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Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya 2011

Last year I attended the opening ceremony for Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya [PTUM] and you can read all about it here. This time around, I attended PTUM again and honestly, the performances this time around were much better than last year’s! =D

The opening ceremony for PTUM this time around and it was fantastic! =D And I very glad that my camera managed to capture this beautiful shot.

The uhh… officially official opening ceremony =X

The 24 Season Drum performance! =D When I first saw this performance on the pamphlet, I was like:

*Rolls eyes* My ears are gonna be deaf from the sound of the drums in this enclosed hall.  

But the moment the performance started, I was in awe. The very first beat of the drum caught my attention and I surprise myself when I actually clapped for them. I enjoyed the performance so, so much and this is the very first drum performance that did not made my ears go deaf and the beat of the drum are fully synchronized. All in all, I will give them 7 stars out of 5 stars just to show how awesome they were that night! =D !

They have this harmonica performance which I enjoyed thoroughly too! =) This guy played the song Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You and most of the girls [With the exception of me] went crazy =X. The moment I heard this song, I smiled because it reminded me of a time in Genting hotel room with my family where I was enjoying the scenery of the Petronas Twin Tower far away while listening to this song on my mp3 player.

And then, the group harmonic performance and yes, it is AWESOME! =D The songs that they played reminded me of so many good times back then but then I always remind myself that I must always look forward to the future =D !

The cross talking event! =D Last year, I was completely lost during this event because I couldn’t understand the riddles/jokes in Mandarin T__T… But this time around, they are telling a story in a form of many Chinese popular songs [Which I have in my playlist and I can name 99% of the songs! *Proud*! =D] and I could understand the whole story perfectly and I laughed non-stop!! This time around, I truly enjoyed myself =D !!

Chinese Yo-yo performance! =D

The Chinese yo-yo performance is great and I enjoyed it very, very much although secretly I felt that last year’s 12th College Chinese Cultural Night Chinese Yo-yo performance was much nicer =P…

And they have this dance performance by I don’t know winner from what contest but they are awesome! =D They managed to blend modern dance with a hint of Chinese feel! =D

The acrobat performance is one of the performance that I don’t really enjoy because it is quite boring and predictable =|…

The mask changing performance this time around isn’t as good as the one last year! =X Probably because the performer did not change his mask very often and as quickly as the one last year or perhaps I have been watching this too many times this year so I got bored of it? =X

They have this Shaolin kung fu performance which almost sends me to sleep but this time around, the performer asked for two volunteers to be on stage to learn Shaolin kung fu =X. The guy on the left in the photograph basically jumped to the stage and the guy in white was last year’s PTUM committee member I guess =X…

The whole time they are trying to learn, the whole hall was laughing because it was so hilarious but I admire their bravery and spirit! =D Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing so I basically laughed from the beginning till the end of their performance on stage till the next day, my throat hurts a little due to too much laughter! =D But it was awesome because it has been the longest time ever since I laughed that much.

The very next day on the way to class, I was telling Melissa about how the guy on the left in the photograph jumped to the stage and how everyone enjoyed their performance and Melissa was distracted by this guy wearing a purple hoodie walking towards us. When she asked me to take a look at the guy with the purple hoodie, I laughed loudly and told Melissa that he was the guy that I am talking about! xD !! Therefore in conclusion, do not talk about anyone under the day light! =X

Me and my ex-roomie, Mun Yoke ❤

Mun Yoke and I with Pi Pi ^_^ !! When I first saw myself in this photo, I was like – Hmm, not bad not bad, I look skinny =D… And then, when I look at Mun Yoke, I was like – SIGHHHH T________T !!

AND I MET CHUI SAN!!! Of all the time and places in campus, I met her for the very first time in my second year in DTC!! =D !! ❤ !!

Tat Joon and I =D 

At the lobby, I met Tat Joon and I feel so excited to meet my Form 6 classmate and schoolmate!! =D !! In a way, I felt very, very, very home when I meet Chui San and Tat Joon! =D They reminded me of so many good times in Form 6! =D And in that very same week, I met Kean Jie in my faculty and that whole week, I meet 3 friends from KHS and it made me felt very nostalgic T____T !!

This is Mun Yoke during PTUM 2011 with my scarf =X…

And this is Mun Yoke during PTUM 2010 with my scarf as well =X… Different scarf but the same style of tying it around her neck =D… Maybe for next year PTUM [If I do attend it], I shall bring another scarf and then she can use it again so we can have a collection of Mun Yoke with my scarves during PTUM opening ceremony =X…

All in all, I enjoyed this whole event more than last year although this event was held very, very late due to the new semester system but still it is a double thumbs up for the event this time around! =D !!