For free somemore! xP] and it was fun although I wish that I had the chance to ride when the horse is running quickly [Like those in movies! =P].

Mabel and Wei Jie during Wei Jie’s convocation =D. 

I attended Wei Jie’s convocation and to me, it was like a walk down his memory lane. I saw what kind of person he is in university and honestly, I can see that he is very well-liked and respected.

I still remember vividly in mid 2011, Mabel did not have a very good impression on me [Hahaha! xD] and I don’t even know who she is but what I am glad is, I had a great friendship with her towards the end of 2011 and that is all it matters =D. Well, never in dreams I thought that I am ever going to be friends with Mabel but to my surprise, things turned up so differently and well, I thank God that I was given a chance to discover what a nice and great friend she can be! =D

Carmen, Sam.

At the beginning of 2011, I wasn’t close to Carmen at all and she was just my hie-bye friend =|… Towards the end of 2011, I had the chance to know her better and I am glad that I had the chance or else I would have definitely missed out on a wonderful friend! =) =D

Nadiah, Lilian, Melissa, Sam and Christopher during our faculty fire drill =|…

And I had the chance to experience an event which reminded me greatly of secondary school – fire drill! Haha! They have the exact same “event” which is invited firemen to demonstrate to the students and lecturers on how to put off a fire by using a fire extinguisher and as usual, I was at the back chit chatting away .

Wei Jie.

In mid 2011, I found my prince charming on a white horse who is willing to spoil me to a certain extent [Please continue spoiling me and spoil me more than ever! ] and treats me like a princess. I believe that we are both from the opposite poles but I guess the opposite attracts. He will always attempt to drag me to parks to do some exercises because he thinks that I am the most sedentary person ever alive and I will always attempt add in more stuff into My Wish List =P.

This is me at 8th College for AIESEC Love and Life Roadshow! =D 

Mun Yoke dragged me all the way to 8th College for AIESEC Love and Life Roadshow and initially I was like uhh okay, I’ll just go and see how it is like. But when I arrived there, I felt like I should have joined this event from the very beginning because it is fun! =D Although there are many more roadshows in different colleges after that, I could not make time for it due to my busy schedule =(… Yes seniors, now I believe you that second year will be the busiest year of all.

Wei Jie, Sam, Melissa, Carmen, Woan Min and Ding Jian. 

Then I went to Hoi Tong again at the end of 2011!! Haha! I think I visited at least 3 times in 2011! =X Anyone wanna go now [Beginning of 2012] =D ?

ZeYing, Mel, Max, Sam, Johnson, Ashilla, Keith and Justin =D. 

At the beginning of 2011, I went for AIESEC Info Session on behalf of Nano to get more information about the exchange programme. At the end of 2011, I was elected as the Team Leader for Info Session and this made me felt like things in life are really, really unpredictable! =X But nevertheless, it is overall a great and satisfying experience. In a way, by conducting Info Session, it made me realize that I do feel very, very belonged to AIESEC =)…

A Leow and I during Hari APK Semester 1 2011/2012. 

I think the best thing that I have done for my Small B is that I went all the way to his stall during Hari APK just to support him . I wish we communicated more but I guess I was too busy =|… We’ll see if my incoming second semester is any less busier than my first semester =|…

Seniors + Juniors =D… 

I met many cool juniors this year and there are seniors that became more fake than ever … And they are so fake till you feel like they actually stick this label all over themselves especially on their faces:

I’m fake and I expect you to love me .

Sam and Wei Jie at One Utama : ). 

And this is my first time going shopping mall hopping with Wei Jie just to take Christmas decoration photos =D. It was fun and good bonding time apart from having photos for memories =).

Me at the nail parlour =P. 

I had my nails done in the nail parlour for the very first time and it is for free [Thank you Godma! =D]. I enjoyed getting my nails getting because I don’t have to do it on my own . Haha! I am such a lazy bum! =X

Snow White and The 7 Nerds =P… 

I directed Snow White and The 7 Nerds again. Well, initially this play was discouraged in many ways [Totally reminded me of the same thing that happened in 2009 when I directed the play]. But no matter what, I am glad that we pulled it through and it turned out to be awesome! =D I just thank God that I remembered the life lesson that I have learnt in 2009 when I was discouraged about my Snow White play by this particular “best friend”.

Traditional Chinese dance team! =D 

I gave up canoeing as my co-curriculum and initially, I was very disappointed and dishearten but then I told myself that it will be all for the best. Now, in a way I am glad that I chosen this Traditional Chinese dance although it is both a nightmare and a sense of accomplishment for myself =D…

So yea, from the moment I am going for this Traditional Chinese dance, I told myself that I must never look back and regret. What I am glad is I accepted all that comes with an open heart and positive mind so yea, this is another good change in 2011 I supposed =P…

Fireworks at Sunway Pyramid! =D 

I ended 2011 and started the year 2012 at Sunway Pyramid by enjoying the fireworks at Sunway Pyramid with Wei Jie. Well, it is a brand new year so I guess all of us should have brand new hopes for the year 2012! =D

Most of my friends would make New Year resolutions and I would not make any because I will most likely forget about it the very next second. Well, maybe this year I should make some for a good change? =P…


Overall, the year 2011 is like a mixture of the year 2008 and 2009 for the drama, challenges and discouragements. In my opinion, 2011 is indeed a better year as compared to 2010. The greatest lesson that I have learnt in 2011 is that it is important to develop a strong inner-self because that is what keeps you going when things are getting tough.

In 2011, I felt like I have found some new traits in me that I never thought that they existed in me before. Well, some of the traits are for the best and some are for the worst [For self-defense? =P] but I don’t think I am gonna change any one of it for the time being…

Looking back, at the beginning of 2011, I was trying very hard to walk away from many self-involved drama and I am always thankful that no matter what happened – I have tried my best and I am glad that I walked away. Although there were not much changes in 2011 as compared to 2008 and 2009, but still, there were some touch up for certain changes here and there and to me, it is good enough =D.

Well, I guess that’s about it for my year in 2011. Right now, I am looking forward to a much better year in 2012 [Hopefully! =D ] with more happiness, love, knowledge, money [Haha! xD], self-improvement, good changes and faith =D…


7 responses to “The Year 2011

  1. First?! hehe XD

    Happy 2012!

  2. It’s scary that you fall sick every time after you donated blood. How come like this?

  3. Ee Jane: finally first! =D happy 2012 and happy chinese new year!! =D ❤

    Ee Hahn: yea, every single time but still wanna donate *proud*! =P i don't know why like this wor, but i guess it's because immunity is lowered gua after donating blood =P… wei, kan you budak bio so you should know? =P and before i forget… happy chinese new year! =D

    • Haha… Malu betul when you mentioned that I’m budak bio. Hmm… I can’t find any solid answers from the internet so I guess the best guess is your immunity becomes lower after donating blood. But it’s good that you never give up. Keep up the good work. I will also keep on donating blood as long as I can. And Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

  4. Ee Hahn: ish ish ish! memang pun should feel malu lo 😛 !! yea! keep on donating for as long as you can! 😛

  5. Nice photos for all ur great memories! xD

  6. Wei Qi: thank u!! xD ~!

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