Last Week :)

Three happy events last week:

Sharing a set of spaghetti with Melissa at Spaghetti Farm, Mid Valley =D.

Good food = Happy Sam! xP

L-R: Nadiah, Lilian, Melissa, Sam, Christopher at the road between the old and new block of our faculty =D. 

We had fire drill in our faculty last week and it was a super random one =X. It is a happy event because in a way, I remembered how fire drill was like back in secondary school [Convent!] and I thought about Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Ai Leng and Zaharah. But most of all, I remembered how Zaharah will carry a book along with her during fire drill because she will get all paranoid without her books =X…

Sam, Ah Leow – Big B, Small B : ) 

I officially have a Small B [Direct senior-junior system in Chinese Community] and 4 fake Big B-s this semester! : ) This whole letter writing event is nostalgic. It reminded me of my first semester in my freshman year, writing letters to Wei Jie, Poh Shya and Yen Nee in a rather reluctant mood but ended up, I think I enjoyed the whole event more than anyone else xP.


4 responses to “Last Week :)

  1. i love spaghetti farm –value for money .

  2. Joe: i agree with u! 😀

  3. okay, when i come back i want try ><!

  4. Ee Jane: spaghetti farm? 😀 it is nice but ur spaghetti is a thousand times nicer! xP hehe! xD

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