On 3rd January 2012, I happen to read this post of mine [Click here] and I thought of sending the Meow SMS to my friends since I have free SMS-es to spend =D! And so… I sent a SMS with this content to everyone:


 And as for the respondents replies – you can read all about it here:

P/S: All respondents’ photo are taken from their Facebook profile picture! =D

Respondent 1: Nanobot/Meow/Nano/Wei Qi

The Meow SMS cannot be started off without first sending it to our dearest original Meow [Who forever doesn’t wants to reply Meow!], Nanobot, Nano, Cili Api and many other nicknames =X…

Forever sleeping! =X

Nano: Omg! Your message wake me up! 

Me: You are welcome?

Nano: You pulak apa pasal?

Me: Meow~

Nano: Meowing at how many people this time? [Ah, she knows me too well!] 

Me: A lot xD

Nano: Thought so… So I don’t have to layan la… =P 

After that, we did not layan each other and still, she did not reply Meow!! =( !!

Respondent 2: Ching Yin

Forever cute and youthful! =D 

Ching Yin: Woof woof~~

Ah Lui! I love you for layan-ing me!! =D

Respondent 3: Wei Jie

Wei Jie and I <3. 

Wei Jie: Yes hiao po :p Long time didn’t see that word already haha…

Hey handsome <3, do miss me? *Wink wink* =D

Respondent 4: Vivian

L-R: Vivian, Mun Yoke – My two beloved ex-roomies! =)

Vivian: Meow~ Meow~ So cute~ Came back already?

Me: Not yet 😛

Vivian: I thought you came back already~ Then why so free to kacau me? Miss me, is it?

Me: Ya la 😛

Vivian: So, come UM find me la~ I waiting for you ~

You are forever missing me =P!

Respondent 5: Melissa/My woman

Perempuan bergayaku =P. 

Melissa: Why did you text me?? Did you just send the wrong message to me?HAHAHA, was it for WJ?

Me: Faster reply my SMS!! It’s the meow SMS!!

Melissa: What is a meow message. Wait, why are you sending me a meow?


Melissa: I want to know why you sent me a meow message in the fist place?

Me: Haih T.T

Melissa: …Lemme guess: you can’t tell me why until I reply you?

Me: Hey you ada Woan Min’s number? [This is when I got bored/lazy to get an answer from her] 

Melissa: == You wanna harass everyone now is it? FASTER TELL ME.

Me: It’s a SMS that I send and you are supposed to reply meow T.T. It’s a “please layan me” SMS. 

Melissa: And if I reply woof?

Me: It’s also a reply! xD I malas wanna layan u already! Please give me Woan Min’s number xP. 

Melissa: You got nothing better to do is it? You know, the reason why I tak layan is because I am so not used to getting your text that when I do, and it doesnt contain important info, I think you sent it to me by mistake in your moment of blurness. This is what happens when you are kedekut with your SMS. 

And later on… =D… ❤ :

No matter what happens, she still layan-s me =P…

Respondent 6: Carmen 

Pretty and lovely! =D 

Carmen: Haha. Hey Sam, what’s up oh. 

Dear Carmen must be thoroughly confused =X…

Respondent 7: Pico/Wei Sy

Pico: Warff la. Wrong person 😛

Good Woof! You still remember!! Yay!! =D !!

Respondent 8: Helen

Helen: Did someone just used your phone without you knowing or you sent the message to the wrong person?

Hie Helen! Meow meow! =D

Respondent 9: The Cow/Ai Leng

Ai Leng: Meow meow. Qhahaha

Thank you for layan-ing me! ❤

Respondent 10: Porkie/Carson

Carson: Apasal kucing? Happy new year to you 😀

Because kucing comel la! Happy new year to you too! =D Now you know the reason behind that MEOW =P…

Respondent 11: Mun Yoke

Mun Yoke: Hey hey! Omg so sorry for the late reply! Was asleep while you message then now only remember to reply. Pai seh! XD Anyway, what’s up? =D

Hie OGX Director, meow! =X

Respondent 12: Ee Hahn

Ee Hahn: Wow! I can’t remember when was the last time you did that to me. Haha…

I know you miss my Meow SMS-es… THEN Y U NO REPLY MEOW?!?! Hmmph! This reminded me of Form 6 where you just ignored me when I Meow at you T.T !


Well, I guess that’s all for this post and I had a great time receiving all sort of different replies for my Meow SMS =D! Next time remember to reply Meow ah =D… Meow~! =D


13 responses to “Meow~

  1. Haha… I forgot that I should reply “Meow” to you. But you also didn’t reply me what. Now only I know why you “Meow” me.

  2. Ee Hahn: hmmph! still you didn’t reply Meow! T.T ~

  3. i don’t have….

    haha, saja~

  4. Ee Jane: don’t have your phone number + expensive to sms overseas! =X

    Ee Hahn: thank you for finally replying meow through sms! =D !

  5. Ee Hahn: me too! 😦 T.T !

  6. Of course I miss u ❤ =)

  7. Handsome: i know you do =D ❤

  8. -____________________-

  9. Wuahaha!!! *proud of not trapped by ur msg*
    thanx for waking me at de right time! should keep miss call me through out exam period.. so uncontrolled…. miss call only ar.. dun wanna talk to u =P

  10. Carson: 😀

    Wei Qi: cis! don’t even wanna miss call u! xP !!

  11. Oh! Now only i know wat u did there~

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