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Last Week :)

Three happy events last week:

Sharing a set of spaghetti with Melissa at Spaghetti Farm, Mid Valley =D.

Good food = Happy Sam! xP

L-R: Nadiah, Lilian, Melissa, Sam, Christopher at the road between the old and new block of our faculty =D. 

We had fire drill in our faculty last week and it was a super random one =X. It is a happy event because in a way, I remembered how fire drill was like back in secondary school [Convent!] and I thought about Ee Jane, Ching Yin, Ai Leng and Zaharah. But most of all, I remembered how Zaharah will carry a book along with her during fire drill because she will get all paranoid without her books =X…

Sam, Ah Leow – Big B, Small B : ) 

I officially have a Small B [Direct senior-junior system in Chinese Community] and 4 fake Big B-s this semester! : ) This whole letter writing event is nostalgic. It reminded me of my first semester in my freshman year, writing letters to Wei Jie, Poh Shya and Yen Nee in a rather reluctant mood but ended up, I think I enjoyed the whole event more than anyone else xP.


How I Spend My Four Months Worth of Holiday

The moment my semester started, I have completely forgotten about my blog and all my pre-written posts! First of all, I would like to apologize and secondly, I hope all of you will enjoy this blog post! =D


Four months worth of holiday is a blessing and I had a great time! =D ! Holidays are always way too short and I wish that I could start my four months semester holiday all over again because holidays are just awesome! =D ! Some of my holiday activities are meaningful and some are just plainly well, just not that meaningful… But still, I believe that behind every un-meaningful holiday activities of mine, I see through certain people and yes – I am not blind; just so you know.

L-R: Weng Chiew, Sam, Ee Jane,Wei Sy, Camilla, Wei Qi, Ting Wai at Mewah Club. 

I spent my four months holiday playing Monopoly Deal every week and it is a rather addictive game. Most of the time, I turn up for a game of Monopoly Deal just because I wanted to spend time with my best friends. In many ways, I actually miss all of them a lot because life is simpler and happier with them around =D.

L-R: Ee Jane, Sam, Wei Sy, Ai Leng, Camilla, Pek Yen

We had a barbeque party at Ee Jane’s house [Forever the same venue! =D] and I am glad that this barbeque party has been put into plan after talking about it for such a long time! Although I do not very much agree with some people’s doing that night, but still the party is awesome! : )

L-R: Wei Qi, Ting Wai, Ee Jane, Sam, Weng Chiew, Wei Sy, Camilla at Mewah Club. 

After 21 years of my life, I have finally learnt how to float! =D ! Many thanks to Weng Chiew, Wei Qi and Wei Sy for their help! =P I know, what a thing to happen right I need 3 tutors! Sorry la, people like me are afraid to drown =P… And I feel so happy that I can actually float on my face and back although I still couldn’t swim =|… I guess my next holiday mission will be – to learn how to swim properly! =D !

Ee Jane, Nano and I with our cold enriched chocolate drink at Old Town, Cyberjaya. 

After our swim at night, we usually hang out together for a drink and all this session of hanging out made me realize that although each and every one of us are now in different universities, but we still make time to hang out with each other and chat like the good old days : ).

Sam and Nano at UCSI. 

Nano and I went over to visit Kean Jie at USCI during one of the days of our four months long holiday. When Kean Jie saw me, he called me lebih – because of my headscarf. Nice what!! T.T !!

Sam, Wei Jie, Ding Jian, Siew Jiun and Lauren at i-City :). 

I went to i-City with Wei Jie, Ding Jian, Siew Jiun and Lauren. It was a rather disappointing trip as they are renovating the whole place and some of the lights were wonky =.=… So I guess, I hope to visit i-City some other time when the renovation is completed and I hope that it will be a better experience for me! =D !!

Sam and Wei Jie at Broga Hill. 

And I hiked Broga Hill again after almost killing myself the last time [You can read all about it here]. With Wei Jie this time and it didn’t feel as bad as the first time but still, I guess all this hiking stuff/dangerous sports are not meant for me =P…

Me and my broken shoe at Bata, KLCC. 

I went for the Bookfest event at KLCC with Wei Jie and in the end, we did some shoe shopping before going to the Bookfest. I shall not elaborate more on this because I am saving this up for some other post and you can start laughing at me in that particular post =X…

Sam, Ee Jane, Pek Yen, Nano and Camilla at Jusco Cheras Selatan. 

I went window shopping and karaoke-ing with my friends and I still don’t sing because I am not talented T_____T. If I have the talent for singing, I will sing loudly but unfortunately, I am not blessed with a singing voice but I can talk all day long in compensation for not being able to sing =P…

Ai Leng, Ee Jane and I at KLIA. 

I sent Ee Jane off to KLIA during one of the days of my holiday and you can read all about it here. There are many things that I wish that I could share with her but there is very little time for communication due to the line on campus [And I paid RM100 for it now!!] and even when I am back during the weekends, I will usually be busy with my assignments. Sigh. I do hope that there will be a day where we both can sit down and chit chat like the good old days =|… I miss you Ee Jane T______T !!

Wei Jie and his cake ❤ 

I celebrated Wei Jie’s birthday on his birthday date itself : ) It was a lovely day and yea, I spent my holidays by going out with him too =D For shopping, trying out new food and visiting new places =D ! ❤ ❤

Sam, Ferlynne, Daddy, Cassandra at Sun-U Monash Residence. 

Sam and Ferlynne on Ferlynne’s new bed in USM : ). 

During the holidays, I sent my two younger sisters off to their respective universities and in a way, I feel like we are all grown up now. Although the three of us are now in different universities, we still turn to one another whenever we needed help and I am glad because this shows that our siblings bond is still there although we are away from each other : )…

All in all, my four months holiday has been a fun-filled and meaningful one and I would like to have another… FOUR MONTHS HOLIDAY AGAIN! *starts dreaming* =X