The Moments of 2011

Here we are again, the yearly routine review/meme =D ! Lo and behold, my moments in the year 2011  !

The Happiest

a) This will forever go to my 21st birthday and you can read all about it here

Christopher, Vivian, Wei Jie, Sam, Melissa and Nano as the photographer of this picture during my 21st birthday! =) =D 

b) The beginning of my 4 months semester break [WOOOHOOO!!!]!! 

Sam, Ee Jane, Pek Yen, Nano and Camilla =). 

c) When I realized that I have found true friends in my university life [So far/for now]; Mun Yoke, Vivian, Melissa, Lilian and Christopher =)… ❤

Mun Yoke, Melissa =D. 

d) The day I found my Prince Charming [For now! =X] 😉 ! ❤

e) Gained new friendship with Carmen, Woan Min, Mabel and Lesley! =D Let’s hope that my friendship with these 4 people will be strong and everlasting! 

Melissa, Sam, Carmen and Woan Min at Kenny Rogers =). 

f) When A Leow wrote a letter to me during the CC Letter Writing event!  I am very, very happy to receive his letter and I am really sorry that we did not have the chance to communicate much =( ! T.T

A Leow and I =). 

g) When I realize that I still have my best friends in my teenage years with me; Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Ai Leng, Wei Qi, Wei Sy, Zaharah, Kean Jie and Ee Hahn! 

Ai Leng, Ching Yin. 

h) When I received scholarship for my education [For now!! =X ] !!  Thank you God! 

i) When I received a phone call from someone about a story that I have been dying to know but I have forgotten about it after a month or two followed up with some heart to heart talk =)…

j) When Wei Jie got me a lovely Christmas present!!  !!

k) Spending quality time with Wei Jie .

Wei Jie and I at Taman Pertanian =D. Also, my current profile picture on Facebook =D. 

l) This year Christmas and New Year Eve! 

Sam and Wei Jie at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur =D… 

The Saddest Moment

Hmm… There are some saddest moment in 2011 but I think, I would like to keep it to myself as it is something really, really personal to me =P… But anyway, in compensation of that, I will tell you about other saddest moments in the year 2011 =)…

a) 6th March 2011 – The day I came home and wrote a long diary about my day. Back then, I was contemplating on whether should I publish that piece of diary but I guess when the time is right, I will publish it =)…

b) A few days before 6th March 2011 at DTC – Haha! Shit happens! =X

c) The day Ee Jane left for India T.T… You can read all about it here.

The day I said goodbye to Ee Jane T.T =(… 

d) When I lost something really, really valuable to me =(… T.T …

The Most Afraid

a) Haha! This will definitely goes to the day when Wei Jie went to check my Phonetics and Phonology result and thank God, I did rather well so thank you God!! ❤ !!  !!

b) 27th April 2011.

c) Hiked Broga Hill twice and almost died T.T…

Me – Halfway dead =X… 

d) Full dress rehearsal of my traditional Chinese dance performance .___. Ultimate nightmare.

The Angriest

This award will definitely goes to two seniors who are supposed to talk things out with me [In a nice manner] and we ended up arguing with each other. Now, when we walk past each other along the streets, we pretended like as if we do not know each other. To me, I did not lose anything at all but I think you have lost a great team member and most of all, a great friend. But nevertheless, no regrets as usual [] and most of all:

Thank you for allowing me to understand that both of you are probably the most magnanimous and selfless person/leader ever

When no one in this world isn’t selfish, they just TRY to not be selfish =D… I feel so civilized even by just typing this out

The Most Thankfully Surprised

a) When Nano turn up for my 21st birthday and please refer to the link above for my 21st birthday blog post [The Happiest Moment! ].

b) When Alyshia gave me a keychain that she made herself. Thank you so, so much! I really, really do appreciate it a lot! 

Cute right?! =D 

c) When I received 3 dedication gifts from Melissa, Carmen and Woan Min! =D It was a surprise to me because I have never expected myself to receive dedication gifts from all 3 of them!! =D Thank you Melissa, Carmen and Woan Min ❤ ❤ !!

