The Most Youthful Girl

There is a girl in my life whom I have always wished her simplicity in her life. I have always wished that her life will always be smooth, happy, simple and most of all, awesome. This girl, is my youngest sister.

Cassandra and I at her current hostel. 

Everyone says that we look alike – just like twins. But whenever I look at her, I think we just share the same smile and nothing else. She has nicer and fairer skin as compared to me, nicer nose, nicer body shape, nicer legs, nicer fingers, better brain but I have prettier eyes and nicer hair =P… And as we grow up, people are still telling me that we look alike. Will you even believe it that my roomie Vivian, when she first saw my photo with Cassandra, she thought that she is my twin sister =X…

Cassandra and I- That is my white overcoat and dress she is wearing! 

Although we may look alike, but our liking and personality differ. She is patient, I am impatient. She likes science and I hated science with all my life. She has a liking for Korean bands and I don’t find Korean bands fascinating in any way yet. I love Lee Hom and she thinks that I am crazy because once I dreamed that I was Lee Hom’s wife! xD !

Cassandra, Wei Jane during their Form 5 graduation day. 

We both went to the same kindergarten, primary school and secondary school. But because she is much more hardworking than I am in Form 5, she managed to secure herself a JPA scholarship to study medicine and I went to Form 6 and had the time of my life when I was 18. But what I don’t like is, she has nicer graduation robes for her Form 5 graduation ceremony and I was stuck with that shit green robes from KHS and wore it again for my Form 6 graduation [Nano, faster say something about this!! T____T ].

Cassandra in the middle in National Service =). 

And both us were selected for National Service and even went to the same camp and came back with extra weight hanging around our body =P. I am very glad that she enjoyed herself in National Service just as how I enjoyed mine. Her National Service experience wasn’t as dramatic as mine but I think it has helped her with her self confidence and communication skills a lot and for this, I feel extremely proud of her! =) Because we both came out from National Service with a boost of self confidence and improved communication skills =D.

Cassandra, Ferlynne. 

Now that she is already in college, once she came home and we had this nice conversation:

Cassandra: Jie, you got any new pencil case? =D *Bat eyelashes* 

Me: -_-… Err… WHY? O.O… 

Cassandra: Because my pencil case looks old, not nice already. So I need a new one =D *Bat eyelashes* 

Me: O.o… Are you… eyeing on my new RM5 pencil case? You are not having it! You can have my black one there, still looks as good as new! =D 

Cassandra: Too bulky. Never mind la. 

Me: -_-… You can get nice pencil case for RM5 inside Sunway. Walk to Sunway la after your class and stop robbing my stuff! =|

Cassandra: [In a very noble and innocent voice] Oh. I don’t like to waste money… 

And I told myself – what a noble thought and she continued saying:

Because I like to use your stuff. And it’s free and I don’t have to buy! =D 

-____-… How very, very, very “noble”!!

Cassandra inside Sunway College Multi-Purpose Hall. The hall that I was in 4 years ago for a Mathematics Quiz =X. 

Ever since she left for college, she robbed a lot of my stuff. First she broke my hairband and I still fail to find a replacement for it. Secondly, I have been using this pocket mirror for a year plus and she borrowed it from me and broke into pieces 3 days later. Thirdly, she robbed my toiletries basket, shoes, bags and clothes to her hostel =|… And I don’t even know which shoe and clothes went missing because I will not be using them so soon. Not to forget, there is a printer on top of my computer and that printer went missing last week.

Cassandra: Jie, your toiletries basket is super useful. I am not returning it to you anymore. You buy yourself a new one la. And then right Jie, you have this small nice green bag right? Can I borrow since you will not be using it so soon? I know you have many other bags so I can take the green bag hor? 

-_-… That how she robbed my stuff @___@… And Dad blamed me for influencing her to have a fashion parade around campus. She is born like that, so you cannot simply point your finger at me T______T… *Halo appears* =P…

Cassandra, Ferlynne, Samantha. 

No matter what, she is always my youthful youngest sister who shares the same bright smile as me. And just to let you know, if I could – I will straighten my hair [You can start rolling your eyes now =P ] and flip it in front of you =P. Nevertheless, stay beautiful, smart and youthful as always! =D

Happy 18th Birthday and I love you! <3 ~! =D 


5 responses to “The Most Youthful Girl

  1. ohhh, wish your youthful youngest sister a very happy birthday =D!

  2. Thanks ka jie!! you are sooo sweet!! but you posted some of my ugly pictures =(. thanks a lot still!!!!!!! i love you toooo. btw i think i have nice hair also.

  3. SHIT!! i didn’t realize this is your account. oops hehehe btw that was me!! hehehehe

  4. WAHHAHAHA, CQ,, I saw your… hehehehhe

  5. Ee Jane: 😀

    Cassandra: u r welcome! but my hair is nicer 😛 !

    Ferlynne: O.O?

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