Marching On To My Sophomore Year! =D

In a few more days time, when the semester reopens, I will be entering into my sophomore year. I think I am less excited than I am for my freshman year [And all the excitement died off because of the sickening/a waste of my precious time and youth orientation which you can choose to read all about it here again].

To me right now, it is hello course mates, hello lecturers, hello assignments, hello class tests, hello presentations, hello final exam, hello KTM/LRT/RapidKL and most of all, hello University of Malaya! And I have this feeling that this semester is going to be a real busy one so yea, I have pre-written all my post for my absence of 14 weeks or more so hopefully, these pre-written posts will keep you guys entertained if you are still reading my blog =P…

Some ideas given by one of my friends is that, I should write about the moments of my freshman year. Yes, it like exactly like the memes that I have done throughout the years [2008, 2009 and 2010] except this time, I will tell you the full story – releasing one moment of my freshman year one at a time. I think this idea of hers is pretty interesting so thank you Marie Ann! =P

So yea, we have:

a) The happiest moment

The happiest moment of my freshman year definitely will go to my 21st birthday celebration so you can read all about it here so I don’t have to write about it anymore =P.

b) The saddest moment

c) The most afraidΒ 

This will all go to the day before my exam results are released so yea, nothing much to write about xP…

d) The angriest moment

e) The most thankfully surprise moment

This will go to my birthday with Nano turning up on my 21st birthday celebration and yes, you can click on the link on the happiest moment and read all about it there! =P

f) The most tulan [annoyed] moment

g) The most regretted

This will definitely go to me getting 9 signatures from the PM-s during orientation. And yes, this one of my BIGGEST regret ever! >=|

h) The most stressed

This will forever go to the day before all my class tests and final exams so I don’t think you will be any interested =P…

i) The most self-satisfied

j) The most embarrasing

This will probably be about how I fell down at Secret Recipe and uhh, the story is too short to be narrated =X…

k) The most shocked

l) The most confused

m) The most excited

So yea, there will not be any post on the happiest, most afraid, thankfully surprise, regretted, stressed and embarrassing moments. But rest assure, the other moments’ stories are just as good in a way or another ;)… Before the posts of the moments of my freshman year are published, I will probably blog about how I spent my 4 months worth of holidays as well as some other stuff! =D

See you guys again next week! =D !!


12 responses to “Marching On To My Sophomore Year! =D

  1. Your meme’s incomplete la!!!
    I’m still reading, i check my toolbar almost every few days or even daily to check who update their blog!!

    And guess what~ RARELY (= =)!

  2. Ee Jane: why incomplete?! O.O !!

  3. hello samantha! i found your blog while googling about life in UM and i really enjoy reading through many of your blog posts πŸ™‚

    so, i just got accepted into UM (yayyy!) the only problem is, i’m an int student and i’m completely clueless about the residential colleges. since international house is too expensive, could you please suggest me which residential college has the best bedroom and bathroom? or maybe it’s better for international students to live off campus?

  4. R: hello there and welcome to UM! xD !! may i know what course are you taking in UM? πŸ˜€ as far as i remember, most international students do not enjoy UM’s residential colleges [most of them find it shabby/not used to the food at the canteen/not used to certain rules] whereas Malaysian students tend to pick residential colleges which are nearer/nearest to their respective faculty πŸ˜‰

    i cannot tell u which residential college is the best but these are the best out of the worst though =X :

    a) 6th college [medical students hostel – regarded as UM’s 5 star hostel but it is very very far from most faculties]

    b) 11th college [well known to be filled up with international students back then but i do not know about the interior though]

    c) 12th college [i think they do provide single room but at a higher price, interior wise, i am not sure πŸ˜‰ ]

    and to answer your last question – most international students that i know do not live on campus :)… i hope that my answer helps and feel free to ask more questions if you still have any doubt πŸ™‚

  5. thank you so much for the quick response πŸ™‚ i’m taking int & strategic studies, but first i’m gonna have to attend the english course for approx 4 months. judging by the campus map UM sent me, 6th college is (sort of) close from fass and by far the best option.

    idk, UM’s being very weird, they just sent me the offer letter yesterday and they expect me to arrive on the 8th or 9th october and register on the 11th. also, they said that i must submit the acceptance of accommodation form at least 1 week before the registration date, which is on the 11th of october.

    geez, i haven’t even bought the plane tickets, how on earth am i suppose to decide -_- lol sorry for giving you all these stories, it’s just, things are happening sooo fast!!

    btw, congrats on finishing your freshman year! i hope sophomore year will bring you many exciting stories for us to read hehe πŸ˜€

  6. R: FASS = Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences? 6th college is extremely far from FASS. don’t judge the distance from the map =X… it is really, really, really far! if you walk from 6th college to FASS, it will take you at least 30 minutes and with the hot weather, the walk will be a real torture >_<. FASS is the nearest to 3rd, 4th and 7th college. but this is the problem:

    a) 3rd and 4th college – there are rats around [depends on your luck on which room did you get], no single rooms available.

    b) 7th college – very shabby, no single rooms available. there are some rooms which has rats as well so it all depends on your luck.

    it's okay about your stories, i don't mind reading them! πŸ˜‰ where are you from by the way? =D if you are from FASS, my faculty is just less than a minute away from yours! πŸ˜‰ !!

  7. yes, faculty of arts & social sciences πŸ™‚ too bad, the 11th and 12th college are also far from FASS *sigh* what about bikes? does um allow students to bring their own bike to campus? i just thought that it’d be a good way of getting around campus & getting myself to lose some fat at the same time hehe

    the other thing i’m concerned is what do students usually wear? are we allowed to wear skinny pants similar to these because to tell you the truth, i don’t have many pants (ok, i actually only have two pairs, the rest of my ‘pants’ are either jeggings or leggings) and my dad keeps saying that UM does not allow its students to wear tight-fitting clothes. man, i literally have nothing to wear πŸ˜₯

    i’m so lost, help mee 😦

  8. R: yes, u can cycle around UM πŸ˜‰ as for clothing issues, usually there is a difference between how local and international students dress up πŸ™‚ most of us are in jeans and a simple t-shirt but nevertheless, you can always dress up if u feel like u r up to it! πŸ˜‰

    i have seen the leggings in the link in your comment and yes, students in UM [local and international] do wear leggings like that around campus πŸ™‚ so don’t worry too much… but upon entering the library, they tend to be more strict [depends on the security guard mood too but they tend to be more lenient towards international students at times] other than that, all is good [and sometimes it depends on your lecturer if he/she allows you to wear certain clothes but so far, i can wear anything that i like but i just don’t wear sleeveless and if i do, i will pair it up with a cardigan πŸ˜‰ ]

  9. ahhh thank you so much samantha for the enlightment, you’re such an angel :’)

  10. R: u r welcome! =D hope to see you around campus! =D !!

  11. hahahahhahaha
    i lol just for ur moment at secret recipe πŸ˜€

  12. Wei Sy: itu hal memalukan T______T ~!!

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