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You Are The Apple of My Eye :)

Now that I can finally find some time off to blog. Here I am =D ! Did you miss me? =D Well, I did mention in a few post back that I have already prepared some blog post but after some time, I realize that the content is in a way unsuitable for me to publish them right now although I would definitely love to. Trust me, when the right time comes – I will do so and by then, you may enjoy reading those posts : ).

Right now, I am going to blog about this overrated [According to my sister] movie that was once a hype [Or it is still a hype now?! =X ] =D !

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Honestly, I am not a fan of Chinese love movies because most of the time, I find them very cheesy but this time around, I went to watch You Are The Apple of My Eye with absolutely zero expectation and I must say that I was very impressed with the whole movie! =D

Before watching the movie, I remember seeing this line somewhere about this movie which caught my attention:

Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again. 

This line made me smile because it made me realize that I have thoroughly enjoyed my teenage years and I have totally no regrets. Honestly, I couldn’t think up of an event which I wouldn’t do it all over again and guess what, the memory that is playing on my mind now is how Ee Jane, Ching Yin and I skipped our lazy Friday afternoon Girl Guide meeting just to have asam laksa at Old Apex =P !

The whole time I was watching the movie, it reminded me of a few best friends – some whom I am still keeping in touch with and some whom are now my closest stranger ever. Throughout the movie, I laugh, I almost cried [But I managed to hold back! =P], I felt guilty and very, very nostalgic. Many memories played in my mind as I watched the movie and I can relate the movie to me in so many ways but most of all, it reminded me of this best friend who left to chase his childhood ambition three years ago and we shall call him Charles in this post which obviously, isn’t his real name =X.

Although the full story line did not resemble the story between Charles and I, but in a way, it depicts how my friends and I went in separated ways but no matter what, we keep each other close to our heart =)… When I saw the ending, it reminded me more of Charles because I remembered how I silently wished him all the best and happiness when some truth are slapped into my face. I did imagine during the movie that one day, if I ever get a chance to attend Charles’ wedding, I will obviously look super gorgeous as usual xD probably be laughing away with a bunch of friends at the drama that Charles and I went through for at least two years =P… And you know what, since I am the Drama Queen, one day I might have to deliver a speech during his wedding dinner and this will be the most epic case among all the other epic cases =X.

My favourite song throughout the whole movie is Those Years [那些年] by Hu Xia because it reminded me of so many good memories!! =D When I heard the lyrics, I felt so grateful that my teenage years was a colourful one because I have so many flavourful and colourful memories to reminiscence during movies/songs and yes, once more, NO REGRETS for the silly things that I have done during my teenage years! =) =D

Overall, this movie will be a good watch if you have been through many silly  and good moments in your years of being a teenager where you did stupid stuff and you regretted but today, you laugh at it because that is what gives colour to your teenage years =) … I know that I did because now, I no longer regret but I treasure and laugh at my own silly moments <3…