3 dedication gifts from Carmen, Melissa and Woan Min =) =D. 

d) 21st May 2011 =)…

e) When Snow White and the 7 Nerds play went on smoothly and I honestly felt that this play was the best performance of the day!! xD !! =P

Snow White and the 7 Nerds =D. 

f) When someone SMS-ed me just to ask me view their new Facebook album. You made my day! =D And you made me realize that it was a blessing that we did not end up together for now! =P

g) When my traditional Chinese dance performance went on smoothly! =D

Traditional Chinese dance =)… We won the second place! =D 

h) When my AIESEC event [Info Session – An university level event!] went on smoothly! =D

My team and I! =D L-R: Ze Ying, Max, Melissa, Sam, Johnson, Ashilla, Boon Long and Justin! =D 

The Most Tulan [Annoyed]

a) When some people around me do not understand my situation and victimized me in certain ways. The reason I kept quiet wasn’t because I am okay with it but it is because I treasure and value our relationship that I do not want any incident to jeopardize our relationship =|…

b) When someone tried to do something behind me but in the end, someone else told me about it. Anyway, I admire your courage, initiative and determination.

c) When this girl saw me during this event and conveniently said: 哦, 原来是你来的. Dear bitch, just so you know, for now – I exist. 

d) When a STONE was dumped to join me for group work but thank goodness we got rid of the STONE.

e) When I found out that my favourite foundation, lip colour by Elianto and perfume range by The Body Shop has been discontinued! HELLO!! Bring it back!! Bring back my L’oreal True Match mineral foundation [The one with the kabuki brush on top!], my orchid purple lip colour and the whole Oceanus range!! T.T !! Don’t take it away from me!! T______T !!

f) Click here.

g) When UM wifi speed is extremely “fast” and I can connect to it at “anytime” and “anywhere”.

h) When I was consistently annoyed by this overly motivated person .___.

The Most Regretted

Wow! I can’t think up of anything for now! =X !! Yay!!  !!

The Most Stressed 

a) The day before any exam and exam result day T.T !! This two event will forever stress me up! =X

b) When I thought that the little note in the pocket went missing!

c) The last week of my semester 1, year 2! =|

The Most Self-Satisfied

a) Hmm… I think that I mature so much more this year .

b) Slapping in some facts back to some people’s face – like right in their face.

c) This is weird but I really, really am satisfied when I wrote about my saddest moment in my freshman year. It is a post that was not published yet but yea, you will know why when it is published.

d) When I bought my dream handbag for only RM10.00 at Creative [Sunway Pyramid!] =D. One year ago when I saw it, it cost RM80++ [I think so!] and I did not buy it as I don’t think it is worth paying RM80++ for it! =P

The Most Embarrassing

Falling down in Secret Recipe T.T … This is really, really embarrassing T.T… I missed a step and fell straight on my butt then I proceeded to scream TIDAAAAAKKKK loudly. The best part? Everyone in Secret Recipe was staring at me T.T… And my dear woman [Melissa], hesitated for a few seconds; contemplating if she should just walk away [And pretend like she never knew me in the first place T.T ] or help me up but in the end, she helped me T.T…

Hence, the new tagline in 2011 – Tidak ala Secret Recipe style. Now you know =P…

Mel’s expression of – gua tak kenal orang swt. 

The Most Shocked

a) When I found a note =)…

b) When some people just don’t care. Like – don’t care.

c) When Mun Yoke told me that I won an award during AIESEC Recognition Night in which I did not attend due to my busy schedule [Hmm… That is the feeling of being so busy that you didn’t even have the time to go for some award night hahaha!! Pardon me, please allow me to be siao!  ].

The Most Confused

a) The whole month of March and April =|…

b) The conclusion-less talk.

The Most Excited

a) 27th-28th April 2011

b) Sending off my two sisters to their campus! =D

Ferlynne and I in her new room =D…! 

c) Seeing Nano and Pico wearing a dress for the very first time and they both look so beautiful! =D !!

Nano and Pico! =D 


To me, the year 2011 has been a year full of changes [Mostly for the good] and now that I look back, I smiled because I had a great time in 2011. With every hard moment that I went through in 2011, it has taught me to be a better person and I see some new traits in myself that I never thought that it existed in me but nevertheless, I hope it is all for the best! =)

In the year 2011, there are many good changes in me that I feel extremely proud of myself and before the year 2011 ends, I smiled because the year 2011 has been a meaningful year for me =D ! All in all, I hope that the year 2012 will be a much better year than the year 2011 =D !!


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