Korean Beauty Square

I always have always thought that Pizza Hut provides the best customer service ever because they basically made me wait for 2-3 weeks after I have lodged in a complain and then never mind , I have to follow up with my complain all the time and I think I have retold my story a gazillion times to Pizza Hut .

And now, I found a company which provides a better customer service than Pizza Hut . Their customer service was so awesome that I have to strip the best customer service award off Pizza Hut and hand it over to Korean Beauty Square [KBS] . Right now, it’s story time !

Photo taken from Google Images. 

On 10th August 2011, I received an E-mail from Groupon and I saw a deal which caught my attention because it was exactly something which I needed. That particular deal is a BB cream from Skin79 [Click here for the deal page!] which is 31% off and I know I can get it online for a much cheaper price but unfortunately I do not know any sellers [No one will claim that their product isn’t original isn’t it?!] so I would rather pay more for an item [That I am going to apply all over my face] and I can be sure that it is original =X.

And I don’t care who endorse the product as long as it works for me. Photo taken from Groupon’s deal page. 

Among the four description [Concealer, sunblock, day dream and foundation], the only one which attracted me is foundation. Because my favourite L’oreal foundation has been discontinued “graciously” and I was in shock when I found out about it at the L’oreal counter . Dearest L’oreal, if you are ever reading this, bring back my True Match mineral foundation ! Yes, the one with the kabuki brush on top!! >=( !!

Anyway, back to the story. The following day, I went to Jusco Cheras Selatan with Wei Jie and I went into Watsons to swatch the sample of the said BB cream from the sample provided as well as to check out the price. So I liked what I see on my skin, it is not too heavy and not too light and most importantly, it blends in beautifully into my skin . It somewhat reminded me of my L’oreal powder so that very night I got home, I bought the deal right away. And this is where all the shit started .

Photo taken from Groupon’s deal page.

On the website, it was stated that the redemption date starts on 19th August 2011 and when we bought the deal, we are supposed to pick an outlet that we wanted to redeem our item so obviously I picked The Summit [USJ]. I happen to be in Subang on 18th August 2011 so I decided give the outlet a call to see if I could redeem the BB cream. And I was told that I could redeem it even though redemption starts tomorrow. I tripled confirm with the lady over the phone and I am all a happy girl.

At 1.50pm, I arrived at the kiosk and guess what, no one was there. The Elianto kiosk next to KBS has two sales assistant and they told me that KBS sales assistant went for her lunch break and will be back soon. This made me very proud because our Malaysian brand has two sales assistant standing there even though it is lunch hour and KBS [Korean brand]- no one is there! This is seriously Malaysia boleh =D !!

I waited until 2.15pm and no one has arrived yet. So I left and returned again around 4pm and was told by the sales assistant there are no stocks available. I was told to return the following Friday [26th August 2011] and the next day [19th August 2011], there are already people complaining on the deal page that they were told that The Summit outlet has no stock too. So I wasn’t the only victim . Plus, I was told by the sales assistant that she wasn’t informed by her company about this Groupon deal at all. This adds on to the awesomeness of KBS .

The Prestige BB Cream and mini hot pink BB cream.

On 22nd August 2011, I received an E-mail from Groupon in reply of my first complain letter and I was informed that Groupon has checked with their merchant and the stocks had arrived at The Summit outlet. On 24th August 2011, Wei Jie went all the way to The Summit just to redeem the BB cream for me and guess what, he was told by the sales assistant that there are no stock available and he was told to return on Friday, 26th August 2011.

On 26th August, Wei Jie went all the way to The Summit AGAIN and guess what, he arrived there at 9.15pm and the kiosk was close. He was told by the Elianto sales assistant that KBS kiosk closes at 8pm daily. Elianto ought to be paid by KBS to be their information counter. And yes, before I forget – in the coupon it was stated that the valid time to redeem is from 10am-10pm so I take it as, as long as I turn up before 10pm, I expect to see the kiosk with the sales assistant there.

The hot pink BB cream that I wanted to try but I heard about the gray cast a lot in reviews ._. So good for me to have this sample to try out! =D 

After going through so many trouble and with Wei Jie wasting his petrol, parking fees, time and money, it was finally redeemed on 30th August 2011. And this is a good reason why KBS deserves the best customer service award – I sent in complaint E-mails to both Groupon and KBS. Groupon replied me courteously and even apologized.

Guess what is KBS respond . They did not even reply my E-mail and there isn’t even a word of SORRY from KBS. Groupon had to apologize on behalf on KBS when I complained and when I included in my second or third complain to Groupon that KBS doesn’t care about customer service and did not even send me an apology E-mail, Groupon covered up KBS ass. You wanna know how they covered up KBS big fat ass? It is such an obvious cover up that even the blind can see that it is a cover up:

Hi Samantha, 

Please be informed that we have contacted the merchant and we believe this could be a miscommunication from between the merchant as the merchant knows we have replied you and already advise us on the stock availability. You can collect it from the outlets. 

We apologize on behalf of the merchant. Let me know if there’s anything that I can help 🙂 

Kindest regards, 

Cassandra C. 

And I know that Groupon can’t do much and I do not blame them at all. KBS, you are the best!! Seriously you are the best and keep up with the good work! I have yet to understand what is your E-mail address at your Facebook page there hanging in the middle of the website and I have yet to know if you actually DO have a customer service department.

KBS, please DO take some good lessons from McDonald’s because when they overcharged me for a burger because they stated the wrong price on their menu, they called me up personally to apologize so sincerely that I didn’t even have the heart to yell at the person on the phone. Also, McDonald’s personally sent an apology card [Which I kept until today!] with a lot of free vouchers inside right up to my doorstep! Yes, this is why I am forever loyal to McDonald’s and I need to say this again…


Everyone, you may now applause for KBS. They DO need some standing ovation [So let us all stand virtually] and do throw them some flowers on stage too so that they can always be the best


10 responses to “Korean Beauty Square


    -standing ovation ftw-

    dey dun deserve flower.i sense alot of sarcasm in this post lolz……… but nais one X-)

  2. I see no mcdonald here ( = =)

    *stands up and allow my fingers to touch depressingly with a face*

  3. Joe: woohoo!! xD !! i am glad that you can sense my sarcasm! xP

    Ee Jane: whaatttt?!?! T________T ?!?!?!

  4. TO GO BACK AND FORTH AGAIN AND AGAIN!! wa lao wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, KBS IS THE BEST! >< lol

  5. Brian: THEY ARE INDEED THE BEST!! there will be some new updates next week about this story – hopefully it will be good updates or else i am gonna kutuk them nicely again!! >=( !!

  6. woots! i use groupon too! have yet to redeem my products la 😛 but really, i dont mind getting overcharged by mcD if i get all the free vouchers 😛 hahaha! XD

  7. Helen: yea! getting overcharged by mcd is awesome with all the free vouchers!! xD !!

  8. Ching Yin: *high 20* !

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